WoW type RP. Seeking female for a MxF or MxF/F

Started by Orochimaru, November 03, 2014, 11:03:59 PM

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To get this ball rolling, I do not care who plays the females, either gender is fine with me. Second, I am not concerned with compatibility for what our likes and dislikes are. Really, I do not expect anything more than light con, but hey; feelings may change and if ideas are added; well, I am willing to talk things over and meet on equal grounds somehow. Also, if you have your own ideas you think that will fit, bring them forward, I am willing to listen and discuss. Now, onto my under developed ideas.

Scarlet Crusade idea [MxF]

Despite the lore loving WoW addicts I know who hate the SC, I actually like them. Not as much as the Knights of the Ebon Blade... Go figure my main is a death knight [Worgen]. That being said, after cataclysm and in Mists, they all but lost their asses to other groups and now their only foothold is their monastery in the Tristfall Glades near the main city for the undead race; the forsaken. There is also a side group of the scarlet renegades that are apposed the the religious antics of the Scarlet Crusade. So, what I am thinking is that this is a side story of the Scarlet Crusades survival.

Knowing me, I like the idea of a little love story of sorts, but the twist here if I decide I do not want to use a full human character [Scarlet crusade is a group of all humans only now], but went wth my favorite race of the worgen. It would work better if my partner chose a original character instead of my personal suggested; which would be the existing leader of the SC, High Inquisitor Whitemane, but both could work. However, they would not know he was 'cursed'. Though, we can change things up to where my partners female character does not need to be human, but also a female blood elf as in the past, Blood Elfs were a part of the SC.

More ideas float around with this, but they need to be sorted out. Remember though, no one expects.... the Scarlet Inquisition! [Bad taste, I know. T-T]

Worgen male X two Blood Elf Females

Mostly this is just a craving paring with no real idea. This is the inspirational image, by the way. What idea I did get was that these two were on a mission for the horde, but got caught and captured by my character a worgen rogue. These elves can even be sisters and has the capacity to be more the consensual to bondage to non con and rape. Sadly, my mind is mostly a blank other than I would like to make this happen.