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Author Topic: Alec Lifestar's fantasy, BDSM and romance ideas  (Read 3735 times)

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Alec Lifestar's fantasy, BDSM and romance ideas
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:20:42 PM »
Please do not post RP requests on this thread, but send me a PM. Thank you!

⚜ Taking on new plays: yes - selectively
⚖ Story slots: ⬛⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛⬛ ⬛⬜

Hey there!
I'm glad you're taking the time to look into this. This is my ideas thread. Below you can find some of my RP ideas. If any of them strikes your interest, please do not hesitate to PM me about it.
Also, feel free to check out my Ons & Offs

And now, without further ado, on to my ideas, requests and past and present stories...
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Offline Alec LifestarTopic starter

Ideas Part I
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2013, 01:31:44 PM »
Classical fantasy ideas
Princesses and knights, castles and forests, adventure and courtly intrigue, swords and sorcery, dragons and elves.

The rebel in the forest
This idea is mainly inspired by the classic folk tale of Robin Hood. My character would be a local outlaw or renegade that has established a basis of operation in an inaccessible part of country to fight against the oppressive local lord or overlord with his band of companions.

Your character would be the hero’s sweetheart who upon hearing of his going undercover goes to find him and be with him. What I’m looking for in her is a caring, sweet girl that still is adventurous enough to forsake her orderly life to be with her beloved. She can be headstrong and should certainly be independent enough to pull this off on her own and stand her ground in everyday matters.
That said, while I imagine her a practical girl (maybe she was a maid or something similar before going rogue), I’m not looking for a warrior tomboy (also no scouting or archery queen!). I’m not planning for her to be the damsel in distress every other quest, either, though it might serve for a trope once or twice, otherwise I’d want for her to act as support and such for the outcast and his merry men in the not-so-private scenes. In those latter, I’m looking for a blend of sweet romance, passionate nature outdoor fooling-around and maybe a bit of exhibitionism (after all, there’s only so much privacy in the woods).
Also, please be willing to contribute to the adventure and plot part!

The tone for this play should be rather light and adventurous, as opposed to a more grim setting of constant pressure from the bloodhounds of the authorities. Still, they are of course designed so as to provide for tension when we need it.
The setting could be fantasy or alternate history, though I’d prefer to refrain from any actual history for literary freedom’s sake.

Knight Variant
In tune with my liking for knight characters, the renegade could actually be a former knight of the kingdom who turned rogue when the new monarch, whether he came into power by coup or natural succession, took a turn for the worse and began oppressing the people. In that event, the plot could be more focussed on the knight building a power base to eventually be able to defeat the usurper and re-install the (or a) more benevolent king into office.

Princess Variant
More true to the literary example, the female lead could be a noblewoman or even a member of the royal family itself, either the rightful or even the usurpers (if they were two different ones). For her to flee for the rebel would probably mean that she knew him before, of course, so maybe that variant thus also would call for the above-mentioned, and she could thus be the betrothed of or promised to the knight even before the coup.
Romance Adventure RP
The Secret Glade
The small backwater kingdom of Astoria since times immemorial nestles against the Darkhold Mountains, a vast range of endless forested slopes, wild torrents, countless gorges, hidden plateaus and ice-covered peaks separating the Seven Kingdoms from the mystery-haunted and unexplored lands further north for many miles until the only known point from which to venture further northwards, the Red Citadel, seat of the Wizards’ Guild, who for centuries have denied passage to any and all.

Rumour is aplenty with stories of the northern lands, Fairy Lands as the farmers and peasants call them. Tales passed from grandparents to children for generations tell of a fair folk living there in palaces of crystal, capable of many a fine trade and wise in wisdom and knowledge of the arcane as they live their immortal lives.

Little do these stories matter, however, to Rhiana, the youngest daughter of the King of Astoria. With the burden of the succession of the royal line on her elder sister, Rhiana from the moment she managed to walk without falling over has been a whirlwind, eschewing even the few occasions that an Astoria princess would don fine dresses and courtly manner in the simple halls of the realm, and preferring to spend her days roaming the lands dressed in the leathers of a ranger, hunting knife by her side and a bag of provisions on her back, running with the wind, feeling the rain on her face and revelling in the touch of nature.
Growing up, she grew bored with the more tame farmlands south of her family’s seat, and begins to venture into the rough, but beautiful wilderness of the foothills and mountains. Many a day the strong-willed princess spends foraging in the woodlands, bathing and fishing in the clear, hidden lakes overlooking her father’s realm and climbing the lesser faces of the mountain range, untroubled by the constant chiding she receives for her ill-fitting behaviour as well as coming home late and dirtied.

Knowing the Darkhold mountains better than many a ranger, one day Rhiana sets out further than ever before, setting foot into a grove she has never been through before. Following it for many an hour, she finally emerges into a hidden vale, almost painfully beautiful in its untouched wilderness, and from the sight of the mountains surrounding her, it becomes apparent that she has long crossed the borders of her farther’s realm.
She keeps her findings a secret from everyone at home, and returns as soon as possible only to discover that she is not the only one to have found that secretive place. Finding herself face to face a young man, apparently of her own age, she quickly comes to understand that he bears many traits ascribed to the mysterious folk of legend.
Still, what they seem to share is their mutual curiosity for each other, and despite them being unable to understand each other’s tongue, the just-come-of-age princess and the strange elfling begin to get to know each other, and with the princess long having been restricted from acting on the unspeakable, strange and humiliating desires that haunt her mind when she touches herself at night, and her mysterious new friend seemingly picking up on her feelings without words, they soon begin to dabble and explore in more than just friendship…

This is a short introduction and sort-of in-character-description of my newest idea. I am looking for a player interested in most, if not all of the elements mentioned above so far (naturally) for playing the princess. A few further clarifications on what I’d require for Rhiana player are the following: Apart from the general description as a tomboy/maybe warrior princess, I’ve no specific ideas for her appearance this time, though it should be clear that she’s not to be a bimbo or doll character. Also, I’d specifically want a player for her that would be interested in an active submissive role, where the princess would actively help and shape her humiliation and partake in debasing herself for her own pleasure.
Names are interchangeable. Specific kinks I’d like to include in this are, amongst others, hiding their growing relationship from her family, with sneaking away, covering up and everything, spanking, bondage, Master/pet, kissing and romance.
If you feel tickled by what you read so far, feel free to contact me with any question you have, change you would want to request or idea to add (Oh, please, please add your own imagination and ideas to mine).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Fantasy setting romance RP with BDSM
The knight and the princess
The Setting

I’d like the play to be set in a small kingdom in the rough northlands. Thus, I’m imagining a somewhat primitive, low-fantasy realm where nobility pretty much has to get their hands dirty, too, protecting the farmers, upholding the law and the likes.
For those of you that like to think in images and fandoms for inspiration, think Rohan in the LotR movies or the Viking culture in The 13th Warrior.
For random elements to certainly expect, think bear rugs, roaring fireplaces, nights in the barn or hayloft above the stables for starters.

The Plot

The story would focus on the princess and her childhood friend who left the royal palace to become a knight when they were teens. Now, he’s returning in order to escort her on a tour through the kingdom to help her prepare for her role as a ruler, and their reunion serves to rekindle affections and yearnings that she had for a long time after her best friend left, and more.
I’m looking for a sweet, tender love story in this play, with the problems arising for the two of them being their slight(!) awkwardness as their relationship develops into more than just friends now that they’re adults, and the adventures they have to face on their journey.
They could or even should very likely end up as an official couple, with their social standing actually not being too far apart and her parents not intending to use her as political bargaining material, but just accepting her choice?

The Kinks

The basic framework for this is a vanilla love story. So, while that can go well into kinky practices, I will not play this as non-con, dub-con or something similar. That said, I’m open to have them develop amongst them some BDSM style elements in the bedroom once they get closer and share their fancies.

The Characters

The knight is the nephew of the steward of a border province. He has been raised at court until his teen years, having made friends with the princess who was the only other child around that was of the same (approximate) age, then left for his uncle’s province when he became old enough to be trained as a knight. Since, he had been kept busy on quests along the border preventing him from returning for six years, placing him now in his early twenties. As the princess is sent on her first tour through the northern provinces by herself, he, by virtue of his originating there and his merits in the royal service as well as connection to the princess, who has nagged her parents about choosing him, is to accompany, protect and teach her.

The princess I’d like as a next-door-kind-of-girl, the friend type.
Appearance wise, I’d prefer her to be the petite type, with small bust and behind, long legs, not your typical, prominent hour-glass figure and prominent hips, but more (for lack of a better word) boyish look, but still cute.
I'd love for my partner to vary her hair style and maybe also length from time to time, including in the story how she keeps it (when they get lost, maybe there's some practicability in cutting it shorter, etc.).
She could be a half-elf, with the king having married an elf for love or to strengthen an alliance or smooth waves between both groups within the kingdom (or all of that).
Personality wise, I’m looking for her to be open-minded, sweet, could be a little naïve even. However, I want to stress that for this play, I’d want a character that, although a virgin, is not anxious or afraid of her sexuality too much. As a princess in that kingdom, she would certainly have seen her share of animal sexuality and thus be aware of the general issue and regard it as normal, as well as might have seen some shady encounters of maids, servants, soldiers and townspeople on solstice and harvest festivals and such, and grown curious about it.
Too, I’d want her to be rather committed in her crush on the knight, showing her affection and actively pursuing to get him to like her and get closer to him.

Last words: I know these ‘requirements’ sound very strict and all; please keep in mind that I, nevertheless, am open to negotiate, supplement and develop many of these points to a wider or lesser degree. If you feel intrigued by the general idea, please do feel free to send me a PM with your thoughts and what works for you and what doesn’t.

For an earlier rendition of this idea that very well illustrates the tone and style I'm craving for this one, see Northern Love
Fantasy Romantic RP, possible light D/s
The Fallen princess

This general theme is the one that started it all for me. A princess of a fantasy kingdom for some reason gets under the control of one of the knights of her entourage. For different reasons, he starts to dominate her unbeknownst to anyone else, which she not only can do nothing against, but to her own surprise she also finds that she likes to submit to him and being in love with him, the two set about on a tale of kinky romance.
The knight is generally named Corian in these ideas, but as with everything, I'm willing to discuss that.
Please note that they generally all of these variants include some amount of BDSM, mostly of the Master/pet variant. Please note that I like my RPs to be mostly or even entirely consensual. Outright rape, non-consensual and most likely pseudo-rape are no option for me, I'm afraid. Also, all of these variants are designed to have a romance as a background that is the basis for the relationship, with the play living from the contrast between the romantic and the BDSM elements. If you have further questions about that, feel free to nudge me about it.

1. The Fantasies variant
The knight is given the position of head of the guard of the princess of the kingdom he serves. Little did he know that the princess would fall for him head over heels. When she confronts him about it, he learns that not only does she want him to pass the time with her, but she also tells him of fantasies of submission and discipline that she can't help but want to live out under his guidance.

2. The Guardianship variant
The princess's submission is due to her kingdom's traditions and/or laws which require females (maybe only royals or a princess in particular) to have a guardian of sorts. He would have the legal power to educate her in any, including sexual, matters as well as protect her and take care of her. Yet, as she would have been smitten with her guardian-to-be before, she would more or less willingly go with that, accepting it as necessary anyway, and actually considering it as a small price to be with her sweetheart, at the worst.

3. The Title only variant

The princess (in a more fairytale setting perhaps) has been only recently rescued from a curse, however, since she fell asleep/has been enchanted, her kingdom has disappeared, leaving her a princess only in name and the tiara on her head.
In a less fairytale setting, she might have recently been evicted from her kingdom due to war, rebellion, intrigue or something similar. Seeking refuge in another kingdom, she'd be allowed to stay only if she found a protector of sorts, who in exchange for enabling her to stay would have legal and factual control over her as the task would prove difficult due to some thinly disguised grudge borne towards her by the ruling family.

4. The Refugee variant

The princess's kingdom is just being overrun by an enemy force, most likely of some feral or monstrous nature. At the last moment, she is rescued by her knight and luckily the two of them manage to escape alive. From there, they can be either trapped within the now occupied palace, scavenging through the once rich halls, or could escape into the wilderness beyond the kingdom's heart, always on the run from their unnatural foes in a fantasy survival style and trying their best to survive. However, with him actually having the only skills relevant to that, their relationship would very quickly develop naturally into a Master/pet style one without them even noticing too much as it would feel normal. Still, being the only one left to each other, as well as having had the first buds of a crush blooming between them since the start, they would also fall for each other and develop a passionate romance to add to their relationship.
High/Low Fantasy D/s romance RP
The Castaway Princess

A princess is befallen by misfortune on a sea voyage she undertakes. Be it in order to be married off to the lord of a far-away kingdom or any other reason, her ship is seized by a titanic storm and carried far off-course before being stranded on the beach of an unknown island. The only other survivor is the knight that accompanied her to protect her (who could or could not be combined with aspects from the above ideas). The two of them realise that rescue is not very likely and begin preparing to settle down and sustain themselves by work of their own hands. However, as they progress to explore the island, they find more and more hints of some presence on the island and soon they discover that the island is guarded by a dragon who is more than interested to have the princess for himself, and they have to struggle to survive while preparing to face the beast that threatens their living in relative comfort and waiting calmly for rescue.
Fantasy Romantic Adventure RP
The Princess's Realm
Vhana is the Princess Regnant of the small realm of Corianwell, your average next-door-fantasy kingdom. Despite her young age, she is well-loved and her rule, aided by her advisors and trusted lieutenants, is happily accepted.

The throes of the coup that left her the only heir of her house have just subsided. Everything is in ruins and in the slow process of rebuilding her realm, Vhana is forced to recruit a new generation of knights, companions and advisors quickly to assist with the task of rebuilding the kingdom.

For this one, I’d like to play the princess opposite a young, eager female squire accoladed at the beginning of the story who would quickly become Vhana’s indispensable right hand both in ruling her kingdom and in lonely nights. The focus of this play would be on a romantic love story between the half-elf sovereign and her lieutenant, but various kinks could be worked into it as well to both my and my partner’s liking.
Fantasy D/s and Home-building RP
The Squire
In a low fantasy kingdom, knights serve as the sentinels of order and justice. Apprentices to their ranks are assigned to serve with particular knights, learning from them. During such squire-hood, the authority of the knight over their squire is basically absolute. Training most often takes the shape of mainly hands-on experiencing the knight coping with the situations that require their attention. Such relationships extending to either or both intimate feelings and sexual initiation neither is uncommon nor frowned upon and would be one focus of this play.

For this play, I’d be looking for a partner interested in playing either role of the following couples: a female squire and a male knight; a female squire and a female knight; a male squire and a female knight.
Fantasy D/s Adventure RP
The lone knight
Corian is a distinguished Knight of the Realm. He has taken up residence in a small hamlet in the countryside, hunting, tending a garden and reading. Though he has never given the villagers any trouble, helping out with blacksmithing and other tasks at time and never having even tried to assume any position of leadership, he is regarded as a bit of an excentric due to never inviting someone to the small hut he lives at nor ever becoming too close with anyone or getting involved too deeply with the villagers' affairs.
When one autumn, however, an eerie evil befalls the remote place, beginning with unexplainable slaughter of livestock soon turning into murder, he would not turn down the request for help from the village elders and takes up his sword once more to protect them.
Sought for this variant would be a girl who would befriend the knight, preferably simply due to being a simple maid without anyone to turn to in such a dark time, but could also be that she is the sole relative of someone murdered. She would offer to assist the knight as a servant around his house, but soon would start to act on the feelings she started to develop for him.

Fantasy D/s Adventure and Home-building RP
The Mage’s apprentice

Half a day’s walk from the village, beyond the forest in the hills that form the no-man’s-land at the foot of the mountains stands a tower. The villagers generally refrain from going there, superstitiously fearing the wizard that lives there and getting caught in one of his mysterious projects.

I’m looking for someone interested in playing a villager that becomes the apprentice to the wizard. Beginning with the lowest work and serving as a servant, the apprentice then would slowly be initiated into the secrets of magic and the responsibilities of the wizarding world. Both with the powers of the master over the apprentice being absolute and the sometimes bizarre rituals’ requirements, there would be plenty of opportunity for kinky play as well as adventure as we explore the relationship between them.

I’m willing to play this with a male mage and female apprentice, female mage and female apprentice or maybe female mage with a male apprentice. As for the beginning, I’m interested only in consensual beginnings, not in abduction or forcing the apprentice, but some convincing, offering the apprentice a better life or some sort of magical contract.
Fantasy D/s RP
Barbarian World
In a time long forgotten, glittering empires rose on a world different from todays, born and snuffed out again by war amongst the states, but also by upsetting the gods, dark magic and dark, strange creatures and monstrosities long forgotten since. Powerful warriors, cunning rogues and wise magicians in this world compete with each other for treasure, power and people.

Barbarian adventurer
One possible play is a more generic adventure theme. I would be looking for a female interested in playing a barbarian mercenary's submissive companion, with the two travelling and exploring the world as we go. I am strongly seeking for the female role to be either some sort of spoil of war or a bought slave at the time where they meet, though the background of that character I am open to.
The relationship would carry a D/s structure, though I'd also very much like a romance interwoven with it, particularly from the girl's side, being affectionate and eager to please in return for being protected.
Please note that the setting would warrant a certain 'grime', so please be ok with a natural (!) amount of sweat, blood, (partial) nudity, and generally be healthily in tune with all parts of your body.

King's Harem
Do you know the archetypical pictures of a barbarian king sitting on his throne, surrounded by the spoils of his conquests, the girls he could take by virtue of his ability with the blade, his power and cunning?
I'd love to play that sort of scene, both the throne scene itself, probably including public humiliation as he plays with them in front of legations from distant lands, and the general one, that is, a wild, savage, barbarian world where men live by the sword and women by submitting to those men.
Also, this can include both the submission aspect, with chains binding them to the throne, and more willing girls eager to earn their place at their master's feet. This would most likely mean multiple girls which could be played either all by one player, or all but one by the barbarian player opposite a single girl.

Low fantasy D/s RP in a Hyborianesque (Conan-esque) setting
Elven Slave to the Dwarves
This plot takes place in a sort-of post-apocalyptic high fantasy world. The monster races - orcs, goblins, trolls, gnolls and others have overcome the forces of good. The kingdoms and empires of men, halflings, elves and many more have fallen, either vanquished or enslaved by the victors. Darkness befell the land and chaos rules. It is no longer safe to travel nor life in any place without constant fear of harrassment or worse.
In a last act of defiance, and at the same time a first one of submission, the Elven Queen of the Forest Heart has used up all the magic of her people to size them down in order to find refuge with the last remaining glimpse of hope - the Mountain Homes of the Dwarves.
In return for their utter subservience as pets, slaves and toys, the elven people now dwells in the safety of their distant cousins' fortresses, paying in pleasure in return for the short people's hospitality.

Interested in submissives' competition, casual slavery, public nudity and humiliation, maybe bestiality and fantasy interracial play with this one.

High/Dark Fantasy D/s RP
The Smith's Island
This idea would play in a somewhat dark fantasy world. There are lots of conflict, and thus a high demand for high-quality weaponry and armour.
Now, the most legendary pieces are crafted by mysterious blacksmiths who protect their secrets in extensive, fortress-like smithies and forges. One of the best of them lives on an storm-lashed island fortress out in the sea. Many mysteries surround his place, fuelled by the ships that moor at his quay and trade riches and necessities for quality steelwork.
Now, while the smith is the only one involved in the crafting in order to protect his art, he certainly would need hands for more menial tasks as well as someone to keep him company at times. Thus, the smith would own a number of slave girls to fill in for that, as they would pose no threat to his trade.
Your character would be a girl brought to the island as merchandise, to be part of the price of the next shipment. She would serve as one of a number of slave girls employed for any tasks and needs, be they menial or personal. There, too, could be a harem situation with the other girks, whether they be played by you or me.

Some ideas of what the the mood and the location could be like:
Low fantasy D/s Home-building RP with a dark tone
In the pits
This M/f story would take place in a slave quarry, featuring a romance between two of the condemned there that is threatened by the abuse of the wardens. An eventual escape plot is possible, though most of the play I'd expect to take place within the pits.
For the setting itself, I am imagining an at least to some degree anarchical society amongst the slave-convicts themselves, with the guards and overseers only intervening when productivity is threatened or at will, at best.
The male lead would be a political prisoner, convicted for something he did not do as a cover-up to silence his criticism of the ruling elite. He would have been a scribe or similar intellectual before, expected to quickly succumb to the hardships of the mines, but unexpectedly took well to the labour, becoming well-toned and a force to recon with despite his solitariness. Two inspirational pictures of what I imagine him being like are HERE and HERE.
The lead female could be either a petty criminal or have been sold to the pits for debt. Being too slight to work the mines, she escaped the drudgery of being made to move or sort rubble by having been taken into the cooking gang, being responsible for supplying the labourers with what little water and food they get to keep working.
The characters would come together initally by him stepping in and saving her from a fellow inmate's wrath, in turn summoning that guy's (and his friends') wrath down on the two of them and also make him decidedly too high profile with an overseer that's taken a particuar dislike of him, and we'd follow their struggle from there.

Kinks I'd like to include would be some drama/angst, skimpy clothing; low-tech setting; some intrigue play relating to the reasons for the male protagonist's conviction; light, consensual D/s play between the protagonists; caring and affectionate play between protagonists.
One special kink I'd like to pursue with this, however, would be some messiness, not as a fetish, but to the extent it would come naturally to such setting, e.g. slaves being smudgy, stained, grimy, sweaty and so forth.

Default intro post
The sun was already drawing long shadows, plunging the enormous craters that littered the desert plains. On imperial maps, the entire area was just called “Sygon Desert”, a vast, empty, barren land that stretched from the more moderate regions in the north all the way to the southern border towns that served as trade outposts with the southern kingdoms.

Yet, the Slave Pits that supplied about any kind of metal ore for the use of the empire were teeming with life. Countless convicted lived, laboured, and most also died under the glaring sun, each day toiling under the leash of the overseers, soldiers of the imperial forts either side of the desert, most on rotating duty and relieved every two months, some staying as they showed a particular knack for this kind of work.

Though all the inmates were convicted, by far not all of them were guilty of the crimes they had been sent here for, or their crime consisted of uttering the wrong thing before the wrong person, and so a fair share of the prisoners, while not distinguishable from petty thiefs, highwaymen, forgers and murderers, was harbouring more reason for rebellious thoughts than others.
Not that rebellion was something that was very likely, though. Being sent to the Pits, every prisoner had made the long journey through the desert, shackled to his or her future fellow inmates on the four-week-long shuffle that in itself was a punishment of its own. Supplied only sparingly with water and food at the few, far-away from each other, heavily guarded wells and cisterns, the convicts learned quickly that flight meant a slow death from dehydration or starvation, even if they were not first caught and slain by the horse patrols that were stationed in the small fort that towered over the Pits’ vast expanse of quarries and mines, housing the Commandant, the officers of the guard troops and the battalion of heavy cavalry that was the bane of every attempt to escape the back-breaking labour, while the overseers were housed in small huts made from clay and timber and situated on the first of the many rings that led eventually down into the pits.
The labour and the guards, though, were by far not the only dangers that many slaves succumbed to. Since they were all convicted criminals, little did the guards care for squabbles amongst the prisoners, and a casualty late at night, when the guards had drawn out of the pits leaving the prisoners amongst themselves in the darkness of precariously pitched shelters and tunnels used for makeshift quarters that was discovered in the morning hardly warranted any investigation, at the worst calling for another round of punishment dealt out freely to try and hit the offender, too.

Corian’s thoughts trailed idly like that for the thousandth time since he had been brought here while he waited in the line of convicts wandering by the large kettle operated by a few female prisoners to collect their meagre daily ration of thin soup and hard bread, keeping his eyes down to not draw too much attention from the two mail-clad soldiers that were standing next to the kettle with a bored expression.
Even so, though, he was an impressive sight and not many of those that had known him before his conviction, as a scrawny, rather awkward assistant of the Head Archivar of the Records in the imperial capital would have recognised him now, dressed only in a leather loincloth, a pair of leather belts that crossed over his broad, toned chest and a pair of sturdy boots. Seven months in the pits had erased any awkwardness and hade made his muscles develop as he had been forced to work in the iron mines, where slaves chipped at the ore with steel sledgehammers as they broke the valuable materials out of the rock and then carried the loose rubble out on their backs in huge wicker baskets.
The iron mines were one the worst places to work in, reserved by the overseers for capital crimes, troublemakers and those convicts that came with special orders to silence them for good. Many did not make it for even three months, succumbing to fatigue, accident or a stab of one of their fellow inmates for some actual or perceived slight. Corian, though, for some reason, had not broken, but tempered into a powerful frame, and while he kept mostly to himself, barely speaking to anyone, he also refused to let himself be drawn into most of the intrigues and petty rivalries going on in the Pits.

As he neared the girl filling each convicts’ wooden bowl with a large bronze ladle, the man before him, a red-haired, bearded man with the brand of scales on his bare chest marking him a forger, but whose sturdy build and former occupation as a blacksmith had landed him in the iron mines, paused before the serving girl.
“Come un, hunny, that’s nut all”, he boomed at the lithe girl. “Make it full for the hard-wurkin!” The girl looked at him with clear discomfort. While he had no claim to anything more than what he already had, there was little she could do to counter his demands, and even if she did, there was nothing keeping the man from getting his revenge on her later when they were not under the eyes of the soldiers.
“But I don’t have any more for you. The others-“, she tried feebly, then shrieked when the man’s hand wrapped around her wrist, pulling her closer to him. “Listen, hunny, I said make it full”, the man growled, while the soldiers stared ahead impassively. They rarely intervened between the convicts, and as they were forbidden to get involved with female convicts by threat of instant demotion and being sent home in disgrace, they showed little motivation even to protect women.

The girl tried to shrink back, more from the force and threat than from the unwashed body of the blacksmith as such, but to no avail. All the convicts had little chance to clean themselves, and so like the men from the mines were covered with a grime of sweat and rock dust, the girl had smudges of coal from the cooking fire in her face and across her bare tummy and her shoulder-length hair, while thick and luscious still, showed that she only had her fingers to comb it. “Do it, hun, and maybe afterwards, you and I can have some more fun together”, the man said with an oily grin, and one of the soldiers smirked in silent amusement at the scene unfolding before them.

Suddenly, though, the blacksmith let go of her and turned to look for the owner of the hand that had fallen onto his shoulder, bringing him face to face with Corian, and for a moment, he shrank back from the firm look of the other man’s dark, unfathomable eyes before he shrugged off his hand with an angry gesture. “Now who asked you to get involved, Cor?”, he demanded to know angrily.

“Leave the girl alone”, Corian said quietly. “You get just as much as every-“, but before he could finish the sentence, a sharp crack sounded and Corian flinched slightly as an angry red welt appeared on his back.
“What’s that, hu?”, a languid voice called, and it’s owner, an arrogant-looking young man, dressed superficially like a slave, but in finer garments, rolled up his whip again. “You making trouble, Tounge?”, he said, identifying Corian as someone sent for his criticism on the empire by his lack of a brand.

Corian let go of the other man, refusing to look at the overseer, knowing that any attempt to argue would only make matters worse.
“I asked you a question, Tongue”, the man demanded again, and a second time the whip cracked, Corian’s muscles flexing involuntarily, but he restrained himself to stoically endure the punishment. “Nothing much to say anymore, do you?”, he warden sneered. “Now back in line, all of you. If food isn’t served out before nightfall, you go hungry”, he snapped, and the line resumed moving.

Low fantasy slightly dark prison D/s RP
Imprisoned princess

The princess of the Realm has been imprisoned for some time in a castle of monsters (might be goblins, kobolds, trolls, what have you...)
They've kept her long enough that she has become accustomed to being there and being generally mistreated, though neither have they treated her so badly that there be any outright damage to her physically nor psychologically, so while she would certainly enjoy being rescued, she is far from broken.

Now, one day, of course, her knight tracks down the castle and slays the creatures, freeing her.
The knight and she would have gone steady for a while, having been promised to each other for some time before, keeping in the game an aspect of romance.

Due to onset of winter, then, they have to stay at the old keep, where they would settle in for winter and pass the time by exploring the secrets of the ancient place as well as play around and, given the inspiration prompted by the environment of a slaver's castle as well as their own mischievous imaginations and fantasies, would delve into some rather kinky experimentations.

I imagine a slightly comic tone for this, with them easily fooling around, not too grim a background despite the medieval-ish fantasy.
Fantasy Kinky romance
The knight and the wench
This low-fantasy/medieval fantasy romance would stray a bit from my usual theme, in that it would have the female character as the socially lower partner in the relationship.

The story I would see in this would be the archetype of the song romance:
A young knight in shining armour (more figuratively than literally as for the actual armour) on one of his quests comes into a simple, rural village. Whether the quest has him come through or actually will require him to settle for a while I’d leave open for discussion.
Either way, right to begin with, he’d be falling for the village belle, a simple, yet fresh and vivacious beauty, maybe the cobbler’s daughter, a farm girl, what-have-you, as she would for him. Be warned, this most certainly will mean instant romance, so please only request if you like that. I’m looking for a definitely steamy affair there, so there should be plenty of initiative from her part, too.

Now, as for change, as a challenge I’d be willing in this setting to go with her family/father/guardian being actually opposing the relationship, having in mind some better deal to strike with giving away his charge’s hand in marriage, so he’s actively trying to forbid her to see her paramour to the best of his abilities. That also means that I’d like her to be actively engaged in working around his restrictions in a very real way. Whether her to-be-fiancé is to be involved in this we could discuss, too.

I would be playing both the knight and her guardian unless you’d prefer a different arrangement.
Low-fantasy star-crossed romance
The Princess and Her knight
For this one, I am looking for my trademark scenario but with a distinct twist. I am not even sure that I’ll receive any interest for this one on here, but well, I’ll never know if I don’t put it out there.

The premise of this would be a high or low/medieval fantasy setting in which a princess (heir designate or not) has her personal knight as a protector, companion, maybe tutor.
However, while the princess would be a kind and passionate girl as in all my variants of these, for this one, I am for once looking for someone to play her as a dominant or switch character.
More in depth, I’d like to develop a unique, multi-facetted relationship between the two characters here that would, however, involve much of the more physical aspects of the relationship to be initiated by her and have a, while loving, also decidedly dominant touch, that I’d like to contrast with him still standing up for her in public, maybe teach her and similar stuff while they would both definitely fall for each other.

Note that this is not intended as a typical dome/dominatrix role nor am I looking for my character to be degraded in a true sense, but rather the entire thing to be more akin to a game for them to play and toe the line between game and reality.

Some kinks I’d like to see in this that should not be in your offs if you’d like to play this with me should be cfnm, (light) cbt, oral, anal on the guy, handjobs, bondage and ideally some foot play (though for this one, I want to stress that I like the psychological aspect of it mostly, not the gross one; also, if that would be an issue for you, know that I like bare feet and boots, but am not really into heels nor pantyhose. Socks can be nice if played for cute).
Fantasy Femdom
The scribe and the slave
Ptias only glanced up quickly from his work when the string curtain was parted to let in the morning light into the spacious but still crammed office. Then he turned back his concentration immediately to the work before him on the low desk before which he sat cross-legged.
The young scribe judged the half-finished document before him with a thoughtful frown creasing his forehead before dipping his quill into the ink vial set into an opening in the desk and adding another line in measured, neat, routinely executed script, pausing only occasionally to consider a counterstroke or flourish.

The lithe girl dressed only in a skimpy, undyed tunic that had entered knew better than disrupting him, instead sitting back on her haunches by the doorway quietly. Channa also knew better than to even try to glance at the writing. Like most people in the kingdom of Arkana, she had never been taught to read, or much less write, and being a slave, she had even less business with letters, having never required the services of a scribe to read to her anything concerning her as most free men did occasionally at least, and knowing very well that most people were not fond of her even making the impression of trying and conscious of the rumours of the possibility of curses imbedded into scriptures to protect them against unwanted intruders, she mostly preferred to err on the side of caution.

On the other hand, in another respect she had quite her share of scrolls and documents, of course. Channa was a runner, carrying messages and smaller errands through the city’s streets for those that did not want to do so themselves, and could afford the services of the public slaves to do so. Running errands for the scribes was one of Channa’s favourites not only because carrying messages and documents was far less tiring, especially for a girl like her, than slogging wares and goods through the streets. Though she bashfully avoided appearing too nosey, she revelled in the hushed silence and arcane craftsmanship of the profession, and more than once she had indulged in the forbidden pleasure of not making straight for her destination, but hiding in some corner or back alley and marvelling at the neat script of some unsealed document with guilty fascination.

For the moment, though, Channa was just set to wait for the scribe to finish his work. It was not an unusual to find some delay like this. The requirement of a messenger’s service had been placed with the overseer the evening before, and like she often did, Channa had managed to get herself that particular errand.
Now, as she was leaning slightly against one of the ceiling-high shelves that covered almost the entirety of the office’s walls, she every few seconds glanced up from underneath demurely lowered lashes to sneak a quick impression of the stacks of cut papyrus, ink containers, bundles of quills and styluses.
And then, quite a few of her secret glimpses also wandered towards the robed young man pondering over his current piece of work. Though she had barely ever spoken to the scribe safe for acknowledging the directions he gave her, she was not interested entirely in his skill with his writing implements, which to her bordered on nothing short of magic, but though she never would have admitted as much, she also found him rather cute.

As a public slave girl in the bloom of her womanhood and being out in the streets dressed only in the short linen tunic of her station, she was  rather accustomed to calls, whistles, the occasional grope and worse, whereas Ptias had never made any crude attempt suggesting she’d be an easy lay even if with their difference in standing she might have been, and secretly, she had more than once tried to imagine the impossible, of what it might be like to be the girl he would be interested in.

When Ptias put down his quill with a soft rustle before turning to her, she quickly jerked her thoughts away from any daydreaming, resuming her polite, unobtrusive waiting stance, appearing to have held it all along, only now glancing up respectfully to the height of his chest and bringing the fingertips of her left hand to her mouth, kissing them in the deferential manner of greeting not only a free man, but a full-fledged member of the scribe’s caste. “May Ishar’s peace be with you, exalted”, she said softly, offering him the traditional salutation of the patron goddess of wisdom.
“And with you, Channa”, he replied off-handedly, and she had to suppress a beaming smile to spread over her face and merely smiled up at him for a second, not only because of the unusual courtesy of returning the wish for a blessing by the gods back to a slave, but also at him demonstrating that he knew her name.

Though she had known him since he had been an apprentice of fifteen summers only and herself just starting to run errands after having escaped the kitchen duties reserved to children too small to properly work yet, she had never addressed him by his name, of course, and when he had been awarded the white robes of a trained scribe six summers later, in the last fall, she had smoothly switched to the new style he was now entitled to.

The premise of this low/ancient fantasy kinky romance story is that of a young scribe living in a kingdom very loosely based in terms of general appearance and culture on Ancient Egypt and the early civilisations of the fertile crescent, but could incorporate other, more mythological and fantastic aspects (beasts, magic, supernatural phenomena, etc.). As always, I’m not looking for purely historical RP with this.

As for my main character, being a scribe recently having been granted full membership into his caste, he would be a member of society of some standing despite his age, the profession in a mostly illiterate society not merely providing writing and reading services as such, but also carrying out functions akin to notaries public, lawyers, storekeepers, organisers and archivists, legal clerks, scholars and so on, as well as having a sacral aspect due to their keeping safe and copying holy scriptures as well as the inherent mysteries of their craft themselves.
More so than my usual characters, he would still have a somewhat geeky side to him, having been rather secluded as a scribe’s apprentice, being thoughtful and quiet at times as opposed to his more boisterous peers that would have learned other crafts or joined the army.

Opposite him, I’d like to see a slave-girl roughly the same age as him. Where he would be more geeky, I’d see her as street-wise, rather worldly and quick on her feet literally and figuratively. While she would be mindful of their difference in station, she would not be above being a little cheeky at times as she gets to know people and learns they are not likely to snap over it, and thus I’d like her to have a special fancy for his more modest behaviour, think him cute and try to be playfully flirtatious with him and coaxing him on/giving him time as he struggles more than others to get into any sort of relationship with her even as at the onset of the game they hardly know each other except on a professional level as she would be a messenger tasked frequently with delivering pieces of his work.

For plot, I was thinking to go with some murder mystery/conspiracy story that is set off by the two of them by accident witnessing the murder of the scribe’s superior and mentor, and their subsequent trying to uncover the plot that it was part of. Much in the flow yet in that respect, so I’d certainly be open to suggestions there.

Kinkwise, as I said before, I’d rate this a “typical” (feel free to peruse my main idea thread and O/Os) of my games, coming with both a romance and a kinky thread, the later being provided mainly, but not exclusively, by their different social standing that, in particular, the slave girl would always be mindful of in order to not embarrass him even as their personal relationship were to grow, and the exploration into her teetering between being a mischievous flirt and a proper submissive.

As always, feel free to get in touch with me at any time for any questions that might arise from this prompt.
Ancient fantasy D/s romance
Elopement from the Winter Court
With this idea, I am yet again looking to try my hand at a variation of my princess plots, albeit with a few twists so far not tied into it.
Firstly, I would consider the type of this one to be plot-driven, but with a plot that ties in sexual elements constituently, as in, there should be progress to the story on the level of sexual elements. I hope this becomes clearer in a moment.
Now, as for the plot. The princess in this idea would be your protagonist character. The initial plot would be for her, the daughter of a rather small and insignificant high or medieval fantasy kingdom, to have achieved one of the greatest honours achievable across the Realm: having been accepted to join the Fae Winter Court. Being the centre of power of that extremely influential and otherworldly beings, a stay there promises experiences and knowledge exceeding anything possible in any other place, meeting sentient creatures of any conceivable and inconceivable aspect from anywhere, as well as the fame, admiration and prestige of those only knowing the Fae from legend once returned.
However, not all is gold that glitters, and with the Winter Court being even in legends known as sometimes harsh and not without its jagged edges, the princess soon finds that her actual stay there is less pleasant than common lore had her believe. With her kingdom’s significance at the bottom compared to the Court’s other protégés, in addition to being on the lower rung than those retainers that at least originate from the otherworld, life at court for her resembles far more that of a domestic than the noblewoman she used to be, even though back home she was not at all pampered but rather working nobility in tune with the smallish nature of her native kingdom.
It is not so much, then, that she’d mind on a principle level that the Winter Court’s rules and traditions incorporate many a more carnal and darkly lustful approach featuring nudity and sexual submission, which, though they would be unacceptable in her realm, are just the norm there and which she finds, albeit strange, also secretly exciting and grows tentatively tolerant of – however, the picking on and bullying by her classmates and superiors is grinding on the young princess’s mind and heart and plunging her into a crisis of morale and happiness.

Her only shimmer of light, then, would be a young guardsman at court. Being one of those occasionally being employed to provide the manpower as well in the disciplining of the Court’s attendees, he is a low-ranking nominal noble without chance of advance, without, however, that fact darkening his overall outlook on life. Unlike many of his comrades, and almost all of the higher nobles, he finds no pleasure in picking on those placed under his temporary care, and with that first contact being positive, somehow the princess and the Fae guardsman tentatively befriend each other only for them to tumble into a quickly deepening crush as they find in each other a connection they both sought for.

It would be not long, then, that a particularly bad mishap of sorts make the situation expectant to become even more unbearable for the princess, and in her desperation, the couple elopes from the rigorous formalities of the Court and embarks on an otherworldly road-trip the limit of which are only their dreams.

So that would be the plot, and if pressed to do so, I would describe it as a ‘supernatural boarding school’ type of story. While the plight of the princess would be extremely real and pressing, I would still want it to be on a less than existence-threatening level, akin to puberty, school and growing-up troubles rather than sadistic depravity.
As mentioned, there should be elements of open expressions of sexuality in the Fae Court, as might be disciplining a student of the Court by means of enforced nudity, chastity or edge play, or entertainment of the higher nobility by displays of sexual performance. I would want those to be not so much upsetting to the princess because of their nature, though they sure could and should still hold the novelty and going against her prior experiences’ notions of what is proper, but the real impact would rather come from the discriminating targeting of this as well as other, more menial punishment and picking on her.
With the relationship to the guardsman as the male protagonist, then, I am looking for both a romance as well as D/s elements, and basically see that as the playground for exploring the pleasure the princess might actually find in the proper employ of those rules, rituals and courtly manners with a caring and mindful dominant.

As for the play’s pacing, I was looking to start at the beginning of their getting to know each other and explore for some time their developing a relationship/affair at Court, with a cataclysmic event some time into the story then providing the trigger for their elopement, which, again, should then resemble more of a mild hide-and-seek with modestly interested Fae authorities as they are on the run than full-blown bloodhound hunts.

So far for a first teaser, then, I hope I could peak your interest, and if I did, please feel free to shoot me a PN with any questions, suggestions, ideas and comments you might have. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Supernatural high fantasy D/s romance
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Ideas Part II
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Historical and alternative history ideas
No magic, based upon actual historic situations, or scenarios varying from actual history in key aspects but still derived from it.

The Viking’s slave
This idea takes place in a pseudo-Viking setting. In a world of fjords, lonely hillsides and mires, people live in small rural settlements connected by sleek longboats. The men that man them are fierce warriors and smart trader alike, drawing from their respective skills dependant on the alignment of their next port.
YC would be a maid in one of those small villages. She has not seen a lot beyond the village and its immediate surroundings. She could be either relatively happily settled in or longing secretly for more than she has.
Either way, when MC’s ship lays alongside the quay in one of the sparse, but not entirely unusual mutual raids, she catches the eye of MC, who decides to take her with him. Though she might be reluctant, she quickly comes to term with a new, albeit in some respects much more lewd and adventurous, life.
Low-fantasy/alternative history D/s RP
Ancient tribe

Ceir slewed right desperately, the flintstone head of the club of his opponent missing his left shoulder only barely.

It was almost comical. Having been chased away by his own people, there had been nothing he had been looking for more than other people. Yet the first humans he had encountered after twenty-three suns and moons had been a group of hunters challenging him to the small mammal he had just killed with his sling. Seeing as he was alone, they had been already poised to kill him dead on, but then he had had challenged their chieftain, and in front of his warriors, the hulking brute could not refuse to fight in single combat. After all, the slender youngster before him, though toned and dexterous, was two heads smaller than him and the chief did have no doubt that he would have no problem smashing him like the nuisance that he was. And after all, it provided him with a rare opportunity to ascertain and demonstrate his superiority to all the members of his small tribe without weakening it, and so they had warily escorted Ceir to the meadow before the cave in the cliffs that the Elk tribe lived in, and now the forty or so members stood in a half circle and watched as the two men battled.
Ceir bled already by two cuts of his enemy's sharp club, blood dripping over his bare chest just below his right nipple. His only weapon left for melee was a sharp bone knife after he had broken his spear just the other day fending off a wounded wolf, and the fragile blade was no weapon to parry the heavy club, so he kept dodging. It was only a matter of time now, he thought, before he would tire and the chieftain would maul him.

Today, though, the Hunting Spirits were on Ceir's side. The chieftain suddenly staggered, having tread on a loose pebble that the high plateau was littered with, and he flailed wildly, trying to keep his balance, and Ceir was an experienced hunter despite his more odd interests that had caused his banishment. He seized his opportunity immediately, and the blade sliced across the momentarily defenseless man's bearded throat back and forth. A gush of blood spewed forth, and he froze for a moment, looking at Ceir uncomprehendingly. Then he slumped backwards, dead before he hit the ground.

Ceir staggered, looking at the shocked tribe members. Would they revenge the death of their leader? But to his astonishment, none of the warriors dared look him in the eye, all evading his gaze as they bowed their heads in silent submission, and quickly the rest of the tribe followed suit, the shaman, the healer, the women and lastly the children accepting him as their new leader chosen by the Spirits as they looked at him unsurely, curious as to what their life would be under the rule of that man...

The basic premise for this idea is playing with a small tribe of hunter/gatherers as they struggle for survival in a prehistoric casual, natural environment where only small bands of humans live in tune with nature. Apart from quite a few chances for smut, I would like to develop the whole society by having their chief have total control over their customs and rules, including housing, their stance on dominance/submission , policy with regard to relationships, partner choice, down to mating and any other aspect.
In addition, I love world building in general, how they live, what artifacts they produce, what they believe in, their encounters with foreign tribes and the likes.

As a partner for this, I would be looking for someone who is interested in playing both one or a few of the girls in Ceir's age as potential partners, concubines or the like, and the tribe in general, coming to their chief with an endless stream of requests, problems and questions to solve, keeping the story in general flowing.

The tone should be reasonably gritty without being harsh. I'm not at all set upon making this historically accurate just for the sake of it, so it would be "prehistoric fantasy" of sorts. In the end, it should turn out to become overally a somewhat idyllic community prospering for the time being.

Prehistoric/alternative history RP
True to the title, this idea revolves around the theme set up in the great Robinsonades of literature, there being Robinson Crusoe, The Mysterious Island, The Lighthouse at the End of the World, Two Years' Vaccation and The Blue Lagoon.

However, what all of them lacked except for the last was even the hint at some romance.

What I would like for this play is some sort of catastrophic event that leaves the two main characters, a male and a female, alone in an unknown environment, without any but the most distant hope of being found soon, but with the resources to help themselves. It could be a deserted island, an unknown coast with features baring them from attempting travel into inhabited parts of the world, an uninhabited planet or whatever else tickles our fancy.

I'm open as to the actual setting with regard to the time frame, so the play could be either set in more Victorian Ages, closer to the stories I mentioned for inspiration, but also could be worked out to be set in modern or science fiction worlds.
In any event, though, it would include a lot of pioneering, survival and home-building, probably, but not necessarily in a somewhat "classical" scheme of share of work, on a rather basic and primitive level.

Relationship-wise, I would (as so often) like a romance of sorts, either pre-existiting or developing soon with the two survivors only having each other for company.
More kinky practices could be worked in at our leisure, but expect a share of idyllic outdoor/nature smut.
Adventure RP
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Ideas Part III
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Modern, modern fantasy, post-apocalyptic and science fiction ideas
Vampires in the city, college sweethearts, Zombie apocalypse and Lasers and techno-babble all in one neat place!

The false god
This idea involves either a time traveller or someone from a space-faring civilisation being stranded in a prehistoric world much like "Ancient tribe"'s one.
There, the protagonist finds a tribe and due to the circumstances of his appearance, but probably also because of his ingenuity and knowledge, he soon is firmly in charge of the tribe, maybe even worshipped as a god, who naturally would get everything he demands...

Kinks I'd particularly want to explore with this one would be:
Multiple partners: Several girls could be given to him (or demanded by him) at once
Competition: Earning his favour could go to some lengths
Worship: He seems to be a god, after all
Messy: The setting would call for outdoor activities
World-building: His word would be shaping society
Science-fiction or alternative history D/s world-building RP
The lone pilot
True to the name, the basic premise of this scenario is just that. In a future where mankind has mastered interstellar travelling, space is still vast and even with the most modern drives, ships require weeks, months and even years to cover the distances to the more far-out reaches of the known worlds. And whether cryo-sleep is possible or not, it is not an option for all applications. Mission profiles as well as simple lack of availability to such technology may enforce the need for pilots to be available for the entire length of the flight.
Despite improvements in the field of automation requiring only a single pair of eyes, however, effects of long-term isolation on pilots are not to be underestimated, so what better use for the future’s once-more relaxed stance on intra-species slavery and assign or purchase a companion to the pilot’s taste for those long weeks in the vast dark…

I see two main approaches here, mainly with regard to the general mood rather than the above general structure of this idea.

One would be set in one of the faction’s military, where the most recently developed class of experimental long-range stealth scout-ships form the pinnacle of that fleet’s forces. The secrecy of the new technology limits the number of hands to be assigned to these ships as much as the bureaucratic reins of ‘no more than necessary’, and so the pilots assigned to these crafts are captain, pilot and intelligence officer all in one. Yet, still, they are only human, and as such, have their needs…
With this branch, I can see a lot more play with bureaucratic manoeuvring, rules and regulations to wrangle with, and a generally more action-oriented plot as far as the story part is concerned.

The second approach would be more relaxed, focussing on a private small-ship captain who was running some sort of one-man-enterprise with his craft, whether that be transportation, free-lance trader, message carrier or anything else we can come up with. His getting a companion would be more of a private investment rather than dictated by The Navy Manual, to simply ease the long flight times he has so far taken to with video games and a washcloth.
Story-wise, I’d figure this scenario to be generally more mundane, but there still could be some sort of over-arching plan and plot.

Character-wise, I’m looking for a female submissive to play the companion, kinks as per my usual, though with the sci-fi setting in mind, standard space faring-related ideas such as zero-G-sex should not freak you out right away and openness to futuristic toys of all kinds as well as eagerness to explore how many ways there are to do it on a starship would be highly helpful.
For my character, I can go male or female, and as usual would require at least a fleeting acceptance of some attraction, if not romance between the main characters regardless of the accompanying level of strictness and kink.

For setting inspiration, you may think mainly the level of technology and grittyness of the Alien franchise, Battlestar Galactica albeit without (or with only very limited) hyper-drive capacity or the Wing Commander universe, and I might consider to place the play in a generic Star Wars setting, though that’d depend on the actual approach. As standard, the actual setting will be original, and if you approach me as for any fandom, I’d ask you drop all high expectations of me knowing anything about them but for the most basic concepts over-board.
Sci-fi sandbox space trader or military fiction D/s RP
The House Pet
This one focuses on my character acquiring a live-in slave-maid in a world where slavery was a normal, every-day thing to see all around. I would like exploring their relationship, as she would be both a pet and sex toy as well as a companion and lover who was responsible for cooking, cleaning and the likes as well as finding out how different aspects of society and life would look like in such a world.
(Please inquire if interested in this one and wanting to further develop it)

(Alternative) Modern D/s romance RP
Training a slave
This scenario would take place way before the usual starting point of RPs such as “The House Pet”. In it, I would like to explore the training course of a female slave (YC) as she is taught what is deemed the necessary skills for her position prior to being sold. I would assume that until the start of the RP, she has been taught already any non-sexual skills that would be assumed necessary for her, and now that she has reached maturity, she is to be given the finishing touches in sex and submission.

I’m imagining a mixture of prison, facility and gym for the story to take place at. I would play her assigned (head) trainer/supervisor/handler and any specialists assisting in her training. We could both play other trainees as we go and see necessary.
Tone-wise, I am looking for a consensual play insofar as she simply never knew any other life than that of a slave and, in tune with societal perception, views it as simply normal.
Likewise, while I am looking for discipline and submission training, I do not want to play any scene of mindless cruelty or pointless punishment.
The story can develop to some extent to a (secret) romantic attraction to her trainer, which might be put to the test when she will finish her training and be shipped to be sold.
Alternative modern/Science fiction D/s RP
The vampire sidekick
In this one, I would play a  (male or female) vampire looking for a female love slave. He/she would live in a world where vampires and potentially other creatures of the night have lived amongst humanity undiscovered for hundreds of years, having their own quarrels, issues and everything. Most humans don't know about them thanks to great efforts to keep a low profile. A few, however, learn the truth as some of races and factions employ humans as servants, minions and assistants, while others secretly battle the forces of the night to preserve humanity.
Story and sex would be balanced and fused with each other, casual play and informality a great plus. Specifically, I'm imagining that my character's faction employs humans as 'companions', sidekicks basically, who simultaneously serve as pets and submissive slaves, subject to their master's every whim, while also assisting them in battle and potentially as "true" partners, sharing an emotional bond of love with their masters.
With this one, I look specifically for a partner interested in playing a human girl actively striving for becoming her True Love's trusted companion, learning to proudly display her master/mistress's status by her own subservience, overcoming her own humiliation and competing favourably against other pets or servants that might have odds in their favour in becoming the vampire lord's favourite to start with.
Modern Fantasy D/s Epic Adventure RP
The girl next window
This is an idea I’ve had recently.
The plot would follow our main characters who would be a guy and a girl in their late teens or early twenties living in a modern urban setting. They could be student(s) and/or working already and anyway would live in opposite buildings. They might see each other occasionally but would not ever have become acquainted with one another, at best have exchanged nods on the street, if even.
One day, though, looking out of their window, one of them (I’d prefer the girl, but also open for the guy with some minor tweaks) would realise that the two of them actually live exactly across the street and can spy into each other’s apartment window via theirs.

Now, as you might have already suspected, I would want for this one idea to focus on voyeurism and exhibitionism kinks to some extent.

The exact course of action and who watches whom doing what is up for discussion, but maybe let me give you some basic outlines:

Firstly, despite being labelled as voyeurism, I still want it to be consensual between the both of them, so they would even in the first “encounter” establish that they both are willing to do that. Despite those kinks, though, I'd also prefer to limit them to the two of them, i.e. either for some reason they're the only ones able to see each other's window for some reason, or downright ignore the possibility of someone else watching in, prefering the former.
Secondly, I am imagining this idea to be more than others focussed on the ‘naughty part’ of the play. That is not to say that there is to be more smut than story, but the story would basically be exploring their hours off. They would somehow start to give each other a show, starting off more innocent, but gradually become more daring and intimate with each other, masturbate for the other to see, show themselves and so on. References to and including their day-to-day activities would be perfectly alright, though, of course.
Thirdly, I would imagine this idea to be mostly about the above-said kinks and for them to remain the focus, so the ‘centre’ of the protagonists’ relationship would remain their communication across the gap between their windows.
I would like for them to develop some sort of unique ‘friends with benefits’ relationship where they never communicate verbally. Yes, that’s right. While I imagine that they might meet again after that thing starts, they would both refrain from discussing it, getting to know each other ‘conventionally’ or anything.
What I am not opposed to is the possibility to add to it a way of non-personal communication such as leaving notes in each others letter boxes, a BDSM or D/s (also can add some fetish such as certain clothes, lingerie, etc.) component and at a point somewhere into the story add personal encounters that still, however would remain impersonal (i.e. FwB + too shy/unwilling to talk it out).

Now, if you think that sounds weird, I agree, it’s just a fantasy, and surely not the most plausible one, but it has been running rampant in my mind for a while now, so I’d love to try it out some day with someone who finds it appealing as well.
Modern setting voyeur/exhibitionism RP, friends with benefits relationship, light, quirky tone
Riding shotgun
This idea takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Regardless of the details of the apocalypse, it has left the earth a barren, desert place inhabited by only a small fraction of its once thriving human population. Those last survivors are scavengers, fighting mostly for themselves or in small groups for the leftovers of civilisation as they roam the wastelands.

Alec is one of them, having taken all of his possessions to the trunk of a 4x4 and staying on the move, making him both a more difficult target and enabling him to roam the countryside in search of provisions and spare parts while a roof-mounted machine gun crewed by his mate served to offer them protection from the dangers of these new days (those could be focussed on zombies, wildlife, mutants and/or scavengers, depending on the nature of the apocalypse).

However, his friend got lost in an accident not too long ago and so Alec is looking for a loyal, able hand to keep him company…

Looking for a light-hearted, fun gung-ho adventure with lots of action and naughty fun with this one. Mainly interested in casual/informal play, D/s play without the traditional ‘institutionalised’ master-slave roles, messy and dirty play as well as raw attraction and affection as the world apart them tumbles into chaos.
Post-apocalyptic D/s RP with light, fun tone
The Generation Ship
This sci-fi plot takes place onboard a "generation ship", a starship designed as an artificial habitate. There are both a crew - either robotic/cybernetically enhanced or just humans passing on their ocupation from generation to generation -, who live in the technical, maintenance and control facilities of the ship and keep everything running, and the "population", a tribal (some might say primitive) society of humans living on the bio decks, ignorant to the true nature of their world.
Yet, when something goes wrong, the last surviving member of the crew and a tribesperson together are the ship's last hope...

Either partner could take each role in this one, and the exact nature of the emergency could be discussed during setup.
Sci-fi romantic action adventure
Couple learning kink
This play, for once, I imagine to be set in a modern, nowadays setting, at least as a default.

As the title suggests, in it I would like to explore the antics of a young couple as they begin to take an interest in BDSM.
For the starting situation, I imagine them to have been in a relationship with each other for some time prior to our beginning. They could or could not have had sex already (of which the former probably would be more realistic, but I don’t mind either way). Anyway, for some reason, probably seeing something on the internet, having overheard some discussion or anything we can think of else, the girl develops a sudden curiosity in the idea of a little power play. Please NO FSoG references!
The boy, in contrast, I imagine to be generally aware of the concept, though lacking any actual experience as of now.

Prior to the start of the play, they would have had a happy, albeit very vanilla sort of college sweethearts relationship that they both consider to be ‘the one’ so they could trust each other with bringing up something like that.

What I’m hoping for in this play would be, while not a focus on smut as such, the story to be driven by their experiencing this new thing, thinking and talking about it and integrating it into their lives. Other plot elements are by no means excluded, but this should be the driving factor.
Romance is a must, and one main aspect I’d like to explore is how they get to console power play and their affection for each other to eventually strengthening one through the other. As per my O/Os, I go mainly for the psychological side of BDSM, as well as bondage, so sharing that preference would be a bonus.

If the modern setting does not interest you, I could see the same scenario also take place in a historical/fantasy setting, perhaps between two members of nobility promised to each other, or to a young peasant couple. Just let me know.
Modern kinky romance
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Ideas Part IV
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The Forge
A place to capture ideas, inspirations and the likes that I want to store but are not yet ripe for the above. Feel free to inquire about any of them to facilitate their development, or help me do so.

Evil Mastermind Organisation
M x f; light - comical
Cat burglary gone awry
M/F x f; smut-heavy; semi-consensual/light blackmail sexual enslavement
Victorian Steam-punk engineer/adventurer
Steam-punk Master Inventor-Engineer Elias Davenport’s adventures with his slave/pet-assistant/companion for the Consilium Obscura (Yes, I know that is not the correct Latin form, but looks and sounds way cooler)

Options (but probably craving):
    <br /

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My stories
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  • A Dwarven Slave with CopperLily: In a world where the elven race has submitted to their Dwarven cousins to escape the near-total conquest of the world by the dark races, a handful of elven girls find themselves owned by a hero.
  • Rise and Fall with CopperLily: When a princess falls in love with a Fae from the Seelie Court and follows her lover to the Otherworld, little does she know of the trials she has to face to be with her beloved.
  • The Scribe with CopperLily: A member of the Scribe Caste and a slave Runner girl fall in love in the Eternal City
  • The Secret Glade with Perfect Imperfection: A chance encounter between a tomboy princess and a young Fae in the forests becomes proof that language is not the only way to communicate.
  • Blood Red Moon with SapphireStar: A strange series of murder cases has a young detective in over her head, and soon only a mysterious stranger seems to be her only chance to escape with a drop of blood left from a hidden world's war.
  • To the Stars! with CopperLily: When Commonwealth Navy officer Lindsey Livingstone gets offered the command of the newes High-tech scout ship, it comes with a special form of R&R - her own, personal pet girl. This is their adventures...
  • Star Trek: Is This Love? with jacobjon: Resistance has proven futile as the Borg smashed through Starfleet's defence, tumbling the Federation into a last, desperate attempt to survival by scattering amongst the stars, where an engineer-turned-captain and his Vulcan Number One are forced to rely on each other at the end of the world...
  • Here could be your play...

# On Hold, future pending:


Solo Stories
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Re: Alec Lifestar's fantasy, BDSM and romance ideas
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*new scenario: Elopement from the Winter Court