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Started by Avalon29, February 10, 2015, 01:36:32 AM

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    Hello everyone thanks for taking a moment to glance at my rp thread.

    A couple of things about me

    1. I'm a big fan of romance and prefer there to eventually be some form of affection and relationship between the two characters even if it starts with non-con or dub-con.

    2. Gender of the writer behind the screen doesn't matter and as far as pairings go they can be just about anything MxF, MxM, FxF, or whatever other pairing not mentioned. Only exception is  that I normally won't play F in MxF. If I get a really good plot I might be convinced but in most cases I won't. I'm always up for playing a male against a futa, or trap and am quite willing to play as a futa or trap as well, although I'll only play the futa against another futa or a female.

    3. I generally play as either the sub/bottom or as a switch or an equal. I find I have difficulty playing a dominant but I might be convinced into play a softer dominant.

    4. I enjoy plot and pure smut but I like having a good mix of both in my stories even more.

    5. Settings for the plots can be anything from fantasy to urban fantasy to sci-fi as long as it makes sense.

    6. I haven’t got a lot of experience with crunchier system games yet so I might need help if doing one of those.

    7. Please if you're interested PM me instead of posting here so I can try to keep the thread clean. Thank you.

    A list of my currently owned systems. I'm also willing to learn new systems that aren't listed if they're free or if I have easy access to them somewhere. Those with a star are ones that I'm currently craving but I wouldn't say no to any.

  • OVA
  • Anima: Beyond Fantasy
  • BESM 3rd ed
  • Don't Rest Your Head
  • Maid
  • Pokemon Tabletop United
  • Fate   
  • Legend of the Elements
  • 7th sea 1st edition
  • 7th sea 2nd edition
  • Shadowrun 5e
  • Exalted 3rd edition
  • Heroines of the First Age

My favorites, cravings, and big offs can be found here in My ons and offs
A more exhaustive list can be found here https://elliquiy.com/forums/onsoffs.php?u=42168

For those looking for Free form games or want to try their hand at adapting one of the free form plots for a system game here's a link to my other search thread. Free form RP search thread

Craving: I've gotten a proof copy of the core rules Heroines of the First Age a monster girl/boy rpg powered by Apocalypse and it's given me a serious craving to do something with it. Ideas that could possibly work with it would be  Desperate Summoning, Innocent Assassin used in a fantasy setting, and the new ministry of spirit affairs but anything using the system would be loved. My latest plot idea Monster Letter Service is made with the system in mind.

Miscellaneous Plot ideas
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An agent from space/parallel dimension/future has come to Earth after recent assignment gone wrong. He/she has been pursuing their nemesis for years but the target always managed to escape at the last moment. It’s become almost an obsession and caused him/her to be assigned to Earth to protect it and investigate a recent stream of criminal activity.  There’s even rumors that just maybe the agent’s nemesis is involved as well. I’m looking for the agent to go through doing things like stopping bank robberies to solving kidnappings, and all kinds of things with frequent meetings with some kind nemesis, sometimes helping, sometimes working against but always managing to get away at the last moment.

A warrior cursed to live forever as well as having a few other side effects, has found a lead on the one who cursed the warrior. The warrior in a time long past followed orders unquestioningly until one day he made a mistake. Sent to hunt down a powerful but innocent magic user the warrior attacked without thinking and was cursed to live forever and changed in other ways. Over the years the warrior has tried to make up for his/her mistakes, working to protect the innocents and following his own code. He’s finally managed to find a clue to the location of the magic user who originally cast the curse. In this case I’m thinking of the rp taking place in either a modern era or in the future with things such as magic being common place with various adventures taking place as the warrior searches for a cure for the curse.

A new power has awoken inside a man/woman, one that has been jealously kept secret by an organization seeking to take over the world. They wish to recruit and if that’s not possible to destroy him. Now on the run the one with this craved power, he/she must try to survive escaping both from those after the power as well as stopping spirits that seem attracted to it as well and appear causing chaos and damage whenever they show up. For this I’m seeing a plot involving the character running away from an organization with advanced technology seeking to capture him/her as well as having to battle spirits and monsters, eventually leading an investigation of the organization and an attempt to stop their plan.

A group from a parallel dimension with strange powers has launched a plan to capture the earth. The earth’s only hope for survival, a person with a newly developed magical powers mirroring those invading is the planet’s only hope. Defending the city they live in, the newly awakened magical boy/girl has to fit both defending the city and their ordinary life at the same time.

Desperate Summoning
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It is another world, and a place. Gods, and Goddesses walk, and live among mortals. Taking on every shape, and size. Here in this world a great landmass that is called the Wilderlands. An untamable expanse of wilderness where all kinds of danger lurk. Yet, with the danger comes great rewards. For the Gods, and Goddesses. The reward was prestige. Their Chosen Champions would take to the "Field" and grow stronger, conquering huge swaths of land in their name, and collecting the treasure in the name of their Patron God/Goddess.

The Gods, and Goddesses chose their Champions by summoning them. Generally the Champions are from the The Stronger the God/Goddess, the Stronger the Champion. The Actions of the Champion are "Televised" through the rest of the Continent, thus adding more prestige to the God/Goddess.

One particular deity has had a run of very bad luck and is on a losing streak. Desperate the deity tries to summon forth a new summon and make a comeback before being forced to return to the Divine.

The God's Revival
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In a time long ago a god came to earth and fell in love with a mortal, an emperor. However things did not last jealous advisers learned of the god's nature. They revealed the god's nature and tried to convince the emperor that the god was an evil spirit who was using the emperor to manipulate the country. They hired a villainous exorcist to forcefully reveal the god's form and send the god from the palace. Pursued by the armies of the god's ex lover and eventually the god's mortal form was slain and the god's spirit bound to a stone.

Now years later the binding has weakened enough for the god to reconstruct a new mortal body but the awakening has not gone unnoticed. For those sensitive to such things the god's awakening was felt far and wide. Many would come seeking the god's power, trying to make it their own.

With this plot I'd like to see the god trying to live in peace and adjust to a changed world. While trying to fend off pursuers and the clan/family of the exorcist who original forced the god out.  The other character can be just about anything from an innocent bystander, to a guardian or priest of the shrine where the stone was kept, to one of the ones seeking to take the god's power for themselves  or maybe the story has been twisted so that the god is still twisted and some kind of spiritual person/exorcist comes to try to seal the god away again only to find that  the god isn't what's expected.

The new Ministry of Spirit Affairs
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The world is changing and   technology is on the rise. Spirits and traditions are no longer respected and are viewed as antiques that get in the way of progress. The spirits are viewed as either terrifying monsters or are treated as barely tolerable nuisances who should learn their place or leave. Amid these tensions a group of  Full or half Spirits/kemonomimi paired up with military officers to form a new organization to police and mediate incidents involving spirits  and combat violent spirits as well as work to improve relationships between spirits and humans.

Divine Song
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Many spirits roam the world, many living peacefully but incidents between them still occur frequently, many are just accidents but not all humans and spirits harbor peaceful intentions. That’s where the divine musicians and there partners intervene. The divine musician’s partner, a spirit who’s decided to contract to a divine musician in exchange for their Comandia, the divine musician’s special’s song that’s an expression of their very soul, which allows the contracted spirit to access their full power within the mortal plane. After getting a license that that allow them to play their songs in public these divine musicians can for the work the government, private agencies who assist when problems between average citizens and spirits when they occur as well as odd jobs where using spirits can help. Some even freelance hiring themselves out to whoever is willing to pay.

Just where this story goes and who are characters are is up for debate. They can be a pair working for an agency, the government, freelance, or whatever. Although the setting lends itself to a pairing between a divine musician and a spirit, it’s not the only choice. They can be a pair of divine musicians working for the same group, a more experienced divine musician instructing a newer one who has yet to partner with a spirit or any other pairing that one can think of.

Guardians and Priestesses
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The world’s balance has been disturbed. The priestesses who used to keep peace and balance with the spirits of the world have dwindled. Old agreements between the people and the spirits of nature have been forgotten. No longer will they be ignored. The number of troubling incidents involving spirits begin to rise. Tales of hunters and woodsman vanishing in the woods without a trace, of ships and their crews disappearing leaving nothing but wrecks or an empty ghost ship, and other rumors become more common. One of the few remaining priestesses and her guardian embark on a journey in an attempt to pacify the spirits and hopefully to bring balance back to the world once more.

picture inspiration
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Innocent Assassin
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This idea is heavily influenced by the anime Gunslinger Girl if anybody knows the series.  A special government organization developed for counter intelligence and counter terrorism. What makes the organization special however are the agents and their handlers. The handlers pick out girls and boys to become unassuming agents. These potential agents are survivors of traumatic and near death experiences who are fitted with cybernetic implants. These new agents go through training and special “conditioning” to become a deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty to their handler upon completion. I’m looking to play out an rp starring one of these pairs working for the organization. I would prefer to write the agent in this game but I’d be willing to be the write the handler for this as well.

Run Away Weapon
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A humanoid experiment, thinking either some kind of genetically modified human increased strength, agility, potentially with animal features or special powers etc, or an android, escapes from its creators. Unaware of what life is like outside of the lab the experiment was raised in it isn’t long until the experiment causes a public disturbance. Seeing that the one who is causing the disturbance is obviously oblivious to what’s going on and unaware of causing problems one of the bystanders from the crowd intercedes. What exactly happens is up for debate the bystander deciding to take care of the experiment after realizing they have nowhere to go, perhaps a member of the government or member of an opposing group who takes them in to help fight against the group that created the experiment.

Stepping Out of Myth
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In the present day world there are many legends and stories  of heroes in the past. Now when the world needs one the most they are nowhere to be found. A shadowy organization is manufacturing special arms based upon the powers and weapons of these heroes of old, swords that can cut in multiple places simultaneously,  gloves that allow one to kill with just one strike, or a hat that can turn one invisible and many others. The group both trains people in their use and supplies them to anyone who can afford them. In order to create these weapons they find relics, kidnap the heirs of these famous lineages, unearth the grave sites of mythological creatures or even raid the tombs of heroes if they can they can find them. One day the group unearths a special tomb. Inside is one of those heroes sealed away rather than a dead body and that is where the story begins.

Other than one of the characters being the recently awakened hero, the other character is up for debate. It could be someone who stumbled into the tomb on accident and woke up the hero with the organization arriving only minutes behind to attack the pair. The other character can be a spy of some kind investigating the rumors of the group and to discover just what was happening at a mysterious dig sight. It could be someone given one of the relic weapons and doubting what they were doing or a designer of one of the weapons who is unable to stand what is being done any longer. The other character could even be the descendant of one of the other heroes or someone the hero knew in the path and develops special abilities because of it. The other character can be just about anyone a partner might want. It’s very open.

Walking into Legend
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A person from the present goes back into time on accident and runs into a legendary figure from the past, King/Queen Arthur, Francis Drake, Nobunaga, or some other famous leader or legendary figure. Mystified by the stranger’s knowledge of future events and strange way the person acts the figure takes them under their wing and onto the battlefield to make use of their knowledge. The rp would then follow the story of the pair as they go through the figure’s legend and the changes that occur thanks to the appearance of the stranger from the future.

Training Kaiju
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In the past giant powerful monsters known as kaiju roamed the earth and battles were fought between them and large robots. The battles were enormous and caused massive damage but for some unknown reason however both sides began to vanish. It wasn’t long after this phenomena that another strange even began to occur. People began to inherit the souls of these kaiju or the robots, gaining their abilities. Many accidents occurred with these people unable to control their abilities or using them for personal gain. Those who inherit these abilities soon became a part of everyday lives. Fights were betted on and shown in tv. Some rescue people or become idols. As they became more intertwined with daily life an academy was created to help train people in their abilities and prepare them for the world. Unfortunately not everything goes smoothly. Some use their abilities for personal gains, sometimes fights breakout between kaiju soul inheritors and robot soul inheritors. There are even rumors of kaiju beginning to return and sometimes students just happen to get involved with these things.

Monster Letter Service
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The world is a dangerous place. Between the giant beasts, bandits, and worse that roam the roads between cities, towns, and villages just traveling runs the risk of death. Individual travel without a guide or a caravan is difficult but still people seek to communicate, to meet new people, and reconnect with families to escape their isolated bubbles. That is why the Monster Letter Service called the Iris Messengers was created. The brave monster girls and boys brave the dangers of the road to deliver letters and packages to those who need it. It isn’t a safe job however as besides the typical creatures, bandits and letter thieves, something worse roams the land. The paperlings, sentient origami beings that despise the written word and will do anything to wipe it out. Still the Iris Messengers do their duty facing these dangers to keep the world connect and defend against isolation. It’s recruiting time again and they have just gotten their latest member…

As was described above this idea is about a group  of monster girls/boys called the Iris Messengers who are letter carriers in a world where long range communication is difficult and travel takes both time and is risky. That’s where the letter carriers come in, helping keep the people connected despite the dangers they face on the road and the threat from the paperlings who wish to see the written word eradicated. They are always recruiting and they’ve just gotten a new recruit eager to join their company.

This is mainly meant to work with Heroines of the First Age but other systems can work just as well if you have another one you prefer.

As a side note the idea was originally inspired by Tegami Bachi Letter Bee

Potential themes for games with no current plots
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Magical girl


Wandering warrior

Space bounty hunter


Demon hunter

Note: This thread is currently a work in progress  will add more sections for different systems as I get ideas for them.

I am of course open to other ideas as well and would love to hear someone else’s idea for a game.[/list]



I would love to give this a go since I adore OVA and your plot ideas.


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