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Author Topic: My Dark Ideas (M seeking F, mostly dark/horror elements)  (Read 1093 times)

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My Dark Ideas (M seeking F, mostly dark/horror elements)
« on: October 30, 2014, 10:18:59 PM »
Hello! Just putting out a search for a handful of ideas, whilst welcoming being messaged about other peoples. Note that while I'm looking to play with female characters I'm not picky as to the gender of the writer behind them, as long as they are written well then I'm perfectly happy. Most story ideas have an image attached that served as some form of inspiration for the idea, none of the images are my work. Even if it isn't on my list if it isn't in any of the strict offs it's likely to be at least a curiosity to me. My O/O's can be checked for a somewhat more detailed overview of those, although any questions/curiosities are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to have a look. Currently curious to try more romantic story lines with an aspect of nonsexual darkness/violence, although that can extend into sexual elements.

I enjoy:
-Romance, passion and something of a storyline behind the sex.
-Female and trans partners
-Fantasy, sci-fi and modern settings along with just about anything you can think of.
-Rough, D/S sex as well as gentle, passionate sex
-The supernatural, anything to add a little intrigue and difference is always interesting.

I don't enjoy:
-Torture, scat, extreme pain or mutilation in sexual situations.
-Anything involving under 18 characters in a sexual scenario.

Gender pairings!
-Mx F/Futa/Trans
-F x F/Futa/Trans
-Futa x F/Futa/Trans
-Trans x F/Futa/Trans

Semi-specific RP ideas

A wrathful Angel (Favourite)
Sammael was God's accuser and destroyer, a wrathful being who struck down dark and evil men with contempt. But his own thoughts began to grow, as he witnessed what he saw as the innate darkness of mankind he lost any will to protect them. He soon saw them as evil, cruel beings who he felt no love for. His violent brand of vigilantism had been tolerated by the other angels as he always targeted only evil men. But the hatred he let brew inside him was unstoppable, and soon it overtook him, his aggression extending to more innocent men and women. Any minor crime or infraction against heaven's laws would cause him to mercilessly obliterate a helpless human. Soon he was confronted, and in a violent battle he brutally murdered another archangel on the steps of heaven. There he renounced God, losing his wings and many of his supernatural abilities, and willfully hurled himself from the clouds above to crash into the mortal world. His vigilante actions would not stop there, however, as he elects to use mortal methods and means to exact justice as he sees fit.

Sammael will meet an almost opposite character, a pacifist demoness who roams earth concealing herself from other demons as she has no interest in being a part of their ways. Sammael will defend her from other demons, but his violence is dark and terrifying to her, almost as bad as the demons themselves. How they interact and where the story goes from there can be discussed.

Notes: This will involve some degree of nonsexual violence as the angel is prone to extreme aggression, however this will not necessarily be directed at the demoness.

Deceit and lies
She's an employee at your new job. A colleague at your new college. Anything, but you're stuck around her. She has a wicked smile, a confident persona and a threatening nature. She always, always finds a way to get her way with absolutely anyone. Highly intelligent, heartless and more than happy to feign just about anything she feels like to trick people into a variety of things. Money, power or sex, anything she can take she does. Dominant, controlling, a little fearful of her own emotions and desperate to cover any sign of weakness at all costs. She loves to fake romance, but hates the idea of anyone having the power over her that love would grant. (Futa X F)

Note: This will involve a lot of blackmail alongside emotional misleading, abuse and lies.

The Scarecrow
This RP would center around a young (Late teens-early 20's) Jonathan Crane and his transformation into the Batman villain known as Scarecrow. He would encounter a young woman, through his psychological work or criminal dealings, and fall for her. Depending on the direction she could either be repelled by the strange, unnerving man or attracted to his darker side. As it progressed he would grow steadily more insane, obsessed with fear, control domination and power. Initially it would be led by revenge, abusing his drug to terrify various people. Depending on the character he's interacting with it would be entirely possible for her to come into contact with his fear drug, of course.

Note: This will involve stalking, but not necessarily anything non-con.

She works harder than the men in the police station to get attention, she's downtrodden frequently but she has a lot of fight and spirit. The unfair attitudes of her peers only makes her strive harder to prove how capable she is. But the newest case facing her team is darker than any she's seen before, the killer is ruthlessly taunting and bullying those around her. He seems to have an unbelievable knowledge of the police force and her coworkers on a personal level. Soon he begins harassing her, too, and as everyone is being stalked they begin to grow deeply unwary of each other. She spends the only time she has outside of work seeing one of her co-workers, but his dark, mysterious persona that she found alluring begins to grow unnerving.

Notes: This could involve a civilian and not a police woman, this will involve some degree of nonsexual gore/violence/blackmail/stalking.

A real vampire
In a low fantasy dark medieval world a small town far from major civilisation is haunted and plagued by dark, evil beings. Among these are the vampires, but they are nothing like the creatures we hear of in modern times. They are hulking, animalistic beasts with no concept of charm or kindness, not even a shred of their humanity left. A bold, fearless young woman sets out to fight against the tides of evil, and at first she is a shining beacon for the village. She slays and defeats a wide variety of beasts, including several vampires. But soon her success prompts a wrathful vengeance from one vampire that just held onto enough humanity to remember spite and hate. He knew it was unwise to attack her, but instead he hunted and attacked the young man who had become her companion in her fights. While the vampire huntress easily slew the beast that attacked him she knew it was too little too late, her trainee who she had such strong feelings for was doomed to become another monster. This story will focus on the aftermath, the direction is open to ideas. Do they struggle to fight his transformation, battling to find a cure to his condition. Or will he give in to the curse and drag her from grace into a life of darkness. Perhaps a mixture of the two as the two sides of him fight for control.

The Old Gods
An ancient being stirs in the darkness far beneath the surface of earth, an unimaginable lovecraftian horror that is certain to spell doom for humanity. His cultists spread across the lands in underground sects, kidnapping sacrifices to offer up to him. Your character will be one of those kidnapped, her personality and appearance is open to suggestion. When she is finally dragged deep underground to be murdered in the old God's name an unholy, unnatural voice echoes from the lead cultist. It becomes immediately clear that the old God has grown powerful enough to possess him, but not yet enough to reveal it's true nature. The possessed cult leader sends away all but the newest sacrifice and approaches her. Something draws him to her, something about her personality is striking to him, despite his eternity of existence he is for once curious. How it continues is open ended, currently the idea would be that your character either willingly or unwillingly becomes the possessed cult leaders travelling companion as he continues his masters work as a puppet. Perhaps she attempts to take them down from the inside, perhaps she gives in to the sheer will of such a being, the pair becoming the heads of the dark cult.

Notes: The nature of the old God itself will be left to imagination/interpretation, as I feel quantifying a creature like that takes away from the mystery. Life in the mad cult will be strange and at times extremely dark, at the least expect gore, horror, kidnapping and sacrifices.

General Setting Ideas
-High/Low Fantasy
-Science Fiction
-Alternate Universe Modern Day

Other general pairing ideas
-Vampire X Human/Vampire
-Demon x Angel/human
-Angel x demon/human
-Criminal x law enforcement/victim
-Super villain x civilian/hero/heroine

-Warhammer 40k/Warhammer Fantasy
-DC universe (Specifically batman villains)
-Marvel universe

Final note: All of the above stories and ideas are open to interpretation and suggestion, feel free to come to me if it's almost something you would like to do and I'd be more than happy to discuss it and see if it can be made compatible.

Feel free to PM to ask any questions, happy to clarify, explain or give my opinion on any suggestions. Look forward to hopefully finding multiple writing partners.
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Re: Searching for an RP partner
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2014, 09:13:42 PM »
Edit: Removed a few dislikes, added a few likes... experienced some new things and changed some opinions! Also revised RP ideas, removed/added and replaced a few.

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Re: Searching for an RP partner (Craving Futa)
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2014, 07:39:46 PM »
Edit: Updated again, some things now taken and a new craving added.

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Re: Searching for RP partners
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2015, 08:41:46 AM »
Edit: A few updates/changes, new idea and a thing or two taken.

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Edit: Returned after a long hiatus, made a few quick changes and new ideas but it's still mostly in line with my tastes, enough to not need entirely re-writing.

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Re: My Dark Ideas (M seeking F, mostly dark/horror elements)
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2016, 07:21:40 AM »
Edit: Updated title, added two new ideas, improved some formatting and added images.
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