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Author Topic: Game Protagonists at War (Accepting Applications)  (Read 24635 times)

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Offline Chulanowa

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #75 on: August 13, 2014, 11:55:35 PM »
Make some lady characters. :D

It's just which of the two characters to go with, Hmmmm. Depends on which one I can find the better fanart of, huh?  8-)

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #76 on: August 14, 2014, 12:54:49 AM »

It's just which of the two characters to go with, Hmmmm. Depends on which one I can find the better fanart of, huh?  8-)

What are you deciding between? :D

Offline Chulanowa

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #77 on: August 14, 2014, 01:08:19 AM »
Already decided. i should have the sheet up before bed. I've decided to also claim the least likely of all villains to take my world.

That jackass tanuki!

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #78 on: August 14, 2014, 01:10:00 AM »
Already decided. i should have the sheet up before bed. I've decided to also claim the least likely of all villains to take my world.

That jackass tanuki!

Oh my god.

Hahaahahahaha. Is he going to ask me for all my bells and to constantly upgrade my housing while his shop gets bigger?

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #79 on: August 14, 2014, 01:31:16 AM »
Chris Redfield

Current Occupation: Town Sheriff. Ever since entering the human world, Chris has put his previous occupation as a law-keeper to good use by becoming the small town Sherrif of their little video game protagonist community. In all honesty the job is rather uninteresting, since the majority of the town's occupants were heroes in their own time and space. Thus making the crime rate at an all time low! But he prefers it to a normal day job on the regular N.Y.P.D, only leaving past the boundary of their community and into the “human New York” if he has too.

Home World Information: Where Chris comes from, all of the world sits beneath the thumb of the mighty Umbrella Corporation. Who it seems every few years turns some remote, populated area into their own personal testing ground into some new version of the alphabet soup virus. Chris fabricated an entire career hunting down and killing the monstrosities and undead beasts that spawned from these tests. Cleaning up one Umbrella mess after another, knowing in his heart that no matter his work the organization would never stop. Chris and his partner Jill Valentine are now considered the absolute best-of-the-best, elite and unique individuals who never give up. Hating what this biological warfare does to human beings more than anything else.

Appearance/Style Description: Most days Chris appears rather casual. His favorite ensemble of clothing consist of a pair of very worn looking jeans, a short sleeve black or white featureless shirt, and a Raccoon City Police department vest jacket hugging his muscular upper body. His style is casual, preferring comfort and maneuverability over any educated fashion sense. Understanding that his casual style and classic good looks are something women find attractive about him.
Personality: Chris is a fun loving, casual anti-Umbrella enforcer who would be the first to crack a joke on the battlefield. Numerous overseas operations have given him a jaded outlook on carnage and horror, making this light-hearted nature the best means he has to cope with all the horror around him. He smiles a fair deal, and actively goes out of his way to help and teach others in need. Those who know Chris well understand that this is all a front he puts on so that everyone can go home at the end of the day without a lifetime of nightmares. He considers the life of his companions paramount to any mission, this stemming from the fact that in his world Umbrella always returns. No matter what they do. If placed in a circumstance where it meant sacrificing the life of a friend, or “completing the mission” he would not hesitate to choose the saving his comrade.

Lately, after what has happened to him since The Legion's invasion and captivity, he has lost something of his charming spirit. Understanding the irony that on a biological level he has become what he fought for a lifetime against.

History: The Resident Evil home world was among one of the first to be invaded. Very few heroes exist inside of Chris's home world. With the exception of himself, there are only half a dozen or so others capable of fighting off Umbrella attacks. As a result The Council of Villains sent only one person to assist Umbrella in their research operations. Alex Mercer (Prototype series) held extremely interesting scientific traits that made him a invaluable test research subject to pit against the S.T.A.R.S. Special unit. With the combat assistance of a genetically modified Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were lured into a ambush, and made to combat both super-men on their own.

To his knowledge, Jill did not survive the battle. For the next half century (during most of The Legion invasion campaign) Chris was held against his will inside a full rebuilt and functioning Raccoon City Umbrella facility. With nobody remaining strong enough to contest their might, the heads of Umbrella thought the irony would be worth the millions of dollars it took to recreate the old mansion laboratory. It was determined early on that simply torturing Chris would yield no real sense of satisfaction. So, Umbrella extracted the Mercer Virus (renamed Prototype Virus) from Alex Mercer, and infected Chris Redfield.

Injected with a pure version of the virus, Umbrella studied the changes in Chris's physical and mental abilities for years. Knowing that the Prototype Virus manifested in different ways, offering unique and interesting powers to their owner that could present themselves in vastly different ways than it did in the original carrier. Twenty years ago, Chris was rescued from his fate by a group of Protagonist resistance members who had been informed of his imprisonment by his sister Claire. Discovering once free that she had managed to escape The Legion's first attack.

Current Situation: Chris is currently working closely with “Prince”. The leader of Babylon, and guardian of the Sands of Time. Their goal is to bring together a specialized group of free Protagonists to return to their home worlds, and defeat The Legion.

Weapon: Chris is proficient in the use of pistols and automatic rifles, developing the skills during his time as a S.T.A.R.S team member. He rarely uses them however anymore for the purposes of combat, yanking his gun from it's holster only for the purposes of intimidation. He instead utilizes the array of weapons he is able to spawn from his extremities. The Protoype Virus quite literally turned his body into a living weapon.


Special Powers: Chris has control of his body on a cellular level for the purposes of transformation. He can mutate his arms and legs into into biological weapons that seem only limited by his imagination. Though almost all take on either a balded, armored, or tendril like theme. The virus also grants him superhuman strength, speed, and healing abilities. Lastly, he is able to absorb the DNA of others and take on their physical appearance.


Living Weapon – See description above. Alex can turn his body into whips, swords, hammer like fists, etc.

Physically Superhuman – Chris is extremely strong, dexterous, and fast per the effects of the Prototype Virus.

Transformation – The Prototype Virus normally allows a infected person to completely absorb another person, and take on their physical form. As well as their memories. Chris however possesses a more evolved version of this power, only needing to make skin-to-skin contact with another human being to be able to adopt their form. This does not grant Chris their memories.

Video Game Classic – Chris and his home world were created when Protagonist home worlds were still few. In his age, he has learned a great deal about the other Protagonists and villains. Among the heroes of home worlds, he is well known and respected prior to his capture. He believes this reputation is solely responsible for being one of the only successful rescue missions from The Legion.


Unstable Makeup – While in the Umbrella Corporations lair, Chris received regular doses of some chemical that gave him seemingly limitless control over the Prototype Virus. He is now without that, and in turn finds that extended use of his abilities causes his body to mutate outside of his control. Typically not in a way that benefits his current circumstance.

Hatred and Hypocritical – Chris hates Albert Wesker and Alex Mercer more than he hates The Legion. If completely honest with himself, he would probably burn every home world to the ground if he could just bury those two in the ashes. Whether because they made him a monster, or because Chris secretly loves what he's become is unknown.

Corrupted Essence – The experiments that Chris underwent voided his Protagonist ability to hold home world essence within him. He is only able to travel between worlds using a device specifically meant for that purpose.
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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #80 on: August 14, 2014, 01:32:05 AM »
Alright, there is my character. I welcome any and all critiques! I am not immune to my own rules.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #81 on: August 14, 2014, 01:41:58 AM »
If anyone would like to discuss some form of a pre-existing relationship please PM me!

I am also looking for one or more people in the player party to have been apart of the crew that rescued Chris from the Umbrella facility.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #82 on: August 14, 2014, 01:49:58 AM »
The sections are up. If you are approved, please move your sheet over to the character sheet section:


Character Sheets -

List of approved:

Rel Mayer

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #83 on: August 14, 2014, 01:59:45 AM »
We are currently closed to male characters. However if you are reading through this thread and would like to throw your hat in if a spot opens up, please do! I will still be approving sheets throughout the entire game. And will notify you if availability opens as people are forced or voluntarily drop out.

We have a few people in this game that have played with me before. They can attest to people deciding to leave fairly early on and someone else new joining.

Offline Chulanowa

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #84 on: August 14, 2014, 02:59:54 AM »
Li Li Stormstout (World of Warcraft / Heroes of the Storm)

Current Occupation: Li Li has two jobs, and imagines herself to be terribly amazing at both; First, as a reporter for the little newspaper that circulates around "The Base" in New York. Every time a world falls or is reclaimed, Li Li tries to be there to get the scoop. As a junior reporter though - and given the expense! - she's most often relegated to the trickle of refugees. On her "off time" she tends bar at the local Shady Establishment. None can argue with her ability to mix a drink - or invent one. And you have to admit, with all the ingredients pouring in from across the Worlds - Fireflowers, to Sensu beans, to head crabs - you can make some fucking interesting booze!

Home World Information:  Azeroth. Four great continents, torn between the warring Alliance and Horde, facing threats of undead legions, Sha spirits corrupting everything, the Old Gods writing beneath the planet's surface, and the Burning Legion of Sargeras. Surely the people of Azeroth, battle-hardened and talented in magic, could withstand any force that could be brought to bear against it.

Any force except market manipulation. One by one, the auction houses of Azeroth fell into disarray. A stack of peacebloom settled at a price of nearly four thousand gold. There weren't enough zeroes in the code to sell anything epic. As each city's economy crumbled into ruins, so too fell the strength of its valiant heroes, who found themselves unable to afford the consumables and phat lewtz they had enjoyed before. It wasn't days, or weeks, or even months. No, it was over a year of runaway inflation. And then, the "Savior" appeared. A droll, charismatic figure who promised he could bring the prices back down, if only the people of Azeroth would come to work for him.

Desperate, hungry for their pandaren Feasts and tradeskill items, the heroes of Azeroth assented, and sold themselves into a treadmill of farming gold to afford just the basic necessities of life.

And that is how Tom Nook succeeded where Ragnaros the Firelord, Deathwing the destroyer, Illidan the Betrayer, Athras the Lich king, Sargeras and his Burning Legion, and like thirty fucking Old Gods had all failed.


Appearance/Style Description: Li Li is a pandaren - pretty much just what it sounds like, a humanlike panda. Fuzzy, black and white, a little plump (though Li Li is a rather lean example). At around twenty years old, she stands at five feet square - five-one counting the ears. For clothing, she prefers minimal, light, loose clothing - she might be the only bartender in New York City to wear a sundress instead of a halter and jeans. At other times, she prefers the clothing of her home world and culture - lucky for her there's an entire half-continent in this world that caters to similar tastes. Ever seen a buxom panda lady in a cheongsam? It's not a sight to be missed.
Personality: Li Li is, first and foremost, an Adventurer!. Even as a little girl, she was exploring her hostile world alone, poking her nose into the business of warring factions, and looting magical treasures from terrifying serpentfolk. The intervening years have only enhanced her desire to go everywhere and see everything. She's nosy - she would say curious - and likes stories (unkind people would call her a gossip). she's also a complete smartass, which is how she got her place behind a bar - Every scruffy dive needs a sassy barmaid. Snarky, irreligious, and impatient, these are traits a lot of people use to describe her, to which she would say "pfft, yeah and?" But more than that, she's enthusiastic about the things that matter. She might have acid words and laughter at your misfortune, but when chips are down, she'll be cracking people upside the head right there alongside you.

History: When Li Li was born, her uncle Chen took an immediate liking to her. Chen often spoke to Li Li of his interests in the world outside Shen-zin Su. When Li Li was young, her mother Xiu Li died in a fishing accident and Chen had already left the island, leaving Li Li's father Chon Po to watch over her and her brother Shisai on his own. Li Li would often read letters from Chen during his adventures in the outside world. Chon Po did not approve of her wanderlust.

Not that this stopped her. Li Li was a little hellion from day one, never able to stay still, always running around the small town on the Wandering isle causing trouble. Once she learned how to write, she began keeping a journal of all the places she went and things she saw. Trouble was, all she had to work with was a small island in the middle of the sea.It was after a fierce argument with her father that she escaped the island via a small merchant ship, and arrived at the pirate town of Booty bay. From there her adventures escalated, always seeking her uncle Chen in the wide and wild world of Azeroth. Wandering both the eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor, kidnapped by orcs, rescuing a magical pearl from the Naga, and finally meeting her uncle again, all before the age of thirteen. After that, the pair finally returned to the homeland of their race - pandaria. While Chen eventually settled in to a comfortable life in the town of Halfhill after reclaiming the Stormstout brewery, li Li's wanderlust took her across the other half of the continent, from Kun lai to the Dread Wastes

One can forgive her then, for missing the economic collapse and subsequent self-enslavement of most of Azeroth. she was probably off making rubbings of frescoes in an old cursed temple or something and sort of missed it. She was part of a brief guerrilla movement against the forces of Tom Nook, but the inherent instability of the guerrilla forces, and the seemingly never-ending stream of creepers forced a retreat of the remaining heroes of Azeroth, joining the ever-widening stream from other worlds.

She misses Azeroth. She especially misses her friends and family who, as far as she can tll are either still captive or worse. But... but still, the potential! Endless worlds upon worlds out there, all new and strange and while and sometimes just very, very fucking weird. For all the heartbreak that came with it, li Li can't help being excited by the new opportunities for discovery before her.

Current Situation: Li Li's day to day is pretty fulfilling for her. Sleep in, have some early-morning coffee, have some early-morning alcohol, slam down a lumberjack's breakfast (bacon is amazing, why did pandaren never invent the stuff?) then find some sort of exercise - public or private - to work those calories off. Then maybe take a nap, before heading out to dive neck-deep in the world around her. She knows a great number of people i nth New York enclave, either through collecting their stories, or hearing their sob stories over a mug in the bar, or... in other ways.

Weapon: From training with her uncle, li li's primary weapon is whatever furniture is in the room at the time. As dangerous with a bottle as an ottoman, she's made sure she's never actually unarmed - and she's pretty good with her fists, too, with a frantic, wild style that earned her the nickname "Wild Dog" among the monks of Kun Lai (it's not a flattering name...). In really dire straits though, she is fairly adept with a crescent-bladed monk's spade she picked up during the flight from Azeroth; Aside from her clothing and some scraps of armor, it's the most tangible relic of her homeworld, and she's made certain she can use it. As for other weapons... Well, have you ever seen a Pandaren's hand? Try getting that paw-finger through a trigger guard, yeah right.

NSFW v.1
NSFW v.2 get the idea.

Special Powers:

Invigorating Brews: Li Li is scion of the best family of brewmasters in pandaria, and has personally studied and practiced under some of the most skilled and talented brewers in her world... and now, those beyond. At any given time, she's carrying at least a few samples of some of her more potent potables, able to invigorate, rejuvenate, or even just outright heal her friends or herself. Of course she only has so much room to carry, so supplies of her limited-edition microbrews can be kind of small in the field.

Elusive: As one part of her training with the monks of her race, Li Li is fast on her feet - really fast. "Parkour on fast forward" fast. Neo would go 'woah' at some of the dodges she's capable of. And when you're that fst, you can sometimes sneak in a surprise hit on whoever you're up against. Li Li's certainly not adverse to low blows... Basically she can run like the wind, dodge arrows (probably not bullet) and basically act like she just drank egg chen's brew of Wind! Fire! That sort of thing!

Storm elements: Another part of her training with the monks of Kun Lai wa the ability to harness some of her own chi to command the elements of wind; through kata and strikes, she can send gusts of air or even "wind-bullets" at someone who's annoyed her. This doesn't do much by way of damage, but it can certainly smart... or be a hindrance. Nothing like a face full of sand to slow people down, or a focused gust to bowl them into each other.

Chi serpent: The final part of her monk training, was developing the ability to focus her inner energy to create a chi serpent, a dragonlike being of pure elemental energy - Fire, Lightning (metal), cold (water), Life (wood), and earth. These creatures are small, and she can only create them a few times a day. Their attacks do the kind of damage their names imply, though life heals allies instead, and earth can shield them or simply smack around foes.

(powers based loosely off what the character gets in Heroes of the Storm)

Strengths: Plucky: she never lets things really get her down. Setbacks harden her resolve, and unwinnable circumstances are met with spit, wisecracks, and elbow grease.
More than that, she's highly sociable. Sure maybe she can get on your nerves, but only after she's gotten your life story out of you, the name of your high school sweetheart, and convinced you to pay her cab fare home.

Weaknesses: In a fight, Li Li isn't especially... good. She relies mostly on surprise and unpredictability, which can work, but let's face it, can lead to a serious asskicking against an opponent who doesn't fall under the onslaught of ankle-kicks, broomsticks, and tossed Pomeranians. She's not master of any weapon worth mastering - in a world of BFG's and slo-mo critical hits, what room is there for a chubby panda girl with a sharp thing on a stick? or just a stick, for that matter? She makes up for this deficit by mostly being "support."

her other major weakness is a combination of personality traits that will inevitably lead to her biting off more than her ass can handle, to butcher a phrase; she's headstrong, intensely curious, and overconfident. She'll be the one who gets caught reading Bowser's private diary, shit-talk his mom, then try to fight him off with little more than a venetian blind and her own shoelaces. And she usually doesn't WEAR shoes, so...
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Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #85 on: August 14, 2014, 04:05:14 AM »
I had to go to bed as soon as  I posted that ladt night. And now im on my way to workm when I get home this afternoon ill make a cs for samus, if you still want it. If you want to start before that, thats fine and all. If you want to start and have samus be laye to the party anf what not,thats fine too. I mean she does have her own ship and all.

Offline Vanetias

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #86 on: August 14, 2014, 05:09:14 AM »
Looks like this may catch up on my interests.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #87 on: August 14, 2014, 10:02:03 AM »
No problem Mai. Even if we start tonight you can swoop in and make a introduction tomorrow without being behind.

Approved Chu! Great write up. Feel free to transfer your character over.

Offline Lustful Bride

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #88 on: August 14, 2014, 10:12:01 AM »
Character Name:   Megan Chulski.

Current Occupation: Having survived the loss of her world and helped fight for another as a radio operator on the frontlines calling in artillery or relaying commands she has learned to repair radios and other types of electronic equipment. She works in a shop not far from her apartment where she fixes things for both other game characters and normal Humans, at times even being called to go help fix the machines for various radio stations.

Home World Information: Megan Chulski’s world fell to The Legion in one year, despite NATO and Soviet forces combining their strengths with Xcom and fighting on every front, even liberally using nuclear warheads to slow the enemy advance. It is now under both alien and Legion control, the armies disbanded and work camps set up, though a small resistance group of former XCOM personnel remains, they don’t have much hope of being more than a thorn in The Legion’s side.

Appearance/Style Description: Chulski is a young Caucasian woman with dirty blonde hair that she always keeps in a bun or ponytail. She appears to be in her late twenties, early thirties. Chulski dresses formally coming from a time where such a thing was very important to the average person to make a good impression and look good in public. Thus it is not uncommon to see her looking more like she is going to a business meeting than to fix a radio station’s recievers. She also carries a scar on her side just above where her kidney is from a plasma burn from her last combat mission at Cascade Falls.

Personality: Chulski at one point was a very by the book, stick in the mud who put her work before all else, she felt that as a woman working in a man’s world she had to be one of the boys. But upon coming to this new world where society has moved forward and is more accepting she is more relaxed and laid back, even enjoying to go hang out partying with the other protagonists in her apartment building and even enjoying old radio shows and serials such as The Shadow. Though in truth, she wants something to keep her mind busy, she hates being idle since it lets her think and wander onto things that frighten her. But it does not stop her from trying to be friendly in hopes of making new relationships to find things to do and new things to learn.

History: Megan Chulski came from a world where aliens invaded during the height of the Cold War. The United States had set up a secret organization to fight off and maintain the continuity of government should the soviets successfully bomb DC or invade America. However once it was discovered an alien invasion was under way, the group retitled itself X-com. They managed to fight off the aliens using guerilla tactics and stealing their technology, this would be useful in their fight against the Legion, but it only bought them a year before those who did not wish to bend their knee in surrender were forced to run. After that she arrived in a similar world where tensions were brewing between NATO and the Soviet Union, but those melted away upon invasion from The Legion.

The two sides, begrudgingly, put aside their hate and fought together against the legion, serving for a time as an escape route for other refugees through their newly discovered portals. Chulski became a radio operator working alongside two Heroes from this world, a colonel Jeremiah Sawyer known as “Eagle-six” and a young idealistic First Lieutenant named Parker. With them she witnessed many battles and made good friends such as the Writer turned soldier Alan Wake and her former CO William Carter.

She thought that maybe this world would be the true line in the sand that would hold the enemy off and fought bravely, killing The Legion’s soldiers and keeping her friends safe. She saw NATO hold off an invasion of that world’s New York and allow many people to escape to other worlds. But her dreams of a line that would not break were shattered at the infamous Cascade Falls mission. Where the allied forces were nearly crushed completely trying to stop The Legion from taking a portal and cutting that world off from support from what she calls the Clancy-Verse. (Home of all Tom Clancy videogame works.)  In the end a nuke was used to both destroy the portal and halt the enemy assault, separating Chulski from Parker and Sawyer.

She still meets with Alan and Carter and other veterans of that battle every year for a remembrance to honor those who fell and to promise to stop The Legion one day while praying that Swayer and Parker are okay, and still fighting.

Current Situation: She works at a repair shop fixing electronics, she specializes in radio equipment and older devices, she even fixes and tunes devices for other protagonists so long as it’s not too advanced or too ancient.

Weapon: M-16, a Heavy Plasma Pistol from her homeworld and a 1911 that Carter gave her.

Special Powers: Even though Chulski says it’s not a power, she has the ability to remember anything she has read, so long as she got a good look. She also has a good memory which helped her as a radio operator and is familiar with most frequencies and radio tricks.

Strengths: Military discipline/training- Having served in two different militaries and two branches she has learned self-discipline and a dislike of giving up. She also keeps herself in shape, preparing for the day when she might get another call to action.

Uncommon set of skills- Not many people know how to properly use a radio and avoid being tracked. She can also fix most devices under the sun so long as they aren’t too out of her range such as magical or super technological.

Weaknesses: Only Human- out of the assortment of Heroes and entities that she has gotten to know in New York who are refugees like her, she is among the few that have very little that is special about them. She is not super strong, can’t use magic, cant kill a demon-god. She is only Human and can only really do her best to offer support for the others and try not to get in the way.

Crying on the inside/I’m weak- Megan Chulski tries not to let the situation get to her, but there are nights when she is all alone and can’t stop the thoughts, she remembers how her family is most likely dead, most of the friends she made are gone and her homeworld is occupied. How she is just a cog in the machine and can’t be a real hero like the others and this breaks her some nights and it terrifies her that she might bring the others down because of her weakness.

I'm losing Hope- Megan is slowly losing hope that victory might come, she truly believes now that the best thing they can do to fight the Legion is to just annoy it enough it decides to bother them later and finds some other heroes out there to take on instead of them.

(OOC: I hope that this character is good enough and that you don't mind me picking someone from the background. If there are any changes you think I should make please let me know. Also should I put her image in the spoiler thing because its so big? I tried to find a smaller one but that's the best picture of Chulski there is. EDIT: Also im not sure if I should have put a link/video or more info into Cascade Falls for those who never played World In Conflict.)
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Online Neysha

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #89 on: August 14, 2014, 10:22:44 AM »
I had to go to bed as soon as  I posted that ladt night. And now im on my way to workm when I get home this afternoon ill make a cs for samus, if you still want it. If you want to start before that, thats fine and all. If you want to start and have samus be laye to the party anf what not,thats fine too. I mean she does have her own ship and all.

I think everyone wants Samus. ;)

Offline apygoos

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #90 on: August 14, 2014, 10:36:21 AM »
yes everyone wants samus

Offline PrestaDGTation

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #91 on: August 14, 2014, 11:05:50 AM »
I hella want to be part if the team that helped you out of the Umbrella Facility!!

  "Let me put it this way. When I flooded my facility with a deadly organic toxin, everyone died. When you flooded your facility with a deadly organic toxin, everyone died, then kept moving, only more violently. Taken objectively, your mass murder weapon has a 100% failure rate.  And the toxin wasn't even my project that week."
  "GLaDOS, stop teasing the poor thing."
  "Oh, sure. Talk down to her in your sexy voice, when her AI is based on a girl that died before it could reach puberty. That will make her feel less threatened."

  PM me. There is plotting to do!
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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #92 on: August 14, 2014, 11:26:14 AM »
Approved Lust! I believe we have one more female slot open.

Offline apygoos

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #93 on: August 14, 2014, 11:44:53 AM »
hopefully thatll be Samus once Mai gets home from work.

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
« Reply #94 on: August 14, 2014, 05:26:57 PM »
Samus Aran


Current Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Home World Information: System FS-176. While Samus doesn’t inhabit a singular planet at one time, she generally stays within this system. She sometimes makes long stops on planet K-2L, which was formerly home to an Earth colony. Currently there are 5 planets in this system, but only 2 are at all inhabitable.

Appearance/Style Description: Samus is a human female standing 6’3” and weighing about 195 pounds. She has long blond hair, which usually is tied into a ponytail (keeps it out of her way and all). She is very fit, muscular. Her whole life she has been training for combat, and she trains intensely on a regular basis.
While not ‘on the clock’ she will wear ‘normal’ garb. Dresses, jeans, whatever she fancies at that particular moment. But she does generally tend to gravitate towards more form fitting outfits, since that is mostly what she was provided growing up.

While she is on a mission, or training, she will wear her ‘Zero’ suit. It’s a form fitting jumpsuit that covers her whole body from the neck down. It is of a Chozo technology, not known outside of the Chozo themselves. It almost acts as a second skin, and is a metallic blue in color. The symbol f the Chozo is implanted upon the suit itself.
Her second ‘suit’ is the Power Armor, which completely conceals her body. It is a form of power armor, again of Chozo technology. The armor was specially augmented for Samus to use. It is orange and red in color, with one of the arms being replaced by a cannon. 
Personality: Samus has been, for most of her life, something of a loner. While she tries to interact with others on a large scale, often she finds herself drawing inward. She is often seen as brooding. And despite her great achievements, she is very melancholy. Much of her life has revolved around getting revenge against the organization of Space Pirates for destroying her home and her family. She feels deep guilt at the loss of ‘Baby’, but that’s something she does her best to keep to herself. In most of her exploits it is just her and her on board computer, and so she often has a hard time keeping a good conversation with someone who is actually alive.

History: Samus Aran was originally a native of the Earth colony K-2L. She was living with her parents, Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran, when, at the age of three, the colony was visited by the Chozo. The Chozo had come in hopes of gaining some of the Afloraltite the colony mined there, but the colony was unwilling to give them any. Samus, however, caught the attention of Old Bird, one of the Chozo elders. The two of them went for a walk, where they began to strike up a friendship. Samus began to call him “Grandpa” and Old Bird introduced her to her new pet, Pyonchi.
However, a Space Pirate raid led by Ridley soon commenced on the colony. Samus herself had an encounter with Ridley, where she asked if they could become friends. Humiliated in front of his troops, Ridley attempted to kill Samus, but her mother pushed Samus out of the way at the cost of her own life. Meanwhile, Samus' father sacrificed himself to destroy Ridley’s flagship. Little did Ridley know that, in killing Samus’ mother and attempting to kill Samus, he had succeeded in creating his greatest enemy.
Samus was the sole survivor of the attack on K-2L. Eventually, the same group of Chozo found her alone and stranded on the destroyed colony, and Old Bird decided to take custody of Samus. The Chozo brought her to their planet, Zebes, and raised her with Chozo influence. Samus was infused with Chozo blood [1] in order to boost her chances of survival on Zebes; she was later given the powerful bio-mechanical Power Suit built entirely from Chozo technology.
Samus trained under the Chozo for many years. By the age of 14, she was already well past the physical limits of ordinary humans. The Chozo were unsure at first of her ability to become a true warrior until they witnessed her compassion for a flock of Iona Faria that had gone insane as a result of exposure to the Bajar Grove. Old Bird told Samus that she had his confidence and she immediately left the planet for the Federation.
Samus joined the Federation Police, where she excelled far above any at the academy. Eventually, she was promoted to the Star-Trackers, an elite force that only one out of a million police officers is qualified for.
She would be part of the GF Police for many years, but finally quit after the death of someone she felt very close to. After abandoning her post, she disappeared for many years. She re-emerged as a universally recognized bounty hunter, responsible for single handedly crippling the Space Pirates organization.
Despite the fact she quit, the Galactic Federation would contact her once more to make employ of her services. They needed her to deal with the Space Pirates and their base upon Zebes. The Space Pirates had come across a dangerous life form, and with it they could cripple the Galactic Federation. The life form was known as Metroids. This would be her first encounter with the parasitic species. Upon arriving on Zebes, she was intercepted by the Space Pirates. She was finally able to defeat the leaders of the Space Pirates, as well as the monstrous AI known as Mother Brain.
Many years passed, and she was once again given orders by the Galactic Federation. But this time, it was to exterminate all of the Metroid life forms. The Federation had tried to do so on their own, but no matter how many troops they sent, they were unable to beat the creatures. Samus had extensive experience in terminating them, perhaps moreso than any other being in the galaxy. And so she began her mission. Samus arrived on SR388 and landed her ship at the base of an active volcano, where the Metroids' lair had been traced to. She fought the Metroids once more, this time finding many of them had been mutated, each form seeming stronger than the last. Her search finally led her to the Queen Metroid, which was responsible for the reproduction of the entire Metroid species. Samus managed to kill the beast and thus believed herself to have successfully eliminated the Metroids for good. As she continued down the tunnels, however, she found a single Metroid egg. As she stared at it, an infant Metroid hatched out of the egg and, upon seeing Samus, imprinted on her as its mother. Recalling that she was the only survivor of K-2L, Samus felt compassion for the infant and, going against her orders, took the Metroid Hatchling to her gunship and left the planet.
Samus, knowing how valuable the Metroid hatchling could be to the Federation, headed to the Ceres Space Colony, and chose to turn it over to the scientists there, who believed they could harness the infant’s power for the good of mankind. Confident in their findings, Samus proceeded to leave the station. However, she had not even left the asteroid belt where Ceres was stationed before she received a distress signal from the scientists. Returning to Ceres, she discovered that the Space Pirates had attacked the station in hopes of stealing the Metroid. Ridley himself had captured the Metroid and was about to make off when Samus arrived. After a brief struggle, Ridley flew out of the station and set the self-destruct to destroy the entire station. Samus barely made it out alive, but flew away in her gunship, while Ceres exploded behind her.
She managed to track Ridley and the other Pirates to Zebes, and there discovered that the Space Pirates had rebuilt their old base on the planet and had returned to their old plan of cloning Metroids. Mother Brain had returned as the head of the base, as had Ridley and Kraid. Two new Pirate generals had been recruited as well: Phantoon, a ghostly being that haunted the Wrecked Ship, and Draygon, a massive Evir which presided over Maridia. After defeating them all, Samus was granted access to Tourian. She proceeded to exterminate the Pirate-cloned Metroids she found there, but was suddenly attacked by a massive Metroid, far larger than any she had ever seen. All her weaponry was useless against it and soon the Metroid had her down. Just moments away from her death, the Metroid strangely relinquished its hold and fled, and Samus realized that it was the Baby, enhanced through unknown means.
Samus continued through Tourian until she encountered Mother Brain and proceeded to destroy her tank as before. Though she appeared to be defeated, Mother Brain suddenly emerged from the wreckage in a massive new body. Samus fought with all her might, but Mother Brain retaliated with the Laser Brain Attack, leaving Samus near death once more. Just before Mother Brain could launch another blow, the infant Metroid suddenly arrived, sucked the life out of Mother Brain, then began transferring the life to Samus. Mother Brain was not yet dead, though, and it began attacking the Metroid. An energy shot from Mother Brain finished off the Baby, but Samus had been revived and used Mother Brain’s own Hyper Beam against her until she was no more. Mother Brain's death triggered yet another self-destruct mechanism, only this time, the entire planet was engulfed in the explosion. Samus escaped with her life, while Zebes, the ancient home of the Chozo, was lost forever.

Current Situation: Some say Samus is yet to reach the heights she had once attained. After the death of ‘Baby’, she hasn’t really been the same. She still works as a bounty hunter, but has joined an organization that fights a common enemy, an enemy she thinks resembles the Space Pirates.

Weapon: Power Suit (Varia Upgrade) - Samus’ most notable piece of equipment is, of course, her Power Suit, which has become virtually synonymous with her own identity. This suit was given to her when she first began living with the Chozo, and was built to be fused with her mind, body, and soul.
The basic Power Suit provides Samus with the basic Power Beam through her Arm Cannon for offensive capabilities, life support to enable her to survive in situations with no breathable air, enhanced mobility to compliment her acrobatic skills, augmented physical strength, and offering protection from her surroundings. Designed by the Chozo, it incorporates the most cutting-edge of this race's technology. The suit is modular in nature, allowing for modifications and enhancements when special upgrades are received. But the suit isn't limited to only Chozo upgrades; upgrades from different cultures have been incorporated, such as the Luminoth (Dark, Light, and Annihilator Beam; Dark and Light Suit), the Galactic Federation (PED Suit), and even the Space Pirates (Nova Beam; Hazard Shield), but upgrades born from largely different technologies don't always integrate as smoothly as more compatible technologies tend to.
-Arm Cannon. The Arm Cannon is Samus's main offensive tool. It provides her with offensive capabilities for hostile situations, and like the Power Suit, is highly modular. Mainly, it utilizes various Beam Weapon & Missile Launcher technologies. These weapons are all contained within the device, and can be switched between should the need arise.
The Arm Cannon can change configurations to accomodate different weapon technologies. With the Charge Beam upgrade, a concentrated burst of a beam weapon will build outside of the Arm Cannon barrel. When launched, it causes a much higher amount of damage. The three rings just behind the forward barrel of the Arm Cannon seem to act as a shock absorber for this upgrade and the Missile Launcher.
Current Standard Issue Beams:
Ice Beam - It fires a potent beam that has the power to freeze most enemies. When frozen, certain enemies can be shattered with Missiles. It is commonly used to combat Metroids, as it exploits their weakness to low temperatures.
Plasma Beam - It is a thin ray capable of piercing multiple enemies; it appears as a short-range beam of intense heat that can be used to melt ice and weld metals.
Charge Beam - Samus can focus energy into her Arm Cannon and later release it at any time. The resulting charged shot is many times more powerful than firing a normal beam (though the exact power varies between games) and is capable of damaging certain enemies that a standard beam cannot. In fact, some enemies can only be damaged by charged shots. The Charge Beam's appearance is reminiscent of the beam(s) currently in use and usually takes the form of a concentrated ball of energy.
Grapple Beam - A beam weapon with tethering properties. It is used to latch onto certain surfaces, allowing Samus to swing from this point and reach areas that would be otherwise unreachable.

Morph Ball - The Morph Ball is one of the Power Suit's most prominent features. It allows Samus to transform her surrounding body armor into the shape of a metal sphere, allowing for movement into much smaller spaces. Her body retracts to a sphere about 2 and a half feet wide. This metal sphere has several offensive upgrades, such as Bombs and Power Bombs. These are used primarily for clearing environmental obstacles, but are occasionally used for combative applications. She can also traverse vertical surfaces while in this form, and jump for short distances.

Screw Attack – An aura of electrical energy that cascades from the power armor when Samus does a forward or backward flip. Combined with the metajumping skills of the suit, this is effect for large swarms of flying creatures.

Defensive - The Power Suit relies on an extremely durable energy shield to protect Samus from attacks. The shield is powered by Samus's Energy Tanks, and is capable of withstanding any attack, as long as there is enough energy to absorb the attack. The energy shield can also protect Samus from environmental hazards such as acid, lava, and Fuel Gel, however Samus's energy reserves will drain constantly and rapidly while in contact with these substances. The more Energy Tanks the Power Suit has, the more powerful the energy shield becomes. In addition, Suit Upgrades such as the Varia and Gravity Suit can increase the energy shield's ability to dissipate attacks, and even render the energy shield invulnerable to certain substances.
The energy shield typically manifests itself as an aura that completely surrounds Samus when she is attacked. In the Prime games it is only visible in Morph Ball form as a red aura.
When Samus's energy reserves run out, the suit can no longer be maintained and it disintegrates, leaving Samus in her Zero Suit. In some cases the suit cannot be re-activated due to extreme damage and Samus is stuck in her Zero suit until she repairs it.
The Power Suit's computer system is apparently quite powerful: in addition to maintaining the suit's weapons, defense features, movement, life-support system, and heads-up display, it possesses enough artificial intelligence to retrieve data from the creature, structure, and flora and fauna databank through use of the Scan Visor and produce in-depth tactical analysis of acquired items and encountered creatures or technologies which can be scanned. The suit is also capable of quickly interfacing with and even hacking into a wide variety of alien computer systems, including scan terminals and Hand Scanners designed by cultures as varied as the Alimbic, the Luminoth, the Galactic Federation, the Elysians, and the Space Pirates. This system has its limits, however.

Zero Suit – A skintight jumpsuit of Chozo design. It is metallic blue in color, and has far less defense than her power armor, of course. But while wearing the Zero Suit, she is more agile and quick on her feet. The Zero Suit is the ‘starting armor’, a sub armor. She wears it under her Power Armor, and is actually used to materialize the Power Armor. When the Power Armor is deactivated, or to heavily damaged, it will dissipate and leave Samus in her Zero Suit. While wearing the Zero Suit, she carries the Paralyzer. It’s a pistol that fires single blasts of energy designed to paralyze opponents temporarily. Basically it’s a stun weapon.

Special Powers: Thus far in her journeys, she hasn’t picked up any out of the ordinary powers or abilities.

Strengths: Samus is an excellent combatant, be in it ranged battle or hand to hand. She has been training her whole life for battle, and her prowess in combat shows that. The addition of her Power Armor makes her one of the most renowned and feared bounty hunters in the whole galaxy. She has never failed to bring down a mark, or to accomplish her mission. Even if it was at great personal sacrifice.
She also has a vast working knowledge of much alien technology, using and repairing alien tech. This comes in handy being a bounty hunter, sometimes you need to improvise during missions. You need to use whatever is around you in order to survive and get your bounty.

Weaknesses: While her DNA has been enhanced by the Chozo, she is still very vulnerable without her Power Suit. The suit itself has a limited power supply, and in any drawn out battle it will disengage and leave Samus vulnerable. While she will still have her Zero Suit, it is extremely limited compared to the Power Suit. Her suit is an incredible piece of Chozo technology, but at the end of the day it is just that, technology. And like all technology, it can be overcome with the proper tools or strategies. And the technology is reliant upon the human within the technology.
On a more personal level, Samus does have many hangups about her life. Or rather, what it is she has seen in her life. Those she has lost, those that have been taken away from her. This is a recurring fear in her life, and sometimes all out paralyzing fear. But this is a rare feat, to be honest.

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Re: Game Protagonists at War (Seeking Players)
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Overall it is good Mai. Does she currently live in New York with the others? Also, has her home world been invaded by the Legion? If so, what did she do in reaction?

I am less interested in the character history from the video game series, and more interested in what the player characters have been doing in reaction to this war that has started.

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Dude i totally overlooked that.. I was so worried about getting the right char info in, I overlooked what's happened since. I did put a blurb about what happened.. about there being an invasion.. she thinks it has to do more with the Space Pirates. I really did mean to go into more depth, but i felt like i put myself on a deadline to get this to you. I think that haste is the reason I overlooked things, many apologies.

I think the Legion did overtake her system, and she would have retreated to new york. I see them using the Zebes asteroid field as their home base there. In New York, Her 'home' would be her ship, of course. Which she would keep in a low powered cloak somewhere over/in the city.

Does all that make sense? I can make the appropriate changes to the CS.

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That looks great! Approved, go ahead and transfer over. When you make changes to your CS about the invasion, feel free to also include which new villain from another game came over.

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If I may.. can I say that someone let loose the Infected from Last of Us onto all of the planets in Samus' solar system? it would kind of be like all of the planets were suddenly overrun by the infected, the spores filling the atmospheres for the most part

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Go right ahead. Crossover is the life blood of this game.