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May 25, 2018, 12:31:09 AM

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Author Topic: Alec's Spring Fantasy Cravings (M looking for F)  (Read 256 times)

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Offline Alec LifestarTopic starter

Alec's Spring Fantasy Cravings (M looking for F)
« on: March 11, 2015, 12:28:31 PM »
Hello and welcome to my current request thread.
If you find yourself here, I gladly assume that you found the title intriguing, and I hope to not disappoint your expectations.
Feel free to inquire about any and all aspects of my request if you feel that we might hit it off together, even if you feel like there might be some minor obstacles still – obstacles are there to be removed :-).

So, what am I looking for? Apparently, it’s that time of the year, as in short succession, I’ve lost four dear plays during the last few weeks as my partners disappeared, so now I’m finding myself with a lot of empty role-playing time on my hands and would love to restock on my plays a little.

What all my lost plays had in common is that they were fantasy setting plays, and I’d prefer to go into that direction again. Whether it be high, low, possibly urban/modern, I’m open to. Be aware that I recently have had a serious desire to dabble in Fae/Otherworld settings, so if that catches your interest, be sure to let me know.
In tune with my usual likes, I would like for them to be original rather than canon. Whether we dedicatedly focus on world-building or not is kind of open, though I find myself, at least, doing this to a degree in all my plays, and I’d have no objections at all for you to be joining in.

Plot-wise, I would really like it if the play was at least to a degree sand-box style, as in there no being a specific goal or aim we (the players) were working towards. Of course, there should be stuff going on in the setting other than what the characters do, as well as them having plans, aims and goals.
In general, I am all up for stories set amidst war and conflict as well as more classic adventuring, as in dungeon raiding and roaming the land helping the innocent. I also will certainly do intrigue play in a more courtly setting as well as do stories set up with themes of abduction and captivity.
Please be aware that I tend to be the whitest of knights in my play, so in a conflict, we would most likely should find our characters to be on the light(er) side. Also, I’m overly fond of koala bears happy ends even in midterm, so while there definitely should be challenges, expect our characters to somehow overcome at least half of them. I won’t do a chronicle of failure, even if that would make for tons of character development.

Speaking of which, characters. For myself, I’d mainly like a male character, though female is not out of question, either. He’ll have to a degree white knight characteristics when compared to other characters in the play, be a gentleman of sorts but also have a spine, opinions and a firm belief that a pair of boobies won’t just set aside. If allowed to indulge in my love of archetypes, he can be an actual knight, prince, (noble) warrior, ranger or other dedicated hero. Gladly, I’d also play a Fae or elf of sorts with certain scenarios.
For your character, I’d want a female. In tune with mine, she should have a minimum of goodness in her at the very least. If you really want to make me happy, she could be cute, intelligent with a tad naïve or inexperienced (not sexually), reasonable, uncomplicated, unstuck and altogether likeable. Next-door-girl cuteness is appreciated over excessive femininity, but everything within limits is possible. Archetypes I like for my partner's character are princesses, maids, servants and slaves, country-girls, and I had a recent craving for a shepherdess, specifically.

Lastly, concerning kinks, I’ll first point out my two all-time favourites, being Romance and BDSM. Noticing the order, the first is a must, while the second is not, though a play combining both will be mostly always favoured.
As for the former, that could be a star-crossed one, a long-time yearning or a love at first sight type of romance, whereas I’d rather stay away from hate-turned-love relationships and won't do seduction/convincing.
Covering the middle ground between both kinks, I won’t do forced marriage sort of plays, though arranged-turned-love can work.
Turning towards the BDSM side, as always I won’t do non-consensual play, though there is a bit of leeway towards the concept of there being just no real option to say no in a legal slavery setting. As for the sorts of play you could expect, I’m a dominant over a sadist strongly, and a sensual dominant over a strict one moderately. I much prefer the mental side of Bondage and Domination/submission over the physical of S&M, and I’ll gladly do training and education of submissives, pet-play as well as everyday scenes with a kinky twist.

I’ve deliberately kept the above descriptions of what I am looking for a bit – I’d not say vague – generic. I would really want to create a scenario with you rather than play a pre-defined one. That is not to say that I won’t do that, or that we could not use those as a starting point, just I would like to keep it open into all directions for now.

Of course, feel free to check out my pre-defined scenarios as well as my story archive and my O/Os for further inspiration and clarification and, as said before, do not hesitate to shoot a PM my way if you have questions not answered or any other remarks. I don’t bite except when asked to.

If I’ve held your attention until here, I am very hopeful that you like to some extent what I have to offer and very much hope you will consider to drop me a line or two.

Until then – all the best & Thank you!