Warhammer 40K: Terrors from the dark (M looking for F)

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WARHAMMER 40K: Terrors from the Dark - a tale of Dark Eldar


Eric and Jonas ran back to the small village. They were out of breath, sweating profusely and their heartbeat went through the roof.
It was dark and if not for the light of the two small moons, they would probably already have fallen over the many branches and rocks.
Movement was hard and they had been running for what seemed ages now.
Eric could see Jonas a bit further ahead, still clenching a laspistol in his hand. Dangerous, foolish and currently useless... but Eric could understand the sense of comfort it might have given.
He himself was oddly comforted by the combat blade at his hip and the hunting rifle swung over his back.
Out here a man had to ensure his own protection. Except for a local arbiter most law enforcement had to come from the big cities and those were few on this world.
As the town came closer Jonas let out a cry and soon Eric also realized why. There was a fire!
As they slowed down they looked at each other and nodded, moving cautiously closer.
The terrors of the night that they had seen beyond the forest... the warriors with spikey dark armor and glowing eyes might have attacked the village?
If so their warning had come too late...

As they approached the village, they tried to stay in the shadows. How had it happened so fast? Only two hours had passed since their trek to the outskirts of the forest. Here and there one saw friends, neighbours and even pets impaled or put on display in gross and terrifying ways.
The stink of roasted meat was in the air.
As they walked forth, something dawned on them. Besides the horrible edifices made of unfortunate victims, most people were simply 'gone'.
The humble belongings of the inhabitants remained in the spot. Even the more valuable objects like those found in the chapel of the Holy God Emperor were left untouched.
Where had everyone gone to?
As they stood side by side before the altar, an eerie laugh echoed from nearby shadows. As one they turned. Eric held his rifle while Jonas still clenched his laspistol.
Two glowing eyes gazed at them.
Yellow glowing orbs.
It was then they realized there was a presence behind them.
They tried to turn but halfway their motion, Eric felt a deep cut in his arms and instant paralysis befell him.
His rifle fell onto the floor and his immobilized body fell a moment after.
Intense agony wracked his body. He heard Jonas roar something but no shot followed.
The last thing he saw before the pain overcame him were two obsidian clad feet.
And then there was nothing else...

Seated in his command chair, the dark armoured figure held a cup in one hand and a strange trinket in the other.
Sunken in deep thought, he ignored the reports of the meagre harvest. Easy prey. A little extra on the way back to Commorragh but no more than that.
In half a day they would have taken their fill and his ships would return.
He was most interested in the harvest his men could have in the major city. Underdefended but still filled with life.
Fodder for the pits, fuels for Dark Eldar industry and sustenance for all of them. Cattle and beasts of labor. A raid beneath him intellectually. There was no challenge here. But all small things made a great. His life's path and ascension had been proof of that.
He smiled lightly as he watched his sister's amulet in his hand.
If he was the rising star, selfmade leader of the Crimson Eye Kabal and the military genius of the family... she was the machiavellan overlord that led an ancient Kabal.
He was the upstart. And she was the mistress. In more ways than one. Their relationship was complicated. Hostile, loving, deceitful, sexual. But in the end despite his cunning she always had him outgunned. Her prestige and resources overshadowing his.
One day that would change and he would hold the leash.
One day the survivors of her Kabal would wear his crimson eye on their obsidian armor.
As he pondered what he'd do next to deal with some rival Kabals back home, one of his underlings dared to approach him.

Instantly a tall and massive figure to his side turned his head ever so lightly to this woman. Clad in thick elaborate armor and wielding a large Glaive, the giant Incubi was an intimidating presence.
Over the armor he wore a long coat which underlined his status as leader of his bodyguard and righthandman.
Grimm was ancient, a veteran that had 'volunteered' to serve under him.
They went back far and only Grimm was aware of his longterm goals.
"My lord..." the young Kabalite Warrior said. Her voice had a nervous undertone. She wore no helmet but her armor was black with a crimson red sash and red markings on her chestplate.
"Speak Tash'ya" the young Archon said.
"We have detected something... unusual..." she hesitated a moment "I checked the readings and I... suspect it is webway activity."
The Archon put his cup down and leaned forward "Where?".
"Below my lord. Several portals... on several locations on this world..." she replied.
"You are certain of this?" he asked.
She nodded.
"More than one portal on this forgotten world that as far as I know had little importance to our people..." he suddenly smiled wickedly "Perhaps... there is opportunity here after all if we act fast enough. Show me the world map and where these portals are situated" he said pleased.
His reaction somewhat calmed Tash'ya but then Viral Shadowstryker added "And pray your estimations are right."
As Viral followed her to a display, Grimm never let his master out of his sight.