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Author Topic: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment  (Read 9480 times)

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Offline apygoosTopic starter

Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« on: November 25, 2014, 05:10:56 PM »
Greetings friends and fellow roleplayers!
This is a group game that I have been considering doing for a while, and we [Ash, Zergmuncher, Warden ice, and myself] finally have thought up a comfortable premise that you can play your favorite anime characters, while living and sharing that characters with others in a manner of grand crossover.

The story to begin with:
Across the multiverse, there are select people, beings and creatures alike from each plane. These select people form a congress  that overlooks the multiverse, tasking twelve among them to preside as the Council of Balance.
The present council is as follows: [and are not available for play]
Council of Balance:
King Kai – Dragon Ball series
The Soul King – Bleach
Lord Death – Soul Eater
Rayquaza – Pokemon
Truth – Full Metal Alchemist
Queen Serenity – Sailor Moon
Avatar Wan – Avatar Series
King Atem – Yugioh
Primus – Transformers
Guild leader Makarov – Fairy Tail
Akira – Akira [film]
The Narrator – Space Dandy

Recently there was coordinated attacks, in attempt to take the lives of several of these members. While this may seem normal to many of them, the fact that the attacks happened at the same time, and from begins not of their respective universes has raised cause for alarm, gathering the council together, and debating how to investigate and handle this problem.

From across the streams of time and space, Champions are selected. Why me is not a question that will be entertained, simply know that you are among the chosen, and you are not alone.

Before I give the character sheet so people may consider, here is the upfront advisory. Every character is at least in the same ball park as other characters. How you scale up ultimately depends on the individual character, so in other words, don't go and take a champion and claim you're the strongest or what have you. The foes you will be facing will require some manner of team work anyway.

your characters will be living on what we are calling Neo-Earth, but you'll get more details on that once the game is actually going, just know you will be living together, and will have proper accommodations. Your characters also cannot return to their home dimension for some time, a way "home" will eventually be established ICly.

Character Sheet-
Code: [Select]
Player: your E name goes here

Name:Character Name


Home Universe: Characters home universe/series they are from

Powers/Abilities: detail your powers and abilities here

Skills and Equipment: if your character uses any special equipment or  has notable skills [i.e. tracking, sharp shooting, etc] list them here

Personality: A  rundown of their personality

History: Their characters story until the point you have them chosen by the council

Additional images and notes:
If you have any questions, feel free to poke here, or get me on YIM or Skype [my skype is the same name as you see here on E]
*note* your character can come from any anime, not just ones listed on the council. - ooc
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Offline Angie

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 05:26:39 PM »
So you mean I'll actually get to be a gorram magical girl for once? squees

Dibs on Sailor Mercury!

Offline apygoosTopic starter

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2014, 06:32:19 PM »
that is correct!

Offline Majabya

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2014, 06:39:22 PM »
Count me in! Now to sort through my anime knowledge for a worthy character.

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2014, 07:32:25 PM »
Im in too. I need to think of another character to play though.

Offline EdwardShane

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2014, 07:41:41 PM »
Mmmmm.....tentative interest.  I need a little time to think on it, but maybe.

Offline zergmuncher

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #6 on: November 25, 2014, 08:55:52 PM »
Pay attention bozos because i'm only going to say this once! The reputation of team Dai-Gurren echoes far and wide! When they talk about it's badass leader, they're talking about me! Kamina!

I'm more than interested. Count me in.

Offline Angie

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #7 on: November 25, 2014, 09:00:21 PM »
I have so much reading to do so I can play Sailor Mercury in any playable way...

Offline apygoosTopic starter

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #8 on: November 25, 2014, 09:05:18 PM »
if theres a character you're more familiar with and feel like playing by all means this should be fun, not work by needing to catch up big time on the character. Ash was looking at playing Ami as far as i knew
I am tentatively looking at Son Gohan

Offline Angie

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #9 on: November 25, 2014, 09:07:41 PM »
To be fair, I'm kinda new to all things anime, I just wanted to play someone from Sailor Moon because it's kinda my favorite.

And...I hate to say it, but Ash can have Ami. I'll play someone else. Maybe Mina!

Offline apygoosTopic starter

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #10 on: November 25, 2014, 09:25:11 PM »
well maybe you could try and talk  it out with each other, see what yall work out, Ash is invaluable vast fountain of knowledge on the Sailor Senshi.

Offline Angie

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #11 on: November 25, 2014, 09:26:02 PM »

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #12 on: November 25, 2014, 10:27:15 PM »
Player: WardenIce

Name: "Phantom" Miria


Home Universe: Claymore

Powers/Abilities: As a Claymore, Miria's abilities depend on control of Yoki flow to specific parts of the body. Most Claymores use their Yoki to gain strength, speed, and faster healing.  At a 10% release, the eyes shift to gold and become cat-like; at 30%, the face distorts also gaining sharp teeth; at 50%, the body distorts, more muscular and color changes; at 80%, the body begins to Awaken and the human mind is overpowered, succumbing to predatory instinct and loss of self-awareness.  Despite the theoretical limit being 80%, there have been cases of Claymores surpassing this percentage and successfully reverting back to their human forms; this is known as "partial-Awakening," which causes a permanent increase in power and occasional pangs of hunger.  It is also possible to temporarily Awaken parts of the body, such as the limbs, instead of the entire body without going over the limit; however, this has been shown to be dangerous and can result in a full Awakening if improperly controlled.  Higher-ranking Claymores usually show far greater control of their Yoki, often displaying unique abilities or techniques.

Claymore warriors possess physical strength, speed and reflexes far greater than that of an average human being, allowing them to wield their exceedingly heavy claymore swords as both single-handed and two-handed weapons with ease and grace.  In addition to this, Claymores possess vast regenerative capabilities and resilience, allowing them to survive injuries like evisceration and multiple stabs to the torso, both of which are fatal if sustained by a human. Any wound that does not kill them usually heals over completely within hours. Claymores are also able to break down toxins like alcohol at will to avoid drunkenness and, conversely, allow them into their system if they wish to do so. Aside from their physical prowess, perhaps the most well-known ability possessed by Claymores (and the one for which they are most prized by their clients) is their ability to detect the presence of Yoma, even those in human form. This is achieved through the sensing of Yoki, or Yoma energy.

Miria's trademark technique, the Phantom Mirage, entails split-second bursts of Yoki that enhance her speed to the point where she leaves after-images of herself, creating ghost-like illusions to confuse opponents. It can be used to quickly avoid or launch attacks.  Over time, she developed this further into a version that relies on base speed, not Yoki release. Her New Mirage, though slightly slower than the original, is capable of more subtle, controlled movements and, most importantly, has an unlimited number of uses.  She also learned to suppress her Yoki in order to remain hidden from the Organization after the Northern Campaign. She is Half-Awakened: Claymores that went past their limits yet somehow managed to pull themselves back, preventing them from truly Awakening.  The exact nature of this state is unknown, and only five known Claymore have achieved it, albeing one of that number is deceased.  It is unknown how much has changed in them, though at times they seem to have pangs of actual hunger and the power and amount of yoki is considerably greater. They also seem to be able to tap somewhat further into their Yoki stores than other Claymores as well. 

What Is Yoki:

Yoki is the energy of a Yoma. When a Claymore is created, they assimilate the yoki of the particular Yoma used to created them, which is a variable in determining on the level of strength they use. Claymores use certain amounts of yoki to increase their strength, speed or rate of regeneration and many use their yoki to be able to create special, unique and/or advanced moves.  However, the drawback to yoki is that the usage places great strain on a Claymore's mind and spirit, eventually overpowered the human will and causing them to Awaken.


Miria was the most natural leader the Organization had ever witnessed.  Adding to her strength as a leader is her intelligence. She is capable of both elaborate, careful planning and improvised solutions on a whim.  Being a Claymore, she is highly trained swordsman capable of undercover operations and information gathering as well.


Like all Claymores, Miria carries the iconic blade of their order and has her personal symbol carved into the base of the blade.  Claymore swords are large double-edged swords of unknown weight and composition with sharpened hilts. Besides being sharp and strong, the Claymore swords also possess unusually high durability, which suggests that they are not ordinary swords. They seemingly never break or dull.  It is rare to see a Claymore without her sword, which serves more mundane purposes than combat, such as chopping firewood and hunting game. Claymores often rest by sticking their swords in the ground and then sitting down to lean against the blades. When a Claymore dies, her sword is used as her gravemarker.


With her talents in planning strategies and her tolerance for others, Miria is an outstanding leader. This is contrary to the Organization's aims and Miria takes personally the deaths of those under her command, as she cares for the lives of Claymores knowing that they are victims of the Organization. She will go to great lengths in order to protect them, including disobeying the Organization's rules and orders.  She is not one to take sides in arguments within her own unit.  Miria insists that "every team member is crucial" if the entire group is to succeed and survive.  She is also yet to be seen making belittling or condescending remarks towards other Claymores, even those with very low ranks. In turn, most lower-ranking Claymores regard Miria with the utmost admiration and respect. For a Claymore possessing considerable power, Miria actually has a rather cautious demeanour. Instead of acting on a whim or making hasty conclusions, she often makes careful deductions before coming to a final decision.

History of the Claymores:

A territory war between the Organization and the Asarakam - descendats of dragons - has waged for over a hundred years. Overpowered by the Asarakam, the Organization had to find a way to combat the extremely tough opponents.  By combining slivers of flesh taken from a captured Asakaram and a Dragon, they created a parasite capable of turning humans into carnivorous monsters called Yoma.  These infected humans became Claymores.  Initially, male Claymores were sent to battle and Awakened upon encountering an Asarakam.  However once Awakened, they were unable to turn back to human form.  As weapons, they were left on the battlefield to continue fighting until they were destroyed.  In contradiction, those that were able to proceed back to their own base eventually end up destroying their own side.  With this in mind, the Organization was given the order to continue with the research on an isolated island to created Awakened Beings that is able to revert back to human form or rather able to be controlled.  The search has continued to this day.

Miria started out as Claymore Number 17 of the 127th Generation, working alongside her best friend who encouraged her far enough to develop the Phantom Mirage ability.  Having relatively joined at the same time, Miria and her friend were part of an Awakened Being Hunting Party and promised each other to work again.  Her second Hunting Party promoted her to being Number 8 of the Organization and gained her nickname of 'Phantom' Miria.  Her third Hunting Party was with Number 4 at the time, and watched her take off the large Awakened Being down almost alone but was granted the final blow. As the Awakened Being died, Miria recognized it as her best friend. She grieved, asking the friend why she did not identify herself. Number 4 made an insensitive comment which made Miria began to Awaken, but manages to force her way back and was later reported to the Organization.

Miria began to regard the Organization with dislike and suspicion slowly gaining a reputation with the Organization that made her end up punished with low-profile and less satisfying tasks or jobs.  Many months later, she was placed as the de facto commander of yet another hunting party, this time with 24 Claymores to face a larger number of Awakened Beings.  She organized the Claymores into teams of fours and fives, mixing stronger and weaker in balanced and intricate detail.  Miria understood the chance of their survival was zero and came up with a plan utilizing half of the Organization's Yoki suppression pills to feign death after they passed out unconscious.  The task force defeats the first three Awakened Beings with only one injury and her authority is attempted to be undermined. They felt her team selection was reckless in placing weaker Claymores on equal footing with more experienced warriors rather than just putting them in support roles.  The second highest ranked Claymore, however, supported Miria's decision, explaining that Miria's aim was for every single warrior to have actual combat experience against an Awakened Being, thus raising both the individual and all-around strength of the teams.

In the second battle, 27 Awakened Beings, led by one of immense strength, invade Pieta. The teams hold their own against the Awakaned Beings, with three Awakened Beings falling versus five Claymores being killed—nothing short of miraculous given the power gap. The immensely powerful Awakened Being finds this unacceptable, and personally joins the fray. It morphs into his Awakened Form and proceeds to destroy Miria's strategy. It effortlessly decapitates the task force leadership, not bothering with the low-ranking Claymores, knowing the task force will collapse without the team captains.  It prepares to kill Miria after a short confrontation. However, the combined might of other Claymores interject just as Miria was almost killed.  One by one, the last seven survivors of the battle pass out from exhaustion and Miria's plan with the pills succeed, leading the Organization to believe them all dead...

Additional Image:

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Offline zergmuncher

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #13 on: November 25, 2014, 11:20:02 PM »
Player: Zergmuncher

Name: Kamina

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Home Universe: Spiral Earth


          Expert Physical Fighter: As shown a number of times, Kamina's fighting skills are well above those of normal humans. He was able to fight Viral one on one with his Nodachi and, while injured, landed a blow on Viral. He also is shown to be a good fist fighter: one of his punches caused Simon to almost flip over in his seat.

          Quick Learner: Although not very obvious, Kamina is shown to be a quick learner. By episode 3, wherein he begins using ranged weapons, Kamina's accuracy impresses even Yoko, an extremely skilled sharpshooter. Having stolen his nodachi from the village chief in the first episode, he was able to use it rather well, pushing even Viral, an expert in combat (being a beastman and a well trained soldier). By his last episode, he had also become a very skilled gunman pilot, able to rival Viral in his piloting skills, despite having only used Gunmen for a short time.

          Mastermind: Kamina, though masked by his hot blooded personality, is a good tactician, contributing to his ability as a leader. His battles often involve a development of new fighting style, unpredictable and well planned moves. He is able to see his opponents' weak points, or the most effective way to beat them - such as hijacking Dai-Gunzan and the Gunzar on the field (which later became Dai-Gurren and Gurren respectively) rather than fighting them, and taking note of the field condition when fighting against Dai-Gunzan for the first time. Compared to the way the Brigade fights after his death, battles during his leadership involved more complex planning.

          Endurance and Reflexes: Kamina's skill in a fight relies heavily on his stamina. Kamina has been shown to be able to take blows that would kill most people and continue fighting. The greatest example of this is shown when he is stabbed twice by Thymilph, yet manages to recover for a bit and kill him first. This extreme endurance isn't enough to defy death entirely, however: he succumbs to his wounds and dies soon afterwards. Kamina is shown to have great reflexes, at one point dodging an arrow Viral shot at him.

          Fighting Spirit: His 'fighting spirit' is an extremely powerful force in the show. His charisma and bravado inspire his teammates to perform at the top of their ability, and allow him to support the under-confident Simon when his willpower flags. It is also stated that Kamina was killed by Thymilph's first assault, implying that his fighting spirit allowed him to stay alive long enough to ensure the success of the mission and essentially avenge himself.

Skills and Equipment: Kamina originally had a nodachi (his sword), that he had stolen from the Jiiha village chief. In episodes 2 and 3, Kamina used a pistol given to him by Yoko, and he also used her rifle to hunt animals. During his fight with Viral, he used his Nodachi, and a hidden arrow that he had picked up from an animal Viral shot, as well as some assistance from Simon and Yoko. Kamina's most valuable weapons were the Gurren and Gurren Lagann. Originally, Kamina couldn't pilot the Gurren as well as a Beastman, which put him at a disadvantage: Viral could easily beat him one on one until Gurren Lagann was formed. However, thanks to training with Simon, by episode 8, he had mastered the controls and was an ace pilot.

Personality: At first glance, Kamina is boisterous, hotheaded and arrogant. He demands recognition and seems hungry for greatness, illustrated in his tendency to call himself "the Mighty Kamina" and his signature catchphrase, "Just who the Hell do you think I am?!" He is an undetterable idealist, often to the point of ignorance; Yoko has described him as "a man of unlimited stupidity." Kamina is also very perverted, declaring that the urge to stare at beautiful women is the definition of a man.

Kamina is also extremely determined who never lets anything keep him down for long. Even discovering that his father was dead only solemned him for a night or two (visibly at least). He is also devoted to defending and supporting his friends and loved ones, fighting with all his strength to protect them. In turn, he is very charismatic in the heat of battle, able to inspire even the timid Simon to accomplish great feats and almost single-handedly set the foundations for Team Dai-Gurren.

Despite his often insane actions, Kamina is fairly insightful, as his bombast and seemingly blind confidence usually mask his true intelligence in planning and combat; he even personally admits that his bravado and fearlessness is mostly a device he uses to hide his own worries and to support others, and that he thinks people like Simon are the real heroes. He has stated that his drive in the war against the Beastmen was not started for personal glory or vengeance, but a desire to give future generations a world without fear. Despite his often moronic actions, he does have some level of common sense, pointing out that fleeing from Dai-Gunzan would leave them wide open to attack. All this confirms that Kamina has a much more complicated personality than his usual behavior would insinuate.

History: As his first act of notoriety, Kamina forms "Team Gurren" and convinces his "soul-brother," Simon, to help him with his plan to drill through the roof of the village and get to the world above. However, the plan fails. Kamina willingly takes the blame for disrupting the peace and is jailed by the village chief. At night, Simon breaks him out to show him an extraordinary artifact he unearthed, only to be interrupted by a large Gunmen that crashes through the village's ceiling. A young girl sharpshooter named "Yoko" descends from the surface and ends up joining Kamina and Simon as they pilot the newly unearthed Gunmen that Kamina names "Lagann." Together, they defeat the invading Gunmen and reach the surface in the process.

After the trio breaks through, they meet many enemies and friends as they continue forward. The once two-member "Team Gurren" expands to the size of an entire resistance force aiming to overthrow the Beastman Empire. Kamina leads this force and names it "Team Dai-Gurren". Kamina's largest battle involves the capture of one of the enemy’s moving fortresses belonging to one of the Four Divine Generals, Thymilph. The mission is a success, but not without cost. Heavily wounded (Thymilph not only stabbed him through the chest, almost tearing him in two, he also shoots a beam through him, causing severe blood loss), Kamina combines with Simon to form Gurren Lagann and defeats the Beastman General with his signature move: "Giga Drill Break." Kamina dies in the cockpit, leaving Simon with this: "Don't believe in the Kamina who you believe in. Don't believe in the Simon that I believe in. Believe in the Simon who believes in himself." These words are long remembered after his death, giving Simon the confidence to uphold his destiny as the "one whose drill will pierce the heavens." Just after his death he is summoned in a lobby not exactly sure where he is.

Additional images and notes:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Offline zergmuncher

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #14 on: November 25, 2014, 11:39:16 PM »
Player: Zergmuncher

Name: Gurren Lagann

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Home Universe: TTGL (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Powers/Abilities: Gurren Lagann can take on different forms depending on the size of the battle, using Kamina's fighting spirit.

Skills and Equipment:

Gurren Lagann
Gunman Integration: Due to Lagann's influence, Gurren Lagann can
spontaneously integrate parts of other Gunmen into itself. This ability gives Gurren Lagann its signature helmet (originally taken from Viral's Enki), and is later used to acquire a set of wings for the Gunman (by impaling a flying Gunman with four drills and attaching it to Gurren Lagann's back). In both cases, the stolen parts immediately reconfigured into forms complimenting the main body of the mecha, mostly by changing colors

Giga Drill Break: Gurren Lagann pins the opponent, usually a powerful enemy mecha, by throwing its sunglasses as a boomerang. As the sunglasses fly, they split into two. Once they have pinned the mecha in the air, Gurren Lagann summons its Giga Drill while screaming the attack's name. Gurren Lagann then flies towards the pinned mecha, drilling straight through it. This is then quickly followed by an explosion of the pinned mecha. The sunglasses boomerangs emerge from the explosion, reunite into a single pair, then fly back onto Gurren Lagann's lower face.
Giga Drill Maximum: Gurren Lagann surrounds itself with Giga Drills to do damage to all mechas around it.

Double Boomerang: Gurren Lagann removes its wings and sunglasses, then throws them both as boomerangs at the target.

Arc-Gurren Lagann
Space-Time Shattering Burst Spinning Punch: A massive uppercut charged with Spiral Energy. The sheer brute force of the punch can shatter the fabric of space-time, sending its victim flying straight out of the universe.

Arc Giga Drill Break: Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill Break, but sized for Arc Gurren Lagann. Used only in the second movie adaptation of the show; The Lights in the Sky are Stars. Also used durring the downgrading of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann against the Super Grand Zamboa.

Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann
Shoulder Drills: Instead of making drills out of spiral energy like other forms of Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann detaches the drills on its shoulders and attaches them over its hands. These drills can be placed on top of each other for a stronger attack.

Super Galaxy Mega Cutter: It removes its massive sunglasses from its torso and throws them as a boomerang.

Super Galaxy Giga Drill Break: Although it is the same as the original Giga Drill Breaker, this form is the most powerful. The two drills on the mecha's shoulders combine on a single hand attack the enemy. Its sheer power destroyed an Ashtanga battleship in one hit.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
"I've Got The Best Wife In The Universe" Swing: An attack named by Dayakka about his wife. Dayakka and Gabal release hooks from their respective parts of the Tengen Toppa, that tie around the opposing mecha. The Tengen Toppa then grabs the hooks' rope and swings the opposing the mecha in the air, then lets go and lets the opposing mecha fall.

Fist Barrage: An unnamed attacked performed by the surviving members of Team Dai Gurren in The Lights in the Sky are Stars. The Tengen Toppa shoots out a barrages of fists to attack the Granzeboma. It only appears in the movie.

Matter Creation: Gurren Lagann can, via command from a pilot, create and manipulate matter from Spiral energy that its user desires. This is especially helpful in combat.

Additional images and notes:
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Offline apygoosTopic starter

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #15 on: November 26, 2014, 12:03:32 AM »
these all look great, keep em coming!

Offline Angie

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #16 on: November 26, 2014, 12:28:03 AM »
I'm doing my best for Mako-and by the way, yes I did call Ami, but Ash and I discussed it and I decided to play Mako instead. I think the biggest wall I'm hitting is I like to pour heart and soul into making a unique character, and with canon characters, I really can't do that...I'll still do it, I'm not giving up (very magical girl of me), I just wanna let everyone know what's taking me.

Offline Izaya Orihara

Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
« Reply #17 on: November 26, 2014, 02:25:34 AM »
Player: Izaya Orihara

Name: Huey Laforet

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Home Universe: Baccano

Powers/Abilities: Immortality- he is capable of regenerating from any and all injuries within seconds without leaving a single scar or mark. He doesn't age or get sick and doesn't need to eat, drink, or breathe. Although they are able to use a false name for temporary introductions to mortals, their bodies reject all attempts to establish lasting false identities. In addition, they must use their real names when speaking to another immortal. Immortals can transmit information and images to another immortal by placing their right hand on the other's head and thinking about the information or image. To kill an immortal, another immortal must "devour" them by placing their right hand on the other's head and thinking "I wish to eat." In addition, the more often an immortal is injured in a certain way, the faster they will recover from that injury. Alchemy.

Skills and Equipment: Huey is one of the most intelligent characters in the series. At the meager age of fifteen, he was able to learn the falsified alchemy that his alchemy teacher (Renee) taught on a whim, while still learning the real stuff without difficulty or mixing the two up. His skills were vouched for by Renee herself. By the Prohibition Era, Huey had sucessfully created no less than six homunculi (though while Szilard's had full immortality, his only had longevity and not regeneration). Though some of Huey's more amazing accomplishments are mimicries of some of Szilard's endeavors, they are nonetheless impressive in their own right.

Huey has several organizations, sub-factions, and at least a single cult that work directly under him and he has complete authority over them all. These underlings include the all homunculi, Lamia, Tock Jefferson, and powerful humans such as Chane Laforet and Goose of the Lemures. He is very handsome (with his amazing black hair, golden eyes, flawless skin, and "well-endowed" body), an amazing speaker and manipulator, charismatic, and gets a lot of people to become devoted to him rather easily by making them hear what they want. Thus far, only Rail and Spike seemed to be disloyal to him, the latter having a different agenda completely. Sham's loyalty to his creator is also questionable as he betrayed him and sold him out as well. Regardless, Sham and Hilton's vast network gives him access to prominent pieces of information, and his intelligence network seems to include others as well, since he keeps an eye on all of his old friends and the other immortals.

Huey was also the only immortal whom Szilard was wary of, and as such, thought it best to avoid him completely rather than devour him. Silvie also noted that Huey was quite scary even before gaining immortality.

Huey is an very quick learner, excelling in whatever he pursues. He's a brilliant strategist and tactician. He possesses extremely keen observational senses, great deductive capabilities, has perfect eidetic memory, which allows him to perfectly memorize anything in limitless volumes, and has incredible analytical skills, which allow him to come up with and solve even the most complex of puzzles with ease, and come up with flexible strategies and tactics for any situation well in advance with no trouble or stress. From the young age of fifteen, he set off a chain reaction of events for the sheer reason of escaping delinquents. In more modern times, his ploys involve a more direct approach for efficiency reasons, but are still brilliant nonetheless. He also possesses endless willpower to go after his goals and never gets bored of life.

Huey also has some sort of telepathy ability to communicate with Chane from far distances, similar to Sham and Hilton's shared consciousness. He can appear inside Chane's head like a hallucination to give her gestures and advice in some instances or simply in-head verbal communication at others. It is unknown if this is limited to Chane or not as he does not use this to contact any other subordinates, preferring Sham and/or Hilton's network instead.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Generally speaking, Huey’s a rather complex sort of person, the type of person with many layers, only a select few that he shows to different people, so that no one really knows who he truly is. What most people do seem to believe in common when it comes to their experiences with him is that, despite a sort of “strangeness” to him, he’s someone that has a rather enthralling personality.  The people that Huey deals with the most are his subordinates: the members of his various armed groups and/or cult  and his interactions with them are pretty much what would define his public persona. These tend to be a mix of those he’s recruited or those who have decided to become followers, as well as those he’s created, and two actual daughters, as well as multiple homunculi.  Though his interactions with many of them aren’t seen (for he’s in jail at the start of the series), we do see how he acts towards his two daughters, Chane and Leeza, as well as a recruited subordinate, Tim/Tack Jefferson. Towards pretty much everybody, including them, he keeps a pleasant, rather polite façade, and in a lot of cases, does tell them what they want to hear when it involves his feelings towards them (namely, that they are actually important to him). Though there is the sense that he might not “love” his daughters, they are still willing to risk life and limb and he will do anything they ask.

Despite the fact that he tends to not let on that he truly does not care about people outside of their use to him, he is rather up front about his status and goals as a researcher. He makes it no secret that by observing people for a long enough amount of time, he’s pretty much figured out what they want and how they will act to get it. However, it’s also clear, even when he talks to others, that they are there to help him achieve what he wants. (It’s just that he doesn’t tell them that’s all they are, especially not his daughters, whom he thinks of as little more than guinea pigs themselves, albeit useful ones.) Though he says that his goals are to find out as much as possible about humans (whom he refers to as “raw materials,” showing just how removed from people he is and how much more he thinks of himself in relation to them), it gets rather confusing when one tries to figure things out further than that.

Basically, all he thinks about when it comes down to it are his experiments and seeing how people act in various situations, as well as how useful they are to him. Judging people’s “worth” as raw materials is something he tends to do in a rather short amount of time, though he is, of course, not infallible. Things can actually surprise him. When things happen or people act in ways that surprise him, he honestly does not let on; he just takes it in stride and continues to plan and change existing plans, taking that into consideration. Even being stabbed in the back (killing him) and having his eye gouged out did not truly faze him; his reaction to this was to smile and reflect on the fact that now, because of the fact that the people who did that to him did something that he didn’t expect at all, he could basically resume his experimenting. Then again, he’s not all that fazed by his own death; his usual way of showing his potential followers that he’s “different” is to cut open his throat to prove that he’s immortal. So he’s not exactly all that pleasant of a guy, and he’s not exactly someone that’s easy to surprise or confuse in any way. The fact that he really only looks at people as guinea pigs and experimental subjects makes this more possible; because he observes people and figures out how they act in most situations, he has at least a rather decent understanding of people, which is rather helpful to furthering his goals. However, he is not completely impervious to being shocked, especially when someone does something completely outlandish to him personally, like when Claire Stanfield hugged him; he was generally confused and stunned at the sudden act of kindness to someone he just met.

However, he honestly does seem to believe that his subordinates will remain loyal, at least in a sense, to him—mostly Chane and Leeza, and most likely would not expect them to turn on him if such a thing were to happen. When he’s around only a select few people, mainly those who know about his past (Elmer and Victor, as we’ve seen), he’s much more open; he’ll speak to them about his feelings, both on how he sees people, as well as his thoughts about the events that shaped him in the early 1700s. Elmer in particular is someone that Huey is close to, even considering him “human” instead of mere experimental material. Because Elmer has been his friend for more than 200 years, and, as such, knows his feelings, it’s safe to say that there’s actually a level of trust there that Huey honestly has with no one else. Interestingly enough, the reason that the two of them are friends is because Huey felt actual compassion for Elmer, something that he honestly…doesn’t, for anyone else. (It might not sound like much for other people, but for him, that’s actually something huge, especially when he just doesn’t let anyone else in.) In more recent events, in the Prohibition Era timeline, he befriended Isaac Dian as well, and because Isaac reminded him of Elmer, Huey has taken a shine to him as well.

Not only that, but since his mother was killed, as well as his wife (both events a few years apart), Huey has obviously held some level of guilt (made clear when he talks about it to Victor, saying that his mother was the one who was killed instead of him during the witch hunts, and that he was “unable to save” his wife) about both of their deaths, and hasn’t let that go in the 220 years since he’d become immortal, being angry at humanity and wary of others. However, after meeting Elmer he begins to open up again, and even lets himself fall in love with Monica. Unfortunately, Monica was killed by Fermet, which greatly effected Huey's personality and goals.
However, he also wonders, when speaking on this, if there is anything that can truly be a worse memory for him, and if there’s a concrete method to know this for sure. Even when thinking on his worst memories, he still has the personality of a researcher, or at least acts as though he thinks that way. After all, the whole world is fascinating and perfect for figuring out, at least to him, and in a sense, he’s not entirely an exception.

Back in his teenage years, his personality was slightly less reckless in regards to obtaining information. He was more cautious, but also more willing to take matters into his own hands (perhaps because he was just starting out back then). He had a deep love for alchemy and knowledge, wanting to learn all he could. He was not as callous, and was even willing to open up to those around him who made a significant impression, even falling in love with Monica Campanella, despite his wariness and distrust of other people in general, and fear of betrayal. Huey was also more inclined to express surprise during this time, such as when he found out about Monica's relation to Boronial Campanella. However, Monica's premature death seems to have hardened him to the core and now the only person who Huey even has a remote bond with is Elmer, who is still his best friend and their bond persists even to this day. Though he is more open with the other immortals, it is not nearly to the extent of his openness with Elmer.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Huey was raised primarily by his mother in a small mountain village (his father died rather early on), and, for the most part, had a pretty normal childhood. He and his mother were pretty happy as things were, and everything was fine for a while. That is, until the influence of the witch hunts ended up reaching that village; though Huey was capable of some alchemy, it was his mother who was taken away from their home, on his tenth birthday. And the next time he saw her, she had been rather badly injured by those interrogating her, as well as having been pronounced guilty of witchcraft. At barely ten years old, Huey had to watch as his mother was killed; she died by drowning-- the practice of tying a supposed witch to stones and letting them sink. Her body was lost to the waters of the lake in that small village. Some time later, he found his way to Dalton and Renee's alchemy school and became a student, earning the affections of many females within his class of fifteen, and started a counterfeiting operation.

When his story picked up five years later, he lived at a vacant storehouse that belonged to someone who sort of acted as his adoptive father (but was only around a few days out of the year) and counterfeited money. Huey was also a student at a private school that primarily specialized in alchemy, in the town of Lotto Valentino, Italy. He was an extremely antisocial person who basically hated everyone and the world in general, who honestly wanted to see the world destroyed. He was extremely intelligent, especially when it came to alchemy, and even counterfeited money in order to further his goals. Eventually, his life ended up changing greatly with the arrival of a new student at his school, Elmer C. Albatross, as well as his meeting with a classmate named Monica Campanella, who was basically a mostly-typical fifteen-year-old girl with a crush on Huey. At this time, the town was threatened by the fear of falling victim to a serial killer, the "Masked Artisan," whom, as it turned out, was Monica. Due to her crush, she followed Huey to his headquarters and discovered that he was actually a counterfeiter responsible for replicating money that cannot be told apart from real money.  In order to assist him, Monica became a masked serial killer named Mask Maker to target key members of a drug trade to help Huey gain more profits without him knowing. Soon after Monica confessed her feelings for Huey, Monica and Huey meets Elmer C. Albatross, a new student at their class. Monica finds her past and her identity at risk when she discovers that principal Dalton had revealed information about every student to Elmer, as well as the fact that Elmer currently lives with her brother, Esperanca. When she realizes Elmer knows too much for her Mask Maker identity to be kept safe, she personally visits her brother's manor to threaten Elmer as Mask Maker that night. Much to her surprise, Monica discovers Elmer at her window later in the night when he confronts Monica of the truth. There, he suggests to Monica to pretend she had seen the Mask Maker to make Huey pay more attention to her. The next day, when Huey agreed to walk home with her for her safety, she finds strange men at the Patisserie confronting her guardian for Monica's whereabout. Confused and surprised, Huey and Monica run away from the partisserie towards one of Huey's hideouts where he hides his counterfeit gold, where Huey reveals his role as the person responsible for the counterfeits. Monica does not yet reveal her knowledge, but when Elmer later comes barging in with a girl they had saved earlier, named Niki. Huey demands to know how Elmer knows of his hideout, and Elmer reveals that it was Monica who had told him. As Huey only officially introduced this place to Monica that night, Monica was forced to tell Huey how she knew, as well as the fact that she is the Mask Maker. Soon afterwards, with the help of Elmer and Esperanza, the angry mob that had been at the Patisserie were arrested. Monica then reveals to Huey and Niki that she is Esperanca's sister, and Huey decided to merge the Mask Maker and the counterfeit operation together, making Monica, Huey, Elmer and Niki the first members of the organization, Mask Makers.

For four years, the relationship between Monica, Huey and Elmer remained close as they lived a simple and happy life. One day, after getting rejected to going to watch a play with Huey, Monica was walking with Elmer along the harbor when she spotted a Dormentaire ship coming to shore. There is an obvious change in her the next day, as she had not looked at Huey at all, unlike how she usually stared at her love interest. Huey, in hopes of cheering Monica up, decided to go with Monica to watch the play she suggested, but Monica only told him she would go with him on another day before leaving. Worried for Monica, Huey decides to follow Monica and skip alchemy class for the rest of the day as they stay at a tall hill, gazing down at the buildings of Lotto Valentino. While happy that she could spend time alone with Huey, she was not able to gather the courage to tell Huey what was going on in her mind, but by the next day, she had resumed some of her normal behaviour. A few days later, when they go see the play, they both realise the play was actually based on Huey's past, and they are both emotionally shocked. Monica cries as they leave the theatre, appologising for taking Huey there, while Huey starts having doubts about Monica's loyalty. For the next few months, they both disappeared and did not turn up at school nor at their usual homes. A few months later, while Elmer reveals to Niki that he had known where the two of them were all along, and he finally decides to take action. He first went to one of the Mask Maker hideouts, which was were Huey was staying. He persuaded Huey to trust Monica again, and made him admit that he thinks that he would like to love Monica. After that, Elmer arrived at Duke Esperanca's manor where Monica had been staying. He tells her to go to an abandoned house later that night to confront the writer of the play and ask how he discovered the story. Monica did as she was told, but when she turned up at the house, only Huey was there. Huey then proceeds to confess his feelings for Monica, and they reconcile and embrace. Soon afterwards, the two of them officially become an item, and things went on like this for a few months, until a new play was put on the theatre. This time, the play was based on Monica's past, and it was the story of when she murdered the eldest son of the Dormentaires. There were a few changes in the story, like how the protagonist from the previous play was also there, and the ending was different. Afraid that the villagers would soon realise who the protagonists of the stories were and drag Huey into danger, Monica surrenders herself to the Dormentaires. What Monica was not aware of, was the fact that she was actually bearing Huey's child as well. 188 days passed after her arrest, where she stayed in a prison cell on the Dormentaires ship, and Huey had done quite a lot during the 6 months they were seperated. In order to save Monica, Huey and gathered over three hundred Mask Maker members and they all gathered to create chaos in the Dormentaires headquaters to save Monica. When Monica was finally freed from her prison cell, it was thanks to the playwright who had apparently joined the Mask Makers. When the playwright mentions Huey's name, Monica follows enthusiastically to the deck of the ship, only to face another Mask Maker stranger. The stranger turns out to be Lebreau, who stabbs Monica with her signature weapon, a stiletto, and kills her. She then falls overboard into the water, where Huey and Elmer spots her. As she disappears beneath the water, she smiles a genuine smile one last time towards Huey and Elmer.

In 1711, along with a group of other alchemists, Huey boarded the ship Advenna Avis, where one of the men there, Maiza Avaro, summoned a demon in order to find the secret to immortality. Considered the most frightening of the alchemists on the ship by at least one person, it was clear that he'd changed quite a bit, even from the way he'd been in 1705. Now, he seemed to act without caring about danger or any of the issues involved with summoning a demon-- to him, it was all interesting, nothing more. This went along with the obvious disconnect between himself and the other alchemists on the ship; he tended to keep to his own then, and even disagreed with them on certain things (such as sharing of the formula to the elixir of immortality; whereas Szilard Quates wished to have that knowledge become public, and the rest of the alchemists wanted to have it known only by Maiza, Huey basically just abstained from taking a definite stance on it, citing the fact that they all had plenty of time to decide as his reason. Though when Szilard actually began killing the other immortals on the ship, rather than get involved, Huey simply watched from a distance. That sort of thing, though strange for most, was just something that ended up being typical of him as time went on).

After the Advenna Avis incident, not much is known about what Huey got up to; however, it is known (or at least heavily speculated) that he had two daughters, Chane and Leeza, with his alchemy teacher from the 1700s (and fellow immortal), Renee Palmedes Branvillier. As far as we know from his somewhat questionable parenting techniques, Huey is pretty damn good at manipulating people-- children and other creations (such as homunculi) included-- into being absolutely loyal to him. It worked well, too, as he ended up in charge of multiple armed groups.

And then he got arrested for terrorism in December of 1931, from where he was kind of hiding out in Canada, thanks to the machinations of another immortal, Victor Talbot, in a select part of the FBI dealing with immortals, with himself having a personal hatred of criminals. Huey was taken to New York shortly after, and was kept in jail there to await his trial and sentencing. He was found guilty shortly after, and eventually ended up in Alcatraz.  By 2001, he is mentioned as one of the surviving immortals. It seems to be unknown what happened in between, but since he had an avid following who were keen to help him escape in the early 30s, it's likely he did so.

Additional images and notes: Huey Laforet has the resemblance of many members of his family. Chane, Charon, and Leeza all bear a striking resemblance to him. Luchino B Campanella also looks a bit like him in terms of facial features. He has long black hair that matches Chane's hair style, and is a style he has had since his youth studying Alchemy at age 15. He has oddly yellow or amber eyes, a pointed chin, and flowing locks. He is very handsome.

Due to being incarcerated in the Prohibition Era, he wore a simple, white prison uniform with a few buttons undone. In his childhood, he wore a more Italian-styled get-up (which makes sense because he was in Italy at that time), which consisted of a coloured vest, loose fitting pants, and a shirt. His shoes were dark brown and possibly made of leather. During this time, his facial features were less pointed (though only slightly so) and were more akin to Luchino B. Campanella's.
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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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well maybe you could try and talk  it out with each other, see what yall work out, Ash is invaluable vast fountain of knowledge on the Sailor Senshi.

Ash is a font of Roleplaying goodness in a sexy wrapper.

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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Ash is a font of Roleplaying goodness in a sexy wrapper.
*giggles* thanks crash!

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And Ash did help me make this, so...

Player: Angiejuusan

Name: Makoto Kino


Home Universe: Sailor Moon

Flower Hurricane: A rarely used power that can be used to bind enemies in place. However, [DELETED-there was more here about Crowd Control and its uses then I care to compile. Signed, the rational part of Angie’s brain]

Jupiter Thunderbolt: Can you ride the lightning? Cause Makoto sure as hell can. And if you can’t ride the lightning, you will be hurting when this massive thunderbolt slams into you.

Supreme Thunderbolt: See everything I just said about Jupiter Thunderbolt? That, but more of it.

Superhuman Strength: Makoto, aka Sailor Jupiter is believed to be super strong-she is definitely the strongest of the Sailor Senshi team, if nothing else.

Skills and Equipment: Well, for starters, she’s quite the cook. She possess above average strength in her mundane form. She carries a pen that enables her transformation into Sailor Jupiter.

Personality: Most people come away from dealing with Makoto saying she is courageous, headstrong, and a little bit stubborn.

History: Makoto's parents died in a plane crash when she was younger, and she's been living by herself since then. Hence the reason she's so good at cooking and such. She went to another school originally, but left when the boy she was in love with decided to date someone else. But everyone in the school she arrived at thinks she was kicked out of her old school for beating up someone. And no one wants to be friends with her cause they say she's like freakishly strong. And she has to wear her old school uniform for a long time, since the new school didn't have any big enough to fit her.

She meets Usagi when Usagi wanted some of her lunch, cause it looked so delicious. And Usagi thought that Makoto smelled so pretty. Usagi is sweet like that. Makoto actually saves Usagi from getting hurt a couple times, once by pulling her from in front of a car and once by catching a baseball that almost hits her.

So Makoto becomes friends with Usagi, and of course she becomes friends with the other Senshi at the same time. She first transforms when she is tricked by Nephrite, and she defeats him and his youma.

She's always wearing these pretty rose earrings, and she dreams of growing up and getting married, opening a flower shop and bakery. Since she loves doing both.

Additional images and notes:

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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All right...tentatively thinking of playing someone from either Bleach or Tales of Symphonia.  Namely, Kenpachi or Byakuya from the former or else Kratos or Sheena from the latter...

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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Oooo, Count me interested. Though the Anime Universe I'm most familiar with is the Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross, and Mobile suit Gundam Universe.

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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if youre going to use a gundam pwhich would go neatly beside Gurren Lagann]
Make a sheet for the pilot, and a separate sheet for the mech that goes into what it can do, etc, signature techniques and whatnot. obviously a gundam cant have a personality XD

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Re: Animeverse group RP interest check/recruitment
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I dunno man, my laptop sometimes seems like it has a mind of its own.  ;)