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Started by Flower, November 24, 2014, 09:02:51 AM

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This problem is not happening to me but Curvykitten. Apparently, last night, she suddenly became unable to access Mumble and Elliquiy. She repeatedly tried to log onto Mumble but she would connect and disconnect immediately afterwards. I remain uncertain of what happened (such as the message displayed) when she tried to connect to the actual website; however, the ending result was her not being able to access Elliquiy. She did mention trying to access the website from a different browser but it had the same unsuccessful result.

I have not spoken with her this morning so I am unaware if this is an ongoing issue or if it has rectified itself.


I had a similar issue last night. I was able to access Mumble, but I could not get into the website to save my life. I tried different browsers and did all the troubleshooting I could think of. The only time I did manage to get in (for a very short time) was when I turned off my wifi on my cell phone and let mobile data connect - but that was only a very temporary solution as I lost connection again within minutes. Diagnostics told me that it wasn't my settings that were the problem, but that the elliquiy server was not responding.

It resolved itself for me (obviously) by the time I woke up this morning.
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Hello....first of Thank you Flower for posting this. Second I finally got to get back on E, took several hours but it finally let me back on. Mumble took a bit longer but it seems to be working on now. I am not sure what happened to be honest.

Thankfully its back hehe



So that ya'll know what happened.... A server went down in Atlanta. :) Had the same issue here and when we ran a trace cert on it and it got stuck in Atlanta. >.<


I know I'm super late but thank you for that tidbit of information, Rogue.  :-)


Might not be related, but Combicon is having a similar issue right now. She is unable to connect to Elliquiy website or the mIRC channel. She has tried multiple browsers and rebooted her computer too.

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IRC is a separate issue and likely to do with

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