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Author Topic: Star Crossed [SciFy][FxM][Cops & Robbers][Aliens][Humor][Space Fights][Story]  (Read 388 times)

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The sophisticated computer panel purrs with life; a mildly high pitched female voice sounds from the star ships ambient audio system and begins to read the file that you requested.

Kara Deloia A.K.A The Minx
Other known alias' include: Rocket Roxy, Hazel “The Fox” Elton, Amber “Devil's Charm” Mitrik and Sara “Jinx” Keller.
Species: Human.
Age: Twenty-seven years.

Natural height has been recorded at sixty five inches, with a weight ranging from one hundred and eighteen pounds to one hundred and twenty nine pounds. Green eyes. Last known hair color was half blue and half pink, but has been recorded as: blonde, black, brown, red, blue, purple, green, yellow, bald, gray, orange as well as several mixtures thereof.

Kara is currently has seventy-three outstanding warrants against her within the Gathior Alliance and is suspected to be a participant in at least four dozen other known crimes. Her current warrants include fourty-two counts of robbery, three of which exceed a total of one million credits in worth, nine which exceed five hundred thousand credits in worth, sixteen which exceed one hundred thousand credits in worth and fourteen that are above twenty-five thousand credits in worth. Seven warrants are for charges of murder. Nine warrants are for trafficking illegal substances into the Alliance. Six warrants for espionage and trading confidential government information. The remaining nine warrants are for smuggling.

Kara has been incarcerated thirteen times but has managed to escape each time, in addition she has been captured another seven times but freed herself before she could be imprisoned. She is to be considered extremely dangerous and captured using whatever means necessary.

High Chancellor Adam Marks posted a bounty on her, sanctioned by the Gathior Alliance of one million credits, dead or alive. However last year that bounty was raised to ten million alive, or six million dead; which makes Kara the third most wanted fugitive in the history of the Alliance and the only one still free.

The computer continues to drone on with information regarding The Minx, her exploits and the various records attached to her.

Welcome to...

--=[ Star Crossed ]=--

A futuristic tale set in a galaxy far far away.

Above you'll find what a computer in that galaxy might say about the character I want to play, Kara Deloia, or as she is more commonly known, Minx.

However there's more to her than what the official file says of course! Minx is a lover of fun and doing things big and bold, if the job requires stealth and quiet she'll do it but she certainly prefers the ones that are bigger, badder, noisier and with more bang. She isn't above using her looks and her body to get what she wants, in fact it's something of a trade mark of hers; her natural sultry and amorous nature have helped her become as famous as she is. Everyone has heard of her, and while they might not know details they've heard the name.

This story is about her exploits, but not just hers it's also about the Marshall that is after her.

What Marshall you ask? Well, your character of course!

The details are really up to you, there is a lot of room to play and grow and develop this character. The only real notable thing that needs to stay in place is that they're a Marshall, basically the elite police of the Gathior Alliance; think the FBI. Your character has been tasked with tracking, finding and capturing The Minx, but that is a task much easier given than completed.

The story is about the adventure of your character chasing mine, both inside the Gathior Alliance and outside. Kara will of course adore the individualized attention her fame has brought her and work the humor her would-be-captor, by setting them up to succeed and then pulling it away from them. Then again, he might just catch her but how long can he hold out against her advances until her gives in and lets her go for a romp in zero-g's?

This story needs some world building, I have a pretty solid idea of who Kara is and how she is but of course am willing to make some adjustments based on your wants. The universe though? The galaxy they're in? Well that's free for sculpting, as are the kinds of creatures we choose to have inhabit it. Let your imagination go wild with it and have fun; what I want to build is a humorous story where the cop can never quite get the outlaw, and when he does manage to she slips from his grasp. Who knows what situations they might find themselves in?

Kara gets in over her head and has to ask the Marshall's help to get out of it.

Perhaps Kara's exploits get them both in deep and they have to work together to get free.

No matter what happens, the two should always be playing against one another and form something of a strange relationship, even though their destiny is to clash until one of them finally wins in what will ultimately be a final confrontation... But who knows when that will be, if they ever get that far!

I'd also like to note that there is a lot of room for sexual oriented play in this story, Kara isn't afraid to use it – and since the settings is ripe with non-humans we can explore all sorts of alien on human sexual scenes and fun stuff. The sky (or stars in this case?) is the limit.

If this sounds like fun, if you enjoy laser pistols, space ships, alien sex, rocket boots, humor, cops and robbers, a hero and a villain playing against one another... Then message me!

What are you waiting for? The Galaxy awaits us!

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