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Author Topic: Darker Desires: Smutty - NC, Exotic, Extreme - (M/F and M/M scenarios)  (Read 679 times)

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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Caehlim's Darker Story Ideas
Please respond to this thread by PM

Lords, Ladies and Lieges welcome.

Here are some ideas I am looking for which are a bit darker and focused on more extreme kinks than I would usually go for. They are also a little heavier on the smut and are likely to be shorter scenarios, although I have no objection to them developing into something with more plot as we work on them. I'll be fairly selective with who I play these with, however your real life gender is not a relevant factor. I'm looking for someone who can bring some ideas of their own to these stories, has taken the time to look at my ons/offs and is willing to work with me on these ones.

Looking for people to take the dominant roles on these, allowing me to play the submissive character.

Curse of the Monster Slayer (M/F) (Taken)
High Fantasy: NC or Extreme, Monsters, Impregnation
Seeking to play female role.

She was one of the greatest monster hunters in the land, her strength and power allowed her to slay monsters that would ravage peaceful communities. Her fame spread far and wide and many monsters fell to her. The forces of darkness responded though by cursing her, their revenge was for more than just to kill her. She would be made an example of. When she faced a monster her power would be taken away and she would feel a rising lust within her, one that would be mirrored in the monsters that she faced. Due to the spell her body would be able to withstand their anatomy and could be impregnated with their seed. The curse would see her give birth to new hordes of monsters to terrorize the land and serve as warning to other forces of light wishing to stand against them. As word spread amongst the monsters, they began to seek her out for retribution. Soon enough no community would shelter her, out of fear of drawing the monsters down upon them.

Desired Kinks: Non-con, force, exhibition, humiliation, multiple partners, non-human creatures, size difference, excessive fluids, unusual anatomy, pregnancy.
Potential Development: This could involve either more of a one-shot with a particular monster or cover her story in the longer term, seeing her defeated and exiled from human lands, possibly even covering a quest of some sort to lift or defeat the curse. Along the way she would be able to encounter a variety of creatures. Very interested in people's ideas for extending this plot.

Searching for More (M/M)
Modern: NC or Extreme, Humiliation, Exhibition, Police
Seeking to play civilian role.

A street-punk in his late teenage years, 19 or so, has been in trouble with the law a few times for minor misdemeanors and petty crime. Currently under a suspended sentence, he knows that if he is caught breaking the law he could be in serious trouble. A police officer has taken an unhealthy interest in the young man and has been following him around seeking an opportunity to bust him and take advantage of the trouble he is in. Eventually the police officer catches the young man getting stoned with his friends, the punk knows that he's in the most trouble but none of them are entirely innocent. The officer proceeds to handcuff and search the young man, in front of his friends building up to stripping him down and potentially more. With the potential trouble they're all in, he knows that none of them will want to report it.

Desired Kinks: Non-con, exhibition, humiliation, anticipation, teasing.
Potential Development: The appeal of this story focuses on the slow teasing nature of the original interaction and the humiliation in front of his friends. The police officer keeping everything looking justified and official even as it's clearly getting more out of control. This could be a one-off, focusing purely on the original interaction or could build up a plot moving towards more potentially with the officer continuing to maintain his hold over the young man. However either way I would want the initial event to be covered slowly and teasingly, focusing on the anticipation more than anything.

Mother of the Pack (M/F)
Post Apocalyptic: NC or Extreme, Monsters, Impregnation
Seeking to play female role.

An apocalypse that has unleashed monsters upon the modern world has devastated civilization leaving only scattered bands of survivors to pick through the ruins. A policewoman out searching for supplies, rescues a small dog from another monster, unaware that it is a werewolf puppy. When the pack finds her though, they decide that her maternal instincts could make her a new mother of their pack. They capture her, keeping her safe from the other monsters but plan to breed their new litters with her.

Desired Kinks: Non-con, force, multiple partners, non-human creatures, size difference, excessive fluids, unusual anatomy, knotting cocks, pregnancy.
Potential Development:

I have played a version of this game previously. I'm not looking for an exact repeat, but for inspirational purposes you can see the previous game here: Instinct

Bound to Change (M/M) (Taken)
Modern: NC/Dubious Consent, bondage, orgasm control
Seeking to play bound role.

In a small town with conservative values a young man in his teenage years, 17 or so, has his pornography stash found by his parents. Overreacting they believe that he is addicted to masturbation and turn to the town's priest for help. His solution of a chastity belt is seen just as a rather old school solution to the problem, but is actually a result of the priest's love for bondage. While the young man insists that he isn't addicted to masturbation going without release until he's old enough to leave home seems impossible. Knowing that his parents won't change their mind, he begs the priest and receives an unexpected offer. The priest has a key to the chastity belt and while he won't take the belt off, will occasionally let the young man masturbate and cum on the condition that the priest can use the young man for bondage and sex. The priest has no limit on how often he gets to cum during sex either. The young man reluctantly agrees to the unfair relationship.

Desired Kinks: Dubious consent, age difference, orgasm control, teasing, edging, bondage.
Potential Development: This story would focus on the development of the situation, with the priest getting to experiment with bondage while controlling when and how the young man gets to cum.

Special Note: This isn't intended as any sort of commentary on recent scandals, the role of a priest is as a corrupted authority figure and doesn't represent anything more.
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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Darker Desires: Smutty - NC, Exotic, Extreme - (M/F and M/M scenarios)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2014, 10:03:13 am »
Update: Bound to Change is currently Taken.

I may consider taking on other versions of this but only if you have interesting ideas to take this in another direction.

Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Darker Desires: Smutty - NC, Exotic, Extreme - (M/F and M/M scenarios)
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2014, 09:18:10 pm »
Update: Curse of the Monster Slayer is currently Taken.

I would be less likely to take on other versions of this story, and only if there were significant changes and developments to the base idea. Basically I'd like to explore this character first before taking on new versions and it would have to be pretty much a completely new story in the same theme for me to take another one. I'm open to discuss this though with anyone interested.