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Author Topic: Wander is looking for more! (Male LF escapism!)  (Read 4499 times)

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Wander is looking for more! (Male LF escapism!)
« on: October 14, 2014, 02:18:08 PM »
~Hello there everyone and welcome to my Roleplay Request thread!~

Lords, Ladies and Lieges are all welcome here ^^

Hi, I'm Wander!

Here is my den of games I'm interested in playing in at the moment... I play male characters on the whole and whilst I have more of an attraction towards feminine looks, you and your character's gender is unimportant to me in the crafting of a story together (so yes, I write MxF, MxM and MxTf stories).

Please get in touch with myself in a PM (please don't post here!) and I will for sure discuss things with you!

The pictures dotted in this thread are here mainly for inspiration. If you don't see anything here for you, but a pic happened to inspire you, let me know! I also have no problems finding other pics to suit your tastes too.

Post 1: 1st Post of some General Requests (More in the later posts).
Post 2: Female Face-claim Suggestions (if you need one in a hurry).
Post 3: Some Male Face-claims I like to use for my characters.
Post 4 onward: More Requests

If you like Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, Mages and urban fantasy... Click Here!

If you like the Traveller role playing game... Click Here!

Want to know more on my 'Wander Worlds' 'Swords and Planets' fantasy/SF setting? Click Here for it's own thread!

The List of Things I'm Interested In Right Now...

DC Adventures

Right now I am looking for a partner to write some superheroics set in the world of DC comics! I am eager for stories centred around both pure romance/smut and those all about action and fighting villians, let me know which type you'd want to do! If action is more your thing I'd like to use the DC Adventures system, which is really just Mutants & Masterminds if you have that instead. Although I can be convinced to use other systems.

I welcome partners who want to play either OCs or a vast number of the canon ladies. As for myself I can play a few canons (ask and see, I'm fairly open), though I have OCs that are good for a few kinds of stories. I've pictured a few of the canon ladies I like below (I like quite a lot of the DC women, so if you don't see below your fave, go ahead and ask me... I'm sure I'll agree!).

My Main OC; The Sentinel
The Sentinel is a lower powered Green Lantern character, based off of the original GL, Alan Scott.

The Sentinel is a young man known as Vaan, who inherited his Green Lantern ring from his grandfather (it's up in the air if his grandpa is Scott or not). Now he uses the powers gained from his ring for exploration, drifting from place to place as he gets caught up in all kinds of adventures, both on Earth and across the cosmos.
Easily smitten by a pretty face, he often finds himself in trouble and adventure through a femme fatale's wiles hooking him in! Growing up being gifted at drawing and enjoying fiction, Vaan's constructs can take wild and interesting shapes... Whilst I wouldn't call Vaan willful and his self-esteem isn't the highest, he does hold a great mental fortitude and so by pushing through, can form more useful ring constructs and is a capable young hero.

Introverted and yet still quite sexual, Vaan has all the abilities of a regular Green Lantern, though somewhat supressed due to his ongoing battle of pushing his willpower over his worries. Thus he is at a good level of power for near all kinds of games that involve super characters. Finally, due to having a ring similar to Alan Scott, his Lantern weakness is that of wood, rather than the colour yellow.

My Other OCs
Dark Knight: A kind of Batman/Arrow character, medieval knight theme, wears chainmail and uses a bow. Street level but expert at combat and archery.
Blue Lantern: An average joe who gained a blue power ring of hope. Ideal for most stories and Green Lantern characters to partner with.
Kitt: My old superhero OC, a strange space manipulator from another Earth, perfect for games at the level of the Flash TV series.


I'm looking for someone to write Pokemon adventures with! Whilst this can be something simple like a smutty story of trainers having sex after battles, for actual adventuring and battles/capturing Mons, I'd preferably like to use the Pokemon Tabletop United system. PTU is fan-made and found easily online to cover the systems of capturing and battling those wild Pokemon...

My character is a wandering Pokemon Researcher looking to fill their Pokedex, I'm open to whoever you want your character to be in such a story... Long as they look cute! To clarify however, I am looking for you to play a fellow trainer, I am not looking for trainer x pokemon pairings! By default the story's framework would be the usual wandering a region (preferably a canon one, though we could go original), gaining trainer experience in filling up the Pokedex, gaining badges to become Pokemon Champions and fighting an antagonistic Team along the way... However from that basic framework we can go light plot or add/change whatever to it to make it more unique and most enjoyable to write together. If interested, PM me and I will pass more info to you about my trainer character.

Call of Cthulhu

Jonathan Steadfast is a local Private Eye that thanks to that one hot looking client gets pulled into dark Lovecraftian horror! I'm looking for system-play using Call of Cthulhu, or someone who is adept with GMing freeform games to oversee this. I'm looking to be the player overseen by a GM (who can still have a main character they'd write of course) in this game, though I'm more than open to help out in collaborating on plot, setting and NPCs if needed...

Some ideas are that perhaps your character is part of a secret society that deals with the eldritch, or they could be an ordinary person slowly thrust into something they couldn't hope to understand... My default thought is that they hire my character but they can meet some other way. What matters most is YC joins Jonathan in a stylised noir mystery as layers of horror get peeled back exposing some dread cosmic horror at work! Although the game by default is set in the 1920s, I am more than open to other historic eras (including modern day, of course)... I have a fondness for the 1950s to early 1960s fashions and feel, so that's a great one to suggest for a story and hook me in too.

Here's the Call of Cthulhu character sheet for my PI;
Jonathan Steadfact, CoC character, pre-7th edition.
Jonathan Steadfast; Private Investigator

(above is Jonathan on 1920, 30 years old)

Age: 30 years old, born 1890.
Jonathan is 6' tall and has dark hair with a silver grey streak on his right temple.

Growing Up;
Born on 1890, Jonathan was a gifted youth, bright at art and also having an interest in reading at an early age.
The early works of H.G Wells along with the novel Dracula were some of the books Jonathan grew up to enjoy.
As Jonathan got older, by chance he spotted an advert for a film showing on a vaudeville night.
It was this advert for a showing in a random theater that started a lifelong love of cinema in the young lad.
Jonathan however was 11 years old in early 1902, before Electric Theatre, the first storefront theater, opened in Los Angeles.
Another event for young Jonathan was when he was 13; the Wright brothers flew the Wright Flyer, a big event at the time.
Jonathan would also see Times Square get it's name, then months later at 14 see the first subway open in NY.
It seemed America was quickly growing out from the Old West as months later in 1905, Las Vegas became a city.
Eventually, film got to be boosted business... The 1st storefront 5 cent Nickelodeon came when Jonathan was about 15.
Because films were now so affordable to watch, Jonathan would spend his late teens watching numerous reels.
Early 1908, when Jonathan was 17 years old and before heading to Uni, the Tunguska Event occurred, another memorable event.
As an Adult;
At age 18 Jonathan went to University, studying between 1908-1910, studying History, Accounting and Law.
With his degrees under his belt, Jonathan soon found work as a Pinkerton Detective at the age of 21.
At the age of 21, in early 1912, Jonathan heard the news of the Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic.
Eventually, due to opinion of the ways Pinkerton worked security, Jonathan ended up leaving the agency.
From there he made the transition to become a Private Investigator around mid-1914, he was 23 at the time.
The following years were rather quiet, mainly being hired for chasing the evaders of the new income tax law.
Come the draft, he did his time and fought in the Great War, before returning to his PI work in 1919.
Over 1919, Jonathan was hired for the odd case involving Red Scare and Strikes, both ongoing in the post war days.
Jonathan has an interest in art and does some amateur historian work as a hobby as well. His skill in both history
and photography make him someone Miskatonic may turn to for scientific expeditions

Str 11, Con 12, Siz 12
Dex 11, App 12, SAN 60
Int 13 Pow 12 Edu 15
Idea 65%, Luck 60%, Know 75%

Sanity Points = 60, Max Sanity Points = 99
Hit Points = 12
Magic Points = 12
Damage Bonus = +0

Occupational Skills;
Accounting 45%
Credit Rating 50%
Handgun 55%
Hide 60%
Law 50%
Library Use 60%
Listen 50%
Sneak 50%

Interests skills
Art (Drawing) 55%
History 55%
Photography 55%

Colt M1908 Hammerless
(Notes: From the 1920s Investigator's Guide, Jonathan tends to carry a box of 100 rounds on his person)

Chance: 55%. Damage Done: 1d10. Base Range: 15 yards (45ft, 133/4 meters). Attacks per Round: 2.
Caliber: .380ACP (mid-caliber), Action: Semi. Reload: Magazine (one round reload). Capacity: 7 rnds. HP: 6.

Investigator Income and Property
Income: $1,680 per annum
Cash on Hand: $840
Savings: $840 in stocks and bonds
Personal Property/Real Estate: $6720
(Notes: Jonathan owns a floor in a triple-decker and makes enough to maintain it.
The entrance leads into his living area, which doubles as his main PI office.
Property cost above states the combined worth of what property holds and what it's also worth.)

Adventuring Gear and Possessions
Charcoal Black Cashmere Dress Suit (for smart occasions)
Dark Grey Corduroy Norfolk Suit (for everyday wear)
Black Chesterfield Overcoat (smart occasions and winter wear)
Grey Wool Golf Cap
Black Oxford Dress Shoes (one pair, well worn in)
Various Dress Shirts
Various cuff-links
Ties, both silk four-in-hand and bow types.
For underwear; Cotton Union Suits and gartered socks.

On person in general;
Mid-range folding bellows Kodak camera
(with leather carrying case and spare film outside of one loaded, 12 B&W exposures total)
Colt M1908 Hammerless, w/box of 100 rounds.
Wrist watch
Pencil and writing tablet
Amateur fingerprinting kit
Magnifying glass
Umbrella (if weather calls for it)

In his flat;
Desk Telephone
Telegraph Outfit
Camera Developers Kit
Portable Phonograph and a few records
Carbide Lamp and a few 2lb cans of carbide (for night work)
A crowbar (never know when it'd be needed...)
Basic medical gear, like bandages and alcohol in an atomizer
Basic camping gear in a leather handle-bag

My Fave HP Lovecraft stories (for potential plots, antagonists and inspiration);
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Statement of Randolph Carter
From Beyond
The Outsider
The Rats in the Walls
The Call of Cthulhu
The Silver Key
The Dunwich Horror
The Whisperer in Darkness
At the Mountains of Madness
The Shadows over Innsmouth
The Haunter of the Dark

Transhumanity's FATE (aka FATE Core Eclipse Phase); Looking for a good GM

Set in a future where Earth has Fallen due to a technological singularity and war with a rogue AI network, mankind now survives as transhumanity (a group that includes not only humans, but sentient AI, uplifted animals and copied personas of all three) living on various colonies through our solar system (plus a few beyond). Travel between colonies is often done via uploading as data to the Mesh (the new interplanetary Internet) and downloading to a new body waiting at your destination. Body augmentation and customisation is widespread (along with sleeving  into a new body more befitting of what the person has a preference to and can afford) and some people live just purely as data in VR-enabled servers of all kinds of looks and settings... However all is not well in post-Singularity space, mankind may have achieved digital immortality but many existential threats exist in the shadows...

Below is a sample character for stories in this setting, with a character sheet if using the system. I'd like to take part in stories where our characters (they can look like anything, body customization is prolific, so feel free to go wild with your character's appearance!) are perhaps partners for a specific job, such as salvage or exploration and the chaos these scenarios devolve into as they go. As for location, the colonies I'd like to see are numerous, so if interested, please ask and if needed I'll explain more details. For anyone looking for a scifi story where body augmentation and exploration factor in, do ask me about this and what kind of story you're after... I'm pretty sure I can help out!

My Transhumanity of FATE Character; Puppeteer
NameIAM Mark 22
Background  Humanities Infolife

System Game Stats, ignore if wanting freeform games
High Concept  Charmingly Naive Hacker
TroubleSticks his [REDACTED] where it don't belong
Other 1A cornered rat bites hardest
Other 2Educated by Anime

+4 Programming
+3 Infosec, Infiltrate, Notice
+2 Cover, Eye Rep, Rapport, Shoot
+1 Civ Rep, Hardware, Investigate, Medicine

Ego Cover Digital Ghost
Ego Programming Security Expert
Morph Medichines
Gear Nanofabricator (hacked DRM model)

Digital Ghost
You've spent countless hours setting up bot nets, back doors, and anonymous repeaters in weakly defended systems all over the mesh. You have a +2 to Cover actions when attempting to act anonymously or avoid being backtraced on the mesh.

Security Expert
You've specialized in countering systems intrusions. You may use Programming in place of Infosec when protecting a system from hackers.

This is the most common form of nanoware. These nanobots monitor your body at a cellular level and fix any problems that arise. Medichines eliminate most diseases, drugs, hostile nanobots, and toxins before they can do more than minor harm to the host. If desired, you can temporarily override this protection to permit intoxication or other effects, but unless you activate a second specially labeled override, medichines prevent the toxins from accumulating to lethal or permanently harmful levels.

Medichines for synthmorphs and bots consist of nanobots that monitor and repair the shell’s integrity and internal system functions.

You give +2 to anyone attempting to address your morph consequences (including you) as well as to defend against toxins and sicknesses—including the exsurgent virus.

You have a desktop cornucopia machine, portable maker, or other microfacturing device. You may use Programming instead of Credit or Reputation to acquire gear, although you must have blueprints of the gear you wish to print.

AspectsCommon-Faced Worker Pod; Optimised for Intel
TraitsEssential Pod Traits, Common, Stigma (Pod)
Custom TraitsEnvironmental Augmentation (Thin Atmosphere), Fractal Fingers, Mnemonic Augment
DurabilityAverage (+1)
Stress Boxes3-Stress
Cred/Civ Rep Cost  Good (+3)

Name Big SIS (Sentient Investigative Search-Engine)
+2 Investigation
+1 Infosec
Stress Boxes 2-Stress


Full Background
Interfacing Artificial Metahuman Mk. 22 was one of a set of artificial generalized intelligences raised with a complete human based neural system in a simulspace (a simulated VR space on a dedicated server), before The Fall changed everything. Taught in the simulspace as a humanities infolife, a lifeform of pure information created to interact directly with humanity, he was one of twenty two in his batch made as a testing ground for further advancement in psychological aides for humanity. Unlike many infolifes, he and his batch was made to be sentient from the start, based off the neural patterns of his creator in a hypercorp R&D. Thus he was programmed from the start to have a need to integrate and associate with other humans and interact seamlessly with them.

Mark 22 was one of the first created of the batch and soon found a love for learning across the Mesh, the interplanetary internet, quickly learning enough to outdo his programmers and walk his own path. Perhaps this would have led to his deletion or a rewrite of his base neural patterns to quell his curiosity, however the Fall meant this never happened. The server his batch was inside was infected by the infected network known as TITANS, though thanks to the advanced intellect Mark possessed, he was able to escape from the server onto the Mesh itself. He was the only survivor of his batch, echoing humanity survivors of 1 in 22 when the Fall ended. Mark drifted across the Mesh but found no satisfaction in any of the social groups the burgeoning transhumanity were forming, nothing was quite like the idyllic simulspace he was raised in. His programming was also incomplete and whilst he felt an almost literal hardwired need to socialize, transhumanity both puzzled and scared the errant infolife.

Drifting aimlessly from server to server, Mark found refuge eventually in one long left deserted, that had managed to drift out past the Kuiper Belt. Taking it for his own in the chaos of The Fall, he began to create the software within to suit his need for a home. Still, with the need to interact with transhumanity, a collective of species he watched with great interest across the sous-veillance and panopticon of the Mesh, he made his first foray into sleeving into a cyberbrained morph (a physical body) and walked hidden among them for the first time. Bright eyed and naive with the mind of a teenager unsure of his place in the world, he bore witness to transhumanity. He was easily seduced by the bright and beautiful people and also bearing witness to lynching of synths (those sleeved in robotic bodies) where too scared on his own to take action, all he could do was watch.

Mark saw corruption as he wandered and so believed that authority should be held accountable, yet he himself took nebulous action against those who would oppress... With no guidance he thoughtlessly took to hacking actions that would clearly be looked down on by most reasonable transhumans. It was from one of these actions that Firewall, the secret agency that polices risks to transhumanity as a whole, took notice of Mark. At the time he was a lover of a certain hyperelite, one of the rich and glamourous of the system who was married to a strong biochauvinist (those bigoted against all that aren't biologically human in body and mind) that orchestrated hate-crimes against the clanking masses of the synths and uplifted animals. For a variety of linked reasons, Mark took action against this man and through their own programmed 'wares, hacked their credit files to boot.

Though they were soon being tracked for this, Mark got away clean, unscathed and a few clanking indentures found themselves with a whole bunch of credits to burn away. Mark took none and vanished into the night, the cyberbrain they used to access the Mesh for the big heist wasn't even theirs to begin with. This clean and successful bit of vigilanteism impressed Firewall for how clean it was and so he was approached by them. It was around here that Mark gained the rep enough for his actions to gain his own pod (a cyborg body made from vat grown parts) and whilst he preferred the home he made on his Oort Cloud server, when he did happen to walk about in base reality, he would use his specific pod model to do it.

Mark has shown himself to be good at what he does, but also he has his moments. Like if you ask him about the time he panicked in a bar-room brawl and unable to quickly able to begin Mesh countermeasures on the physical attackers, he pulled his gun and started taking shots at the patrons. Or the time he was on a transport and noticing a suspicious package, rather than be cautious, he took his neck's access-jack cords and dove right into the package to deactivate it when he could easily have been hacked, infected or deleted from his cyberbrain. He's been caught more than once due to being naive about the base reality and it's clear from speaking to him he's a bit of a shut-in, but he's also bright, sweet, kind and impartial, except of course he still just can't keep away from those biochavs... Whether it's seducing or trolling them, sometimes both.

Stress and Consequence Bars for System Games, ignore for freeform games
Ego Stress1[ ] 2[ ]
Morph Stress1[ ] 2[ ]
Muse Stress1[ ] 2[ ]
Mild Consequence (2)---
Moderate Consequence (4)  ---
Major Consequence (6)---

For stories of strange sci-fantasy exploration and discovery! Numenera is a setting of the 'Dying Earth' subgenre; set on Earth one billion years in the future and filled to the brim with unknown relics of advanced technology... There is now just one vast super-continent and the current human civilization walking the planet is just 900 years old, the Ninth Civilization to walk the Earth. Some treasured old relics (the titular Numenera) were clearly not originally built for a humanoid to be able to use, making each discovery a unique wonder to find...
This is for those that want to add a bit of sci-fi weirdness to their fantasy adventuring. To write such things like the ancient and alien finds of Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, having the feel of the vast visual wonders of Moebius and Heavy Metal, the wild unique look and feel of the comic series Saga and far future landscapes of the film Nausicaa.
Wide and weird landscapes are ripe to be explored and plundered of their buried magitech by those Glaives, Nanos and Jacks (Fighters, Mages and Thieves) brave enough to leave their villages for riches, glory or whatever motivation you could want. If the above feels more like your type of thing to explore in writing than a more standard fantasy dungeon crawl, please get in touch!

Cthulhutech (freeform or system)

This is a classic for me and really taps into my love of trashy late 80s schlock cyberpunk anime... Now cross that with Lovecraftian body horror and erotic pulpy schlock for wild, dark tales of biotechnology... Cthulhutech is my playground for that.

The story goes as follows... It all started in the 2030s, when the Ashcroft Foundation debuts the D-Engine to the world, the first piece of arcanotechnology... A new science resulting from mixing technology with the science found from an ancient mystical tome... In the next twenty years humanity make great leaps in anti-gravity and the creation of functional mecha. However, taking notice of these advances, the alien Migou based on Pluto take offence at how we were advancing beyond their prediction. Worried about their future as the most technologically advanced, the Migou plot to wage a war to take complete control of the Earth and it's resources... [XX] The year is now 2086 and a New Earth Government has been formed for governing over all of humanity in a propaganda filled mech-war against the alien Migou.

Whilst the NEG fight the Migou, they are near powerless against the threat of ever-expanding Cults that seek to bring back the Great Old Ones in these End Times when the stars will soon be right... Everyday life for an NEG citizen is one living in enclosed multi-level arcology cities where news of the war is heard via skewed propoganda and subtle cultist destabilisation. The NEG seek out innocents cursed with psionic abilities more than the harmful cultists and monsters hiding behind closed doors... Whilst the NEG's agencies have been corrupted at their highest levels by the legendary 'Dionysus Club', a cult specifically made to collect blackmail material to weaken an arcology security enough for the outside hordes to do the rest. Between the NEG's draconic governing mixing with a new-found freedom over sex and drugs to keep the population unaware, distracted and placated... The End Times are coming... And by time most find out, it will likely be too late...

For this roleplay, my character is someone known as an 'Operator' for the Eldritch Society (aka the ES), a secret society fighting a shadow war against the dread Outer God Nyarlathotep, keeping up by using eldritch things the NEG seek to purge from the arcos... Nyarly is posing as the human CEO of the largest umbrella corporation on Earth, Chrysalis Corp, attaining near unlimited money and power, though how far can their grasp truly reach? Having it's fingers in near every pie it can, Chrysalis' goal is for the arrival of the Great Old Ones on Earth... Something even the invading alien Migou, do not want to happen. From the shadows outside of the NEG's oversight, members of the ES bonded to eldritch symbionts to fight the cult's abominations keep the arcos protected as best they can from a threat that has corroded into every level of modern living...
But what is it like being human in the Society? As a basic human, my man is one of those who coordinates an ES warrior cell and delves into more street-level cult investigation... Who will your character be in the grand scheme of things in this fight right on humanity's doorstep? PM me and let me know!

Jake Steadfast, Parapsychic ES Operator = PM for bio
Affiliation: Eldritch Society
Occupation: ES Operator

Agility 5
Intellect 8
Perception 5
Presence 7
Strength 5
Tenacity 6

Secondary Attributes:
Actions: One
Movement: 9mph (22/5 ypt)
Orgone: 12
Reflex: 6
Vitality: 10

Insanity Points = 2
Permanent Disorder: Avoidant Personality Disorder

Drama Points = 10

Skills = 34 points (Basic 20 +12 from cheat pts, +2 with extra drawbacks)
Appraisal Lv.1
Artist Lv.3 (Focus: Illustrations)
Comms Lv.1
Computer Lv.2
Education Lv.2 (Focus: Film Studies)
Hobbies Lv.2 (e-comics, RPGs)
Larceny Lv.2
Literacy Lv.3 (costs 1pt)
Observation Lv.1
Occult Lv.2
Persuade Lv.2
Research Lv.1
Savoir-Faire Lv.2
Seduction Lv.1
Stealth Lv.2
Surveillance Lv.1
Technician Lv.1
Trivia Lv.2 (Film, Liberal Arts)

Combat Skills (4pts)
Armed Fighting Lv.1
Dodge Lv.1
Marksman Lv.2

Free Skills
Language (English) Lv.5
Regional Knowledge Lv.2

Cheats Spent:
6 on 12 extra skill points

8 Assets
Eldritch Society Parapsychic (2)
Erupted Parapsychic (4)
Latent Parapsychic (2)

10 Drawbacks
Damaged (2)
Depressive (2)
On-Duty (Eldritch Society) (2)
Sensory Impaired: Sight (2)
Skinny (2)

Parapsychic Power
Sensory Power: Psychometry Lv.1
Secondary talent: Manipulation

PCPu (575 Tn)
+Wireless Earpiece (50 Tn)
+Digital Video Recorder (PCPu issue) (225 Tn)
+Dark Shield (removable USB port model) (100 Tn)
+Shock Resistant Coating (50 Tn)

Belt Holster (20 Tn)
PA Licence for a year (100 Tn)

Ordinary Clothing (50 Tn)
Swiss Army Knife w/Laser Pointer (19 Tn)
Sentry Tech Mk. IV, Light Vest (+0/+1) (400 Tn)

Machete (20 Tn)
Pistol: CS-40 Defender (holds 15 rounds, 495 Tn)
10mm caliber rounds (50 rounds = 10 Tn) x2 [20 Tn, 100 rounds]

Inspirational Viewing (in order of release);
Blade Runner, Akira, Tetsuo: the Iron Man, Guyver ('89 OVA series), AD Police, Cyber City Oedo 808, Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb, 964 Pinocchio, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, Genocyber, Armitage III, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

At this time I am mainly looking for games that have posts mostly with two decent paragraphs or three slimmer ones (four or five is okay for introductions and I can write a bit more when inspiration takes me). This is so I don't get intimidated with walls of text and more comfortably enjoy some more easy-going writing at this moment.
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Re: Wander's list of settings (M for all partners)
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Beautiful People for your character to potentially face-claim - Not a Must, Just for Ideas (Always adding)

Goth/Alt and Exotic Beauty
Want me to really adore your character? Have them look something like this;

Other Pretty Ladies divided up by hair colours;



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Re: Wander's list of settings (M for all partners)
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Potential Characters (for me to play alongside yours) and more Ideas
Nothing you like here? Do check my characters across my requests for more face-claims of the type of people I play!

The Retirement Home for past characters I'm taking a break from;

Fox Vaan, Eclipse Phase character

Fox was raised as a drifter on one of the first spacecraft swarms to be classed as Scum (people who drift the system in ships, going from colony to colony generally due to being exiled dissidents from the inner system corps though others choose the lifestyle freely or are born into it), he was born in the void of space, having no homeworld. He'd call the ship he was born on home for the first twenty years of his life. Raised on a mixture of Scum and Anarchist ideals, he grew to become involved with his Scum Barge's grey marketeering and smuggling as the swarm drifted through the Belt and Outer system, exiled as their ships were from the Inner system. Fox himself was gifted with an Artful Dodger-like charisma, an analytic mind and the ability to snaffle up whatever physical object took his fancy and drop it off wherever he wanted.

Then the TITANS AI network came and infected his home.

Fox was sent on an emergency Ego-cast for reintegration, which just so happened to be with a beta fork of his persona he had sent to Mars in a Splicer morph (so called as their genes have been spliced to be slightly better than baseline humanity). It was his only choice for survival, the TITANS had already taken over the Mesh server Fox's Barge used to store their ego backups, he could no longer be reloaded if he died or was infected. Already partially infected with a nanovirus from the TITANS, the whole debacle left Fox somewhat unstable, trying to find escapism in simulspace gaming when he could get himself into a server. He was also stuck on Mars and his home ship was long gone.
10 years have passed since then and Fox has come on in leaps and bounds, becoming a member of the Barsoomian movement for martian freedom from corps and getting a good helping of @ rep (the main rep economy currency for the autonomists). Fox survives by doing various smuggling for the Autonomists and with some help from his Muse (who has the programmed avatar of a real beauty) his grey market goods (usually erotic art and adult XP vids) cement his place as somewhat of an icon of the transhuman community today.

Background: Scumborn
Faction: Barsoomian
Morph: Splicer (+5 SAV)
Motivations: +Liberty, +Exploration, -Authority
Gender Identity: cismale
Birth year: 20BF
Morph apparent age: 30 years

COG 20
COO 15
INT 15
REF 15
SAV 15 (20 in splicer)
SOM 10
WIL 15

Moxie: 4
Trauma Threshold: 6
Lucidity: 30
Insanity Rating: 60
Wound Threshold: 6
Durability 30
Death Rating: 45
Initiative: 6
Damage Bonus: 1

Positive Traits
Fast Learner (10CP)
Home Turf (Martian City-Domes) (10CP)
Information Control (10CP)
Limber Lv.1 (10CP) = Morph Trait
Murder Sims Addict (10CP)

Negative Traits
Mild Addiction (Mesh Usage) (5CP)
Botched Merge (15CP)
Mental Disorder (Depression) (10CP)
Neural Damage (colour blindness from a TITAN nanovirus) (10CP)
Neurochemical Imbalance (continual feeling of self-loathing) (5CP) = Morph Trait

@ = 60
c = 40
f = 40
g = 20
i = 40 (r or x in Non-Firewall games)

Academics (Pre-Fall History) 35 [55], (Biology) 35 [55]
Art (Drawing) 45 [60] + (Writing) 35 [50]
Deception 35 [50]/55
Fray 35 [50]
Freerunning (Jumps) 25 [35]
Impersonation (Verbal) 35 [50]/55
Infiltration 45 [60]
Interest (Scifi) 40 [60], (Old Earth Trivia) 35 [55], (Pornography) 40 [60]
Interfacing 30 [50]
Intimidation (Verbal) 25 [40]/45
Investigation 40 [55]
Kinesics 35 [50]/55
Kinetic Weapons (Pistols) 35 [50]
Navigation 30 [45]
Networking (Autonomists) 45 [60]/65, (Media) 45 [60]/65
Palming 35 [50]
Perception (Tactile) 30 [45]
Persuasion (Seduction) 25 [40]/45
Profession (Smuggling Tactics) 35 [55]
Protocol 35 [50]/55
Research 35 [55]
Scrounging 25 [40]
Unarmed Combat 30 [40]

Gear and Extra Augments
Extra Augments
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Respiration
T-Ray Emitter

Smart Vac Clothes (1000 credits) with Chameleon Coating (50 credits)
Heavy Pistol (250 credits)
Basic ammo blueprint (250 credits)
Dust Repellent (50 credits)
Fabber (1000 credits)
ID Protection (250 credits)
Lifestyle (50 credit option)
Maker (250 credits)
Micrograv Shoes (50 credits)
1 x Nanobandage (50 credits)
Nanodetector (250 credits)
1 x Repair Spray (250 credits)
Utilitool (250 credits)

Skills: Academics: Psychology 60
Hardware: Electronics 30
Infosec 30
Interfacing 40
Profession: Accounting 60
Programming 20
Research 30
Perception 30
Knowledge Skills:
Academics: Astrophysics 40
Art: Erotic Entertainment 40
Interest: Grey Markets 40

Bellamy Carter, Human Rogue on the way to being a Shadowdancer
Name: Bellamin (Known as 'Bellamy' or 'Carter') Carter
Level 1 Human Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 156lbs

Ability Scores:
Str 11, Dex 14 (+2), Con 11, Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)

Languages = Common, Dwarven and Elven.
Speed= 30ft.
Hit Points = 6.
BAB = +0 (+2 for Ranged Attacks)
Armour Class = +4
Fort +0, Ref +4, Wil +1
Special Abilities: Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding

Bluff 4, Disguise 4, Diplomacy 4, Hide 4, Jump 4, Knowledge (Local) 4,
Listen 4, Move Silently 4, Perform (Dance) 4, Search 4, Sense Motive 4

Martial Weapon Proficiency: Composite Longbow
Point Blank Shot

Equipment (Bought with standard rogue's 125GP):
Composite Longbow (3 lb)
20 arrow quiver (3 lb)
Sickle (2 lb)

Explorer's Outfit
(Cloak, scarf, shirt, jacket, gloves, belt, leather breeches, sturdy boots)
Leather Armour (15lb)

Backpack (2 lb)
Bedroll (5 lb)
Flask (1.5 lb)
Flint and Steel (-- lb)
Lamp, common (1 lb)
Oil (1-pint flask) (1 lb)
Signal Whistle (-- lb)
Trail Rations, x2 days (2 lb)
Whetstone (1 lb)

Belt Pouch (0.5 lb) containing;
1 Gold Piece
8 Silver Pieces
5 Copper Pieces

Bellamy, or Carter to those who aren't too fond of the young man (such as the City Watch, for reasons we shall touch upon later...), is well-formed with a body like a coiled spring ready to pop and take flight through the air. A little short and slim, he is nevertheless gifted with a captivating face, which combined with his great manners, make it ever so easy to believe whatever Bellamy may say.
Bellamy was born to a generally decent trader family, not exactly rich by any standard, though he does not come from a peasant background. Whilst he himself tends to enjoy spending his nights in Inns about the city, his relatives are his aunt and uncle of which he does his work for (see below). His education comes more from 'the streets' in needing to think fast to get by, though he does have a brain in his head and is quick-witted enough to think on his feet, which has got him out of some scrapes in the past...
Bellamy grew up in Waterdeep to eventually work as a hunter on it's outskirts for his trader relatives. Whilst there is no real trade in hunting itself, leather to to be made in the fine leather clothes is a massive export and also sold to those who came looking for a decent outfit. These hunts would take him mainly walking along the River to venture the edges of Ardeep Forest, where moon elves have dwelt. Ardeep is not a place to be taken lightly by those who not belong there, though Bellamy has earned the right to take what is needed at least from the outskirts.

Day to day, Bellamy loves to spend his pieces when he gains them, the reason he doesn't just stick to being a hunter is down mainly to how unfulfilling it is for him... He gets by this presently with a love to spend time at celebrations of Waterdeep, he is the proverbial gatecrasher, buying a bottle mead-wine at many a good inn's private function and worming his way into the loins of a pretty lady... Which often has him needing to tend to some rather adventurous rooftop running out the window the next day to avoid getting caught by a lover or husband of said lady... He is somewhat a thorn in the side of the City Guard because of this, though he causes more exasperation than anything else, through exposing a disguise of his gaining a "Oh, not again!" mentality.
Truly though, Bellamy only does such trickery out of boredom, he wants more from his life and as much as anyone needs escapism from the despair over alot of the injustice to others he sees around him. He believes in the liberty of others and this is often what springs him into action to become somewhat more of a hero, standing up for many downtrodden and down on their luck occupants of Waterdeep.

Shadowrun 4e character; Alex Plissken - Not looking for Shadowrun at this time.
Alex Plissken, 400BP build

Plissken is a 25 year old green-eyed Caucasian elf, born on the summer of 2046 in Cara'sir, Tir Tairngire (formerly Portland, Oregon). With his parent's being elves born in the '10s and '20s, he is part of the second generation of elves that lived in Tir Tairngire. For the past ten years he has also lived as a Changeling, after the Year of the Comet (2061-2062) caused cases of SURGE across the planet. Plissken had only recently turned 15 when the change occurred back then. The physical changes he underwent were slight, a Class 1 case, with only a slight feline nose and top lip along with a small tail being a noticeable change which he covers up and tucks away in his clothing.
Plissken is of average build and errs towards a more spry, athletic visual under his chameleon suit. He tends to keep completely covered up, wearing a long leather coat and carries the majority of his gear in his body armour bag that looks like a long gym bag. His face is generally hidden by a high quality respirator and a set of goggles image-linked to keep him connected to the AR of the Matrix. This is all to keep his identity as protected as possible, taking advantage of cameras and sensors only being able to pick up vague information. He errs on the side of carrying himself as a private security contractor in public and carries a cheap commlink holding the fake SIN with this occupation and relative licences if caught short.
Plissken is primarily a dreamer, not a person to really pay things much mind outside of his shadowruns. He can come across also as perhaps a bit... different, this is down to delusion brought on from an onset of cyber-psychosis from exhaustive augmentation. Despite the alienation his augments have brought him he is otherwise well-spoken and confident... He could even be described as a bit of a scalawag though underneath he is slightly self-conscious of his transition to a changeling, he doesn't hold slights very well. He holds grudges easily, though he is also a bright and smart comrade to his friends and fellow Runners and is generally liked by those who truly know him.
Alex believes in the liberty of others and has little faith in authority, having seen many times in his life how others with power will put the boot down on those with less. To this end Plissken dislikes jobs that do with abusing power, such as blackmail jobs or jobs that can be classed as sadistic, such as runs involving the torture of someone bagged and tagged. He has no qualms with assassination jobs, though he would prefer to make sure it was done quick. When not on 'runs, he either likes to grab a drink at the dive-bar near him or spend time in his capsule skimming AR Matrix forums. His main companion is his rather expensive Emotitoy that he has named 'Lying Cat'.
Alex always was a daydreamer and eager chaser of escapism. This brought much chagrin to Plissken's father, though his mother was quite the dreamer herself and was always proud of her son. The first real formative event for Plissken was the Year of the Comet, where he was transformed into a changeling a month following his 15th birthday. Since then there followed many days of chaos, including the arrival of the Shedim and the Great Dragon Ghostwalker out of Dunkelzahn's Rift.
More riots soon followed afterwards when the Great Dragon Hestaby replaced Lofwyr and Oakforest on the Council of Princes. It seemed thanks to this that there were bigger things occurring than Alex's transformation into a changeling but still there were those who were victimizing those like him still. As nothing seemed to be done about violence against changelings, he decided to take a stand and decided at this point what he'd do once he finished school... Aged 18 he entered the Ghosts for training, however on the same year of 2064, the Crash 2.0 occurred... The Crash and it's aftereffects would be the second defining moment of Plissken's life as much of his family was killed off due to it's chaos, his proud mother was gone, though his stern father lived on. Whilst his father was disapproving of his son's flighty carefree personality, he nevertheless accepted him now as a man training to be in the Ghost forces.
It wasn't until Plissken gained his cyberware and was a rookie member of the Ghosts that the new wireless Matrix was up and running as it is today. He was 24 years old when the new Technomancers and AIs came out across the new Matrix in the event now known as the Emergence. It is thought if the Emergence hadn't pulled Plissken from the Ghosts into Shadowrunning, it might have been down to the tempo drug-wars (rumours of corruption and involvement with organized crime partially withstanding), though there are stronger rumours it was down to his reactions for changeling slights against him within the Ghost's ranks before the tempo wars and Emergence even occurred. Nevertheless, back then Plissken had a known reputation of having a silver tongue and being a dab hand with getting past locks when on the job, so it is hard to say for sure what exactly happened.
Sadly this event led Plissken's father to treat him as if he died and the pair have not spoken since Alex started to Shadowrun. Following his split from the Ghosts, Alex emerged after going to ground as a Street Samurai and one of the more talented Negotiators and B&E operatives known in modern Shadowrunning. Upon his reemergence outside of Tir Tairngire, he has had his 'ware replaced and expanded upon. This cyber expansion (brushing dangerously close to cyber-psychosis), along with working along with a variety of unique pieces of hardware give him an edge that make him a cut above even some of the notorious Red Samurai forces.
Like many Shadowrunners, Alex is eager to bring down the Megacorps as best as he can, mainly due to being sore how they treat metahumanity or as for NeoNET and Renraku, their involvement in creating the rogue AI, Deus. So Alex tries to avoid the Megacorps, but when he does take up a job for them, he does have a preference to the Pacific Prosperity Group; Evo and Wuxing Inc being his main two preferred Megacorps. Plissken has feelings of pity to those on the lower rungs of mainstream corp life and a dislike to those who are high enough up the ladder to abuse those on the lower rungs. Living-wise himself, he is currently stationed at the 'New Rose' coffin hotel to keep a low presence, relying on his favoured Street Doc, Spider, for upkeep of his 'ware rather than a DocWagon subscription.

Metatype: Elf (30BP)

Attributes (brackets show after modifications):
Body: 3
Agility: 5 (6 with muscle replacement)
Reaction: 3 (5 with wired reflexes)
Strength: 2 (3 with muscle replacement)
Charisma: 5 (+2 from vomeronasal organ, +6 from emotitoy, +1 from vocal range enhancer or +2 if singing. Total = 14/15 dice)
Intuition: 5
Logic: 4
Will: 4
Edge: 4
Essence: 0.55

Special: +3 to perception checks to locate the character, reduced to -1 when using chameleon suit. -5 to trying to find them when using suit and tracking rifle use back to them.

Qualities: +30BP back
Class 1 SURGE 5BP
-Vomeronasal Organ
(+3 scent Perception, +2 social tests, -2 to strong odours without respirator, tailored pheromones double their effect against the changeling)
-Vestigial Tail
-Distinctive Style
(+3 dice to pools in trying to locate changeling, including perception tests)

Buggy Ware Rating 1 (Attention Co-Processor) +5BP
(the number of 1s needed for a glitch using this ware is reduced by 1)
Delusion (??) +10BP
Oblivious +5BP
(Increase threshold of all perception tests by 1)
Poor Self Control: Vindictive +10BP
(When slighted, pass a composure (2) test to not act upon it)

Skills: 96BP
Con Rating 4
(18/19 dicepool, see Cha)
Dodge Rating 4
(dicepool of 9, reaction with wired reflexes)
Etiquette Rating 1
(15/16 dicepool, see Cha)
Automatics Rating 4
(7 with rifle's smart system and laser sight. Agility dicepool of 13. Dicepool of 8 when remote firing)
Infiltration Rating 6
(7 from Reflex Recorder. Agility dicepool of 13. +6 to avoid thermal vision and sensors from Thermal Damping)
Perception Rating 1
(4 from attention co-processor. Then +1 visual from goggles/+3 scent from vomeronasal organ/+3 hearing, +2 to make out specific sound from earbuds. Intuition dicepool of at least 9.
+1 to glitch, all thresholds raised up in difficulty by 1.)

Hardware Rating 4
(Logic dicepool of 8)

Knowledge Skills:

(Professional) Security Procedures Rating 6
(dicepool of 10)
(Academics) Audio/Visual Media Rating 4
(dicepool of 8)
(Street) Local Criminal Organizations Rating 4
(dicepool of 9)
(Interests) Pop Culture Rating 4
(dicepool of 9)
(Academics) History Rating 3
(dicepool of 7)
(Academics) Literature Rating 3
(dicepool of 7)
(Interests) East Asian cultures Rating 3
(dicepool of 8)

Contacts: (14BP)

Fixer: Connection 4/Loyalty 3
Gorsky was the man who brought Plissken into the safety of the shadows after the young elf washed out of the Ghosts. Gorsky is of Russian heritage and part of the Vory, he is a well connected thief and info-broker with regional ties. Gorsky is connected enough to have got Plissken all his current gear and can try and get him whatever he needs. He isn't always available, though he has served the young elf well up to this point. Their time together goes back to the tempo wars of the previous year. Whilst he acts friendly towards Plissken, their relationship is still business only, Gorsky acts on the code of thieves, though he expects payment for any favours he pulls.

Street Doc: Connection 3/Loyalty 4
Spider is the former combat medic from Plissken's rooky Ghosts squad and the lone person Plissken still has from those days. Spider was the one who augmented Plissken into the man he is today (apparently through pulling some strings down to Plissken's request, the whole procedure was done in steps over time, rather than in one go). He is also the one that Plissken can reliably go to off-record to get his augments maintained, even getting the odd bit of healing done when his medkit doesn't cut it. Spider has a sideline in drug deals and sells the odd bit of medical information too. He's not the best street doc, though he classes Plissken as a buddy and will go out of his way for him.

Resources (50BP):
Red = Forbidden Items (Not to be caught with)
Green = Gadgets held in Bag
Blue = Worn Items

Weaponry (Kept in bag, looks like ordinary gym bag)
FN HAR Assault Rifle w/ internal smart system. (named: Wusheng Long)
(modded with stock shock pad, underbarrel tripod and sound suppressor) 2,650Y
(Recoil Compensation: 3, +3 to attacks (+2 from smart system, +1 from inbuilt laser sight), -4 perception to notice weapon use or locate user. Tripod boosts RC to 9. With the smart system the rifle can be mentally controlled with the wireless link)
4 x clips of standard ammo (35 rounds each) 280Y

Clothing: Cheap Knee-length Leather Gumshoe's Coat 20Y
Body Armour Bag (To hold the assault rifle and assorted Runner gear) 750Y
Chameleon Suit
(modded with Thermal Damping Rating 6 and Chemical Protection Rating 3) 11,750Y
(-4 perception rolls to see wearer, +6 Infiltration to avoid thermal sensors and vision, +3 to toxin resistance tests)

Rating 6 Emotitoy with Rank 6 Hardening (linked onto their Runner commlink as a charm) 750Y
(+6 to Judge Intent rolls for emotion, +6 to social tests)
Rating 6 Directional Jammer with Rank 6 Hardening 3150Y
(Jams any devices with Signal 5 within 20 meters, Signal 4 at 40 meters, etc)
Tag-Eraser with Rank 6 Hardening 300Y
White Noise Generator with Rank 6 Hardening 450Y
(-6 to perception tests to hear conversations with 10 meters of the generator when on)

Metalink with Vector Xim OS 300Y
(running Fake SIN, not for shadowrunning)

Sony Emperor (Response 2, Signal 3) with Custom OS (Firewall 3, System 2: centre of wireless PAN for devices)
(Programs: Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 1, Edit 1) 2000Y

Subvocal microphone 50Y

Activesoft Chips
Rating 3 Data Search Chip (5 dicepool to use Browse program)
Rating 3 Computers Chip (5 dicepool to use Analyze program)
Rating 3 Negotiation Chip (17/18 dicepool)

Certified Credstick for starting nu-yen (roll for Squatter cash) 25Y
2 x Fake Rating 4 SINs 8,000Y
Rating 4 Fake Armour Licence 400Y
Rating 4 Fake Amateur Sensors Licence 400Y
Rating 4 Fake Locksmith's Licence 400Y
Rating 4 Fake Cyberware Licence 400Y
Rating 4 Fake Firearm Licence 400Y

Visual Sensor (for AR and remote firearm use)
Rating 5 Goggles 250Y
-Smart-Link 500Y
-Image-Link 25Y
-Rating 1 Visual Enhancement 100Y
(+1 to visual perception tests)
-Flare Compensation 50Y
-Vision Magnification 100Y

Audio Sensor
Rating 2 Earbuds 20Y
-Rating 3 Audio Enhancement 300Y
(+3 to hearing perception tests)
-Spatial Recognizer 100Y
(+2 to perception tests to find a specific sound)

Rating 6 Camera Neutralizer (Mounted Sensor - lunchbox sized, has a carry-handle) 1,500Y
(12 dice pool with a threshold of 2 to disable a nearby camera)

Rating 6 NLJ Detector (Microsensor, kept in pocket-pouch at all times) 600Y

Rating 3 Hand-held Sensor (iDroid sized) equipped with;
-Rating 1 Camera 100Y
-Rating 6 Radio Signal Scanner 150Y
(counts as Sniffer 6)
-Rating 3 MAD Scanner 225Y
(3 dice pool with a single hit needed to find metal)

B&E Gear
Rating 6 Autopicker 1,200Y
(+6 to Locksmith skill: total dicepool of 12 to pick locks)
Chisel 20Y
Miniwelder 250Y
Rating 6 Keycard Copier 1,800Y
(dicepool of 8 to copy acquired keycard)
Rating 4 Maglock Sequencer 8,000Y
(For keypad locks. Use dicepool of 8 to open up lock to use the sequencer. Uses dicepool of 4 against maglock rating.)
Rating 4 Maglock Passkey 800Y
(for card-reader maglocks when a keycard can't be copied.)

Survival Gear
Gecko Tape Gloves 250Y
(+2 to climbing tests, total dicepool of 5.)
Flashlight 25Y
Rating 6 Respirator (worn round neck) 150Y
(+6 to toxin resistance from inhalation vectors)
Survival Kit 100Y

Spy-Gear and Odds and Ends
Parachute (worn as backpack) 500Y
Glass-cutter 10Y
Body Cavity Escape Gear (worn on person at all times, forbidden item) 10,000Y
Operations Cleanup Tool Kit 500Y
(+2 to cleaning up crime scenes)
Medkit 600Y
(+6 to First Aid skill. Total dicepool of 10.)

Rating 3 Skillwire (0.6 Essence) 6,000Y
(Handles up to six rating 3 skillwire chips)
Skillwire Expert System (0.1 Essence) 3,000Y
(Enables Edge to be used on skillwire skill rolls)
Rating 2 Wired Reflexes (3 Essence) 32,000Y
(+2 Reaction, +2 Initiative Passes)
Rating 1 Muscle Replacement (1 Essence) 5,000Y
(+1 Str, +1 Agility)
Data Jack (0.1 Essence) 500Y
Rating 3 Attention Co-Processor (0.3 Essence) 9,000Y
(+3 to all perception rolls)

Rating 6 Dynamic Handprints (0.2 Essence) 6,000Y
(6 dicepool in opposition of print scanner's rating to bypass it)

Vocal Range Enhancer (0.1 Essence) 12,000Y
(+1 to social tests using voice, +2 if singing. The character can change their voice to fool voice recognition or listeners, using Charisma+Con)
Reflex Recorder;
Infiltration Skill Group (0.2 Essence) 25,000Y
(+1 to all skills in the Infiltration skill group)

Custom Lifestyle: 800Y per month
A coffin hotel in a gang-run neighbourhood, a dive bar is nearby for the odd night of entertainment.
Comforts: Squatter
Entertainment: Squatter
Necessities: Squatter
Neighbourhood: Squatter
Security: Low
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Re: Wander's list of settings (M for all partners)
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Wander's World of Darkness
For those who like to play Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Fae etc. in a modern city setting...

Wander's World of Darkness is currently closed. Please check my second ideas thread as I add supernatural characters there
I think I have something for everybody here!
Whilst these plots are based on settings of a gameline, I am not looking purely at system games for this; I feel that each setting is strong enough with flavour to write freeform games around. I have written a few freeform games based around the varying supernaturals and that includes some on this very site. If you'd like to do something with Mages, Werewolves, Fae and Undead, then these are for you. I've tried to explain specific in-lore terms below so as to not confuse those interested but who are new to some of the supernaturals detailed here.

These really suit the Paranormal Investigator genre if interested; you can play either a human or supernatural getting involved with general weirdness in the worlds of darkness. If the general stories down below don't grab you, perhaps doing something like this involving the races as a whole might be more your thing.
Let me know if that's the case.

Demon:the Descent
Vampire:the Requiem Not interested in vamps right now
Werewolf:the Forsaken
Promethean:the Created
Geist:the Sin-Eaters
Mortal Character
Beast:the Primordial (coming soon)
Changeling:the Lost

Demon: The Descent
Not your traditional Angels & Demons...
Our world is kept in unchanging order by the God-Machine.  An advanced alien quantum computing network that has mastered physics, it has become a part of reality itself as it manages the status quo of all things. The God-Machine presents itself as various gods of mortal worship to instill unquestioning faith in it's human pawns, it's cogs lie constantly hidden... In infrastructure held within facilities, hidden both in plain sight as fronts and in extradimensional quatum states across reality. Ethereal nodes enact it's will, called Angels by it's worshippers, these drone-like servants do whatever is dictated to them by the Machine's network. Those who go outside of their Mission perameters however are know as Demons and are hunted by the network with extreme prejudice...

Current Human Cover appearance;
(Demons can swap appearances, so face-claim here is optional)

System Stuff.
Incarnation: Guardian
Agenda: Saboteur
Catalyst: Unscheduled Demolition

Covers: 1/2
Current Cover Rank: 7

Primum: 2 (leaves 5 Merit dots)
Aether: 7/11

Merits (5 dots)
Esoteric Armory 1, Bolthole:Arsenal 1, Danger Sense 2, Resources 1.

Once, a Guardian-Angel was constructed and sent into reality, simply told 'Do not let your target fall to their destined attacker's hand'. The Angel's target to guard was a specific person needed by them, they were a specific piece of Infrastructure... So the Guardian was sent to protect them, to avoid their death at another's hand. Things got out of hand. The Angel struggled to defend their charge... In a last ditch gambit, this Guardian ended their charge's life instead of their destined killer. Not part of their assigned task, they Fell. They were now a quarantined piece of the machine's network, a Demon.
The newly Fallen found itself locked in a corporeal state, it's old assigned human cover now acted as a sheath for it's now corrupted biomechanical form. Whilst it was free to walk it's own path outside of it's set infrastructure, it could no longer feed from these places to power the scant abilities it was left with. But now it could sense the entropic waste energies the God-Machine produced, known as 'Aether'. Through collecting aether the demon is more able to hide from the God-Machine and it's Angels whilst they were hunted by their former network...

Demon's Embeds and Exploits of reality. Okay to read for freeform games.
Instrumental; Strike First (Cipher, 1st Key): The demon can reflexively make it so it strikes first in a melee.
Cacophony; Shifty Eyes: The demon can attempt to will a person to not trust a target and give them a negative impression of that person.
Mundane; Unperson: The demon can attempt to make someone unable to prove their identity; IDs are discounted or thought to be faked and even friends and family don't recognize the target. This power will last for one scene before fading away.

Exploits tend to call attention from the God-Machine and may compromise a demon's cover unless a demon concentrates their willpower against it.
Affliction: By burning a bit of it's stored aether, the demon can try to place a curse on someone. They can go mad or suddenly fall sick, get shunned by those around them or fall mute. When the demon uses this exploit it also chooses an outward sign that others can sense, marking the target as cursed, such as boils, a disfigurement or a change to the character's voice or smell. It lasts until the demon decides to remove it.

Demonic Forms. Ok to read for freeform.
The demon appears as a mix between both biological and mechanical, scarred flesh gives way to cogs and gears across it's joints, ethereal blue light shines from its eyes and metallic horns adorn the thing's forehead. It's hands are weaponised claws that are equipped with both wrist blades and can be launched forth to grasp at foes further away. It was forged originally to act like a guard dog for their mission and built to place large gaps between attackers and it's ward along with taking up attacker's time rather than have them go after the real target.

The demon can burn a bit of aether stored in it's body to manifest one of these forms. It takes another burn of aether to revert back, no matter how many were activated for the partial transformation.
The demon may also make a full transformation, which also partly heals damage they may have taken and they gain two bits of aether from it too. Being in demon form makes compromises to their cover once reapplied easier to gain. This gets worse for every scene the demon stays in their true form. Like partial manifestations, a demon needs to burn a bit of aether to return back to their human cover.

Blade Hand: On reflex the demon can shift one hand into a melee weapon, which cannot be disarmed.
Inhuman Reflexes: The demon manifests cogs and pistons along his joints, enhancing his dexterity and mobility.
Olfactory Enhancements: The demon's nose shifts into a wire mesh with LEDs under in it, gaining an enhanced sense of smell.
Body Modification: The demon manifests scars and grooves on it's form as it may take from it's levels of strength, dexterity or toughness to boost another of the three.
Tether: The demon manifests a grappling device on it's body that can be used to reach any place 20 yards away or grapple, restrain and pull a person towards them.
Aura Sight: The demon's eyes glow faintly blue as they can read aspects of the target's aura, to do with their mood and what put them in it.
Demonic Horns: The demon manifests large horns from it's forehead with which it can headbutt someone, causing damage and stunning them.

Now disconnected from the God-Machine's network, the Demon must avoid being exposed and taken back to be reforged as it walks a quest for the Cipher, a promise of revelation programmed into it's very being. It is faulty in the eyes of the God-Machine, although now the Demon views the world outside of it's former quantum dogma, as humans see it, with free will for the first time. Whilst others may want to reintegrate, this demon now given a life of it's own wants to live it, away from the hunting eyes of the Angels. To do this the Guardian must become the Saboteur...

People that may compromise the Demon's cover, ideal for YC
These are blank templates that can be filled in more in story discussion before writing starts.

#1: When the Demon Fell, he needed help getting set-up, this character is a Demon from an agency who introduced mine to character #4. Alternatively they can be the first person (mortal or supernatural) the Demon made a Pact with to get themselves more set up in reality.
#2: This person (likely with links to the supernatural in another way) suspects the Demon may not be human, but has no proof... yet.
#3: A Demon that knows the location of my character. Due to mutual dirt the pair have on each other they have a very uneasy alliance. Could be an Exiled Angel (an angel who has slipped through the G-M's cracks and is stuck on Earth indefinitely, but has not Fallen) instead of a Demon.
#4: Another Demon, though one my guy trusts more than anyone else. They are a well ranked member of a Demon agency that set up my demon at his current workplace and is there to help with their Cover when needs be.
#5: This character has been investigating my demon since they arrived back in town after their Fall (can be mortal or a supernatural). Someone who remembers my demon back when they were an angel and the guardian of the person they killed making them Fall, they've been working the case for a while now but running in circles thanks to my demon using their Embeds.

Along with these character ideas, your character may be a Demon, mortal or supernatural who gets involved with the Demon in some other way. This could be either in the fallout of the Demon's plans against an Infrastructure (many front as a business, perhaps it's where your character has a job?); your character's eyes opened to whats happening around them... Or maybe they're someone bonded to the Demon via a Pact; where your character is offered something in exchange for part of their identity they no longer wish to own. The Demon can also slide copies of his Embeds and Exploits into items called Gadgets that can be of some use to a non-Demon through a Pact, perhaps your character...

To survive the Demon acts as a Saboteur, working to hack and take down the God-Machine's Infrastructures. Built originally to defend, the very form they were given, they failed in this task and now they destroy just to stay alive... There is something tragically poetic I think, in that. Plot-wise I'm looking for someone who will journey with my Demon as they figure out their place in a world where they don't belong, to try to stake a place outside the Infrastructures of the God-Machine or to find a place with them... They must keep an ear out for Infrastructures just so they know they and their loved ones are not being targeted... Perhaps through interacting with others, the Demon may learn to gain more of a place in the world. As they go, does my Demon hold leverage over your character's soul or are the pair equals on the Highway to Hell? Your call...

Vampire: The Requiem
No Interest in this atm... Please check my other supernatural characters, all of which are available to play with!
Vampires are among us, sleeping through the day and venturing out in the night, walking among us to hunt, to drink blood for the Vitae it contains, so they can continue to exist in the modern night and carve a small part of the city for themselves. For they know better than anyone, they are not alone in the night and worse things hide in the shadows, eager to tear everything else apart...
The plot I'd like to play through for my character in this is of a Nosferatu trying to attain Golconda, which is a legendary enlightenment that supposedly alleviates a vampire of their curses. Because the Nosferatu are all slightly off in some way, even if it's just a scary aura they are burdened with and then they are looked down on by other vampires, I wanted to write about a vampire as more of protagonist than a villain. However, as you'll read below, there are specific dark paths my Nosferatu can walk down aside from his need to feed off blood...
Nosferatu Face-Claim:

Some stats if using system, don't click if after a freeform game
Intelligence 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 5
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 2
Manipulation 2
Composure 2

Blood Potency: 1
Humanity: 5

Obfuscate 1
Nightmare 2
Vigor 1
Coil of Blood (First Tier)

Resources 1, Status (Ordo Dracul) 1, Haven Size 2, Chapter Library (TBA) 1, Geomantic Nexus 2

As a Nosferatu, my vampire character is somewhat off and unable to really make a social connection, which he craves. He has joined the Ordo Dracul (a kind of occult group that experiment to cancel and lessen vampiric weaknesses, started by Dracula himself) to alleviate the vampiric affliction he is tainted with and is attempting to further develop a Herd of humans to feed from or gain himself a Ghoul (a human fed vampiric blood which cancels their aging and gives them some of their master's supernatural abilities but are not otherwise sired) to bond with him.

Perhaps your character may be the person my Nosferatu recruits to make into a Ghoul (this will mean there is a D/s dynamic to the story due to the addiction of wanting my Nosferatu's sweet and tasty blood to drink) or perhaps your character is another Vampire, either bonded to my character's addictive blood or not. It would depend if you'd want the Master-Slave dynamic in some regard or not.

I see the Nosferatu as someone who has trouble making a social connection with his prey and wants to, though as of yet he has not placed someone under a Blood-Bond to him. Perhaps the potency of his blood is still quite low from being embraced more recently. Or he could be a more powerful vampire that is looking for the newest pet to replace the old one that broke, it's your call. Plot-wise I'm mainly looking for someone to travel alongside this vampire as he tries to find his place in unlife and journey to cure himself of the taint that makes him what he is now. They can be a willing partner or a slave indentured to the addiction to his blood, your call.

Werewolf: The Forsaken
Once our world was Pangaea, a singular world where Father Wolf policed those of Spirit and those of Flesh and maintained the balance between both. However, Father Wolf aged like any creature under the sun... When they got too weak to perform this task, his children bore by Mother Luna took the painful job of slaying Father Wolf to inherit their role. But taking away Father Wolf was not the natural way of things and thus came the Sundering, where the world of spirit and world of flesh split, separated by a barrier known as The Gauntlet. Mother Luna in grief for losing her beloved, cursed her Werewolf children (known to each other as the Uratha) to forever be burned by her metal, silver. The Spirits now barely tolerate the Uratha, holding them responsible for creating the Gauntlet that keeps them bound in the reflection world of Shadow. The Uratha know that from that day, they were Forsaken...

In this story my favoured character is named Grey Shadow;

2nd edition system stuff, don't click this bit if you want to freeform the game.
Blood: Little Spirit Syndrome (Challenger)
Grey regains 1 willpower through rushing a superior ranked spirit on his own.
He regains all willpower when entering Kuruth to avenge a slight against his Locus.
Bone: Staunch Defender (Hedonist)
Grey gains 1 willpower when he puts defence of the Locus over attacking a trespasser.
He regains all willpower when he calls the hunt off to go to the Locus' defence.

Physical Touchstone: The Oldest Friend.
Grey and him have been friends since they were kids, still calls Grey by his real first name, decades later they're still in touch.
They're the one guy who's there for Grey. He keeps suggesting for Grey to stop cash-in-hand and they get the old band back together.
His friend's gone through a rough time, he's been calling Grey to talk and he may be considering dark options. Grey is the only company he has.
He doesn't want to ignore his friend's calls, but he's denying his other passion of the Shadow and it's denizens.
Spiritual Touchstone: The Locus.
The Locus is Grey's charge, his main purpose and calling in the Pack. He stands a vigil in it's defence, nurturing it since he was a kid.
He's put his heart and soul into maintaining the area that holds it. Doing what he does here is his passion, always something to do.
However he cannot be there all the time and the forces surrounding it are getting too much. Grey doesn't know he's burning out.
He can't die defending this, though he has nurtured the area for decades now. His friend needs him as much as the Locus.

Primal Urge: 1
Harmony: 7
Wisdom 2
Purity 1

Kuruth Trigger: Blood.
Partaking in human blood is alien to Grey as a spirit hunter and he reacts badly to it.

Safe Place 2, Dedicated Locus 2, Resonance Shaper 3, Spiritual Blockage (fighting merit, 2), Anonymity 1

Grey is an Itheaur (wise ones who find change more natural in the Crescent Moon) of the Hunters in Darkness tribe (A tribe of Werewolves who are skilled in the defence of their Hunting Grounds). A Werewolf who lives off the grid, he uses his spirit lore to protect his hunting grounds own Locus (a natural and physical item of local spirit magic). Due to the Locus naturally emanating spirit essence and causing a weaker barrier between their world and ours, nebulous spirits are gathering to lay claim to the place. Grey Shadow, like all Uratha has a variety of additional gifts and rituals thanks to his natural connection to the spirit world. These are listed here;

Grey's Gifts and Rites (Okay to read for freeform games)
Crescent Moon Gifts;
Shadow Gaze: By paying a bit of essence, Grey can more easily empathize with spirits and directly discover a ban or bane they hold.
Spirit Whispers: By paying a bit of essence, Grey can whisper a command to a dormant spirit where they may give a single sentence of requested information.
Grey holds the Facets of Wisdom and Purity, which he uses in the following ways;
Purity: Nature (Pack Kin, Beast Ride), Warding (Predator's Claim, Boundary Ward).
Gift of Nature: (Purity) Pack Kin: Grey can pay a bit of essence to inform and a single predatory animal join his Pack, the gift takes around an hour and a half to enact. They will understand any order given to it by the Pack and also feel a sense of loyalty to them, so finding it easier to avoid coercion or other social manoeuvring to anyone from without it.
Gift of Warding: Boundary Ward: Grey pays half the essence he holds to ward a vast area (up to two mile radius) to warn him when a specific type of being enters the warded area, giving him a tingling in his mind and a sense where the trespasser crossed the boundary.
Wolf Rite: (Wisdom) Sacred Hunt; Grey wears a mask representing the prey and in a circle with claws or weapons for the non-Uratha marked in the blood of prey, dance in a circle as Grey representing the prey they will hunt as the others chase in a mock hunt ritual. This puts all Uratha under Siskuh-Dah Condition and if a spirit is killed, their essence goes to the hunters along with any gifts or rites they may know.

Perhaps your character will be a potential ally for Grey Shadow, or someone else he can turn to eventually. They may be another werewolf or maybe one of the special 'wolf-blooded' humans whose First Change hasn't occurred yet. You can also write a normal human, either already part of his Pack or someone yet to join who just bumps into him. Your call, same as whether Grey acts as the dominant protector (thus adding a D/s element) or he takes your character into consideration when they hunt as an equal, depending on your wishes for their relationship.

Along with helping Grey defend his Locus, the pair can also bond over building a Pack Totem together (the pair make a spirit a patron to help them with their cause). He'll need to successfully defend the local Locus from attack but also repair the Gauntlet from any Host (spirit claimed human) attacks too. One more aspiration is to find another rites-master to learn how to create a Fetish (a powerful item/weapon with a spirit sealed inside it).
From there, our characters will need to work to heal the source of the problems, a nearby Wound (a place where negativity has gone and infected the spirit world to a horrifying degree) in the Gauntlet before it spreads far enough to encompass the hunting grounds and threaten everything the growing Pack has built for itself...

Promethean: The Created
Promethean's are beings created as artificial humans, from Frankenstein's Monster and Galatea to Golems, Homunculi and other attempts at being brought back from death or into life by a demiurge creator. The divine fire inside them mirages them as normal humans, though their true selves flicker under the surface in the intangible disquiet mortals feel meeting them. So they work for the 'New Dawn', when they wake up as a normal mortal human, their Great Work of gaining a real soul complete.

My character is from the lineage of Ulgans, who in life had a gift to commune with spirits and became Ulgans when torn asunder and reformed by spirits summoned to them. Erick was bestowed at creation to see into a person's subconscious, which occasionally may aid his quest. Constantly he is followed by a choir of spirits that will reach and possess mortals that he gets too comfortable with or who spend too much time near him... So he quests for the New Dawn that he may finally settle and be left in peace.
Erick the Ulgan;

System Stuff
Virtue: Hope.
Vice: Lust.
Humanity: 7
Azoth: 1
Direction Sense 1, New Identity 2, Kung Fu fighting style: 1, Acid Stomach 1, Weatherproof 1, Elpis 1.

Erick's Bestowment and Transmutations, okay for freeform.
Dreamsharing: Erick does not dream his own dreams but ends up in others mortal dreams instead. From within he may attempt to control them.
Saturnine; Azothic Awareness. Erick can sense the Azoth of other Prometheans at a greater range.
Contamination; Detect Impurity. Erick can see into someone and detect a person's main vice.
Disquietism; Soothe Disquiet 1: Mortals are better able to resist the disquiet felt from Erick when they meet him.

Prometheans walk Paths of Refinement to become human... Erick has followed the Path of Cobalus (Cobalt) in a quest to understand impurities, to cleanse them (and such cleanse the spirits from shadowing him) and now currently walks Plumbum (Lead); the quest to learn and document the Promethean condition and not shy from the disquiet or the emotional instability of Torment. In this Path he hopes to find a tutor, a more experienced member of his kind to teach him the next step to the New Dawn.

Your character may another who is wandering alongside Erick, or maybe they are somebody else that he happens to meet as they newly arrive in your character's home town/city. Either way the pair are fated to be together as Erick walks his Pilgrimage to become 'a real man'. It is a quest for Vitriol, a special substance created inside his Promethean form upon hitting milestones in the quest. Vitriol helps to flare up the Divine Fire that sits within Erick where his soul should be and makes it grow to transmute into a soul. A mentor can help with that, but Prometheans are rare, maybe 100 span across the entire planet in total, including Erick and possibly your character... So the quest is on...

Promethean is a road trip game. Prometheans cannot risk spending too long in a place, lest they cause disquiet in those they interact with or turn their surroundings into a Wasteland as the ground they stay at ends up rejecting their soulless presence. This is a story of finding oneself and the hope is come the end, that Erick will find his humanity and earn his happily ever after with your character.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters (Do you like Shinigami, ghosts and Grim Reapers?)
In death, people may leave behind a ghost, a psionic echo that tries to complete the dead's unfinished business as they're bound to anchors, things filled with emotion and memories of the dead. Some ghosts can replace these anchors with an aspect of death or sometimes a death-spirit finds a ghost and absorbs it... The result of this is a Geist. Geist may return to the living world through 'The Deal', offering to shunt away the death from someone on the cusp of dying if they agree to have the Geist come back with them. If the person accepts, The pair bind souls, becoming a Sin-Eater.

A Sin-Eater is not possessed, they are empowered by the Geist who lives now vicariously through their Sin-Eater, happy to feel life once more. A Sin-Eater finds they can interact with incorporeal ghosts as if they were normal people and gain an uncanny knowledge about the measure of death through a 'deathsight' ability. By dealing with ghosts, Sin-Eaters collect plasm, which fuel their Geist and it's Manifestation powers. Because ghosts know when they're seen and are desperate for help to finish their unfinished business, the Sin-Eaters need to defend themselves, so they must send ghosts from the living world to gain plasm to do so. Thus a cycle of helping the dead pass on begins...

My character, The Plague and his Geist, 'The Bloodletter';

After a bloody accident in the outdoors, My character was due to die from a case of blood poisoning. They could only wait until it was all over... Rather than die however, at the last minute a Geist came before him and offered The Deal. Accepting, he recovered and came back as a Stricken, a Sin-Eater that survives deadly illness and upon returning to health, become tougher for it. Taking the name The Plague, he lives now as a "Necromancer", wanting to make maps of the Underworld or drinking from it's Rivers to gain it's abilities. Having tasted death once, they wish to learn more about it and gain it's secrets.
system stuff, don't click for freeform
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust

Int 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Str 2, Dex 2, Stamina 2
Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 2

Academics 2, Computer 1, Crafts 1, Investigate 2, Medicine 2, Occult 2, Politics X, Science 1
Athletics 1, Brawl X, Drive X, Firearms X, Larceny X, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 1
Animal Ken X, Empathy 1, Expression X, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1

Psyche: 1
Plasm: 5/10
Synergy: 7

Merit: Resources 1.

Sin-Eater powers, okay to read for freeform games
The symbol of the bond between Geist and Sin-Eater comes in the keystone, the final anchor of the Geist. This Geist's keystone takes the form of a rusted over penknife, which can be summoned from within the Sin-Eater's body at any time to be used and cannot be lost. By burning plasm through it, the Stricken gains skill in outsdoors survival and general navigation (the knife will glow and point a light in the direction required. The penknife holds the keys to unlocking the Phantasmal and Stigmata powers of their Manifestations (noted below).

The Sin-Eater wears as a charm a scarf that is tainted with death energy from a Silent death, from someone who died of exposure to the cold. The death energy within is ripe to be tapped in a Dedicate Charm ceremony to become a new Key. If so, it will unlock these new powers;
Stillness Marionette: The Sin-Eater can will a corpse to jerk and spasm to move upright or open it's eyes. It can make brief weak-strengthed actions for a scene or by spending plasm, it can be jerked into movement for one hour per plasm spent.
Stillness Oracle: The Sin-Eater gains insight to a corpse they find, instinctively gaining medical or investigative knowledge that they needed.

These are rituals that work due to the Sin-Eater's connection to ghosts and the Underworld, rather than the Geist bound to them. They are simple extended actions that bring about a specific event the Sin-Eater wants to enact. These actions become easier to perform however as the bond between the pair strengthen and the control over and gravity of their ectoplasmic reserves increase.
Krewe Binding: In a place rich with death and eased by taking narcotics beforehand, the Sin-Eater and all those who would join their Krewe cut their palm, spill blood and lay down together in a trance, where they bond in revelation. It takes around an hour to form the krewe. New members can join in around half an hour.
Pass On: The Sin-Eater helps a ghost in the Underworld to pass on, bypassing their unfinished business. The Sin-Eater may find it easier to perform this with a piece of the target's body or a photo of them in life, the ghost must be willing and ideally have taken out one of it's anchors too. A personal item of theirs is also needed. Over about the span of ten minutes, the Sin-Eater tells the ghost to prepare themselves and does a burning ceremony, through which the ghost then fades away.
Dedicate Charm: Over the space of around an hour of preparing a Charm by decorating it using specific imagery or decoration, appropriate to the death energy within there, this informal ceremony unlocks a Key held by the death energy within the item (see Charm above).

By focusing on the Geist's keystone, the Sin-Eater acts as a channel for the power it now shares with their Geist, 'unlocking' the below abilities to use.
Marionette 1
Phantasmal: The Sin-Eater falls comatose when exuding their plasm to form their inner Geist's body, which they can control.
Stigmata: Upon using the penknife to cut themselves and let out plasm, the plasm will form as a tendril grasping a target ghost, penalizing any action they take that falls against the Sin-Eater's will but also making actions they do wish for them to perform easier. Works best against weaker, younger ghosts. Must spend more plasm each hour if they wish to keep this level of coercion up.
Oracle 2 (Both of these cost plasm to enact. Other ghosts and Sin-Eaters can see the Stricken's eyes glow when in use)
Phantasmal: The Sin-Eater can detect lies being told to him and also gains the ability to persuade others more easily when crafting their own lies.
Stigmata: The Sin-Eater can scrutinize a target ghost and find out a choice bit of information about it. Works easier on weaker, younger ghosts.

The plot I'd like to write would be about a specific treasure deep within the Underworld, which my character is on a quest to find, alongside your character and maybe even other Sin-Eaters that form up a Krewe. What they're looking for exactly can be up for discussion and for now I'm keeping open, it can be an item, a person or perhaps some hidden knowledge as some examples.

Your character may be another Sin-Eater or maybe someone else brought into my character's activities, perhaps through an interaction with a ghost, maybe a passed loved one of your character... Maybe your character was haunted and owes a debt to my character for solving the issue. They could also be someone my character has taken under their wing, someone newly bound to a Geist or maybe even an unbound naturally gifted medium. This all depends on how even you would like the relationship to be, if your character owes mine one, we can introduce D/s dynamics if interested.

The pair will be venturing into the Dead Domains of Tartarus, where the plot's MacGuffin is located. That'll mean coming into contact with (and maybe coming into conflict with!) the strange denizens down there, such as the Kerberoi who police these realms (named after the legendary Cerberus) and the mysterious Chthonians, the ancient unknowable denizens of the Underworld that feed off any ghosts they find in the deepest shadows in the deepest depths... Whether your character chose my mine to help them get the MacGuffin or my character convinced yours to go, that's your call. I'm looking to show off lots of weird and wonderful visuals and lots of different locales to wander through before they gain the unique treasure held in the Underworld's depths and the quest is complete.

A Character; Johnny Dante
Johnny is my Mortal character for Nwod games.
Johnny is a normal mortal man who happens to live in the same world as all the other supernaturals listed above. However as each race holds up a masquerade to guard them from Hunters and the like, as a normal mortal he has no real idea that such races as theirs walks the Earth. He has come across a ghost or two and had some interaction with a Sin-Eater, but does not know what makes a person such a thing, so he doesn't think vampires, werewolves etc, are real. Johnny is special however, in that he has recently discovered that the Underworld is a real place, though he does not about how to access it yet.

This information was passed to him by a chance encounter with a ghost that managed to escape the Underworld for a short time, so he knows now that such things are out there in the world. Still grieving over the helpless of losing his mother, his driving purpose is to now find the ghost of her in the depths of the Underworld and speak to her one last time. I'm looking for someone who would like to play a character (either mortal or a supernatural of some kind -not just the ones listed here-) who may join him on his quest and perhaps the pair will learn some things about themselves along the way. If you'd like to write alongside him, whether in freeform or using the nwod system, please go ahead and PM me with ideas... Because Johnny happens to be a normal mortal man, there is not a story he wouldn't be able to be slipped into in some regard.

Note; I will not be taking requests from people wanting to play Johnny's lost mother... The event of what happens when Johnny finally is in a place to meet her will be the end of his story, she is not so much a character but a MacGuffin that pushes him forward and acts as a motivation for him. Instead I am looking for people who would help or even hinder Johnny in achieving his goals and will go with him into the Underworld once he gains access to the place. Part of the story will him figuring out to open one of the Avernian Gates that lead there and taking that fateful step.
Johnny Dante's character sheet for system use only
Name: John Dante
Concept: Grieving Otaku
Virtue: Generous
Vice: Pessimistic

Brief Bio and Integrity system Breaking Points (marked in bold);
Johnny is a young man dealing with the loss of his mother from terminal
cancer. He has been bothered since this event by what he sees as his
biggest failing... Before he ended up caring for her, Johnny's mother wanted
to go before she got too bad, however this was not to be and Johnny ended
up watching her die a little each day... Until the end came. He hates the
fact that being unable to let her do this feels like a betrayal. He never again
wants to betray a loved one.
Johnny has been unable to let go of this line of thought and wants desperately
to somehow make amends. He has learned through his quest for forgiveness
to this point, knowledge of the occult... It was through this this he learned
the reality of the Underworld and will stop at little in his quest to gain access
to this place, even taking information by force if he has to about it.
Still, Johnny is a sympathetic guy and one who worked to care for his mother
in his own time, so the thought of encountering the victimization of someone
, the pure anthesis of what he tried and did, bothers him significantly.
Through this, he has his own specific level of integrity and what he deems is
right and wrong.
Johnny is the type to put himself out if it helps someone. However in his past,
as a little kid, he experienced a ghostly haunting. Through a specific line of events,
he managed to banish a ghost to the Underworld, when he could have helped
the Manifest ghost with their unfinished business to pass on peacefully. Due to
his young age and his parent's rationalizing of the Numen witnessed as impossible,
he has forgotten this has happened. It is likely though that the ghost he banished
is still dwelling in the Underworld and has not forgetten this youthful transgression.
Johnny is putting his all into this foolhardy quest because (he hopes) in finding
his mother in the Underworld, he'll see her as she was when she was well...
Although this is incredibly unlikely. He still needs to find her ghost there, if she
even has a ghost to begin with. The most traumatic thing for him in watching
her go through her terminal illness was that he happened to encounter a
loved one clearly not acting like themself
anymore, that she went some time
before she truly died. Johnny really just wants to share a meaningful last
goodbye with someone he loved and lost.

Find the soul of my dead mother (Long-Term)
Find a way to enter the Underworld
Show my worth to the party

Intelligence 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2

Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 2
Manipulation 2
Composure 3

Mental Skills
Academics 2
Computer 1
Crafts 2 (Drawing)
Investigation 1
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Politics x
Science 2

Physical Skills
Athletics x
Brawl x
Drive x
Firearms 1 (Called Shots)
Larceny x
Stealth 2
Survival x
Weaponry 1

Social Skills
Animal Ken x
Empathy 2
Expression 1
Intimidation 1
Persuasion 1
Socialize 1 (carousing)
Streetwise x
Subterfuge 1

Merits (7 dots)
Allies (Assorted Friends and Family) (1)
Encyclopedic Knowledge: Science (2)
Improvised Weaponry (1)
Resources (1)
Sympathetic (2)

Leather Jacket (1/0 armour, protects torso and arms)
Fandom T-shirts (+/-1 to social pools)
Suit (+/-1 to social pools, not always worn)
Digital Recorder (1 dot version)
Mobile Phone
Laptop (+1 to computer pools)
Cash on Hand (1 dot of availability)
Housing (which holds assorted useful items, 1 dot)

Beast: the Primordial (Coming Soon...)

Changeling: The Lost (FAERIES!!)
I'd like to play a Changeling:The Lost game, one where a brand new changeling (For those who don't know the setting: a human taken by the True Fae to the Faerie realm, turned fae who then escaped back to Reality) is thrown into the two mixed worlds of reality and the fae. This new changeling will be taken under my more experienced character's wing and shown the ropes, so to speak, of the fae goings on in the human world.

My character is Pan, who is an Oneiromancer (A Dream Mage). As a Darkling Nightsinger their changeling Mien or true form is that of a charismatic satyr of the night. Since their escape from the Fae, Pan has gained the ability to communicate with ghosts of people they know from signing a contract with the shadows and shades of this world. As such, Pan on occasion offers work as a medium to those close to him... For a price, of course and that's what a well balanced Pledge is for...

Pan's Contract Magic, okay to read for freeform games
Pan has made the following contracts, offering glamour to the beholders in return for these magical abilities;
Contract of Shade and Spirit, clause 1 & 2
The ability to communicate with ghosts they knew.
They can also let others interact with ghosts by placing some of their blood on the person's forehead.
Contract of Dream, clause 1 & 2
Learn a piece of knowledge of the Hedge when pricking finger on one of it's thorns.
The second clause allows control of others dreams completely by touching their sleeping form.
Goblin Contract: Sight of Truth and Lies
The ability to tell a lie told by someone, but must speak truth also when using it.

system use, ignore this tab if after freeform
Clarity: 7
Wyrd: 1
Meditative Mind 1, Market Familiarity 1, New Identity 2, Hollow:Size 1, Resources 1, Mantle (Dusk) 1.

Oneiromancy is to be a dying art... Not many people want someone looking into their dreams to defend them from Fae intrusion anymore, even amongst other Changelings. Pan is looking to make a Pledge with another to help their dream-state, this itself is a way to get vengeance against the Fae who took him away from his former human life (his true motivation), as the True Fae like to come into people's dreams and torment them. In dreams, Pan has more power than in reality, he is more able and so he has a chance to beat a True Fae there. The other thing he'd be looking to do in furthering his Oneiromancy business is trying to set himself up in the local Goblin Market, a strange travelling bazaar filled with hobgoblin creatures that buy and sell all kinds of strange knickknacks, a perfect place for a dream mage to tout his skills!

Whilst the C:tL setting doesn't deal with the Seelie and Unseelie courts per se, a similar Sun and Moon Court for the Changelings exist if you'd like that dynamic kept (aside from name change, they're essentially the same). There is also in some Freeholds the additional Courts of Dawn (The Court of Hope and who believe in 'Change for the Greater Good') and Dusk (The Court of Fatalism and 'Moving Forward, though Doomed'. At this time, I tend to play my character as a Dusk Courtier).
Changelings most normally in their Freeholds have four Courts based on the Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) and lots of conflict can equally happen between these four if you'd like to break away from the usual Seelie/Unseelie types of fae. If you do not know much about these new Courts, I can discuss their ideals with you in greater detail upon discussing story.

I've seen alot of people asking for faery stories of varying types... So if you like faeries, let me know what about them you like and I'll see what I can do for you!

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Re: Wander's list of settings (M for all partners)
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Traveller (Space Exploration)

The Fourth Frontier War has been over for more than twenty years... The year now is 1105 of the Third Imperium of Man, or 5628 AD to the Solomani Confederation, those of mankind who have originated from Terra, formerly Earth. A cold war has been raging recently between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, a group of systems home to psionic humans... Only last year was the Imperial Ambassador assassinated in Zhodani space, threatening the delicate balance of our small part of the galaxy...
Alien races such as the dog-like Vargr space pirates and the lionine Aslan are encroaching as they expand their own territories... With neither the Imperium or Zhodani unable to fight in another full war, proxy wars are being fought in their stead. Zhodani-paid Sword Worlder space-vikings raise arms on one side as the Imperial-aligned elfen Darrians fight on the other. The Imperium and Zhodani now compete in a space race to expand their borders, the spread of colonisation for both sides and control of the unmapped sectors of the galaxy.

On the side of the Imperium of Man, the job of discovery and expansion falls to the Imperial Scout Service...

Who are the Imperial Scouts?

The Imperial Scouts are a group whose pioneer-spirited teams often get sent on a variety of missions to survey undocumented star systems. They also are sent to go and freely explore areas of the galaxy that are completely unmapped. When a map of a part of the galactic map needs updating, the Scouts get sent out in their recognisable pizza wedge shaped S-class Scout ships to go do it, doing the sight-seeing noone else will ever get a chance to do. Without the Scouts, inter-system trade would be impossible, let alone the tracking of Space Pirates or an invading alien force... Free to explore massive swathes of space, all on a paid-for S-class ship and getting a good amount of credits for doing it too.

What I'm looking for;
My character is a human Scout from the Exploration section. Who can you play? Your character may be a Scout, a second crew member on the small S-class ship that my character is using to jump from system to system, mapping out a sub-sector of the galaxy... Or perhaps, they are someone my character has picked up along the way... Scouts perform both First Contact and also Search & Rescue Missions and the organisation also may pull back people who have left the service for 'one last Mission' due to their expertise... Alien races, like the Vargr, Aslan and Darrians can become Scouts, so if you'd like to play one of those alien races, feel free to do so!
My character, an Exploration Officer, is motivated to do a lengthy Mission, partly to see what is out there, partly for the pay when he gets back... Also partly because due to current Imperial law, it's illegal to turn down a mission. Your character on the other hand can have whatever motivation you wish, either matching mine in part or in whole or something completely different.
So please do feel free to play whoever you want to.

The main push of the story will be the exploration of a variety of systems across a sub-sector of the galaxy, a section of outer space thats around 8 by 10 parsecs (or 26 by 32.6 light years) in size. Solar systems will generally be spaced out quite sparsely in such an area, just like in real life (the closest system to ours, Alpha Centauri, is near 4.5 light years away).
Because this story is to be set in the far future and many, many parsecs from Earth, the systems come across will of course be completely fictional and invented for the plot, with a variety of planet types and of course the odd different civilisation, both low tech and high tech to make First Contact with.

The Scouts tend to do their business by scanning nearby parsecs with their Ship Scanners and when they pick up a new solar system, they may risk a faster than light 'Jump' through space to reach it.
A Jump can reach two parsecs distance in a week in the S-class ship, so exploration of systems can go by quick whilst also leaving room for downtime on the ship where we can write around the growing relationship of the characters and how they pass the time onboard their ship when not on the job.

What do the Scouts do at a new solar system?
Once a solar system is scanned by a Scout ship, if there is no spacefaring race in the system, the Scouts generally enter the system and drop a beacon on the main world of the system (for mapping) and decide it's habitability (for future colonisation). Potential for the other worlds of the system to be inhabited and the local life-forms of the system get noted too. Most systems without a vastly militarised civilisation that have not deployed biological or nuclear weaponry are mapped and assessed, for First Contact to be optioned.
So interacting with aliens or long lost human colonies is on the cards.

Scout Bases, interactions on space stations

Outside of exploring and documenting new solar systems, the Scouts operate through a network of 'Scout Bases', space stations that most systems tend to have near an inhabited world. It's there that the Scouts forward their communications and get their gear (such as marker beacons and general on-hand character gear) and ships for going out into the field, along with being able to interact with other Scouts travelling the spacelanes... Scouts often have to report back findings and it's here that they find new Missions given to them, new crew members assigned to their ship... So there is room for a variety of NPCs.

If any of this sounds like something you'd like to take part in, please let me know via PM as usual!
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Re: Wander is looking to game (M LF anyone into rpgs)
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Here's that late bump as I get slowly back into my writing!

Drop me a PM and let's talk about what you liked!