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Author Topic: Wispyr Wants Writers [2 New Quick Plot]  (Read 2992 times)

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Wispyr Wants Writers [2 New Quick Plot]
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:14:16 AM »

I am currently tentatively available for new games

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The Stories
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2014, 04:15:45 AM »

Coming soon...

<<---) Starcrossed (--->>

Science Fiction

An adorable outlaw is chased across the galaxy by an elite law officer and the pair engages in no shortage of shenanigans and hi-jinks in his pursuit to bring her to justice.

--=(Click For Details)=--
Ever been so naughty that an entire alliance of worlds had a bounty on your head? Well Kara, A.K.A the Minx, has. They call her an outlaw, a vigilante, a criminal, a thief, a murderer, and even sometimes a terrorist. She calls herself just another girl trying to get by in this rough galaxy. And a rough galaxy it is indeed, in which you really only have two choices: make it work for you, or let it work you. Between slavers who will gladly take you out, strip you of your sense of self and abandon you on some comet to mine away until you die while they line their pockets with the fruits of your labor; abundant gangs that roam the stars taking what they please and causing troubles; the endless bounty hunters and mercanaries who will do anything for the right price; not to mention the alien empire engaged in a super war with the alliance of worlds - oh yea, and them too!

The Alliance stands as a shining beacon of law and order in the Bisaed sector. From their seat of power, the world of Gathix Prime, the Alliance works to protect all under their rule and create a solid and stable life for everything. A Chancellor stands at the head of the Alliance and shapes the future of it, dictating change, politics all while being checked by a elected representatives on the council of worlds. They do their best to keep things running smoothly but the reality of the situation is that its a big region of space and there simply is no way to police everyone and everything at all times. So they do what they can. Those cracks though have created these unlawful dealings and situations and allowed treachery and villainy to thrive - the further away from the core worlds you get the weaker and weaker the influecne of the law. On the outside of the Alliance is the terrible monolith of power, an alien empire bent on absolute control of the sector. To that end they have declared open war - something that has tied up no small amount of Alliance resources - on the Alliance.

Kara represents a stain on the Alliance's track record - she's not just good, she's the best... Or perhaps the worst depending on your point of view. A very serious thorn in the Alliance's side, she has recently become the most wanted fugitive in the entire sector and has now set records on both the number of and size of the bounties on her head. Everyone wants a piece. Her reputation proceeds her where ever she goes, within the Alliance and outside of it. She's been caught before, imprisoned even, but she's enver been held down for long; she's got a knack for getting out of bad situations and has escaped some of the most secure facilities in the region. Known to be both cunning and ruthless the Minx has done everything from literally mrobbing candy from a baby to stealing highly classified files right off of Gathix Prime. No job is too much if the money is good enough, no risk is too great if the thrill is hyped enough. Kara is no stranger to finding herself in bad positions, her brazen cockiness frequently lands her in trouble but she always manages to find a way out; through sheer deviousness, quick thinking or flat out seduction. Minx has no qualms using any and every tool she has at her disposal to get through a situation.

The Marshal's are an elite police force employed by the Alliance, utilized to deal with high priority issues. In the recent months one such Marshal has been assigned to the Minx's case and been tasked with bringing her in for good. It's a career maker, but also impossibly difficult. Many have tried to capture Kara, and no one has truly succeeded. The Marshal has spent months in search of her, learning about her, following her, preparing himself. He's even managed to catch up with her a couple of times but hasn't yet gotten close enough to make a real move. However even this specially trained elite officer of the Alliance will find that he isn't immune to the charms of his most foxy prey.

Notes: I am only interested in playing Kara, and this story can only be run as FxM. The details of the Marshal are completely open for you to shape however you would like. This is a story of epic cat and mouse that spans an entire galaxy as the Marshal tries to capture his Minx; who is so amused that she has her own dedicated little government issued stalker that she takes pride in setting up oppotunities to frustrate him and show off for his benefit. Fate may dictate that one day they must come to the ultimate confrontation, but until then there is no limit to the amount of fun and trouble the two can get into. This setting lends itself nicely to a plethora of kinks, spanning strange creatures to multiple partners. The idea is to tell a story about the officer who can never truly catch his prey - and finds that part of him does not really want to - and the free spirited outlaw who is too charming for her own good - who finds that the dedicated attention of one individual is something that shes never had and suddenly doesn't want to lose.

<<---) As The Dust Settles (--->>

High Fantasy

Battle after battle, the nations elite are left as the last ones standing. Clash after clash they are forced to accept they between them there can be no victor. But despite their loyalties to their nations, there is more between them then just war.

--=(Click For Details)=--
Two powerful nations are amidst the bloodiest war their world has ever been witness to. Battles are fought on the daily, and in mass. Not thousands, but millions of troops spread across clashing borders wage and endless game of tug of war. For ages these nations, these empires, have been growing and absorbing those smaller then them. Neither side will give an inch, neither side will try for another way. Enthralled with a hatred, an envy and a crushing desire for conquest they can only bash endlessly against one another - no matter what it costs.

This war is no longer decided by the every day soldier, they are little more then pawns... fodder for the machine. It's the elite that will eventually decide the direction that the war takes. Among these elite there are two - respected, feared, loved, praised - who run the pack. They are the true talent, born once in a generation but divided by lines of loyalty and blood. They are bitter enemies, or at least they should be. The man of the northern empire, a glorious hero and champion of the war. He leads by wading head first, on the front line into battle and decimating the opposition. The woman from the south, a terrifying assassin and duelist of her people. She leads by eliminating the real threats from within the enemy lines, flashing in and out of battle as she sees fit. And these two have met on the front lines many times, never able to best one another. Which has built a respect for one another... But a respect that has led to something else.

These two enemies are more then rivals, they are connected on a spiritual level. Soul mates, they're called - born for one another. They knew it the first time they saw one another, as the dust settled from the battle field. And as they exchanged blows and worked tirelessly to devastate one another, to come out on top finally, they had to bite back the knowledge that it was wrong.

Notes: I am open to play either of the available characters but greatly prefer the woman from the south. The details about the characters are easily alterable to whatever my partner wants. There's a fair bit of world building I'd like to see take place with this story. What I'm looking here for is that forbidden love feeling; these two - at least to begin with - need to remain loyal to their homelands. That's the crux of the game, but I'm open to drifting away from it later down the road. Ideally what I'd like to see is them come up with some alternative path, as they have signifigant influence, to try and take matters into their own hands, however that may play out. This story should back and forth between situations where they are at one anothers throats, for the sake of their kingdoms, and periods where they are able to meet alone and privately, away from the rest of the war. This story is open for a number of kinks; naturally lending itself to things like rough sex and fight sex, to back and forth domination of each other. I'd like to see some mild size play involved (the male character being fairly large sized, physically in general) while the female is on the smaller side but this need not be included. This story leaves a lot open for discussion, very bare bones idea to begin with.

<<---) Shadow of the New Moon (--->>

High Fantasy

A realm of peace is protected by an ancient order, but a new threat rises to oppose them. The order dispatches one of their finest to deal with this new threat from within; only her mission is a failure when she is captured and turned against her people.

--=(Click For Details)=--
The lands of Enthira have been a tranquil for almost three generations now; thanks in no small part to the Order of the New Moon. A secret society of spell-wielding specialists, gathered under a single banner to maintain integrity and protect the secrets and serenity of these lands. Since the last great war the New Moon's objective has been more about internal peace keeping, and rebuilding the things which were lost in the last great war. With their eyes turned inward they did not see the darkness growing in the western skies.

When the Blood Legion first came to the lands it was a shock, and they overran the outmost outposts without any difficulty at all. Enthira rallied its troops and set out to defend itself against these invaders; from the darkness the New Moon began to observe the magics and tactics of this new threat. Unlike anything they had seen before, at least in theory, they dispatched one of their best. A Grandmaster to infiltrate and deal with the leadership of the Blood Legion, cut off the head of the snake so to speak. Glad to have a chance to serve, the Grandmaster sets out on the mission and gets behind enemy lines. This was, unexpectedly for them, expected by the enemy and they trapped her within wards of great magic. Unable to break free, she became their prisoner for only as long as it took for their runemaster to arrive and inscribe upon her the seals which would turn her loyal to the Legion.

Now armed with one of the New Moon's best, the state of Enthira is in more dnager then it has ever been before; those secrets so struggled to protect belong to the enemy and are now being used against them.

Notes: At this point I'm wanting to play the released Grandmaster of the New Moon - but I could be convinced otherwise. This story has no real gender set, though my version of the Grandmaster is - ideally, but negotiable - a female. The story is one of deep betrayal as the Grandmaster is turned against her home land. It is a story of conquest, and of secrets. Perhaps most of all it is a story of corruption - the magic that binds the Grandmaster can not be forever, and she must be turned to the side of Legion by whatever means needed. The relationship between the Grandmaster and whomever from the Legion should take the spot light of the story - because of the Grandmaster's nature, it is imperative that she be watched at all times. Who she is assigned to though is entirely up to you. Could be the runemaster, or a captain, or some other force you can think of. There is definite room for more monsterous races to play a part in this (orcs, minotaurs, etc etc) as they could be part of the Legion. I'd like to see some political drama. Likely this will be non-con, but could easily venture into extreme as this story is meant to bring out the worst in the Grandmaster... So darker is, in theory, better.

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The Quick Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2014, 04:19:21 AM »

Coming soon...

Final Fantasy Fandom
Rydia x Original Character
Rydia x Kain
Rikku x Auron
Rikku x Cecil
Caius x Vanille

High Fantasy
Master Sorcerer x Apprentice
Dragon x Phoenix

Star Wars Canon
Jedi x Padawan
Jedi x Sith

Warcraft Canon
Goblin x Gnome
Gronn x Night Elf
Gronn x Draenei
Night Elf x Human
Druid x Paladin

Pokemon Canon
Professor x Trainer
Trainer x Breeder

Generic Sci-Fi
Outlaw x Law Enforcement

Not So Hostile Takeover
The world of business has always been a boys club, and the top exec's are rarely inclusive or as diversified as outsiders might like. That won't stop this girl, as she does whatever is needed to get whatever is needed, to take over the gigantic corporation she's been working for for years.
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Imagery Ideas
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2014, 11:34:20 AM »

Coming soon...

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The Characters
« Reply #4 on: September 15, 2015, 07:46:16 PM »

Coming soon...
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<<---) Take Two (--->>


A veteran with too much weight on his soul finds himself in a small town, where he meets a woman with a gentle heart, and together they work to piece one another back together.

--=(Click For Details)=--
It's small town USA, the kind of place that once you get you never get out of. You're roots are too strong, and there's just never quite enough to break free. <Your character> is a small town girl, she's been here her whole life. She probably had dreams to get out at one point, but life ripped those away. One high school sweet heart later and she's got twins; it's that point she finds out this sweetheart is anything but and he bails on them, leaving them strandard and without a cent to their name. She does what she can, but out here it's very little. She doesn't let it get her down though, and scrapes by on the edge. Her life has become more about keeping her little boy and girl content then anything else.

He was someone else before the war, but that person is gone. Forgotten, or perhaps killed. Who is he now? That's a question that he doesn't even know how to answer. He's a broken man, haunted by his past. He got home and found that he just didn't know how to go back to being the man that he was before. He didn't know how to just live a life like that. So he didn't. Instead he packed up a heavy back pack and just left. He's been travelling, walking across the states on his own for a good long while now; trying to find what he lost, or at least some fragment of how he should be now. Tormented by the skeletons in his closet, he's unwilling to just settle somewhere.

But winter is coming, and snow wandering is a whole different game. He steps into the diner where <your character> works, he's just passing through. He's barely got enough for the cup of coffee that he wants - but she notes the tags hanging from his neck and can't help but feel like he needs a break...

Notes: This is different then my normal cravings, but I think that so long as the game focus' on the hard parts of life that these two face that it could be a great deal of fun. I don't have a strong end game with this idea, but there's lots for us to build on together. The key notes I think should stay in play is that she is a mother - twins need not be a thing, but I feel like that adds some depth for his rehabilitation. She works to bring him back to humanity, and he steps in to fill the void in her life that's been there since the sweetheart took off and left her with the kids. These kids need a father, and through them he's slowly able to reconnect with those instincts. I don't see sex playing a huge role in this game initially - I see the soldier as worried about it, so I think it's something that needs to be built up too. Likewise this story need not take place in a modern setting, and the general concept can be adapted to other preferences - so lots of details to be discussed and worked out between us! Alternatively I am willing to play the female lead in this game, if there's someone who wishes to be the broken soldier.

<<---) Opposites Attract (--->>

Modern AU

Two young women are part of small percentage of people born with extraordinary powers. When fate brings unexpectedly brings them together they start to realize just how linked they really are.

--=(Click For Details)=--
They're called Metas. People who on the outside are just like you or me, but on the inside they are something else entirely. Metas are born with something special, something extraordinary; a change in their genetics allows them to manifest powers, strange and supernatural abilities that very widely and rarely clear at first glance. These Metas, or more frequently called mutants, a racially derogatory term used to identify them, are near second class citizens if they are found out. While the law has not yet caught up to the times, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of people can't cope with the reality of these mutants; young children are bullied and often so stigmatized that they are unable to live normal lives, often abandon by their parents because of the knowledge of what they are. Adults who are found out are ostracized, politely denied jobs and sometimes even hunted - of course none of this is technically legal, but the system has a knack for turning a blind eye to cases involving the Metas. To that end most Metas go to extreme lengths to protect their identities and ensure that no one ever realizes what they really are.

Among the Metas there are classes of power, some abilities are minor while others are frankly mindbogglingly major and no two Metas are exactly alike, no mater how similar there powers might seem. Among this wide and varied group are two particular Metas, coded Fire and Ice by outside officials. These two women were born with incredible gifts that while both very basic are extremely potent, cores. The cores are naturally occurring augmentations to the changes that Metas already experience, in essence they are a mutation of a mutation; only about two percent of all Metas develop these cores. Cores serve as fuel for incredible ranges of power, but they come at heavy costs because they are volatile and not completely understood. Having a core is a struggle of balance, tapping into it allows an individual to far exceed the normal limits of what Metas can normally accomplish, but at the same time using those powers threatens to destabilize the core which can often have devastating results, not only to the Meta in question but also potentially everything around them.

Code name Fire possess the core known as Inferno. In many ways the woman resembles her classification; strong willed, fierce temper, impulsive, hot headed and very much a shoot first and ask questions later kind of lady, she has struggled for her entire life to control the volatility of Inferno. Her power has shown is nature in the past, leaving ruin and ash behind. For Fire it's a constant struggle to keep the raging flame at bay and not lose control. She is a dominant soul who can't stand losing that control, she is spontaneous and prone to rapid mood changes that make her as unpredictable as the flames she commands. Always she must be wary that she not allow her emotions to get the best of her however, less she allow one to overtake her and upset the balance of Inferno, a situation that would again result in mass destruction. Her powers are a gift to be used, as she sees them, they are her toy and though she has to be wary of the consequences she rarely turns up an opportunity to show them off to gain an advantage because of them.

Conversely the core called Frozen is gifted to code-name Ice. In stark contrast to Fire, like their two elements, Ice is very structured and reserved. She's been an introvert her entire life who does battle with things like self doubt and feelings of constant inadequacy. Brilliant and very analytically minded, Ice is slow to act but her actions are decisive and meaningful. Frozen has its own risks though, as Ice does battle with bouts of depression, caused no doubt by being cast out by those around her because of what she is, she must keep a constant eye on the frigid feelings within her that make Frozen act up. Her fears, anxiety, concerns and other such powerful negative emotions threaten to grow the ice of Frozen within her and consume her entirely, freezing her in that moment for eternity. Despite all of that however, Ice has a spot for seeing the best in people even after what she has been subject too. She believes full heartedly that regular people and Metas can live together without the distress, without the fear. She has made it a point, her personal goal, to use her power to stop those Metas that might abuse theirs, and ultimately prove to the masses that the Metas can help, they can be trusted, they can be accepted.

Luckily for these two ladies they need not suffer their burdens alone. Unbeknownst to either of them, their fates are intertwined by the gifts that they care as each of their cores is seemingly designed to compensate and quell the other in moments of complete unbalance. Only through each other can they realize their full potential and push one another to heights neither of them ever believed possible alone.

Notes: I'm open to playing either of the two available characters, Fire or Ice. The details about them are easily alterable, for instance there is no reason that Ice must be the naturally submissive recluse and Fire need be the steely dominant one; however the clash of opposites is something I want to prefer. Opposing powers, opposing outlooks, opposing goals, opposing hair color, etc etc. This is a story about two opposing forces that come together and are utterly bound to one another while being as different as you can be - the details of those differences can change freely but the flavor of it should be maintained. I'm also not interested in turning this into anything aside from FxF. Aside from that this is open to a multitude of kinks and naturally leans towards a D/s style, even if not official.

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Re: Wispyr Wants Writers [2 New Quick Plot]
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2016, 01:12:32 PM »

  • The story Take Two has been claimed!
  • The story Opposites Attract is in discussion!
  • Two new Quick Plots have been added!