Swelling Cell Battery

Started by Drake Valentine, January 04, 2015, 08:18:52 AM

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Drake Valentine

Hmmm, long story short, I got some new batteries for my cell since the last one was a bit swollen on one side and didn't hold much charge.

With the new battery, it hasn't been a day and I notice a similar swell crease occurring in about the same spot of the last one.

Is that normal?

I am leaning on a no, especially with a brand new battery just put in. I did not charge it any before inspecting it or popping it in the cellphone before using it. Also, for the phone itself, I didn't really use it for anything to drain the battery, other than keep it on as an acting 'clock' while I worked. So no internet surfing or anything of that sort that may of cause heating to the battery.

I never really paid much attention to inspect batteries much before, so dunno if this is natural. The battery type is, lithium-ion if that matters any.

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Ms Gavane

A swollen battery is always dangerous, and a sign of a defect or other failure. I had a similar situation with a cell phone that I used as an alarm clock for a few years.

If you just purchased the battery I  would return it, if that's an option. Otherwise, it is best practice to dispose of the battery.

Any visible swelling in a battery is a sign of failure.