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April 27, 2018, 12:08:52 AM

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Author Topic: A few fandoms the LamentingQuill craves quite powerfully (F for M character)  (Read 332 times)

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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter


I am a huge fan of Voltron: Defenders of the Universe and I would very much like to pair Prince Lotor and Princess Allura.

This can easily be either non-con or consensual.

Lord of the Rings-

I absolutely adore Lord of the Rings, I read all the books and just loved the shit out of them. I wanted to pair Legolas or Haldir with an original character of an original race that I devised: Moon fairies. The Moon fairies left Middle Earth a long ass time ago for their own personal reasons and have recently decided to return to Middle Earth. This race tends to have very, very fair skin that faintly glows with a soft silver light, white hair and I envision them having a very simple style of wings like Tinkerbell of Disney.

Further details can be discussed between partners, I am very open to help further developing this new race.

Inuyasha/Sailor Moon crossover-

I wanted to pair Sesshomaru with Usagi, I already have a brief storyline for it. I'd like someone with good knowledge of the Inuyasha anime, some Sailor Moon knowledge would be nice, but not necessary.

What if long ago when the Silver Millennium was still thriving, the princess of the Moon Kingdom never had a romance with any human prince, but instead an Inu youkai lord...
What if the reason for Sesshomaru's cold behavior partially had something to do with his beloved having been murdered along with her entire race when an evil witch attacked the Moon Kingdom?

Now in Feudal Japan, Sesshomaru encounters a young woman living alone in the woods... that looks exactly in every way, like his beloved moon princess...

Usagi believes herself to be simply an ordinary young woman with absolutely nothing special about her, but Sesshomaru knows better... he is certain this woman is the reincarnation of his sweet Serenity...

He will not lose her again... he would take her away to his castle and keep her safe... whether she wanted it or not...

Street Fighter

I want to pair Vega with either the beautiful daughter of his former partner, Victor Sagat, or Chun Li. Some do not like Chun Li, but I do, it's okay if she is not your cup of tea.

Anyway, here is what I was working with far:

What if Sagat had a daughter no one knew about in the United States, what is she went looking for her father after him being absent in her life for six years, she is concerned and worried he may be in trouble or dead. What will happen when she meets his old charismatic partner Vega? What will happen when Ryu and Ken enter into the picture after saving Sagat's daughter from stalkers intent on either ransoming the girl or selling her into slavery for profit?
This could also feature Chun Li as my character instead of an original character. Speak with me for details on that if it sparks interest.

Time to burn some muscle!

Offered role: Vega

(This is very rough draft and there is plenty of room for tweaking once I have found a partner)
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