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Started by Raveled, February 20, 2015, 06:14:00 PM

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I have a question of where to place a future game. It will not feature sexual scenes (well, the beginning at least, but it will fade to black in order to keep the story moving) but there will be mature content. I fully expect to have scenes of illicit drug use and physical abuse, possibly even some of the old ultra-violence. I don't think that VAN is an appropriate area to keep that sort of thing, but I don't know if it qualifies for EX. Are there non-sexual guidelines for where to place a story?
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The board system is kind of geared to divide things by the type of sexual activities, although a story with lots of blood, guts, and gore would probably be best in [EX], regardless of sexual activity/character types/consensuality.  [Trivia - Dawn of the Dead was originally given an 'X' rating by the MPAA in 1979, but Romero worked around that by releasing it 'Unrated'.]

We also have a 'Members Only Non-Adult' board, which would keep out minor viewers, if that sounds like it might fit your needs.
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If you use the 'Members Only Non-Adult' board you can label the header as a warning to readers, 'RP Name' [Violence].

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