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Author Topic: The League Of Evil (NC/EX/FREEFORM/SUPERPOWERS) Interest/ proto-character thread  (Read 1500 times)

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Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

This is an idea I had a while ago that garnered some interest but never really got off the ground (though it did come back to life briefly.)

I have seen a fair few hero based Rp's floating about (both DC/Marvel and OC) and I thought about what would a world be like if a group of super Villains banded together to confront the "goody-goody" problem (I'm sure most people would go for the evil route over justice...Just ask someone what they'd do if they gained the power of invisibility ;) ).

If you've ever read "Wanted" (the graphic novel) you'll know what I'm on about Or check out the wiki I also had inspiration thanks to Neil Patrick Harris
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Brief story synopsis

  Heroes and Villains exist. That is a fact. These supermen and women have been hiding in the shadows for centuries. But in the last century a mass influx of "special" people have been awakening and super powers are starting to become more common (though rough estimates put the number of superpersons at less than half a percent of the global population). Where you have the Heroes taking up the limelight and praise of the population, you have the other side of the coin. Those who got the short end of the stick, those that feel like they deserve more or those that just enjoy the idea of making other people miserable.
  With the influx of the villains the Heroes took it upon themselves to become defenders of the population, and with the support of the populace and governments they had great success. They even formed a group, calling themselves "The Invincible Guardians" to help with any issues that required more than one "Hero". 
 Upset with the current state of affairs. A group of individuals calling themselves "The Shadow Council" invited a group of "select" persons to form their own league to contrast the Guardians. They provided these individuals with a secret communal facility to use as an alternative to their own (if they have one). Inside they can find all they need for a home away from home. Each person has their own area which consists of a secure apartment which includes bathing area, sleeping area kitchenette and lounge accessed by a biometric lock (providing you remember to lock it). As for the communal areas. These consist of the main meeting/conference room (to receive messages from the council, plot nefarious schemes and generally laugh maniacally), a kitchen (to make eeevil omelets and the like), a gym, an armoury (for shoot-guns), pool and sauna, an armoury (to store gadgets) and a lab (for any evil geniuses).   

As it's just an interest thread at the moment, just the basics are required.

*Notification of interest
*Any Questions
*Light Character sheet

---Character sheet---

"Normal" Name: i.e Tim Baxter
Gender: Male
"Normal" Appearance: How you look as a "civilian" (try to be as detailed and you are more than welcome to include an image)
Sexuality: Hetero
Personality: i.e Stereotypical Jock
Villan Name: i.e Captain Obvious
Villain Appearance: i.e Their outfit (again please include detail and if you can find an image even better

A good Creator to use is
 Just Export your character to your computer then upload them to the wiki......... Here's one I made earlier

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Powers: (try not to go OP with this please)
Special Equipment (& function): i.e Blatant Bombs (They go boom)
Weakness: Everyone needs one. Though it can be unknown to other fact that's probably for the best being evil and all.
Nemesis: (not necessarily needed but can add a bit more flavour to your character and they could crop up later)
Brief Bio: He grew up and became evil because.
Crime that gained you entrance to the Legue:


Q) How long have powers been around?
A) As far as people know, 4 or 5 centuries but in secret. However in the last century, there has been a mass awakening in people being discovered with superpowers.

Q) How do superheroes react to villains?
A) By beating the s&!t out of them whilst spouting a corny catch phrase before throwing them in a woefully under equipped prison.

Q) How do countries?
A) The same way they react to "regular" villains. Sending cops to arrest them. Then SWAT (or their equivalent) if the cops fail. Then finally the military.

Q) Are there aliens?
A) Yes, but not any who have made contact with the human race. Maby the odd Superman esque intergalactic refugee (but not a OP as him).

Q) Magic?

Q) Other dimensions? If so. How do these interact?
A) Possibly, though experiments and research are going on. No progress has been made. Though I wouldn't be opposed to someone who wants to play a villain who has found himself in "our" dimension in some accident.

Q) Why are several villains forming a league of evil?
A) Because the Heroes formed the "Invincible Guardians " to try to pool their resources to combat the ever growing threat posed by the villains.

Q) What is Your (as in my) role in this?
A) I will be providing the NPC's for your characters to be pitted against. The nameless civilians/cops/and heroes who try to beat you up whilst uttering (what they think are) witty one liners. Also Scenarios can be provided if you can't come up with (as in tasks from the Shadow Council)

Q) Power level? Global/local/galactic/street?
A) From street to just under Global i.e country. Though as characters progress they could work in concert to become a global threat (but that's a while off).

Also I will be controlling the "Shadowman" a robotic proxy drone that is your only contact with the "Shadow council" at the League of Evil. Who's voice when it talks constantly changes in tone from youthful to ancient, male to female and all between.

If you think I've missed anything or if you need clarification, or just a question. feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to answer.

Character Thread: TBA

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

Offline Interdiction of words

I raise my hand to join

Offline Zeth

I'm interested as well, but want to know if this is going to be in the NC group or Light group, or what ever.

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

NC as in the title

Offline Interdiction of words

Well do you want us to start making characters?

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

If you would be so kind. It's an interest/preliminary character thread

Offline Interdiction of words

"Normal" Name: Thalos Zehiar

Gender: Male

"Normal" Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sexuality: Hetero

Personality: Very surreptitious, preferring to stay by the side line to watch others kill each other but some of that time he would like to stick his claws into some flesh. Intimidation is the key for loyalty or power in this world and he remembers well how it works. Scientist thinking is what keeps his head above water when the going gets tough.

Villan Name: Chain Lightning

Villain Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Powers: Chains that have been built by nanites that can reach out about fifteen feet, control over lightning to some degree thanks to the keys on each end of the chains. Intelligence to follow up the chains for he made the nanites. With the last one alchemical hermeticism
Special Equipment (& function): Nanites: reconstruction of tissue to a degree and chains plus electromagnetic waves of energy that seeps into the chains.

Weakness: He has three main weaknesses the first being if you deploy a Electromagnetic pulse wave for long enough the nanites will be terrestrially disabled. The second weakness is hubris, his pride often gets the better of his actions. The last big weakness is he is a sucker for women that seduce him or present themselves to him... falling for whatever trap they have in store.
Nemesis: Light's glory, a female angel or something of that idea that has hounded him from the very first crime

Brief Bio: Secret tests inside of a US weapons lab created him, he was suppose to be a weapon developed for the cold war to fight off the enemy where ever they were regardless of the temperature or what the enemy was doing. Being trained and modified was his life. Becoming the ultimate weapon was his destiny but when they saw how brutal and angry he was at his enemies they shut down the project but he would not be so extinguished so quickly. He broke out of his prison to lead a life of crime since it was the only way he would be able to get money.
Crime that gained you entrance to the League: The vaporization of several favored politicians that supported killing him.
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Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

Looks good. Is this what you were thinking with "lights glory"?

Offline Izaya Orihara

"Normal" Name:  Alexander von Schwarzthal
Gender: Male
"Normal" Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sexuality: Hetero
Personality: See bio, since it's in there.
Villain Name: The Mournful Wolf, or "Die Traurigen Wolf"
Villain Appearance:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Powers: Homunculus/Bionic Hybrid physiology (and associated sub-abilities). Technology Manipulation. Alchemy (not magic, but rather a mysterious and ancient science). Metal Manipulation. Regeneration.
Special Equipment (& function): Wrist-blades built into his arms, that can lengthen at will. SIL-845-DRK prototype energy-beam rifle, and a 9mm machine-pistol (with a design based off a P-08 Luger) that can fire either semi-automatically or in three-round bursts, with hollow tips and explosive charges. And a segmented sword cane with an inbuilt energy blade generator, the cane itself topped with two heads; a silver wolf's head and a black eagle's head, and a winged hilt, also being bedecked in swastikas, runes and the like. His body has all kind of gadgets built into it,
Weakness:  EMP attacks, viruses, stuff that could damage his cybernetics/electronics, etc, etc. The metals he uses have their own weaknesses, including melting, as well as freezing and shattering. Without power/energy he would be pretty much crippled. The regeneration ability heals minor injuries quickly, yet it gets complicated after that. Worse injuries require him to be stabbed/shot/attacked in the heart to trigger off the regeneration, with fatal injuries elsewhere impairing and potentially rendering his body into a state of non-function. With Metal Manipulation- other than his own body, he can only control one kind of metal at a time. Another weakness would be his arrogance, as well as his fear of his older sister- which may also be related to a certain uncomfortableness around women. Potentially a few more weaknesses.
Nemesis: Kára von Schwarzthal. The bio reveals how dysfunctional the family is.
Brief Bio:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Born in the fortified city of Schwarzthal, June 1st, 1918, Alexander was son of Julius von Schwarzthal- a noble and composer, and Ilya Natt och Dag, a Swedish singer and noblewoman. He was the grandson of the renowned German evolutionary biologist, August von Schwarzthal, and great-grandson of Johan Konrad von Schwarzthal, a professor of ancient languages and theology. The von Schwarzthal family was also a minor noble family related to several German dynasties and even the Russian Imperial family, though their influence had dimmed after the fall of the German Empire in World War one, as well as the eradication of the Romanov family courtesy of the Bolsheviks. From an early age, it was clear that he had a keen intellect, and an interest in matters of a scientific and medical nature. As well as that, he had something of an interest in conflict, studying considerably in matters of history, wars and the like, in a Germany that was rapidly being dominated by Nazi propaganda. Due to his parents, he had also inevitably inherited a talent for music. His older sister, Kára von Schwarzthal had a cynical view of the Nazis, believing that they'd inevitably end up being dragged down by their own fanaticism, and were only of use as tools to those who knew how to manipulate them, and the ability to do so. Kára scorned his belief in the Nazi cause, saying that with his intelligence, he should be able to see the flaws inherent in their ideology. Regardless, he maintained his view. Unbeknownst to his parents, his older sister also manipulated and abused him, saying that it was only a just punishment, or a taster of what was to come if he continued to trust in the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Another reason for his sister's actions, and opinion of the Nazis, may have been that their uncle, Friedrich von Schwarzthal- a mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, was half German (mother), and half Jewish Russian (father), and been tortured and beaten to death by several members of the SA.

He joined the Hitler Youth in 1929, being noticed rapidly by those on the lookout for talent. Not long later, he ended up joining the SS, serving in the Waffen SS, though also having a role in the Medical Corps and the Ahnenerbe (Scientific Corps). Using knowledge and talent similar in nature to that of his grandfather, he experimented on cells in the human body, experimenting on many test subjects in concentration camps in order to find results, and to further the cause of the Third Reich, becoming notable for his ruthlessness and tendency to disregard the value of human life. Though that was hardly an uncommon trait for the Nazis. In 1944, despite his youth, his expertise and intelligence made him one of the first scientists or doctors involved in experimenting on on people said to possess super powers, intending to use them and their abilities against the Allies, with a senior position amongst those assigned to make their kind of optimum use to Germany in the war. Like many in the SS, he developed an interest in the occult, and was known to incorporate such things into his experiments, as well as the music he composed.

Meanwhile, his military involvement, in the Waffen SS, made him rise through the ranks, second in command and advisor to the infamous SS-Oberführer (Senior Colonel) Oskar Dirlewanger, who lead the Division, though unlike many, he was there due to the Division's reputation for brutality and ruthlessness, which Alexander considered a useful tool. Along side Dirlewanger, he was involved in much of the Division's actions, though he was sometimes irritated by the missed opportunities to make the best use of test subjects due to Dirlewanger's brutality and habit of having his men crudely massacre civilians, Jews, Russians, Polish locals and others. Though Alexander was more concerned about results, and the Division's brutality, as he predicted, did give him a lot to work with, and enabled him to work with as many test subjects, living or dead, as he wished. He was also one of the individuals who resisted the numerous Heer and SS commanders that attempted to remove Dirlewanger from the SS and disband the unit, along with certain higher ranking Nazi patrons who intervened to keep Dirlewanger in power. He was often regarded as odd, seeming distant and sad at times, yet eager, ruthless and manipulative at others, especially when engrossed in doing what he does best. Hence, he was nicknamed "The Mournful Wolf" and due to his origins in nobility and connections with royalty, as the "Silver King". Yet another name he was sometimes known as, was Krieghund, or Warhound.

Another element of his reputation also stemmed from his being the direct descendent of an infamous Duke who fought in the Thirty Years War, the Duke von Schwarzthal, Thaddäus von Schwarzthal. Also known as the Blood Duke, he participated in many of the slaughters perpetrated during one of the most destructive wars of European history, in the 1600s, including the Sack of Magdeburg- in which over 20,000 inhabitants were slaughtered. Despite his infamy at the time, a fair number of records regarding him were later expunged, after he was thought by some to be a "demon clothed in human form", and a "warrior of Satan who sought to bring hell to earth, masquerading as a pious Duke and righteous champion of the true faith" having been known to dabble in alchemy and apparent black magick, despite his claims of following the Catholic faith. Thus, one could say his family had a bit of a history.

Though Alexander was primarily stationed within Dirlewanger's division, he had often taken part in other parts of the war, including being behind events such as the Wormhoudt massacre, the Gardelegen massacre, the Holocaust of Kalavryta and what took place at Oradour-sur-Glane, as well as the the Holocaust in Belarus. Though Dirlewanger was in charge in his division, Alexander rose past him in rank, due to his talent, background and "friends in high places", to the extent that he became an SS-Brigadeführer (SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS), helping wipe out various ethnicities that the Third Reich considered "untermensch" via massacres of towns and villages, as well as at concentration camps. His rank ensured he also had involvement with the Gestapo, as a senior officer of the SS. Already having become a senior member of the Ahnenerbe, he also organised, ordered, and took part in expeditions and searches for sites, artefacts and features of an archaeological nature that were intended to reveal the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race, as well as for things of an occult and mythological nature, often tied up together in such matters, and as far as Tibet, also conducting experiments in the aforementioned areas, with the organisation's combination of science, archaeology, ideology, occultism and various other things. And of course, there were the SS Medical Corps, and the experiments they had participated in, including mass-gassing and testing various toxins, poisons, experimental weapons and biological warfare, as well as "research" of a more medical nature, with various serums, concoctions, techniques, devices and such.

Elsewhere, unbeknownst to him, Kára had decided to use the Nazis to gain power for herself. Growing to possess a degree of influence by manipulating a general in the SS, she once more made an appearance. Using his past against him, she had him undertake another project in secret, with a few other scientists and occultists in the SS. Named Projekt Ätherisch Königin, it would involve a combination of Alexander's scientific abilities, as well as his supernatural metal manipulation, and a mysterious artefact taken from an old barrow in an expedition to southern Norway. Said artefact being a weapon that could take the form of either a sword, bow, or spear. Taking several weeks, and under Kára's specific guidance, it resulted in her possessing the combined powers of a mythical Norse Valkyrie, and a Greek Celedon. Though with the latter, she became powerful enough that her Celedon form was immune to control by Alexander, even if he could control gold, among other metals. Not long after, she vanished, though not before killing everyone involved in the project, other than him- perhaps to test her powers, as well as to keep veil of secrecy upon things. With the former, it turned out she was simply awakening a mostly latent nature as a female descendant of the Natt och Dag family, with their mother being as such. Leaving Alexander dangerously wounded but not dead, she said he would only be of worth if he became more powerful. With this desire to appease an older sister to whom he felt inferior, he delved deep into the alchemy of his ancestors, experimenting on himself and others. Despite this, he was still too weak for Kára's plans, so she forcefully applied all the methods that the test data revealed as potentially viable, resulting in Alexander's transformation into an artificial human-- a homunculus, combining experimental technology with ancient alchemy, during in the process of which, very little remained that was exactly human any more. As one could imagine, it was a rather complex, and altogether not too pleasant a procedure. Kára had also worked to be of considerable influence amongst some senior officers in the German military, manipulating and using them as she saw fit, whilst in secret torturing and killing them off one by one, as well as administering the same fate a little less subtly to more or less unnoticed Nazi sympathisers.

Elsewhere, Alexander's strategic advice was responsible for some of the Division's successes, including the defeat of the Slovak National Uprising. Later on, however, Dirlewanger's tendencies to ignore some of his advice resulted in heavy casualties and losses to the Russians, with sizeable portions of the Division being separated and wiped out. With a mixture of anticipation and desperation, he was involved in the attempted deployment of brainwashed super beings against the enemies of the Reich. During another battle with the Russians, the 36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division was cornered in the Halbe Pocket, and the leashed test subjects were deployed against the Russians, though things quickly spread out of control, due to subordinates disobeying Alexander's orders after Dirlewanger was injured in the field, and sent to the rear. A majority of the 36. Waffen-Grenadier-Division was wiped out by superpowered experiments gone insane, with a remnant lead by the disgraced commander Fritz Schmedes reaching U.S. Army lines on the Elbe river and surrendering.

 In a panic, the men of the 73rd Waffen Grenadier Regiment of the SS, lynched their commanding officer Ewald Ehler, who was a former commandant of the Dachau concentration camp, who had been convicted of corruption. With chaos and disobedience running riot as panic grew, Alexander recognised the danger, and the fact that there was little more he could do. Taking a small unit of loyal men, he escaped, travelling all the way to Prague, though he estimated that the rampage, combined with the advances of the Allies and the Comnitern would surpass all efforts to contain it, and it would gain momentum by the week, though he desired the chaos the more powerful of these experiments would deliver, in the hope that Germany would "go out with a bang" so to speak, with many of those experimented upon in Alexander's hopes of being able to use them as living weapons against enemies of the Third Reich, attacking and destroying others indiscriminately in their madness, be they of either side. Knowing that enemy advances, as well as bombing runs would come to target Prague in the time to come- as well as a few superpowered individuals as well as psychics in the employ of the Soviets and the Allies coming to target him, he vanished, going into hiding in the Ore Mountains of eastern Germany. With a base he'd established a couple of years earlier there, he hid, whilst also continuing to carry out his experiments on captured villagers from the nearby area, as well as turning his own men into fanatically loyal cyborgs.

However, things were not to go as planned. In 1945, the Soviets were drawn to the hidden base after a psychic named Nadya Alexeyevna Polubarinova-Kochina, with the abilities of clairvoyance, telekinesis and remote viewing, in their Secret Soviet Occult Warfare unit, had spotted the site. They launched an offensive, to which Alexander and his men retaliated in a fierce battle in the mountains. The Soviet forces buckled and ran in to trouble with the strong counter-attacks of the SS-Brigadeführer's cyborg soldiers, as well as his own abilities, strategies and inventions.

The Russians took heavily losses, and when it seemed that amongst them, the psychic wielding an "enchanted" (more likely made by an alchemist centuries ago) katana, Nadya, would die at the hands of Alexander, Kára would yet again appear. With the main Sovet commander dead, along with many of his troops, it would seem that hope had been perilously close to the abyss of utter defeat. Seeing an opportunity to both bring about a blow to the dying Nazi cause, as well as to humiliate her younger brother, the hybrid of a Valkyrie and a Celedon proceeded to rapidly turn the tide of battle, easily destroying many of Alexander's men, and coming to engage him in single combat, doing enough damage to allow Nadya to impale him with the enchanted blade, partially slicing him in two, and leaving the general seemingly dead. Soviet reinforcements later arrived, along with a secret British taskforce sent in from the south. The surviving German forces fled and vanished elsewhere, and the base was scoured clean before being left to nature.

However, Alexander survived, even if his body had been considerably damaged. Repairing himself, he would later contact his surviving followers, and begin to rebuild his powerbase and influence in secret, establishing himself as a mysterious figure known only to organisations and agencies of a certain variety. Even then, most thought him dead, and as such, he was rarely pursued for his allegiance and crimes in the second world war. Nonetheless, with the castle of Schwarzthal once more his home, Soviet and NATO spies were often told by higher-ups to tread carefully in that region of West Germany. Though of course, they were never told why. Those that did investigate were informed that missions in the area were highly dangerous, and indeed, many Soviet spies mysteriously disappeared in the area during the Cold War.

Inevitably, of course, he was involved with numerous neo-Nazi organisations, though he found most to consist of pathetic amateurs who attempted to poorly imitate the ideology, practices, and activities of the NSDAP. During the Cold War, he refused to be a pawn to either NATO or the Warsaw Pact, instead following his own path as a remnant of the Third Reich, and of earlier German nobility. Wanted for a long time by certain national and international organisations, Alexander was also amongst the list of Nazis wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, though he was never captured and sentenced, eventually being presumed dead after enough time had passed. At various points, he was also involved in assorted criminal groups such as Mafia and the like, though only to manipulate them for his own purposes, and always with various other pseudonyms, rarely being involved in person. With the current situation, he finds much opportunity to indulge in activities some would consider abhorrent, and to gain further power.

One of the main organisations under him is the Schwärze Reich Vernichtung Ordens, or Black Empire Annihilation Order. Publicly known as Schwarzthal Industries, it became involved in numerous different businesses, including vehicles, electricity, and planes, with a hidden involvement in weapons and missiles. Although it is presented as a humanitarian opponent of nuclear weapons, the corporation secretly hordes supposedly decommissioned nuclear weapons for their own future use. Likewise, an experimental branch deals with new weaponry, technology and the like, including missiles, guns, robotics, chemical and biological warfare, and other things.
Alexander used the organization to procure secret nuclear information, astronautic technologies, and military-grade weaponry, while under the guise of being an environmentalist agency supposedly dedicated to decommissioning and disassembling nuclear reactors and arsenals. Likewise, to further chaos, terrorist organisations, criminal groups and countries in constant conflict are sold weapons of mass destruction and supplies as long as they obey orders. A further involvement in banking and finances adds an extra layer of international influence, power and control. Whilst part of Schwarzthal serves as a private military company, with much involvement in Africa, eastern Europe and the middle east, with said company being known as the Jagdhund Gesellschaft, often serving various governments, and guarding government officials, security for companies, and protecting natural resources in developing countries, including oil and semiprecious minerals. One can see the influence and reach such things give the organisation under him.

In some ways he could seem carefree and perhaps reckless, though usually his actions are often calculated and well-thought out, even if he can be quite arrogant. In spite of this, a certain bloodthirsty, unpredictable, and mostly ruthless facet of his personalty is usually present. And yet further still, lies a mental instability that could be considered the source of that aforementioned unpredictability.  He possesses both a superiority complex and an inferiority complex. He sometimes considers most other people weaker, and beneath him. He treats them as you might expect, yet when he believes others to be stronger, or they have proven themselves to be stronger- very few will at that, though he sometimes overestimates himself. Alexander obsesses over them, wanting to become as strong as them, yet also seeming fanatical towards them, and perhaps as scared of them. He tends to rely upon his intelligence and skill with strategy and manipulation, rather than physical strength, in which he was once lacking, though it may not be the case these days. On another note, due to the way he was treated when he was young, he is also quite masochistic.
Crime that gained you entrance to the League: Choose, since there are many.

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Offline Interdiction of words

Looks good. Is this what you were thinking with "lights glory"?

Quite good

Offline Zeth

Well we need a less serious villain or some sexy villainess.

I propose this guy for the funny one.

The Puppet Master. He can use any weapon or tool as long as he has the right hand puppet equipped.

Offline Green Goo Theory

This is awesome and I love Wanted.  Working on bringing a sheet over. 

Offline Zeth

I'm changing it so each puppet is a different power. That seems more proper for a super setting.

Offline RubySlippers

Is there room for a mistress of disguise, using money and technology with a super intellect to counter heroes with powers and likely sitting in the background as she funds thugs with tech to do crimes overseeing a gang like organization?

I'm thinking of a Tech version of the violent drug gangs etc. but with actual technology like mass producible by machines Iron Man suits (well not that good but in groups tough to deal with).

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

Looking good so far guys an gals.

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter