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Author Topic: Dark and Twisted Plots inside - Mostly non/con. (M for F)  (Read 1183 times)

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Dark and Twisted Plots inside - Mostly non/con. (M for F)
« on: November 19, 2014, 03:58:40 pm »
A very quick introduction before I move onto the plots.  I'm in my early 30s and have been role playing for over 10 years now.  I tend to gravitate towards role plays that revolve around noncon.  That being said I also like lots of character development.  I like creating a world that feels alive, not just two characters exchanging reactions back and forth.  I prefer a partner who can delve into the mind of their character, to be able to portray what the character is thinking and feeling.  I usually prefer to write between five to ten paragraphs per post, and while I don't need my partner to match that, ideally I would prefer someone who can write at least 5 decent sized paragraphs per reply without it feeling like a struggle or a chore.  I'm looking for a long term partner who can post at least once or twice per week 

All my plots are in a modern setting.


The Therapist (Involves some hypnosis) 

This is another type of scene that I rarely do but can be fun with the right partner. Again this will involve a successful woman in her mid 30s or so. She is married, has a husband, but no kids. She is a workaholic, which at times strains the marriage, she is also stressed out with work as well as marital problems so she finds the time to see a therapist. Long story short the therapist is a rather twisted man to say the least and he uses hypnosis on the woman. The suggestions would start small but gradually get bigger and bigger. At first she would have no idea that her behavior is being changed, but throughout all this the therapist would obviously be taking pictures, videos things like that to where he can unhypnotize her for good and show her all the things she has 'willingly' been doing, then consciously starts to blackmail her into doing various sexual things that shes already done under hypnosis, except now she'd be doing it consciously and with her own mind in order to hide all her indiscretions from her husband and everyone else.

Undercover cop in a world of drugs and prostitution.

This role play revolves around a female police officer, her age is flexible, she could be somewhere in her 20s or 30s.  She can either be single, engaged, or even married.  Her sister is someone who she has always been close to, so its very worrying when all of a sudden the sister just disappears.  A few months later rumors start circulating that her sister has been pulled into the underground world of drugs and prostitution.  The only problem is no one knows her exact whereabouts.  Around the same time the police force had started a very thorough investigation into that particular criminal element in the city, so its no surprise that the female officer volunteers to go undercover in hopes to find her sister.  Now She has no intention of exposing herself the way the prostitutes have, however as she begins her work she finds out to get real information she has to go deeper and deeper into the twisted underbelly of the city.

At one point she gets lucky and gets a lead as to where her sister might be, or at least who shes involved with.  Of course to get any further she knows she'd have to do something questionable, if not illegal.  The plot will revolve around the officer having to expose herself in all sorts of various ways, sexually, physically, even emotionally.  I haven't quite decided what the main male character will be, perhaps a pimp.  Though its up for discussion.  The plot is just a general outline for the direction I want to go in so there is a lot of room for compromise as long as we keep the dark and gritty theme intact.

Politician's Daughter.

This one would be with a woman in her 30s, she is successful in her own field, I'm not quite sure what yet but her dad would be in his 60s or so, someone who we could say has been in politics for a long time and the time has finally come for him to run for president (He could either be republican or democrat, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other) Now in this scene the daughter herself hasn't done anything wrong, I'm thinking that the opposing political party somehow finds out that the dad had visited a brothel or something, or something else that could essentially ruin ALL chances of him getting elected president and effectively destroying his career. Now they would approach the daughter and it would more or less start off as 'This is the evidence we have that can destroy your dad, we will look the other way if you....' etc etc. That would lead to all kinds of naughtiness, the daughter having to service various men who would be on the other political spectrum from her and her dad, which would make her humiliation that much worse.  (Not an incest plot but could easily do a variation that ends up having incest).

The Debate Team

This is a High School setting rp.  A woman is coaching an all male debate team.  The main characters would be the female character paired with a group of males, all of whom will have their own personalities and traits.  The students are 16 and above so when they have to travel for a grand finale debate to another state its the coach that is their chaperone.  Up till that point the students have a great relationship with their coach.  Her background is still up in the air, she could either be single or possibly even married, but I'm thinking even though she loves her husband it isn't exactly a happy marriage, so the attention she gets from the students is quite welcomed.  Now the team they're against has won the championship three times in a row, so the odds aren't looking good for our team.  Now it would start off as some kind of joke or even a playful bet, the students buy something naughty or revealing and basically tell the coach that she'd have to wear it for them if they win.  Now the coach believes that there is a very small chance that they'd win, so knowing she won't have to follow through she agrees.  Of course their team wins and she has to follow through.  This rp can go in many directions.  It could either be one of those fun and light heated roleplays filled with various kinds of naughtiness or it could go in more of a non/con direction.  Either way it is a continuous roleplay that will most likely start around the debate and continue once they return home.

Education Reform (With Irilinquent's permission I'm using her plot idea)

Of course, young women need more than just sports, a job, and plenty of cock in their life. School is still a vital part of a young person's life, only now the sex education classes are actually worth a damn. For the modern student, sex toys may take up just as much room in their backpack as textbooks, homework can include detailed research on different kinks and fetishes, and oral exams have gotten much more literal.  Not all of the sucking and fucking going on at school now is part of some class, though. Glory holes are as common now in the bathrooms as graffiti, the teachers' lounges often have a semi-permanent smell of hot sex to them, and teenaged students have largely abandoned wet willies and Indian burns for surprise bukkake or forced oral when it comes to bullying.  Student-teacher relations have also lost their taboo, with many effective teaching professionals incorporating sexual rewards or punishments into their programs. For example, top-performing students may be rewarded with orgasms from their teachers, or a well-behaved classroom may get a few minutes at the end of the school day to go at each other once lessons have ended. Trouble students, meanwhile, may find themselves staying after class, unable to go home or join their friends until they've penitently taken their disciplinarian's load the sufficient number of times.

I'm thinking the roleplay would focus more on a teacher/student relationship however the established setting would also play a part in how the story itself unfolds.

Incest plots

Ailing father.

The two main characters in this roleplay would be a married daughter either in her late 20s or early 30s, and her father who would either be in his 40s or 50s.  The father is a widower who has always had sexual desires when it came to his daughter however nothing ever ended up developing.  His daughter moved away for college even got married to raise a family.  The father lives on his own which is where a friend of his who happens to be a doctor helps him devise a devious plan.  The doctor friend helps him create proof that the dad is dying of something terminal. Something that only has him living for a short period of time.  Now the daughter would be completely oblivious to the fact that her dad has any unfatherly desires towards her. She has always loved her parents, even more so in the present given the fact that her mother has passed away and she only has one parent left.  The plot would begin with the dad asking the daughter to come over for a visit where he would essentially drop the bombshell, and the gist of it would be that before he dies he wants to experience sex again, to essentially explore and do the things he never got a chance to do with his wife.  The catch being that he doesn't want it to be ith just anyone but wants it to be her.  He spins it as his dying wish, something that no one needs to know about, that shortly after he would pass away anyway and she would be able to move on with her life.  Of course that would exactly be the case, and it wouldn't be till later on down the line that the daughter realizes she has made a huge mistake by having agreed to her fathers twisted request.

Mom/Son plot.

The basic plot of this would be a single mom raising her son. Not sure what would have happened to the dad, either divorce or death. Anyway even though the mom is a single parent she has done quite well for herself and she leads a very comfortable lifestyle for herself and her son. For this scene I was thinking of making the son 18 and in his senior year of high school. He is someone who is athletic, somewhat popular, even has a girlfriend. So all in all a pretty confident guy. Now I've thought about this scene going in two different directions, one is where one of her son's friend finds out something about her and essentially starts blackmailing her into sex with him and his friends, promising that as long as she submits that her son as well as everyone else won't find out her dirty little secret. Eventually of course the son will also get involved. The second branch for this idea is where the son take advantage of the mom, which in a way would be the ultimate betrayal since a son is supposed to be someone who loves her, not to mention she had provided for him all this time. I could see all sorts of naughtiness with various 'group' settings where the mom is the only female. Things like the mom being forced to service the football team or maybe some other school event where she has to chaperone her son and a group of his friends (all 18) where essentially they end up using her as a sex toy. As the scene goes on more people could find out, it could even start affecting her work etc etc. Again room for lots of naughtiness.

Sex slave trade. 

This role play will revolve around the struggles of a girl who has gone through the sex slave trade.  The girl is kidnapped when she is 18 and is forced into sex trade.  There will be multiple male characters that she encounters though there would be one man who will be the predominant character at that point in the story.  He will help to 'train' her.  Breaking her in, and trying to change her mindset to one that reflects a girl who accepts the fact that she will be a sex slave forever.  While all that is happening her father would be trying to track her down. (A little bit like the movie Taken, just without all the actiony/fighty stuff that typically happens in movies).  I'm thinking around a year or so later the dad manages to find the daughter and rescue her, however by that stage the trade itself has had almost an irreversible effect on her. 

The dad will try to assimilate the daughter back into some form of a normal life, which is something the daughter will struggle with given everything that has happened to her.  She'd have mixed feelings about her father, even though he had no blame in her getting kidnapped a part of her would still hold him responsible, for not taking better care of her, for not finding her quicker, etc etc.  On top of that a part of her would still be brainwashed by the man who trained her, at some stage she might try to seek him out or get in contact with him even though she has 'escaped'.  There would also be elements of incest later on down the line.  I imagine at times the dad would feel like he is on an emotional roller coaster as he tries to adjust to everything that is happening, and vice versa with the daughter.  There will be a lot of very sexual elements in this plot however I want there to be just as deep of an emotional level to all the characters involved.  I want someone who can portray the struggles a person in the position of the victim might go through, just as I'd be writing out the trials and tribulations of the dad in a situation like that.

Its a very dark plot that I'd like to play as realistically as possible.

The Purge with a twist.

This plot was inspired by the movie The Purge.  If you haven't seen it I'm sure you've seen the commercials or have heard of the main hook.  Basically there is one day of the year were all crime is legal.  In this plot its something similar except instead of a day the crime spree lasts a week.  During this week a man holds his daughter prisoner.  She could either be18, or even in her early 20s.  Throughout that week he uses her sexually in every way his sick twisted mind deems fit.

Now the role play itself will take place after that week has passed.  It will focus on what would happen between the two afterwords, how they'd react to one another.  Now the dad would want his daughter to submit to him sexually however since the week itself has passed its not like he can legally do it.  Of course that might not stop him from forcing himself onto her anyway..  As I said this plot is a lot less thought out as the others.  If it peaks your interest we can try to come up with something a little more solid.

The hostage situation:

Three convicts escape from a maximum security prison. They come across a house that they break into. In the house they find a father and daughter. The father is either mobilized or killed. There could be incest elements that would come later on, however if my partner isn't into incest the dad can just as easily be killed off at the beginning. The men would of course have various pent up desire that they'd unleash on the daughter (Who can be any age over 18, though I prefer her to be between 18-38).


This is a little out of the norm for me.  Usually I don't do fantasy/unrealistic type roleplays however I just got the urge to try something like this.  It still follows the themes of non con. I'm thinking there is a villain, someone without any super powers, closer to a normal human however he comes in possession of something. Could either be magical/mystical, or even scientific.  It allows him to weaken Supergirl to where is powerless, either that or it allows some form of mind control.  The roleplay itself would be about the villain kidnapping supergirl, after which he would try to turn her from a superhero into a super villain, in the process also turning her into some kind of sexual deviant.  Again the idea is very vague however if you find it the least bit interesting we could talk plot.

Please feel free to drop me a PM if you're interested in any of the plots.
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Re: Dark and Twisted Plots inside. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2014, 07:01:48 pm »
Added:  The Debate Team.

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Re: Dark and Twisted Plots inside. (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2015, 10:54:46 pm »

I loved the idea of the Debate Team. I'd love to play that. I can play female/male/couple/shemale as well. Humiliation/Degradation/Abuse(Mental/Verbal)/Life-Career Control etc are the main kinks. Can we set it up? You can check my f-list profiles for my o/o.

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Re: Dark and Twisted Plots inside. (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2015, 08:34:15 pm »
Added: The hostage situation

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Re: Dark and Twisted Plots inside - Mostly non/con. (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2015, 04:34:31 am »
Added: Supergirl

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Re: Dark and Twisted Plots inside - Mostly non/con. (M for F)
« Reply #5 on: June 30, 2015, 03:23:21 am »
Added: Education Reform