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Hello Everyone. This is my List of Plot Ideas. Some of them can be outlandish, but that is half the fun.

I am open to Males playing Females and Females playing males. I am also Open to MxM if the story is good enough. Though I will want to play the "Top". Most Ideas are flexable with MxF or MxM relationships.

here is a list of my Ons and Offs.

Please PM me with any that strike your fancy so that I may Keep this page somewhat organized.  :D


Original Plots


Fandom Crossovers

Even if one you like has a Name beside it. PM me, I am willing to play the same story multiple times. Cause each would be different because of the players.


I love crossing WWII and fantasy. Mainly inserting WWII personnel and machinery into a fantasy realm and seeing what happens.

The Panther's Claws (Anaeria)

Premise: A WWII German tank crew fleeing a surprise attack finds themselves in another world. Befriending a Blind Elf Girl and her Companion. they find out in this world. Humans do not exist except in fairy tales. In search of a way home, they stumble upon a truth about an ancient bloodline and their claim to the throne. All the while. The evil that was once thought vanquished starts to reemerge.

You would be playing the Role of the Blind Female elf and her companion(s). If you want to we can discuss revamping the character as you wish. Story arc can be discussed as well.

Inspirational Pictures:
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Steel Tide (OPEN)

Premise: A American Battleship is caught in a storm and collides with another ship. Once the storm clears, the crew sets about rescuing survivors. What they find is quite a shock to the system.

What I am looking for in this story is someone to play Monster girl(s) or other non-humans. I am trying to avoid the cliche Elf in this one. In this world All humans are evil and see the other races of the realm as mere resources for slavery, labor, various potions/collections, etc. Was originally thinking a Naga-Girl. Story is open for discussion and I always welcome Ideas.

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The Tiger's Stripes (OPEN)

This is another WWII/Fantasy Cross over Much like the Panther's Claws.

This story takes place on the Eastern Front. Involving an SS (The SS part is just an Idea) Tiger Tank. It's commander has been a loyal patriot of the Fatherland, Much like Rommel. A Professional Soldier he follows his orders, but he still holds a code of honor. As the War progresses, they are finding it harder and harder to See the valor in their Actions. Their Beliefs and Loyalties being strained by what they are ordered to do.

Well something happens the tank is relocated to another place. The Crew encounters a Tiger-Person. (Be it girl or boy). They are either lost or escaping slavers. For reasons of their own. The Tiger crew decides to help the Tiger-person Find his/her home or safety from the slavers. As they travel, the Crew helps out others and begin to feel that here they could make a positive difference.

Type of opposition I was thinking was the Tiger tank and her crew weren't the only things pulled into this world. The rest of their battalion has been too. The General in charge is a cruel man and sees this as an opportunity to establish his own Reich. The Commander and his crew must decide between their allegiance to the FatherLand/General or Their Code of Honor.

They may even get some of the battalion to switch sides and follow them.

Looking for a Person to play the Tiger-Person. Can be male or Female. Maybe play a Defecting Tank crew as well if you want too.

Inspirational Pictures.
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This one is my Particular favorite:

The Ever Winding Road (Amazon)

Thinking of a Cross country Motorcycle Road trip. My Character would be riding Cross Country on his Way to a rally. Your Character could be someone that is riding with him. Or perhaps someone he picks up along the way. The setting doesn't have to be a real world setting. Since I am a Harley Fan, My character will be riding a Harley-Davidson. This story can be set in a Fantasy realm with Elves, Anthro, etc.

The Cowboy and The Geisha (ClockworkSongbird)

The Setting is late 1800s. Jacob Cole is a retired Cavalry member and seeking work. Answering an Ad in newspaper. He finds himself on a ship bound for Japan. A Merchant has bought a herd of cattle and heard that the best way to raise them was the American way with cowboys. So He sets out to Hire an American Cowboy to take care of his Herd.

Jacob would Meet Your Character by accident or other circumstances. We can discuss her (or His) back story and come up with a story

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"Big Brother" (OPEN)

My character is a Foreign Exchange student. Coming to Japan for a Semester of School. Your Character will be the Only Son/Daughter of MC host family. Your Parents are extremely busy and seemingly always away on business. My character seeing how lonely you are tries to help. I.E. Helping with homework (or least trying to help with Homework), Hanging out with you. I can see this as a budding relationship.

I would also like to add some "Culture Shock" elements. Like My character forgetting to take of his shoes or not bowing properly.

War and Peace (OPEN)

There exist Three Kingdoms. The First Kingdom, Heaven. the Second Kingom, Hell. The Third Kingdom, Man. Since the dawn of creation, the forces of the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell Fought for supremacy. However, it was a foolish endeavor. For should one side win and the other lose. Existence its self would cease to be. For where there is Light, the must be Shadow. So to ensure the Balance, The Horsemen exist. War, Death, Conquest, and Famine. They preserved the Balance between the three Kingdoms for eons beyond measure. Waiting for the End of Days. The End of time.

As the Eons passed, the unthinkable happened. One of the Horsemen grew feelings for another. An Angel of the First Kingdom. A beauty beyond compare. Her gentleness and Beauty is known about in the highest echelons of Heaven as well as the Lowest pits of Hell. She had inspired Artists and Musicians upon Earth. She shared the Horseman's feeling. Who could have such the audacity to Go against the Ancients Laws. None other than War. The rider of the Red Horse, Ruin. The Angel was the only one capable of Soothing the Rider's Lust for Battle.

Their Forbidden Love was quickly discovered and the two were punished for their transgression. War fought the very Hosts of Heaven and Hell to be with his Love, but when he arrived. It was too late. She was already cast down to world of Mortal Men. War lost the will to fight. Captured he, too, was cast down to Earth to live as Human. Like the Angel, War was born to mortal parents as a Son. Growing up as all boys do. However, as he came of age, he started to have nightmares. Horrific battles against Demons and Angels. Along with these nightmares are wonderful dreams of a heavenly beautiful Woman with Pure White Wings. His heart would always go out to this dream woman.

Meanwhile as the two grew up as Normal humans, a conspiracy loomed in the first and second Kingdoms. to bring about the End of Days before it was time. The Seven Seals were scattered through the Third Kingdom for safe keeping.

On Earth, Both Demons and Angels begin to appear. After the Seals. War's Brother, Death. Pays the Former Horseman a visit. revealing his true Identity and that that he must protect the Earth and the Seven Seals. that by doing that, he will protect His lover.

I want to develop this Idea with someone more. I am looking for someone to play the part of The Angel.   

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SEMPER FI, Princess (GnerdyGirl)

The Castle has been broken by siege. the Castle Defenders barely holding out, trying desperately to give the Princess enough time to complete the ritual. The Ritual was to summon a Hero to save her and her People. Since she was a little girl, she was Raised on Stories of Knights in Shining armor coming to the Rescue of Damsels in distress. Placing all her hope in this ritual. She cast the Summoning spell. expecting a Great Knight like in the stories.

What she gets is Sgt. Michael Black, United States Marine Corps. 

I am thinking this could have a lot of opportunity for humor.

I would like someone to play the Princess, You would have complete freedom in her character/Personality. Thinking possibly an Non-Human Princess just to add to the Marine's dislocation.

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Macross RP (OPEN)

I was thinking of of a Macross pairing. A male Human (MC) and Meltrandi (Female Giantess, YC)

The Premise is my Character is a VB-6 Koenig Monster pilot that works for a Private Military Company. He generally dives into his work and lives to fly his Monster. one day he meets your Character. Perhaps during a mission or in passing at a Zentran Mall. Generally he takes no interest in other people, but there is something about your character that attracts him. Aside from being 40+ feet tall

Your Character would play the Meltrandi (sorry no Zentradi on this one). She could possibly be a Qaudlunn Rhea pilot or perhaps part of the NUNS Military. She would spend equal parts in her Macro Form as her Miclone form.

This website would be used for the tech specs on the Mecha/Ships:

Images of inspiration:

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NEW! Macross: Origins (OPEN) Very much Craving.
One thing about the Macross Universe that has always intrigued me was the Protoculture themselves. Very little is known about this enigmatic people.

Plot Idea: The Year is 2073, The SDFN-12(Still considering name) is sent to investigate strange signals. With the advancement of Fold Technology via the Vajra Crystals and L.A.I corporations. NUNS Spacy now had the means to investigate this strange intermittent Signals. Once on scene. the SDFN-12 discovers a Protoculture City-Ship. Much like Altira. However, there is a large Golden Ring holding position over the ship. By some unseen signal. The Ring is activated when the Battle fortress approaches. Sucking in the ship and its crew.

Appearing on the other side, they discover they were thrown back in time over 500,000 years. To the point jsut before the eruption of the Protoculture civil war.

I figure we can explore the reasons leading up to the Civil War and eventual creation of the Human race.

I am looking for someone to play a Female Protoculture Denizen, thinking someone very high up in Female side of the Government. I figure by the construction of the Zentradi and Humans. The Protoculture are humanoid as well. You can even be a Meltrandi Member of the crew of the Battlefortress if you wish.

Macross Academy. (OPEN)

This Plot is taking inspiration from the Movie: TOP GUN. The players are Pilots sent to the TOP GUN (Working Title) Institute for advance Dog fighting. Still working on Plot.

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NEW Macross: First Contact (Open)

In an uncharted sector of space, a inhabited planet had come under siege from an unknown threat. People have been disappearing from their villages. The people are frightened, believing the abductions are the work of Demons. As this crisis grows. The Royal Princess's sleep is disturbed by visions of strange machines. Huge Machines that sail the sea of stars. She doesn't know what to make of these dreams/visions. She is afraid it may be linked to her people's disappearances. One day as she contemplates these possible visions, A Flaming object is seen careening across the sky. It is discovered to be an Alien (Human) Vessel that has come under attack by an unknown force and crashes upon her world. The Princess's father believes these Aliens are responsible for his people's disappearances and holds them in the dungeon. Though, the princess's visions hint otherwise.

The Super Dimensional Fortress 12, has been tasked with investigating the disappearance of the NUNS Science Vessel Charlie Darwin. Tracking its beacon to a Small world. What they find is a People at a much earlier technological development then the Humans.

Still Ironing out details...

I am looking for someone to play the Alien Princess. (Anthros, Futas welcomed).

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SDF-12 Cruiser mode

SDF-12 ATTACK mode

Ah! My Goddess RP (OPEN)

I had a craving to do a "Ah! My Goddess" Story. But instead of belldandy. I am looking for someone to play Urd. Personally, I think she is hotter and would be more fun.

Plot Idea: A Foreign transfer student (Me) Gets accepted into Nekomi Tech. Like Keiichi, My Character will also be riding a motorcycle and his interests will lie around there. the Story will start his first day at School. (time frame is when Keiichi and Bell are still students)

I was thinking of a blossoming relationship where Urd is Dominate and my Character is Submissive (only to her though). I can see some fun with Hijinx from Mara and Hild as well as Skuld and Belldandy.

Images of inspiration:
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Ghost Rider: Redemption (SelenaOokami)

Thinking of Ghost Rider story. Found a picture the screamed to me of a good story.

Sonya is a little girl with a secret. One that she doesn't even know. Having been kidnapped many years ago. She has been held captive by a maniacal religious cult that has diabolical plans for her. Escaping from her captors, she runs into Ghost Rider (my version). Begging him for protection. the two try to find something that is very special to the Girl. they would also run across Your character, (Which can be an established heroine or one you made up). A budding relationship could form between your chosen Character and the Human host of the Rider, Sam Irons.

would be looking for someone to Play Heroine/love interest. As well as share the role of the Little Girl, Sonya (temp. Name)

Inspiration Picture:
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Full Metal Alchemist (TheyDon'tKnowIBurn)

I recently watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and had an Idea.

Plot Idea: Taking places several years after the events of FMA: Brotherhood. A Russian MI-24 D Hind Attack Chopper piloted by my character, Sans Gunner. (Will be explained in the story) Is on a mission. to support an attack on a terrorist prison camp where foreign dignitaries are being held. Right before he is to attack. A giant Gate appears before him and his Chopper. The Doors open as a multitude of hands pulls the Chopper in.

Appearing on the other side. My Character finds himself in far different land than where he was previously. He encounters a Young Alchemist. (Male or Female) He may have an intense interest in flying. At the Same time. An underground movement is in the works to overthrown the new government. War machines are being created the likes which hasn't been seen. My character and the Alchemist team up to try and stop the coup.

Plot points can be negotiated. I am looking for someone (M or F) to play the Alchemist. They can be a state Alchemist. If you want to play an existing character. Let me know and We can discuss it. If you don't want to play a Alchemist, but a normal Soldier/civilian. we can discuss that too. I am open to ideas.

I can see some cameo appearances by FMA Canon Characters. (Ex. Saving Mae Hugh's Widow and Daughter from a revenge plot enacted by someone Mae's sent to prison. Landing in Winry's Backyard to repair some damage to the Hind, Etc)

Images of Inspiration:
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The Last Unicorn (BibbityBoppitityPow)

I recently rediscovered this story from my childhood and thought it could make an excellent RP.

The Last Unicorn By Peter S. Beagle.

The Time period is 2016. The World is in the grips of WWIII.

In the Midst of this Chaos. A lone Unicorn seemingly appears in her Forest deep in Europe. Having Slumbered for centuries. her magic protecting the forest and it's creatures from all outside threats. She senses great chaos in the world and wonders why she can not sense any of the other Unicorns. She decides embark on a quest to see if she really is the last.

elsewhere, Two Soldiers are preparing to step onto an Osprey transport craft for a Night drop behind enemy lines. They are Sgt. Richard Lear, and Sgt. James Smendrick. As the Osprey crosses over the Lines it is taken out with a Missile. Lear and Smendrick bail out and land in the Unicorns Forest where they encounter the Unicorn. For some reason. they decide to escort the Creature and help her on her quest.

As they go. Smendrick discovers he is a magician and the descendant of Smandrick from the Story Book.

Would like to discuss this further. For anyone interested.

Sailor Moon: Genesis (OPEN)

The Idea behind this is to explore the relationships between the Moon and the other planets in the time before The Silver Millennium. When Queen Serenity was a merely a princess. There is also a 2 part Crossover story (See Fandom Crossover). Would like to explore this Plot more.

Space Battleship Musashi (One on One Still Open.) (Group Game has been established.)

The Yamato has departed on its one year mission to Iscandar. As Time passes, members within the Government and defense force fear that the quest was too much. They begin a secret project of refitting the Yamato's Sister ship, The Musashi. The Refit is constantly hounded and delayed by Gamalon attacks.

The Yamato's mission is successful, and the Earth is revived. The Musashi project is put on hold and is forgotten. Decades pass as the Legendary Yamato carved a name for itself in the annals of history. Where the Musashi was left to rot. Eventually The Lazarus Cooperation purchases an decommissioned military installation to convert to a research installation to test new technologies. While remodeling the installation. Work teams stumble upon the the Half completed Musashi. Since the purchasing contract stipulated that anything and everything left at the base was now considered Lazarus Corporation Property. The Corporation decides to finish building the Musashi. incorporating the latest advancements in technology.

Once completed, the Musashi is tasked to guard Corporate assets from space pirates and Corporate saboteurs. As well as is hired out for security purposes. The Crew are ex-military. Some with shady backgrounds. The Captain (My Character) is a disgraced officer. Thrown out for refusing to follow bad orders. As the story progresses, The crew begins to believe that some of missions they were sent on are not on the Up and Up. Their suspicions turns out to be true when the ship is tasked of eradicating a population on a planet. Instead they fight back.

The Corporation spin them as a Ship turned Pirate. So the Earth Defense force (including the Yamato) is tasked the hunt them down.

This is the concept at least. If anyone is interested in helping me polish it or have a suggestion of a plot of your own, I am all ears. XD

I am looking for someone that would play his possible love interest, and other members of the crew.   

Inspirational Pictures:
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Strike Witches: The Neuroi Gulf War (saw Pictures on and couldn't resist.)
This RP takes place in the Early Nineties. Set in The Middle East.

Plot: The Neuroi have been ousted for nearly 40 years. Forty years of vigilante peace. The Witch squadrons were removed from active duty rosters, but All Witches must register in their Country's Selective Service (Draft). Time pasted and many people thought that the Neuroi threat was gone for good. On August 12, as suddenly as they appeared in the 30's. A Massive Neuroi Hive appeared over the Middle east. Once again the World is thrown into a struggle with enigmatic Neuroi. Witches were being called out to serve their Countries once again.

My Character is an Liberion F-15C Pilot, named Jack Brighton. His Eldest Sister, Sophia Brighton, was called up in the Witch Draft and forced to Serve in the Initial Assault on the Hive. It was a disaster. A large portion of the assault force was instantly wiped out. Including Jack's Sister. The Incident has had an effect on Jack as he sees the Governments relying on the Witches too much. He pushes himself and his plane to not only keep up with the witches but to outfly them as well. He does not hate them. He Wants to prove that Normal pilots can be effective against the neuroi as well.

Your Character. I am looking from someone to play a Witch. Appearance, Country of Origin, and Striker Unit (fighter) are of yours to decide. I only ask for period weaponry and Arms. I can see them being Rivals at first. Jack wanting to prove that he is as good as any witch, but a a budding romance occurs. Where instead of Competing, they actually work together.

Inspirational Ideas:
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NEW Mobile Suit Gundam: Bloody Sands (OPEN)
I love MS Gundam: 08th MS team. I think the Gundam Ground Type is simply awesome and Been wanting to do a RP along the lines of 08th MS Team. I was thinking the Setting would be northern Africa. I am looking for someone willing to help me develop and Idea along these lines.

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Macross/Strike Witches Crossover. (Very much Craving this Idea) (OPEN)

An idea just popped into my head. I wonder how it would go if a Macross Variable Fighter were to find itself in the Strike Witches universe?

Premise: During a Neuroi Attack. a Chain reaction between a Witch's spell and a Neuroi attack causes a rift in Space time. Elsewhere, A Variable Fighter is traveling to respond to distress call in Fold Space. He is pulled through this Rift into the Strike Witches universe. whether he appears instantaneous or later in a different location can be determined. 

How would he React to this development? How would the Witch(es) take this interloper, with his advance technology. Will he help the witches in their struggle for survival? Would he fall in love with one of the Witches?

I am looking for someone to play A witch. The other witches and personnel could be shared. We do not have to use the 501st JSW if your not interested. We can create our own squadron. Even create an original character that was transferred into the 501st. You would have full reign on your Character design. So long as It is Female. the series hints to Male witches called warlocks, but they never actually show any.

My character (the Fighter Pilot) would have to do resources management for his Fighter. While they could reproduce the VF's bullets but once the Missiles are gone, they are gone. Since the VFs are powered by a Thermonuclear Reaction Reactor. Fuel is a non-issue. Also, My character would have to be on his toes against Governments trying to steal his Fighter to try and reverse engineer the fighter, and most likely detonate the Thermonuclear Reactor.

The Fighters up for the part. VF-1S Valkyrie (The Classic), VF-3000 Crusader, VF-19S Excalibur (possible Favorite at this point), YF-21 Sturmvogel (sp?). (Don't like the way this looks in Battroid :p), and just to make things interesting. The VB-6 Koenig Monster Destroid/Bomber. The VF-25S Messiah is a possible, but believe it may be too powerful. the Fighters will have access to their Supplemental kits (Strike Package)

Inspirational Image:

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Ghost Rider Cross Overs

I have had a craving for a Witchblade/Ghost Rider Cross over. (My own version of Ghost Rider at least ) (LoisLaneKent)

Since the Beginning. The Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell constantly fought an endless war. The Battleground, The Third Kingdom of Man. After countless eons of conflict. The Lord of Heaven and Hell had come to an agreement. A tentative peace. With the Third Kingdom as Neutral Territory. A Human was chosen to possess artifacts of Both Heaven and Hell. An enforcer of the Truce. On the Promised day of the Truce. Both Kingdoms have come to pass their Gift unto the human. The Gift of Hell was given unto him first, but before the Gift of Heaven could be bestowed. A Rogue Demon ambushed the Messenger of Heaven before she could bestow the gift. stealing it away to the ends of the world. Since then The Charge of keeping the Peace fell upon the Ironside Family.  One Member would ride the Earth and prevent One side or the Other from gaining too much ground. All the While He/She Searches for the Missing Artifact of Heaven.

In this World also exist the Witchblade. The Wielders of the Witchblade had encounters with the Ironside Family throughout the Centuries. Sometimes Fighting together, other times Against each other. At times their Goals were the same, but all the time their Motives were their own.

Looking for Someone to play the role of the Witchblade wielder. Your have freedom in making your Character's back story and Motives. Would like someone interested in putting together a Story. 


This one is more along the Lines of Absurdity and to see if any one bites. 

A Ghost Rider/Sailor Moon Cross Over. (again, My own Version of Ghost Rider) (Miku Lin)

Premise: The Ghost Rider had battled the Forces of Mephistopheles all across the US. However, he has begun to sense a dark power building across the Pacific Ocean. Following his instincts. He stows aboard a Freighter ship headed towards the source of the Dark power. The Island nation of Japan. Here, he could feel the Corruption fester within the shadows. A corruption being fed by the Dark Power he sensed. The Spirit of Vengeance within him screams for the Injustice be brought to Vengeance.

His brand of Vengeance quickly draws the public eye as the bodies of the Criminals are being found in a strange catatonic state. The Reports from witnesses describe a Horrible demon attacking these would be criminals (Murders, Rapist, thieves, etc). This attracts the Attention of the Sailor Scouts (not sure what they are actually called in Japan as I am only familiar with the American release) Who see the Ghost Rider as a threat.

While The Sailor Scouts are hunting/Fighting the Ghost Rider at night. One of them (Your Choice) has befriended a nomad Biker. Either he intercedes when she is in trouble or perhaps a comedic mishap. They become close friends, possibly more. Neither knowing the Alternate Identity of the Other. 

Both the Scouts and Ghost Rider are trying to find the Source of the Dark energy pouring into this City. Maybe even coming together to fight it.

The Story will start once he gets off the Freighter in Japan.

Sailor Moon: Genesis Crossover edition (Sailor Moon/Macross) (OPEN)

Like the Genesis in Fandom. This will also take place in the time before the Silver Millennium. There is a tense Peace among the planets of the Solar system. With Mars being the most belligerent. During this time, Queen Serenity (don't know her Japanese Name) is only a princess. the People of Earth are nonexistent. Princess Serenity is suddenly plagued by visions. A immense battle in space. People dying by the thousands. With a Blue green world in the back ground. The machines are not like anything she seen before. As she watches. The World explodes. Further Visions show a large ship (Macross Class Battlefortress). carrying the last remnants of the people of this planet. She is shown the ship is heavily damaged from fighting and escaping the carnage. At First she believes these visions to be merely over active dreams. Until the Ship appears over their Kingdom.

I am looking for someone to play Princess Serenity as well as share other roles involving royalty of the planets. I am looking for a Relationship to blossom between Serenity and the Young Captain of the Macross Class That would lead to the Birth of Serena(Usagi)

This would be the first part in a two part story


It is after the Final battle of the series (don't know how it ended, but we can work something out) The Earth is in ruins in the aftermath. The sailor Scouts (Senshi/soldiers) Believing they have finally earned their rest are taking a break before trying to restore their lives. However, Queen Serenity appears before Serena and tells her the battles will never stop unless they destroy the force that is calling it all, Chaos. However none of the sailor scouts have the ability to enter the Realm of Chaos. The Queen mentions of a ship that crossed dimensions before. The Macross Class from Genesis. That the unleashing of Energy from the final battle was a signal to reawaken the crew that had been dormant thousands of years. What The Captain doesn't know is that Serena is his daughter.

Inspirational Photo:
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Will Bring other ideas As I get them.  :D


You have a lot of ideas that few others would come up with, very impressive. I do like your WW2 ideas, with personnel being transported from Earth to a fantasy realm, but, I prefer to play as an elf, a sighted one, or a human like character.

I dont know if that works for you. If not, its okay.

Le Immortelle

The Ever Winding Road sounds like a lot of fun..would love to play a fellow biker who's riding with you in an Easy Rider-esque manner.