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Author Topic: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform  (Read 389 times)

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Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:46:49 AM »

A different kind of superhero game...
Theme Music

What does Superman do with his day off? Questions like these have been bouncing around my head the last few days. Do superheroes go drinking together? What happens when there is no crisis to fight? No fires to put out? No crimes to stop? What happens between action and drama? I want to create a game centered around a small group of super powered characters, all original characters. They would frequently work together, almost akin to the Justice League, inhabit the same city and perhaps even live close to each other. They might not all be friends, but are all social. This game aims to explore the dynamic between them. Do some of them fall in love? Do some of them hate each other? Is there jealousy? Unrequited love? While there will be battles against various threats, the majority of the game should probably take place outside of combat. Even when there is action, it should be used to further develop characters. There are several character archetypes we could explore;

-The Superman: The type of guy or gal (Wonder Woman) that has the best array of powers. They won the super power lottery. They can do it all. Are they arrogant or conceited because of their power? Do they manage to be humble? If so, do the others resent them for it? Do others dislike them secretly because they get most of the limelight? Does this hero feel disconnected from everyone else because they're so powerful, akin to Dr. Manhattan? There should only be one or two (one of each gender) of these.

-The Dark One: The guy or gal that has powers that may be dark or spooky in nature. Perhaps someone like Jinx that causes bad luck, or someone that uses black magic, or someone that manipulates shadows. Are they the goth type in real life as well, or is their brooding and dark nature simply part of the persona? Perhaps they're really cheery in real life, but once the costumes come out they become quiet and aloof, to maintain their image. Are others creeped out by their power? How do they feel about this?

-The Brick: The tank of the group, think Hulk or The Thing. The big guy or gal that does a lot of the grunt work, takes a lot of the hits. Do they enjoy just smashing things up, or do they wish they were more useful? Do they perhaps have a crush on someone much smaller than them and worry about difficulties the size difference could cause? How do they fight without causing massive property damage? Do they get billed for that kind of destruction? Do they get tired of being seen as 'the big strong dumb guy/gal'?

-The Badass Normal: Think Batman or Iron Man; they don't have powers. They're just very smart or very talented. While I used Batman and Iron Man as examples, I'd explicitly like to avoid having characters that are rich. This will be a game about relatively normal people with normal incomes. A character of this type could simply be super talented, or have a job that gives them access to tools which they can use to construct gadgets. Is this character jealous of those with powers? Or perhaps they just have something to prove?

And more! We could have a mentalist who has to deal with hearing everyone's thoughts, a patriot who is all about the job and takes it so seriously it might put off others, or even a metamorph akin to Mr. Fantastic that can manipulate his or her body. The possibilities are endless and all are ripe for drama!

So who wants to be a hero?

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 07:54:22 AM »
I'm willing to try it out, sure. Sounds casual and laid-back.

Offline Corinthi

Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2014, 11:37:39 AM »
I like the idea and would be happy to play.

Perhaps the genius technologist with a company to run?

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2014, 11:56:07 AM »
Oh, count me as interested.

Offline Nowherewoman

Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2014, 12:12:43 PM »
Interested enough to at least know more about how you see this playing out.  Pencil me in tentaviely for the dark one.

Come on, is anyone REALLY surprised? :D

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2014, 07:18:12 AM »
I like the idea and would be happy to play.

Perhaps the genius technologist with a company to run?

I'd rather stay away from the Tony Stark type. You can play a genius or an inventor, sure. Or even a business owner. No billionaires though. People that are more middle class are what I'm looking for.

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #6 on: October 01, 2014, 08:42:47 AM »
Francoise "Frankie" Appledelhi

Name: Francoise "Frankie" Appledelhi
Alias: Void
Public Opinion: Mixed, Mostly Negative
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian

Powers: Umbragenesis and Umbrakinesis - Francoise can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, the darkness is mostly used to cloud everything and obscure vision, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: she can also control and manipulate normal shadows, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport herself through massive distances via shadows, and even fly.

Weakness: Creating and manipulating darkness takes an immense amount of concentrations and, aside from maintaining flight, Frankie can really only concentrate on one thing at a time. Any being or structure of darkness she creates is not very sturdy - objects can be broken by anyone with sufficient super strength and anything animated is even more fragile. She has to know how something functions in order to create it, so anything complex or with many moving parts is out. Her creations and powers can also be dispelled by strong light. Frankie is also not a strong fighter and relies mostly on clever tactics or tricks to best her foes. She also lost the use of her legs in an accident a few years back, meaning that without her powers she is unable to do much of anything.

Personality: "Quirky" would be a polite way to describe her. Outwardly, she's all high energy all the time. Quick with a joke and always wearing an easy smile, Frankie is a girl that's easy to get along with - if you're not annoyed by her seemingly boundless energy. While often spouting non-sequiturs and talking jibberish, she's a lot smarter than she looks and can sometimes surprise with a clever play on words or sound piece of advice. While outwardly it might not seem that she lets being confined to a wheelchair bother her, it always bothers her when she has to stop using her powers and is 'grounded' once again. With her ability she can do more than walk, she can fly! So, she's always rather eager for the night to fall so she can go out and fight crime.

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2014, 10:29:01 AM »
I assume you're wanting us to submit character sheets by posting that so I'll go ahead and post mine. I've played this character through various outlets over the span of three to four years. I confidently say she would be fun to play in this situation.

Veronica "Vivi" Vincento

Name: Veronica "Vivi" Vincento
Alias: Anarchangel, "Berenice Jelen"
Public Opinion: Mixed, Mostly Positive
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Anarchy's cellular structure is more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. These cells function similar to a super-battery, enabling her to hyper-metabolize and synthesize a specific wavelength of radiation (energy) she calls 'Vril'. Because of this, her immune system seems in perfect human condition at all times and she is able to perform inhuman capabilities and feats. Additionally, she has shown capable of utilizing 'Vril' to achieve various supernatural effects unexplained by science. The rest of her anatomy differs from the average human as well. Similar to a bird's skeletal structure, her bones are hollow. Thankfully, the denser cellular structure allows to compensate the risk of injury from blunt force trauma. Aiding in this effort is her lack of body fat and greater proportionate muscle mass. A special membrane within her respiratory system suggests she can breathe high velocity speeds and high altitudes as well. These anatomical differences from humanity are suggested to support the set of black, bird-like wings she is often seen to possess while in uniform.

The actual explanation behind Veronica's physiology is her heritage, being born as an Elioud. An Elioud is the offspring of Nephilim, leaving her with small traces of divinity as a result. All powers, with the exception of her anatomical differences to the average human, are not only dependent on the existence of 'Vril', but they are also powered by her faith.

Due to her bodies reliance on the specific wavelength of radiation, it is speculated that a lack of exposure leaves her to undernourishment. Within a certain abundance of this radiation, she possesses no superhuman capabilities save for the anatomical differences. It is further speculated that a prolonged absence of exposure can lead to death. Because of her heritage, she is subject to a number of things. For example, if one were to perform a Rite of Banishment or place a specific Enochian Symbol, all traces of 'Vril' leave her in painful and violent detail, reducing her to baseline human.

Due to an event in her career, Veronica developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She suffers from infrequent nightmares and irregular periods of depression as a result, leaving her with a loss of appetite or a loss of sleeping. Under normal circumstances, when she is not within the company of friends or comforting stimuli, she is hyper-vigilant and easily startled. It takes a considerable level of willpower to not lash out at unexpected circumstance in anger. When exposed to certain things, Veronica may have a panic attack of anxiety attack which results in an irrational fear or her becoming tunnel-visioned to remove the factor as immediate as she can. In another instance, she may out-right become so scared so freezes. The latter, when she recovers, leaves her suffered form an immense sense of guilt. To aid in reducing these moments, she takes an antidepressant and anxiety pills.

Veronica is a Christian Anarchist who values the individual above anything else, though this does not mean she is selfish by nature. Instead, she advocates a mutual, non-hierarchical community with all of her social relations. She naturally sees the State as an unnecessary aspect of society but tolerates their presence and makes no move against it. Because of this, she operates in ways designed to avoid delegation without breaking the law. Anyone that deploys means of coercion over another immediately earns her ire, provoking her not-so-subtle violent - and vulgar - wrath. Even so, Veronica goes out of her way to help anyone she can if they are worth the effort and in actual need of help. This stems from her advocacy of confrontation, struggle, and hardship. She claims that it is the negative parts of life that strengthens one's character and says that doing so is what gives birth to wisdom and experience. Taking this philosophy to heart over the years has made her work ethics push her into losing herself in the past and put almost everything else before herself for the sake of complacency. After taking some time to refine herself and relapse into a simpler lifestyle, she almost chases challenges and sets herself into difficult situations for sport, saying that growing too comfortable will weaken her new-found sense of accomplishment and view on life.

As wise as she seems at times, she is a victim to her addictions. Veronica is a horrible alcoholic and smoker, although she does not drink when on patrol or on active-duty. Casually, she is almost always seen with either a clove or glass - or bottle - of bourbon. She's aware of these addictions but shows no desire to change them, claiming them to be things she enjoys. Another vice is her thrill-seeking tendency. Next to her need to challenge herself, she is prone to taking larger risks than necessary for sport. This habit is moderated for team-based missions or open-social relations. It could be said that she thrives in chaos. As a crime-fighter, Veronica willingly drops some of her more radical personality quirks for the sake of efficiency. Having been trained to be a natural leader and tactician on the field, she understands that split-second decisions can change the course of a struggle in tense situations. However, some have found her approach to be difficult to grasp at times. She is an expert on irregular tactics and warfare, observed not just in her strategies but her fighting style as well.
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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2014, 12:14:48 PM »

Theodore “Teddy” Alexander

Name: Theodore “Teddy” Alexander
Alias: Black Dragon
Public Opinion: Mixed, mostly negative
Age: 27
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Truth be told Teddy has no powers of his own. He is a normal if higher than average intelligent human. However he has acquired a mask with a power he does not understand. When he puts the mask on he changes into a humanoid dragon creature. It is not a suit, or armor he physically changes. In this form he has all physical abilities one would expect such a creature to have. He is much stronger than human and some what faster. His scales are like armor plating protecting him. He can fly due to his large leathery wings. All of his senses are enhanced. He can see into the ultraviolet and infrared ranges and has telescopic abilities. His hearing also goes into frequencies both above and below human normal. He has claws on both hands and feet. He cannot however breath fire, instead he “spits” a gob of entangling goo. Since acquiring the mask and learning what it can do he has learned martial arts, favoring “Dragon” Style kung fu. His tail is prehensile so he can use it to grab and hold on to things.

The dragonoid form also heals much faster then the human one. If injured or sick Teddy has been known to remain in his altered form for days until fully healed. As a result of this healing his human body seems to be pristine, like he has never been exposed to the pollutants in the environment despite his smoking habit.

Without the mask Teddy is just human, now with some combat training, but still just human. In the mask though he can lose control to the animal instincts. He frequently has to hunt and eat some animal in dragon form or the beast gets hungry and the alien mind sees humans as a good food source. If he loses control he has to mentally fight his way back and will the mask off it cannot be simply removed by somebody else as it becomes part of him. In human form he smokes and drinks. While knowing he is addicted to the cigarettes he is not an alcoholic, as long as he has his mask he is not worried about cancer.

The mask Teddy has become dependent on the mask and when he is not changed it is an object that he can lose or have taken from him. He has shared his secret with a few close friends in the early days of having only discover it did not change anybody else who tried to put it on.

Through his youth Teddy was the typical higher intelligent child who did not go for sports. He was quickly labeled a nerd or geek by his peers. As such he had few friends and was more comfortable with books or computers than people. He lacked in social skills and self confidence with regards to dealing with others. These traits are still quite evident in him when meeting new people but he has gained some confidence from having the mask and his martial training. With friends and people he is comfortable with he is playful, jovial, compassionate and caring. He still has not learned the art of flirting, but he is honest. If it appears that he is flirting it is certain that he is not playing any games.

In dragonoid from though he is almost a different person or being. Many of the dragon traits come through even when he has not lost control. In this from he is more brutish and can be a bit vulgar.

Dragonoid Form

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2014, 12:39:34 PM »
Eh... I guess I could bring in that one superhero character I made, but never really had the chance to play.

Ken Aldrin

Name: Ken Aldrin
Alias: Black Bullet
Public Opinion: Mixed, Mostly Negative
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Powers: Ken has the ability to move faster than the speed of sound.  His super speed includes the ability to enhance his perception to match his speed, an aura that protects him from friction, and an accelerated healing factor.  He is also incredibly tough, enough to allow him to withstand the forces that come with moving at superhuman speeds.  Recently, Ken has discovered that he could go much much faster than the speed of sound.  The fastest he has ever gone was faster than Mach 10, but even then it is unknown whether or not that is his true top speed.

Weakness: He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and his naivety and inexperience makes him prone to fall for dirty tricks.  His short temper has also gotten him in trouble more than once before.  In addition to these personality flaws, Ken's super speed comes with an accelerated metabolism, meaning that he would have to consume a lot more food than the average man of his size and age.  While he has control over his accelerated perception of time, if he's not consciously controlling it, he may end up activating it without even noticing.  For example, he could be standing in line for what would feel like hours on end.  Only when he starts paying attention will he realize that only five seconds have passed in "real" time.

Personality: Ken could be considered by some to be the "strong, silent" type.  Usually very stoic and serious, he has a surprisingly short temper.  He attempts to be approachable and tries to be friendly with other people, though it's obvious that he's not very good at it.  He can also be surprisingly stubborn and make very reckless decisions at times.  Once he's made up his mind about something, he'll see through it to the end.  Ken is also the type to see things in shades of grey.  He believes that everything is situational and prefers to hear the full story before having to judge someone if he has to.  He also believes that there is good in everyone, though there are people he would find hard to forgive if at all.

Backstory: Ken had been living out on the streets ever since he ran away from home at the age of nine.  Shortly after turning thirteen, he along with several other street kids were kidnapped by a mysterious group of criminals.  These criminals were helping an evil mad scientist collect guinea pigs for an experiment involving the creation of super soldiers.  The evil mad scientist himself was working for a secret government organization who condoned his experiments for "the greater good".  Ken was one of the guinea pigs who was injected with super serum, which initially caused great pain and stress to his young body.  Once the pain was over, however, the young teenager found himself travelling faster than the speed of sound.  In addition to being injected with super serum, the kidnapped street kids also had bombs implanted into their heads.

After developing super speed, Ken and whoever managed to survive the super soldier experiment were inducted into the secret government super soldier project.  For the next five years, they were all given a high-level of education along with years of paramilitary combat training.  They were regularly sent on life-and-death missions whose ultimate goals were kept secret even from them.  All they could do was achieve their objective, then return to headquarters.  If they disobeyed, the bombs in their heads would be set off, killing them.  The super soldier unit also began to show the first signs of starting down a darker path.  Ken's teammates performed acts of cruelty... acts of monstrosity against the enemies they defeated.  At first, Ken was feeling uneasy about being among a group of sadistic torturers.  The ones behind the super soldier project even seemed to encourage this sort of behaviour.  Soon, however, the young soldier was swept up along with the rest and he soon found himself joining in on these cruel and horrific crimes.  He was taught how to perform the art of torture and interrogation during the last two years he was with them.

Five years after being inducted into the super soldier project, Ken and his team found themselves up against a group of superheroes.  Not only were they soundly defeated, but Ken found himself captured by the superheroes.  The bomb in his head was discovered and promptly removed before it could be set off.  Finally being freed of the bomb, Ken repaid the superheroes by leading them back to headquarters to free the other super soldiers.  Unfortunately, during the aftermath of the rescue operation, Ken found himself recaptured by the secret government organization.  At first, they considered implanting another bomb inside his head, but ultimately decided to dispose of him.  The one in charge of his execution, however, decided to let Ken's former torture trainer have a little fun first.  For ten days, Ken would endure the same torture and interrogation that he himself had put many others through.  He suffered under the personal hands of his former torture trainer.

Ken's powers alone would not save him for the secret government organization had equipment designed specifically for speedsters like himself.  Of course, he did not have his powers alone.  He had his training under the super soldier project.  He had his knowledge of the equipment they used.  He had his skills and experience from the missions they sent him on.  Within seconds, he had escaped from his prison and as soon as he was out, he ran.  He ran as far away as he could.  He didn't know where he was going.  He didn't care where he was going.  He just had to go... somewhere.

Wandering about in solitude, Ken became an aimless drifter, moving from one place to the next, all around the globe.  One day, he came across a certain superhero, who encouraged him to use his powers for good.  Deciding that he wanted to fight on the side of justice, Ken became the superhero known as the Black Bullet.
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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2014, 06:08:00 PM »
Feel free to add more categories if you want, guys. Mine is mostly still a work in progress. I just kind of.. dozed off before I could finish. You don't have to follow my format to the letter, either. As long as you've got something you think looks good, it's fine by me.

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2014, 08:26:50 PM »
I am...shockingly..having a hard time coming up with a character that doesn't dupe stuff other people have come up with too closely. Still trying!

Offline Deathnote

Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2014, 08:35:33 PM »
Well, maybe a dupe might not be such a bad idea.  You could have a shared origin of some sort, giving your characters an already established connection.  :p

Offline Downfall347

Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #13 on: October 01, 2014, 11:01:02 PM »
I know I am late to the party, mind if I jump in?

Brian (Father) Callahan

Name: Brian Callahan
Alias: Show Stopper
Public Opinion: Mixed, Mostly Negative
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Powers: Brian's powers come from a meteor lodged in his chest cavity which has bonded with his skeleton and caused several mutations to develop, granting him superhuman capabilities. In addition to lightly enhanced physical abilities (strength, agility, durability), the meteor gives him a few more potent capabilities, all having to do with the manipulation of kinetic and photonic energy. The first behind that Brian has the ability to fly by producing a large amount of kinetic energy from his feet. However, this burst is largely uncontrollable once flight has been achieved. He can switch directions once he gets off the ground, but only to make large corrections. He lacks the ability to fly with any finesse and often crashes rather than lands. Also, he has the ability to bend ambient light waves, allowing him to enhance or dim existing light. If he focuses, this light can then be condensed into a ball of pulsing lime green energy in his hand which he can then launch as a bolt at targets. The energy disrupts matter at the atomic level, leaving little wreckage in its wake, just the dust that used to be his target. This ability, however, works better on inanimate objects. While many human's would still require extensive hospitalization after taking a bolt, most living things will survive the blast with moderate burns unless repeatedly hit.

Weakness: Other than the weaknesses inherent to his powers (the uncontrolled nature of his flight and limitations of his photonic blast) the meteor in Brian's chest seems to run on cosmic energy, as in sunlight. While starlight does provide some, it is not enough to keep the meteor's reactions active. If he is cut off from sunlight for too long (over 24 hours) the meteor will go inert and he will lose his powers until he has a chance to absorb more sunlight. If he is kept from any form of cosmic light (in a dark box for example) for over two days, the meteor will go dead, and Brian will die.

Personality: For Brian, it was always about the glory. He was raised in a strict catholic household as a sixth son among twelve. The middle child, often forgotten, Brian had to fight for every scrap he ever had. To his parents, the only worthwhile thing he ever did was join the Seminary and become a priest in the Catholic church. So naturally they disapproved when a freak meteor strike turned him into a super hero. But, where they saw a calamity, Brian saw opportunity. Brian is a glutton for fame, always pushing himself to be the big shot in every situation he gets in. To him, there is no greater moment than when all eyes are on you. This, naturally, translates to his work as a superhero. Prone to making rash decisions and show boating he has gotten himself and others in trouble on numerous occasions with his antics, and as far as many members of the public are concerned, he is more of a public menace than a hero. However, to those who know him, they will see another side of Brian. He is a man made of his insecurities. Suffering perpetual abandonment issues and struggling to find his identity Brian never seems quite sated with the world as it is. Behind his show boat antics he truly believes that these powers will let him do something good for the world, he just doesn't know what. He also often comes into conflict with his faith. When he became a hero he quit the church but still considers himself Catholic, and often finds himself wondering what role God has to play in the battle between spandex clad supers.

Online Juggtacular

Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #14 on: October 02, 2014, 02:40:06 AM »
Moses Price III

Name: Moses Kenneth Price III
Alias: Blitzkrieg
Public Opinion: Apprehensive, but very positive
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Electromagnetic  Spectrum Manipulation – Blitzkrieg is able to generate and manipulate most, if not all forms of energy associated with Electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe. He can “view” these energies like normal people view the world. As he had had a long time to practice with these powers, Blitzkrieg has shown a wide range of uses aside from the obvious metal manipulation that comes with them. Ranging from energy blasts to distorting light, to manipulating metals, even confusing telepaths with “mental static” and more.

Ferrokinesis – A mainstay of electromagnetism is the manipulation of metallic matter, aka Metal. Blitzkrieg can manipulate all ferrous metals and some non-ferrous ones by directly affecting magnetic fields present in the environment. He’s able to take apart and put together complex machinery, move metals about in a manner similar to telekinesis, and shape them in any way he wishes. This also comes in handy for stopping or redirecting conventional weapons like bullets and missiles.

Flight – By creating a charge that is the opposite of the planet, he can levitate and propel himself via “magnetic flight”.

Force Field – By condensing large amounts of electro-magnetic energy around himself in either a form fitting sheath, or bubble, he can erect powerful force fields that can repel most forms of physical and energy attacks. This force field can be expanded to protect others, or be used as a form of containment by surrounding an enemy with it.

Organic Manipulation – By exercising control over the ever present flow of iron in the human body, Blitzkrieg can achieve a number of effects on said person or people in question. He can force unconsciousness, increase the flow of iron to cause an aneurysm, even alter thought processes and the way a person sees the environment around them. He is also able to control people directly, moving them like puppets. (Will only be used on NPC's or players with express given permission)

EM Senses – Blitzkrieg can shift his perception to see the world as shifting patterns of energy. Utilizing this unique form of sight, he can see power sources, stress points in structures; he can even see the bio-electric auras that human bodies generate.

Bio-Molecular Supercharge – Blitzkrieg can flood his cellular makeup with raw electromagnetic energy. This “supercharge” increases his strength to tremendous levels.

Energy Discharge – By directing energy along his body’s currents, Blitzkrieg can expel several forms of volatile energy along the EM Spectrum. This includes basic blasts of electricity, EM Pulses, intense heat, concussive blasts of force and other forms of EM energy.

Energy Leeching – All modern power sources generate electricity, and using his powers, Blitzkrieg can drain that energy to bolster his own reserves. He can even drain the bio energy from people if he absolutely needs to. The amount he gets of course is directly dependent on how large the energy source is, and how long he gets with it. This process increases his natural healing by a moderate amount. Not enough to be considered a healing factor, but enough that it is noticeable when his injuries heal faster than normal.

Weakness: Blitzkrieg wields one of the four fundamental forces that bind the universe at his fingertips, but he's still a man. He needs to drink, he needs to eat, he needs to sleep. Without the basics of human survival, he will die. There’s also the fact that he can be taken by surprise, and if he is, he can be injured and killed like a normal person, as his powers are not constantly on, they have to be activated.

All of his abilities run on his bodies store of energy; if that’s depleted, not only will his powers cease to work correctly if at all, he’ll be physically drained as well. This will result in sluggish and lethargic actions, slowed mental capacity and other detrimental physical effects that leave him vulnerable and at risk.

At maximum power output, Blitzkrieg can use his powers for up to an hour and a half at most. At which time his energy will drop to critical levels and leave him a shell of his former self. If he ever gets to this point, he’ll need to retreat or find some power source to “jump start” himself, otherwise he will be in trouble. 

If he tries to use his powers after this point, it will put strain on his body and could cause severe, possible permanent injury. If his powers are drained, he will naturally recharge to full power in around 12 hours; during that 12 hour period he will essentially be human, with only negligible usage of his powers. For example, he may be able to stop a pistol round with a force field, but any more than that would be a stretch.

His weaknesses go beyond physical as well. Jacob is a prideful man bordering on arrogant. He’s had the best training(Spec-Ops Marine), he’s powerful, he has many friends in the hero community…why wouldn’t he be? This of course causes things like an inability to accept defeat, unwillingness to listen to the counsel of others, and not knowing when to cut his losses.

Personality: Moses is militant; he is focused on his aims and goals and lets little else get in the way of that. Friends, family, all of that takes a back seat to making the world a safer place for all. It's not intentional of course, but it's simply how he's wired and it's hard to change something like that if you even can. He’s a hard man due to his military upbringing and background; he's not hard to get along with, you just have to get used to how he is before things become simpler.

 He’s not above listening to sound advice, but chances are unless it’s good enough to make him stop and think about it, he’ll go with his original plans. He doesn’t like failure, from others, and especially not himself; which means he'll push you, but not more than you can take.

Moses is absolutely, without a doubt, very pragmatic. He understands you can't save everyone, so he may let a man with a bomb strapped to his chest die so he can save the building of innocents that would die if the bad guy holding them hostage has his way. He doesn’t like it, but he has to make the hard choices others won’t if things are going to change.

It doesn't always make him popular, but more level heads understand why he does what he does. He’s a fighter, and even if he’s losing, he will refuse to accept defeat until it’s evident that the conflict is hopeless.  He can be friendly, he can be nice, and he often is. But on missions and when it's time to save the world, he's mostly business aside from a bit of joking here and there.

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Re: Interest Check - [Behind The Cowl] - Superhero, Freeform
« Reply #15 on: October 03, 2014, 10:46:40 AM »

Name: Morna 'Mourn' Hennessy
Alias: Scream Angel
Public Opinion: Limited and wary
Age: 27
Sex F
Sexuality: Rumoured Omni.

Backstory: Under the stage name 'Mourn', Hennessy was the lead singer and songwriter for the all-femme Goth-Trance band Dark Goddess.  With partners 'BriarRose', 'Lethe', 'Keening', and 'Barrow', Hennessy was something of a cult sensation, never top 10 (who in that genre ever is, anyway?), but gathering solid crowds at live shows and doing respectable sales. Rumors of drug parties, black masses and ritual orgies after shows (often with audience members) did nothing to tarnish the band's modest popularity- quite the opposite.

It took the accident to do that. During the sound check for a show in Cleveland, Morna led off with 'The Banshee's Love', one of their most popular tunes. Starting from a whisper, her unusually flexible and powerful voice was supposed to rise in pitch and volume to a whirlwind scream, kicking off the guitar lead-in to the tune proper.

Well, it did. And kept right on rising, totally out of her control. By the time she could stop, the band was on the ground bleeding from their ears, and more than $200k in damage had been done to sound gear, lights, and even parts of the stage itself. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, since the small venue was more or less empty. But Mourn, shocked and terrified by her unexplained burst of power, left the band citing 'health concerns'.

She still writes, including for her old bandmates, but she never sings. In fact, she hardly ever opens her mouth, communicating in whispers through a heavy scarf, or writing on a touch tablet, as if she were a deafmute. Far from learning harness her powers, she goes out of her way to forget she has them, and keeps them hidden. The name 'Scream Angel' was foisted on her by a tabloid reporter following the accident- she never uses it herself, preferring her old stage name to anything else.

Powers: Sound manipulation.

Weaknesses: Though in theory, given her existing training, Morna should be able to fine her voice down like a stereotypical diva, capable of shattering a single glass with a quiet ping or even rattling a lock open, in practice her powers remain almost completely unexplored. As a result, they're wildly erratic and dangerous.

Probably her greatest weakness is the depression and trauma caused by having the music she loves turned weapon-grade on her, with no warning or seeming reason. 

Peraonality: [will finish and polish tonight- need to leave for work soon]