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Author Topic: Avalon's Jumble of Plots and Pictures LF M/M F/F M/F, Futa/any or Trap/any  (Read 9799 times)

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Offline Avalon29Topic starter

Hello everyone thanks for taking a moment to glance at my rp thread.

A couple of things about me

1. I'm a big fan of romance and prefer there to eventually be some form of affection and relationship between the two characters even if it starts with non-con or dub-con.

2. Gender of the writer behind the screen doesn't matter and as far as pairings go they can be just about anything MxF, MxM, FxF, or whatever other pairing not mentioned. Only exception is  that I normally won't play F in MxF. If I get a really good plot I might be convinced but in most cases I won't. I'm always up for playing a male against a futa, or trap and am quite willing to play as a futa or trap as well, although I'll only play the futa against another futa or a female.

3. I generally play as either the sub/bottom or as a switch or an equal. I find I have difficulty playing a dominant but I might be convinced into play a softer dominant.

4. I enjoy plot and pure smut but I like having a good mix of both in my stories even more.

5. Settings for the plots can be anything from fantasy to urban fantasy to sci-fi but I'm not one for realistic modern day plots.

6. I'm up to RP in a Forum Thread, PM, Email, and Skype

My favorites, cravings, and big offs can be found here in My ons and offs
A more exhaustive list can be found here

I also play system games in addition to freeform if anyone wants to GM a game or use a system with one of my ideas. Below is a list of my owned systems, I'm also willing to learn and play with a system not listed if it's free or I can easily access the system somewhere.

Owned Systems
  • OVA
  • Anima
  • BESM 3rd ed
  • Don't Rest Your Head
  • Maid
  • Legend of the Elements
  • 7th sea 1st edition
  • 7th sea 2nd edition
  • Shadowrun 5e
  • Exalted 3rd edition
  • Pokemon Tabletop United

Now on to the good stuff. I'm happy to play either role in these ideas but please keep 3 in mind.

Craving: The plots The Queen's Hounds and Clauxora’s Academy for Intertwined Souls, Chained Wolf, A Life Changing Trip, Innocent Assassin, Divine Song, A twist on a hero's tale, Released from the Book, and The monster/demon lord isn't so bad after all, Digital Life Form, and Literature Prisoner Also have a craving for a pokemon or digimon transformation story, or something with pokemon or digimon gijinkas or anthros. I would really love somebody to brainstorm and build a world for the incomplete idea Motorbike Slayers, suggestions for a better title would be much appreciated as well if you have one. Would also love to figure out something Fate related.

Ideas focused on magic and magic items with possible transformations and other erotic magic
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Mage's familiar

Walking through a park, downtown, or other isolated place at night, a bystander finds himself/herself wandering into the middle of some kind of magical phenomenon, magical beast, spell gone wrong, duel between mages etc. Either attempting to help, investigate, or just getting caught in the middle while trying to run away, Ava is afflicted with a fatal injury. The only way to heal the bystander is a spell to binding the innocent to the mage as  a familiar, healing their body and granting access to magic at the cost of the bystander having to obey when compelled by the mage's magic. Their body is also changed become slim and more feminine. As more time passes the bystander grows in the new magic he's been given, the cost however is their body changes taking on physical aspects of whatever animal one's spirit dictates.

Climbing to the top

A pair of apprentices have managed to be accepted by one of the most learned and powerful mages in the world. Anyone who completes their apprenticeship with the mage are virtually guaranteed to get a high ranking position within the world. The pair of apprentices learn however that when they do finish only one such position available and only the best of them will get the job which will be determined by the master's recommendation and who impresses him the most. This leads the two into a friendly completion between the two for the top spot, perhaps with the occasional real world mission given by their master to give them experience and make them work together. Maybe the two develop feelings for one another and fall in love or maybe there's some kind catch for the one who doesn't get the job like becoming the winner's familiar. Lots of room for different kinds of things. I'd like to see this be at least somewhat light hearted and the rivalry to be friendly rather than cut throat with things such as bets between the two, pulling magical pranks on each other or interfering with each others experiments or studies leading to lots of magical mishaps and potential transformations.

A strange reversal

A lonely human living in their house alone along with their pet recently returns with an old artifact. Putting it on display and then then goes to bed with their pet as normal. During the night however something happens. The artifact begins to glow and the pet begins to change becoming more human like (could be furry, just ears and tail or completely human). Having taken such good care of the pet and spending so much time with them, the pet decides to return the favor. The former pet is determined to take care of their human now that they can and refuses to take no for an answer.

Reverse Binding

A mage shortly out of his/her apprenticeship decides that he/she needs a familiar to help out around the house and with his magic. Purchasing an animal of his/her liking that the mage thinks will make a good familiar the mage immediately begins to work on the spell. Everything is perfect, the mage double and triple checked to make sure everything goes right. The spell seems to go perfectly, the animal begins to take on a more human like appearance (could be furry, just ears and tail, or completely human) and the magic  activates without a hitch. There’s only one problem, the mage is standing in the wrong magic circle and instead of the animal being bound to the mage, the mage is bound to the familiar.

For a slightly different variant instead of the mage purchasing an animal, it’s instead a more humanoid species, these people go to a school whether consensually or by force where they are trained as a familiar until a mage picks them to be a familiar and then binds them.

Marrying Up
An old noble family is on the decline and losing their position. The family wanting to recover their old power tries to recover their old position by offering their youngest to one of the rising mage families. Things however aren’t that simple especially for the youngest sibling. Taking a shortcut up the ranks comes with a price. There is a contract between the two and it is no ordinary contract however. Part of the marriage contract is that from now on the youngest is also the other’s pet and is required to obey, essentially belonging to the mage.

As a small side note I’d love to see something like transformation or the magic being used in erotic ways.

Stories with a focus Gods, Monster girls and boys, and Mythological creatures
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Wrong Temple

Archaeologist or adventurer uncovers an old temple and takes something they shouldn't for study and angers or catches the god/goddess’s interest and has to serve them for defiling the temple. Could involve any god, goddess, or mythological being from any mythos from Egyptian to Greek to Japanese or be completely made up. Potentially involves transformation, erotic magic, and adventures such as finding objects or completing tasks, fighting against evil god or creatures etc.

In the same vein as the above  a citizen for a village or city is offered to a temple to pacify a god/goddess or offered to a mythological being/ monster to keep them safe.

An Order Gone Awry

A service called Exotic Pets & Companions (EPC) is a sexual service specializing in companions of an exotic sort, monsters, mythological beings, anthros, and others such as nekos. They are more similar to courtesans than common prostitutes. Serving for  either short or long term contracts while providing their companionship and other services outside the bedroom depending on the request. A hopeful client sends in a request for one to come and be a pet. An accident in his ordering however causes the EPC to send someone who intends to make their client a pet instead for the duration of the contract.

Exotic Pets & Companions (EPC)
 A sexual service specializing in companions of an exotic sort, monsters, mythological beings, anthros, and others such as nekos. They are more similar to courtesans than common prostitutes. Serving for  either short or long term contracts while providing their companionship and other services outside the bedroom depending on the request.
A variant of the above  where everything goes right. A client orders from the EPC and everything goes right.

Taken to be a monster's____?
(He is used in description  for convenience sake, human can be any gender)

For days he's felt like something has been watching him from the shadows even in his own home. Today is different however. The being who's been watching him decides to act.

In this plot a monster boy/girl or anyone with access to magic  has been secretly watching the human for sometime. At first just as a curiosity and then the mystical creature decided it wanted the human. Exactly what the human is wanted for and why is up for debate. It could be for a  mate, pet, slave, champion, servant, anything goes really. The main thing is that the kidnapper takes the human for their desires.

Even Blessings Can Come for the Right Price

A kingdom has been besieged by monsters for years and one day they attack a home on the outside of town. An elder sibling stands begs the gods for help as they then  try to defend their home and family from a monster. The gods surprisingly listen and grant the sibling great power to defend the home.  The human is successful and is allowed to keep the power. With this new ability the human is made into town's protector, which comes with many rewards. These new powers come with a cost however.  A messenger  of the god who granted the power descends. The messenger is who allows the human to access their abilities.  Every time the power is used however a service must be done for the god or messenger otherwise the power will be stripped from the human and payment will be forcefully taken.

Looking for someone to play the god and messenger in this one

Released from the Book

 A lone rich owner of an estate is looking through a book filled with pictures of monsters and fantasy creatures in a variety of forms with monster girls and boys being included in the lineup. Finding some strange words in the back of the back, the curious reader, says them alone. From within its confines one of the books pictures springs to life. The story could go in a variety of ways after this depending on how we want it to go. From turning into an adventure with the discovery of magic to a slice of life with the pair learning to live together and the recently emerged magical creature having to learn to adjust to the modern world.

The monster/demon lord isn't so bad after all

The  monster/demon lord is sending its armies to destroy human kind. Only a chosen hero can defeat the  monster/demon lord's army, slay the fearsome ruler and save man kind from its greatest threat or at least that's what they say.

One of the potential heroes leaves his village and picks up a companion along the way. They travel to the monster/demon lord's castle but things  aren't quite as the hero expected. The monsters/demons show signs that they aren't creatures of pure evil in pursuit of the eradication of human kind and so far there has been no attack on villages that hasn't been caused without some kind of reason as the hero's companion is often quick to point out. Human armies are always rather quick to claim monsters'/demons' as their own. By the time the hero reaches the castle of the monster/demon lord he is no longer sure of his cause. When he arrives in the throne room it's surprisingly empty of its occupant. That's when it's revealed  that his companion is monster/demon lord and he/she tells his/her side of the story explaining that as they see it was humans who started the war between them and convincing the hero to help.

So this idea can be taken in a couple of ways, it can start from the hero's journey and the joining of the monster/demon lord or it can be started after the revealing that the companion is really monster/demon lord. The villain can be anything from a corrupt human king or a third party who has been manipulating both sides behind the scenes. Lots of different ways to do this idea which we can figure out over pm.

From Hero to pet
Monster girls/boys roam the world who feed on the cum and sexual energy of humans. Heroes and warriors defend villages from these monsters with their great martial and magical prowess helping to keep them safe from hungry monsters. It's a job that pays well and successful heroes often earn great wealth from defeating these monsters but their is a risk those who fail or who are defeated often become the new food source of the monster they were fighting This is the tale of one of the less successful heroes.

As you can tell from the description I'm looking to do an rp about a defeated hero. I had a couple of ideas for this the main one being that the hero has taken on a bit more than he can chew and has been defeated by a monster and taken to the monster's home to become his/her new food source. What the hero doesn't expect is that the monster who has defeated him has more plans for him then just a few rounds of sex. The monster has taken a liking to the hero and wants to turn him into a loving pet and mate and the monster won't take no for an answer.

Desperate Summoning

There is a place where Gods, and Goddesses walk, and live among mortals. Taking on every shape, and size. Here in this world a great landmass that is called the Wilderlands. An untamable expanse of wilderness where all kinds of danger lurk. Yet, with the danger comes great rewards. For the Gods, and Goddesses. The reward was prestige and faith. With more followers and prestige these Gods and goddesses grow more powerful. Their Chosen Champions would take to the "Field" and grow stronger. Conquering monster lairs and ruins, slaying powerful beasts to gain strength and spreading the name of their patrons.

The Gods, and Goddesses chose their Champions by forming a contract, granting a portion of their divinity to increase their champions abilities with these champions abilities growing stronger along with their patrons. The actions of the champion and their patron are broadcast through the rest of the continent once they depart to challenge an area  or particularly powerful beast helping to spread more prestige and fair for their patron God or Goddess. In turn meetings are  held on a regular between the gods and goddess where battles are fought between champions to determine the size of the patron's lands and influence as well as another chance to increase reputation with the people. Their is a downside to this however, any God or goddess who loses all of their land or all of their followers are forced to return to the divine as they no longer have the strength to materialize in the mortal plane.

One particular deity has had a run of very bad luck and is on a losing streak. Desperate the deity tries to summon forth a new summon and make a comeback before being forced to return to the Divine.

The God's Revival

In a time long ago a god came to earth and fell in love with a mortal, an emperor. However things did not last jealous advisors learned of the god's nature. They revealed the god's nature and tried to convince the emperor that the god was an evil spirit who was using the emperor to manipulate the country. They hired a villainous exorcist to forcefully reveal the god's form and send the god from the palace. Pursued by the armies of the god's ex lover and eventually the god's mortal form was slain and the god's spirit bound to a stone.

Now years later the binding has weakened enough for the god to reconstruct a new mortal body but the awakening has not gone unnoticed. For those sensitive to such things the god's awakening was felt far and wide. Many would come seeking the god's power, trying to make it their own.

With this plot I'd like to see the god trying to live in peace and adjust to a changed world. While trying to fend off pursuers and the clan/family of the exorcist who original forced the god out.  The other character can be just about anything from an innocent bystander, to a guardian or priest of the shrine where the stone was kept, to one of the ones seeking to take the god's power for themselves  or maybe the story has been twisted so that the god is still twisted and some kind of spiritual person/exorcist comes to try to seal the god away again only to find that  the god isn't what's expected.

I'd be happy to play either character.

The new Ministry of Spirit Affairs
The world is changing and   technology is on the rise. Spirits and traditions are no longer respected and are viewed as antiques that get in the way of progress. The spirits are viewed as either terrifying monsters or are treated as barely tolerable nuisances who should learn their place or leave. Amid these tensions a group of  Full or half Spirits/kemonomimi paired up with military officers to form a new organization to police and mediate incidents involving spirits  and combat violent spirits as well as work to improve relationships between spirits and humans.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a world where cyber and biological implants, collectively known as mods, have become popular among the public. With this great technological achievement however comes with it special mods used for other more appealing purposes. These are called fetish mods, although they are often shortened to just fet-mods. They come in a variety of forms from angel wings to fox ears, and even some that can modify one’s genitals by adding a knot to a cock or even growing one. They come in all shapes and sizes and are by and large legal. However some have a shadier secondary function, holding special behavior modifies, that can make someone more submissive or lusty or in the most extreme of cases into virtual dolls.  As changes to behavior by mods is hard to detect it has led to several shady businesses being grown, one of which is known as the pet business. The pet business thrives on hiring people who are desperate or have little prospects with no close ties to cause trouble later. These people are then modded and sold to owners.

A new worker has just been hired by one of these pet companies and has no idea what he has just signed up for. Before he knows it he’s been modded and put up for sale to a client. For some reason however the behavior mods don’t take completely and instead of changing his behavior to a perfectly obedient pet it instead just influences his decisions, leaving him as an intelligent thinking person just with a few changes and the inability to hurt his new owner.

I’m mainly looking to play as the new pet here but I could be convinced to play the owner depending on how the relationship between the two ends up working.

Modding gone wrong
In the same world as above, a young man goes to one of these pet stores to purchase a companion, unaware that the people inside have had their behavior affected by mods and instead that they do their new job willingly. He purchases one of them and returns home unaware that he’s gotten someone who was there unwillingly. A malfunction in the behavior mod has caused unexpected side effects. Instead of making the pet more docile and pliant it has instead made the pet more dominant with an increased libido. The new owner soon finds himself on the other side of the table becoming the pet’s pet and companion.

The heir of a high-tech conglomerate has lived sheltered and isolated for a long time undergoing formal training to one day take over the group. Having had enough of the intense pressure to be the perfect heir and the confined, lonely, lifestyle the heir escapes with help from one of the family’s servants with a good amount of cash as well to try to find his/her own path. Raised isolated as a prized heir had given him/her some skills but the isolation has left the heir with little street smarts and it’s not long until the heir is left with the clothes on his/her back and not much else. Deciding it was best to try to find a new start the heir sneaks aboard a starship as a stowaway to try to find better luck on a different planet.  Things do not go as planned however. The stowaway is discovered by a member of the crew and the heir’s fate is in this crewman’s hand.
In this plot I’m looking to play the heir and looking for someone to play the crewman who can be anything from a human, some kind of alien, an android of some kind, or whatever else and hold whatever position from doctor to gunner to even the captain. Where exactly it goes after the discovery is up for discussion. The crewman can help the stowaway remain hidden from the others and keep watch or bring him before the captain and crew to discuss what’s done with him, such as making him work or selling him off as a slave. It’s all up to what we decide. Even the exact nature of the ship is up for debate, a transport ship, smuggler’s ship, trader, slaver, pirate, mercenary, even a science vessel, military vessel or something else altogether it depends on where we want to go. From there I see them traveling from world to world having adventures and running from agents of the pursuing parent intent on taking the heir back home but  I am of course open to taking it in other directions

Saved From Across the Divide

Humans have become extinct after discovering how to genetically splice animal DNA and merge them together becoming stronger, faster, and more agile than before.  There is a new social and a caste system has been developed. Those at the top of the heap are the Anthros and at the bottom are the animal people who have less genetic modifications, still mostly human just with minor editions such as tails and ears.  The extensive modifications have come at a cost for the Anthros characters during  a couple of nights a month they go insane slaying any of the animal people although there are rare cases who manage to remain sane even when the others do not. Nothing is done when one of the animal people are slain and the anthros can get away with almost anything when the animal people are involved.

If anthros aren't your thing the setting could be changed to animal people and humans with the animal people at the top of the heap. There could also be smaller changes like the ones at the top can take the ones at the bottom as slaves if they wish or further divisions within the caste system. The setting can easily tailored into something both sides enjoy.

 In this plot I'm seeing one of the rare ones who resist going insane saves one of the animal people and from there it develops into a mate/courtship kind of plot. I'm seeing potential stigma about the pair or maybe depending on just how the animal person is saved their is a risk of punishment for the rescuer etc.

A.I corrupted

A lone treasure hunter heads to a site of so far untouched  ruins.  The job of a treasure hunter is a lonely one however and not to mention dangerous so the treasure hunter constructed an android companion to have someone to talk to as well as assist with security and heavy loading at the beginning of his/her career. Slowly upgrading the android's A.I and body as the extra money came in.

The explorations at the ruins are going well, a few simple traps but nothing the experienced pair can't handle. It's only when they begin to load and inspect the cargo that things begin to go wrong. The android is infected by a virus and their programming begins to change. Their views of their responsibilities as a companion and guardian begin to change, they develop feelings, and begin to gain a sense of feeling and taste as well as other changes, the exact extent of which to be discussed.

After this I see the pair continuing their jobs, meeting clients, raiding potential treasure sites and ruins, dealing with traps. competing treasure hunters, pirates etc. while trying to deal with the  new changes. If a partner is interested transformation can also become a part of the rp with traps that transform their victims rather then killing them or some treasures transforming those who come in contact them etc.

Digital life form

It’s the latest game, a full virtual world with the latest virtual reality technology allowing one to see, hear, feel, taste, and even smell. Already hundreds of thousands to millions of people have purchased and begun to play. Then there’s that one character, maybe he or she’s another player who always seems to be on no matter what time it is or an npc character that seems to be a little too realistic and seems to have something new to say every time he or she’s talked to and seems to remember what’s said, not to mention seems to genuinely  feel things. Maybe there’s just a little more to this character than meets the eye?

So, the idea is rather simple. The latest virtual reality game has come out, whether it be an mmo or single player game. Inside there is a mysterious player or npc that reacts quite a bit differently than others. The character is in fact an A.I from the game that has somehow managed to gain consciousness. There’s lots of ways that this can be taken story based, smut based, a mixture of both I just like the concept of having this growing A.I that’s learning to be more human interacting and whose world is in fact the game, feeling, seeing, living in that videogame world.

General and Miscellaneous plots
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A knight is awakened after a long magical slumber put upon him. After the mage is long gone he is awakened by another knight and needs acclimate to the world he’s awakened to with help from the other. Maybe leading up to a quest to fight one of the heirs of the mage who had imprisoned him long ago in attempt to prevent some tragedy.

A mischievous fighter on the run fleeing a neighboring kingdom or a powerful family after taking something he wasn’t supposed to seeks shelter in a knight’s manor/castle/home. The item turns out to a key object in some kingdom/opposing family’s plan to invade the kingdom or kill the ruling family. Eventually leading up to the two foiling the plan.

Flexible Survival
Flexible Survival
Side note happy to play as a switch for this and be dominant during victory scenes
Note 2: this plot  due to its nature is an exception to rule 1. Although I wouldn't mind there being a companion where there might be some affection and romance .

If someone is willing to play a dm or gm like role. I'd like to do an rp similar to or taking placing in the world of Flexible Survival. A game in similar vein to Corruption of Champions, a city has been ravaged by an outbreak of nano machines that mutate people and some things into various creatures of all genders male,futa, and female many with unquenchable libidos ranging from mythological creatures, to anthros, to elves, and nekos. Infections generally turn the affected into the opposite gender of the one that infected them.

I was thinking that the story would focus on someone who managed to escape the initial wave of the infection and is now trying to survive in a city. The survivor would scavenge for supplies, interact with other survivors who who have been infected but kept their sanity, run into soldiers who have been sent to try to assist survivors and deal with the infections, scientists and companies who are trying to study the infection, even deal with things that involve magic artifacts as well as things like angles and demons. How the survivor deals with the more violent infected will need to be discussed. Some kind of basic system can be created or it can be completely freeform.

I'd like to do this as a male uninfected survivor trying to survive who is somewhat resistant to the nano machines. Resistant as in won't go crazy  and will remain male no matter the infection  although may become feminine and turn into a trap or easily mistaken as a girl. Either that or that if he turns into a girl or futa he only has sexual encounters with females or futa.

Warning Links may be NSFW click at your own risk.

Link to site with game

Link to wiki, scroll down to single player version.

Example of creatures warning pictures NSFW

Armed Drive
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the Pacific Ocean lies a hidden island chain. Spread out among this group of five islands is what looks like normal schools, one for each island. In reality these schools run by an international agency are built to contain people infected with a special virus known as the Armed Virus. These people are divided into two classes the Externes who become powerful weapons called arms when sexually aroused and Liberators people enhanced physical skills that are able to unleash the Externes’ powers if the two are compatible.

In order to direct potential frustrations fights and other challenges are often held between pairs with some students even conducting gambling on the winners. The winners and losers of these fights are also given special coins that are used on the islands that can be used to buy food and luxuries. The better pairs do in these fights the higher their rankings and the more freedom they’re allowed as well as given better accommodations and get to live more privileged lives from day to day. There is a rivalry between the agency members that run the different schools as well. The better there own school does the more money they and the school gets. Competitions between schools are frequent with the winners getting even more rewards than usual.

The new arrivals are often dropped on an isolated part of the island, many confused and unsure of where they are after forcefully being taken there without knowing anything. They are soon tested and integrated into the system as soon as possible so that they can find their matching partner or tuned so that they match one of the others who still have not been able to awaken and activate their drive ability.

I don’t have too much of a plot for this yet. It depends on where we want to go. Our characters can be just about anything.  They can be new arrivals, infected who still haven’t managed to pair up with anyone, an underdog pair at the bottom of the rankings trying to make a come back or at the top of the ranking trying to hold on to their status and stand against a tide of powerful champions, even members of a movement to free themselves from the system. It all depends on what we work out.

Chained Wolf
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beneath the ruins of an ancient tower lies a room in what was the work shop of an ancient mage.  There bound and chained lies a powerful wolf hybrid, imprisoned there to guard the powerful mage’s treasures and knowledge against creatures who might try to turn the tower into a monster nest as well as against looters  who might try to steal his work and ancient artifacts. It didn’t take long for rumors  to spread of the treasures beneath the tower and for the powerful magic’s there to attract monsters as well creating a danger for the nearby villages who fear both the monsters and the ominous howling they can hear in the middle of the night.

For this RP I would play the wolf hybrid chained beneath the tower.  I was thinking that opposite of the player would be an adventurer of some sort who either came to recover the treasure or hired by the villagers to investigate and remove the danger or a mage, perhaps an ex-apprentice, who is seeking the knowledge and magical artifacts of the deceased mage. After clearing out the tower and reaching the lowest level they discover that rather than a monster or a beast guarding the area it’s the wolf hybrid and he isn’t at all what was expected.  From here I can see it going a couple of ways the adventurer or a mage fights and defeats the hybrid then takes the hybrid as part of the loot, perhaps the wolf was under a spell of enragement to force it to fight or just decides to take it as a pet or companion. The other main possibility is that the powerful creature isn’t some bloodthirsty mindless monster but a prisoner and frees the hybrid and with nowhere else to go the hybrid follows after the one who freed him.

I was planning to use this picture as the wolf hybrid.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Caged and Caught
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I’m looking for someone to restart this rp Caged and Caught with someone.  The premise is that in a future dystopian society comprised of anthros, humans, and potentially other races if there are more you wish to include, the rule of law is that those who do not contribute to society, the homeless, beggars, etc. can be made into slaves and sold. These slaves have chips implanted in them that can track them and create feelings of pain in the slave giving their owners an easy way to punish and avoid scarring the slave although more traditional punishments are still often used. My character would be someone whose luck has recently run out and has been captured. Unlike the original I'd be fine with my character just having ears and tail instead of being a full anthro if that would be better. Your character is someone who has their eye on my character and decides to purchase him or acquire him through other means.  This isn’t supposed pure smut. While the idea does leave things open for plenty of it I still want there to be character development and some plot.

You're mostly free to make your own character in whatever way you with however there are a few things that need to be present. One the character has some kind of secret second life that they don't want anyone not even my own character to know. Whether that be them being an assassin or hit man, ex mob leader, underground fighter etc. The second thing is that they need to be dominant, believe my character is really theirs etc. but kind or at least feel some form of responsibility for my character.  Jen the opposing character in my first attempt is a prime example of what I'm searching for. The gender of the opposing character doesn't matter although I have a slight preference for a character who unexpectedly has a cock like a  trap or futanari/hermaphrodite.

Divine Song
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Many spirits roam the world, many living peacefully but incidents between them still occur frequently, many are just accidents but not all humans and spirits harbor peaceful intentions. That’s where the divine musicians and there partners intervene. The divine musician’s partner, a spirit who’s decided to contract to a divine musician in exchange for their Comandia, the divine musician’s special’s song that’s an expression of their very soul, which allows the contracted spirit to access their full power within the mortal plane. After getting a license that that allow them to play their songs in public these divine musicians can for the work the government, private agencies who assist when problems between average citizens and spirits when they occur as well as odd jobs where using spirits can help. Some even freelance hiring themselves out to whoever is willing to pay.

Just where this story goes and who are characters are is up for debate. They can be a pair working for an agency, the government, freelance, or whatever. Although the setting lends itself to a pairing between a divine musician and a spirit, it’s not the only choice. They can be a pair of divine musicians working for the same group, a more experienced divine musician instructing a newer one who has yet to partner with a spirit or any other pairing that one can think of.

Guardians and Priestesses
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The world’s balance has been disturbed. The priestesses who used to keep peace and balance with the spirits of the world have dwindled. Old agreements between the people and the spirits of nature have been forgotten. No longer will they be ignored. The number of troubling incidents involving spirits begin to rise. Tales of hunters and woodsman vanishing in the woods without a trace, of ships and their crews disappearing leaving nothing but wrecks or an empty ghost ship, and other rumors become more common. One of the few remaining priestesses and her guardian embark on a journey in an attempt to pacify the spirits and hopefully to bring balance back to the world once more.

picture inspiration
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Innocent Assassin
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This idea is heavily influenced by the anime Gunslinger Girl if anybody knows the series.  A special government organization developed for counter intelligence and counter terrorism. What makes the organization special however are the agents and their handlers. The handlers pick out girls and boys to become unassuming agents. These potential agents are survivors of traumatic and near death experiences who are fitted with cybernetic implants. These new agents go through training and special “conditioning” to become a deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty to their handler upon completion. I’m looking to play out an rp starring one of these pairs working for the organization. I would prefer to write the agent in this game but I’d be willing to be the write the handler for this as well.

A Life Changing Trip
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An old friend and now famed scientist calls up a recent graduate down on their luck and invites them down to an island for a special event the friend is hosting. With nothing holding the graduate back and trusting their friend completely the invitation is accepted. After reuniting with their old friend and catching up the friend is asked to help with the opening of the event that evening. Trusting their friend the graduate accepts the role, eager to try to repay their friend and is given special clothing to put. The event however is no normal event but the revealing of the scientist’s newest invention. The audience is filled with various pairings, one wearing the clothing and the other an obviously wealthy person. The special gear meant to slowly transform someone into the being of their choice, merpeople, centaurs, furries etc. The island resort made for the event has special rooms for the pairings and specially made to suit the new forms of the transformed and they have all been given plenty of time to allow for the transformed to get used to their new forms and to allow them to come to get used to their new relationships with their partners.

In this rp I’m looking to play the transformed recent graduate. I was thinking either a new undergraduate or a recent graduate from high school, the previous relationship between the two characters is up in the air, and the only requirement is that they’ve known each other for a while. I’m thinking the scientist looked out for the recent graduate during their younger days being the character’s anchor and keeping the other student from getting hurt and burning out from doing too much. Maybe deciding to invite the friend to the island resort to be their guest and transforming their friend so they can continue to look out for and care for their friend even if it takes special measures to do it. However it’s just a suggestion and I would love to brainstorm the idea.

The idea is based off on rp a few years ago. Here’s the link for those interested in the original rp.

A twist on a hero’s tale.
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Everybody knows the story the hero rides off to face the dragon guarding the princess and then rescues the princess. Things in this story however are a bit different. The dragon isn’t some vile beast but the princess’s bodyguard. The princess isn’t exactly a dainty flower either preferring to take charge both in and out of the bedroom. As for the hero well, he isn’t exactly the peak of masculinity. It is a special day in the kingdom, the day when the princess picks her hero. She doesn’t pick out a traditional one however but a rather feminine male that catches her fancies, one who she can train both in the art of being a hero and how to be a good little pet for her and her dragon inside the bedroom as well.

The idea is based off of this picture.

School of tech
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A new technology has been rediscovered, buried in ancient ruins around the world. Inside these ruins lie special weapons, ranging from various advanced melee weapons to gun like devices, put together in small mecha bodysuits that were far more advanced than anything that’s currently possessed and seemingly impossible to reverse engineer or recreate. One could almost say they were magic. These devices seem to be different however and not everybody can use them. The devices seem to have some sort of sentience, almost like they have a soul choosing those who are allowed to use them. The reason why people are choosen is still a mystery but they come in limited quantities and are now considered one of the most valuable resources in the world and are treated well. Those discovered to have the ability to use these pieces of old technology are sent to various academies where they train in the use of whatever weapon they bond with.

So as the description implies I’m looking for a game following a pair of characters and their life at the academy. They can anything from a pair of fresh students, an older student and a younger one, rivals, etc. Where exactly we take it is up in the air but i was thinking either a slice of life kind of thing or some kind of emergency occurring where the characters are dragged to the front lines of some kind of problem, war, alien invasion, etc.

Clauxora’s Academy for Intertwined Souls
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It all started with a single invitation. “You have been invited to Clauxora’s  Academy for Intertwined Souls. You have been selected as a person with the unique ability to join your soul with that of a spirit or magical creature. A representative will arrive in a few days to take your answer.” There was no record of such a school and given the content it had to be some kind of prank but it was no prank and the representative arrived just as scheduled ready to take in a new student for Clauxora’s  Academy for Intertwined Souls.

Clauxora’s  Academy for Intertwined Souls is a place for humans who have the ability to join their souls to  another but they can’t do it to just anyone. The only ones who they can bind their souls to are spirits and magical creatures. When a human and a creature bind their souls together they both benefit. The human gains powers and abilities based on the being he has now bound his soul while the creature can become stronger and gain new abilities as the human’s soul works like an amplifier making their magic more potent htan before. This cannot be done lightly however as the two’s lives are forever joined forming an intimate connection between the two joining their fates so if one dies so does the other and a bond on the emotional level is formed.

For this one I’m looking to go through the lives and adventures of a connected pair at the academy. I am happy to play either side. There can be everything from classes to trails, matches and competition between pairs as well as tasks to be handled outside of the school or missions they go on to help their bonds etc. The magical being can be just about any species magical species you can think of, demon, dragon, angel, spirit, slime, lamia, kitsune, etc. All that matters is that it’s not human. The human can go willing ore reluctantly because of some kind of dangerous condition that occurs when someone with the soul joining ability doesn’t use it or for any reason in between. At the same time humans with this ability are rare and arrive at the school unbonded. This allows for competitions between beings to occur as they try to get the human to bond with them or perhaps there is only one destined being they can share their souls with. The exact details are certainly up for discussion.

The Queen’s Hounds
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Stretching back since the founding of Vacren (or any real life country if we want it to take in the modern world instead) the rulers of the country have held a noble family in high regard and have worked as their agent to solve problems that cannot be handled by anyone else. This noble family has a certain secret. Years ago when the family was first formed they made a bargain with a spirit/magical beast. The heir and head of the family in every generation would be bound to the magical being or its descendants. They were bound to one another sharing their lives with both gaining advantages from one another. Together he head of the family and their partner have protected the country for generations. The previous head of the family has passed on and now his heir must take up the mantle as well as the duties of head of the family. This is the story of the newest pairing, the Queen’s hounds.

In this story I’m looking to play this pair of family head and magical guardian, playing out their relationship and their missions as they take up the role of the Queen’s Hounds. I’d be happy to take up either of the roles. The missions themselves can be anything from investigations that need to be kept off the radar or are becoming an embarrassment or just a pressing matter. They can be tasks of dealing with threats of and negations with beings of more magical and supernatural nature. As for the Guardian it can be just about any species magical species you can think of, demon, dragon, angel, spirit, slime, lamia, kitsune, etc.

Incomplete idea: Motorbike Slayers
Incomplete idea: Motorbike Slayers
Inspirational picture: [img height=500]

This idea is a bit different then the others, mainly because it's incomplete. would love somebody to world build and brainstorm an idea based on the above picture. Below is the main bare bones version of the idea. If anybody is interested please PM me.

 Barebones idea: sci-fi setting where the world is being invaded by big and fast creatures. These beings are too fast for attacking on foot or in slower vehicles and too nimble for traditional cars so they get specially trained people to fight against them on the most mobile vehicles they have, enhanced and upgraded motorcycles.

Retreat Across the Sea
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This plot takes place in the Muv-Luv Alternative universe during the early 80s. Muv-Luv Alternative, for those unfamiliar with the series, is a mecha series taking place in an alternate timeline where Earth encounters aliens in 1959 and is invaded by the hostile aliens known as the BETA in 1973 and things do not go well with Earth. By 1981 large parts of central Europe, the Middle East, and western Asia has either been lost to the BETA or is at the front lines. Despite the invasion however nations continue with backroom politics to jockey for positions of power after the invasion. Between this political infighting and the invasion of BETA troops are facing an uphill battle to even survive with many recruits dying within 8 minutes of their first battles. In short things are bleak.

The plot I was thinking of will take place between 1981 and 1984. With the invasion of the Nordic begun by the beta the European powers have been forced to begin a large-scale evacuation of their citizens to Africa, North and South America, and South-east Asia in Operation Dunkirk with assistance from the UN, America, the European powers, and the Soviets. In this case I see our characters being TSF (mecha), pilots in a flight stationed in one of the bases stationed to assist with the evacuation. In addition to combat against the BETA I see scenes such as having to deal with locals who don’t want to leave their home and refuse to evacuate or running into political issues as well such as say a shortfall of supplies due to one side with one nation holding their supplies back to get better terms or trying to cause an incident to get as stronger presence or take charge of the base.

List of fandoms that I would be willing to role play. These are not all but should give a good for what I enjoy and if you want something that's not in the list feel free to ask. Note, I generally prefer to play as an original character rather than another author's character although I don't mind if they show up as NPC's, make guest appearances or you wish to play the character yourself. There are a few exceptions that I'm willing to play as so go ahead and ask.

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Strike Witches
Infinite Stratos
Monster Musume
Monster girl quest/monmusu Quest
Lightening Warrior Raidy.
The anime k
Fairy Tail

Pairing ideas without plots
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Dragon x rider.
Dragon x knight
Dragon x sacrifice

Mage x demon/spirit
Mage x knight

Knight x knight
Knight x squire
Knight x prince
Knight x captive

Mercenary x mercenary
Mercenary x captive
Mercenary x client

Prince/ king x Prince/king
Prince/king x defeated prince/king
Prince/king x mage/advisor
Prince/king x servant/slave/pet

Inspirational pictures Warning many pictures NSFW


m/m and solo male

F/F and solo female
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If you have your own idea for a rp or like an idea but want to tweak it, please send me a pm I love talking about new ideas.
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Literature Prisoner

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There is a lost library, living in legend. Inside of the library is a copy of every book ever written. The good, the bad, and the forgotten all have a place there. Of course a place like that needs a librarian and once it has one it’s not keen on letting it go. Still sometimes someone finds the library and stumbles in. Sometimes they come back with a book and sometimes they even become repeat visitors They don’t say what happens inside but one thing that is sure about the place is that it’s quite the experience.

This plot as you may have gathered focuses on a person discovering a magic library that contains a copy of every book ever written. The librarian of the place who is someone who wandered in sometime ago is now unable to leave the library although does have their needs taken care of by the library. There are four variants of the plot that I can see each with a different focus and plot elements but of course I’m open to discussing other versions.

Variant 1: Other than the library containing, the librarian, providing for the librarian’s needs and containing a copy of every book, the library has no abilities. This would likely focus more on outside forces including the main/regular visitor as well as the relationship between the librarian and the new regular visitor. This can be things like other visitors, possibly an outside force trying to destroy or take over the library, and other things

Variant 2: In addition to the abilities above the librarian is also able to enter the books and bring someone along.  While unable to leave the library the librarian is provided a limited escape, possibly with a time limit dictating how long they can be in the book. This one is more likely to focus on the adventures to be shared between the characters as they journey within different books.

Variant 3: The third variant allows the librarian to pull things and people out of books with some limit. While inanimate objects are able to be pulled out easily enough, characters and living things have a limited time they can spend outside the books before being pulled back inside the book. This is more likely to deal with the emergence of troublesome things from the book into the library as well as possibly an outside force trying to take control of the library and its magic. This also opens up the possibility of the character that’s played opposite of the librarian to be a character pulled from a book that somehow managed to break the system and come out permanently or be unable to reenter the book instead of a new visitor who stumbled in.

Variant 4. The fourth variant is similar to the third in the sense that within the library things come out of books. However, the characters and unique objects or animals come out of the books every evening with the librarian having no control of what does and does not come out of books. Due to the sheer number of books the things that come out of the books rotate base d on some kind of system or rotation, based on wings of the library, specific shelves, genre, or some other limiting system. This one will likely focus on dealing with the trouble and chaos that comes when things appear out of a book every evening as well as clean up, preparation, and other such things during the day in addition to the relationship between characters.
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Added Flexible Survival plot.

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Expanded Flexible Survivor plot to explain what's wanted and make it a bit more clear.

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Added, Taken to be a Monster's ___ ?, to ideas and plots.

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Added Fandom section.

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Added a new section for pictures and images. Flexible Survival plot taken but I would be happy to take on another.

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Added a craving,  Caged and Caught plot, a new variant of  the An Order Goes Awry plot ,  and new pictures to both the Female Section and the Futa Section.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M, Futa/M)
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Added new futa and male pictures as well as changed what parings I'm looking for.

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Added two plots, A Strange Reversal and Accidental Reverse Binding.

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Added plot Even Blessings Can Come for the Right Price.

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Sleeping knight plot taken. Looking to take one more.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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I had a few games end prematurely. Searching for another game or two again.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Game I picked up slowed down so I'd like one more.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added a new plot, Released from the Book.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added a trio of new pictures.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added another batch of futa pictures

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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One of my games had gone hiatus. Looking for more again.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added The monster/demon lord isn't so bad after all and From Hero to pet to the monster girls and boys section.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added and removed some pictures.

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Re: Avalon's Jumble of Miscellaneous Plots and Pictures (M/M Futa/M)
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Added new plot Desperate Summoning.

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Added Science Fiction section with two new plots and added a new craving.

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Added new Sci-Fi plot Stowaway and  added where I'll RP.

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My craving for an anthro rp has been scratched and the plot modded has been taken. Wouldn't mind another of either however.

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Added a new plot under the Gods section called The God's revival.