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Author Topic: Jezabelle's Plot Bazaar [No Gender or Sexuality Restrictions, DM\GM Pref]  (Read 3805 times)

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Offline JezabelleTopic starter

the SchadenFreudenhaus: Plot Awaits

Welcome to the Plot Bazaar!

Things to re:Member
1.  War.  War never changes.
2.  I'm all about themes, styles, settings--exotics, fantastical, "realistic," you name it brohaimit; check my O\Os for more.
3.  Sex without plot is plausible, but sex without context is untenable--I'm not going to pretend we need to tell Citizen Kane does Dallas, but things need to happen that matter and relate to one another in a quasiCausual fashion in time and space.  No random fucking for fucking's sake in what is essentially null-space with marionettes.
4.  Original is good, fandom is questionable.  That's not to say never, but Original or Settings created explicitly for stories to be told in them (or that have morphed to become such a la the Cthulhu Mythos) are going to win out every time.
5.  Always feel free to contact me with ideas of your own based upon these prompts and my O\Os, whether it be a plot nugget or you've got a whole handbook to proverbally cockslap me with via PM.
6.  Skype and Steam are my main forms of nonE textChat; I'm always interested in gaming with E buddies or chatting you up even if you don't want to RP via these means, so let me know your deets and what you're interested in with me and I can add you on these.
I hate Skype, and dislike Steam for chat, if you want to talk via something other than E lmk and we can try to accommodate that.
7.  I prefer to play the submissive role in almost every context, but will happily play any gender. NB: Huge exception, if I'm the DM\Narrator, I can be Über dominant.
8.  I'm more a hammer-it-out together guy than a take-it-or-leave-it template person; I'll rarely to never make imposition on you as to what your character can be or be like (barring setting-breaking things like dragons in a realistic setting), and if there's anything you'd like to tweak or add or replace feel free to PM me about an idea with your own unique spin on it!
9.  Other people can post here, but if you're just expressing interest in an RP I'd prefer if we utilized PMs.
10.  Straight dupes aren't my style, but if I'm doing something in a setting, style, or vein of what you're looking for PM me about it and I'm sure we can hash out something sufficiently close to the original without bordering on overlap\duplicate territory to satiate both of our needs.

Plots, by Genre

Important note: I enjoy playing the DM role and will play it for any of these plots in addition to the newly added DM-centric plots.

What'shu lookin' at, Punk?
0.  [Name][Kinks in Particular]
Steampunk for me almost always contains magic or other fantastical elements, it helps ease me into the idea that it's functionally possible for airships to fly in unrealistic ways and without bursting into great big balls of flame!

1.  The Doctor's Estate for Re-Education [Femdom, Hypno, M/F or F/F]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An esteemed and wealthy Lady earned her Ph.D. at the greatest institute in Her Majesty's Empire for the Natural Sciences.  Alack, the musty old men of this institution shunned her and claimed her practices were not only unethical, but unorthodox.

Still, she has achieved remarkable results.  She can change people, no matter how or whether they are willing or seemingly able--so long as whoever hands them over to her at her Estate pays the right price.

(You would be the Doctor, and it could focus on the "treatment" of one "patient" or several or a sort of revolving deal shtick--could for those who like to figure people out and break them, as well as turn their own lust against them)

2.  Avast, Cthulhu ahoy! [Tentacles, Monster\F\M\Whoever/AtOnce!][Taken, with FemBoyFun]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There are things in the Deep that ought to stay there, but one daring Airship pilot, be they for the Empress's Navy or a free ship or flying the jolly roger, bit off more than they could chew--thinking to take a shortcut across dangerous waters, flying low to avoid detection they are ensnared by a many tentacled beast of unknowable evil.

The crew and captain are used and abused, before the ship is destroyed and sunken to the deeps--this could happen in or preRP.  The Captain will awaken with some of the crew still alive in a subterranean cave with no apparent means of reaching the surface.  What will the monster do with them...?

(I'll play as the Monster or the Captain, as always feel free to pitch spins on this scenario)

3.  Smuggler's Respite [Any]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A sky Captain has just set their ship down in an unruly city-state port--a smuggler between jobs, they'll look for work once they're done with a little R&R time.  Their pockets heavy with loot and heat running high with the Imperial Navy they pay out everyone's cut, meaning most non-officers aren't aboard and the ship has a skeleton crew at best--but the Captain's pockets are heavy with chink.

Will they visit the bathhouses, court some fine noble ladies and perhaps visit the whores, dally with intrigue, encounter a rival?  Who knows--mystery and mayhem await, in a city that never sleeps and thrives on the flow of vice.

(Very general setting idea, because I have so many tangential plots this could go off onto--probably won't mind dupes, as long as we don't re-tred too much old ground in terms of those RPs which had been hashed out before--I can play the Captain or any other character\the world itself, etc).

Diesel Punk
0.  [Name][Kinks in Particular]
Think the new FF [XV, sadly little out on it but what's there is looking amazing] with a bit more Communism and Fascism going around.  In terms of tech I'm willing to stretch the envelope, so like hover-bikes spewing black fumes can work--can live with or without fantasy elements in this setting.  This with the caveat that I usually enjoy new species of animal in Diesel Punk settings, but they needn't have any fantastical characteristics--think LotR's Mûmakil if you will.

1.  Venezia Rinato [Any Kinks, Any Genders]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not-Venice in not-Italian city states is the best and most wealthy.  However, its success comes at the prices of others--they have subjugated and stripped the resources of their neighbors, and the poor forced to live on the mainland wear gas masks and drenched rags if they want to go outside in an urban environment, where corporate cities house them in tenements and pay them in meager rations and quarterly changes of clothes.

Meanwhile, reaping the benefits of all the electricity produced by their foundries on-shore, the city of Venice is clean, the air is fragrant and you can see the blue sky.  Everything that isn't cleanly powered the energy is produced elsewhere, and lovely blue and silver hues accompanies by light hums emanate from all the machines.

Under this backdrop, our characters are on one side or the other (or same side) of a brewing class conflict lead by gung-ho proles with MacGyver`esque mastery of the technology they have piddled their lives away creating and maintaining on assembly lines, and the Fascisti who are armed with state of the art tech and a mandate to ensure the rebels are crushed at any price save industry and the well being of Venice.

(Obviously there are no hard chars or plots here, so feel free to pitch away or simply express interest and we can hammer out what we'd each like!)

2.  Arkadia Our Home [Any]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A swamp-and-marsh province of un-federated communes and loose free-states is threatened by a more heavily industrialized, more cohesive state on either side.

On one side, the Communists seek to flood the swamps with propaganda and turn the swampfolk into ration slaves.  Meanwhile the Fascists seek Living Space and will use any means to get it.  Far flung Capitalistic states will be willing to arm the free folks common defense of course, but the arsenals of democracy are only open to paying customers.

Our characters will be Arkadians using swamp boats, satchel charges, and ye olde battle rifles to take on gun boats (aerial and otherwise), spider bots (the kind people can ride and shoot atop of), and state-of-the-art body armor and near-assault rifles.

(Slightly more open to fantastical elements here, perhaps including nature spirits and swamp monsters)
(Also open to alternatives where one of us is playing on the side of The Baddies, particularly down the D/s prisoner route)

0. [Name][Kinks in Particular]
Usually I just like my Cyberpunk in my Space Opera and we can emphasize the rainy city or the deep void or the exotic colonies as we desire, but for those of you looking for a more traditional Cyberpunk experience I see no reason I can't oblige.

1. Programmer's Little Whore [FxAny, Mind Control, nonCon, Involuntary Actions, Transformation, possibly "Bimboification" if that's your thing] Running a few of these, taking more selectively//And if you like the concepts but want to see them in a different context, the further removed they are from the original prompt the more likely it'L strike me in a unique and interesting way; I can handle dupes, but time-of-writing I have 3 of these in the works to one degree or another
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Once, the Borg was just like anybody else--she had a hole in the wall apartment and processed foods and a datalynk to call her own.  That all changed when she became the datalynk.  Sold out to under-city slavers by someone she once trusted, the Borg has back-alley brain surgery to give all her bodily functions over to the control of a computer--a computer she cannot control.

Programmed to act and reAct in a certain way, thinking and emotional feelings--although not physical arousal--are still her own.

(One of us plays her, the other could be a slaver\new owner/hacker who takes control of her processes and uses her body to escape remotely, like playing a video game with her body--lots of possibilities here, so tell me which ones interest you the most!)

2. Corporate Punishment [Any x Any, D/s]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The NuLyfe corporation specializes in "life readjustment."  In practice, they are modern day slavers, altering willing supplicants through surgery and augmentation to become--more often than not--prostitutes ruled by their sex drive and with a faulty recollection of their past lives.  These desperate people appeal for a "free" new life in return for becoming indentured servants.  Their contracts, generally piled upon by impossible interest rates, render them effectively assets of NuLyfe.

NuLyfe guards its corporate secrets well, and keeps records of its various illegal activities tightly guarded.  Whistle blowers, rival corporation's espionage agents, and human rights activists need to be made example of.

One player will be just such an individual, while the other players a Corporate Rep of NuLyfe who seeks to make an example of their prey by reducing them to base debauchery tailored to their own personal experiences, anxieties, and fears.  This will be broadcast to current NuLyfe employees, to show them the price of corporate treason.

The Great Dark Void: Space
0. [Name][Kinks]
I like sciFi--epic, space fairing, terrestrial, exotic, barren, horrifying, mystifying, happy, etc.--the possibilities and impossibilities and plausibilites of the future, no matter how real or imagined, tend to fascinate me.  Not too big into hard SciFi because I doubt my own ability to provide my partner with a scientifically accurate experience, so I'd rather not bend myself over backwards to disappoint.  Not an issue if you're handling all the science\world stuff, though.
1.  Moist and Tight: Garden World | [Player/DM, Tentacles, Bestiality(?), Tropical\Exotic, preg if partner desire]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Awakening from cryogenic freezing prematurely, the protagonist (played by either of us) emerges to find their ship crash landed and the rest of the crew nowhere to be seen.  The planet they have landed on is more than its lush exterior would suggest, however--mutated, evolved animals with intense sexual lusts and the planet and its fauna itself are all in desire of humans to copulate their desire with.  Why, though, and how did it get this way?  There is a mystery to be unraveled here, if one so desired...

Exploring a beautiful landscape with breathtaking vistas and desire lurking around every corner, the protagonist will have to try and piece together what happened to their ship's crew and how to escape the planet, or run the risk of becoming the planet's plaything.

2.  Spacer [Any] Epic, hopefully Long-Term
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Our characters meet in a retched hive of scum and villainy, in a megalopolis fueled by the evisceration of the planet's natural resources.  Corrupt officials, powerful gangs, zealous mobs, and merciless rebels permeate the streets and environs of this planet.

Our characters may have known each other before, been from the planet or elsewhere, and come from any walk of life.  What's clear however is soon after the RP begins they are both determined to escape the planet's surface and see the big black galaxy out there, skim the sea of stars and escape the vileness that permeates their current port of call.  They must become Spacers.

The idea is sort of a trial run up to a space adventure--we'd get a feel for our characters and the plausible dynamics between them, flesh out the world, and then when the time came, we could continue the RP indefinitely with our protags now Spacers with a galaxy map at their fingertips and their wildest imaginings not yet scratching the surface of what could be out there... and epic adventure, if only they are wiling to take it.
0. [Name][Kinks]
Mostly, I put things here that are very kink\fetish specific, so if you find something here you'd like taken to an unReal world (or the other way around, even) feel free to let me know.  There are pretty plot lite so we'll need to do some work more like that not to get it ready in a playable way.
1.  Road (Head) Warrior [M\F, Road Head, Competition, Risk, Wager]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Our characters are two of the baddest street races in town, and we have an intense rivalry.  It's also a sexually tense one.

Finally, your character makes mine a deal--beat her time while she's riding shotgun on a known street course, and you get to take her home for some delicious hate sex--but lose, and she leaves with the car!  To make matters worse, she intends to ensure her rival is thoroughly distracted the whole time.

(I'd probably play the dude and probably M\F, but I'd be willing to try an F\F if someone was interested in that aspect!  Not seeing it as an M\M plot though)

2.  Black Widow Wager [Wager, F\M(/M/M), Femdom-plausible]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A smoking hot heiress has put her body and hard cash on the line, and successful young up-and-comings in the financial sector have put their money where their mouth is.

The wager is simple.  Everyone puts up $200K, and the Black Widow--whose true identity they do not know--puts up all of their amount combined.  If she brings any of them to orgasm during a one month period, they are eliminated, and the whole pool is divided between the men left at the end of the month, who get a private night out with her however they'd like it.

Of course, if none of them are left standing, she walks with all the money--and plenty of black mail material, as she has to obtain proof of her getting the guys off.  She knows who all of them are and has extensive dossiers on them, whereas they won't even know what she looks like initially.

(I'd play the men, and someone would play the Black Widow--would be open to it being a small group if there were other interested parties though)

3.  Extreme Smothering [Femdom, FaceSitting] Taken, will happily play another
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Face sitting is a real strong, old kink of mine that doesn't get enough play here on E.  Here's basically a cry for help--someone, play a female character that sits on my (female or male) character's face in tight and shiny garments!  Please!

I was thinking the scenario could be a vengeful wife\pleasure dungeon sort of thing, whereby the man is trapped in a woman's basement and she is keeping up a ruse that he's out of town\very sick, and thus cannot go to work or even leave the house.  Of course this is tertiary, the face sitting is the main thing here so any plot really with face sitting\smothering I'm more than willing to hear out or create with you.

Additionally if you're feeling it, I have recently become interested in character death, snuff or otherwise--if you want to be able to finish off my character in this RP via face sitting, that would be the most amazing sendoff to an RP I've ever experienced.

4.  The Rubber Doctor [M\F or F/F Medical Play, Enlargement, possibly (new to it, unsure of it) Watersports, FemDom, plausibly Castration if the Dom wanted it]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Medical play, with saline injections to make body parts temporarily larger or into the bladder to give them an unbearable need to pee.  Tight latex\rubber outfits.

I would play the unwitting patient of a subversive doctor--does she plan to harvest my character's organs and she's just having her fun first?  Has she been hired by someone to make specific alterations to his behavior and form--up to and including castrating if a male character.

Looking for a player to play a femDomme for this.  Can change around the setting\plot if the general kinks interest you.  \\NTR plausible, just another way of portraying the kink really, same end result\\

Fantasy/trope-y Romps

0. [Name][Kinks]
You've seen these sorts of plots before--fantasy realms, big-cock'd orcs, naughty goblins, lustful ladies, perverse wizards--anything of the variety goes here.  Never hurts to run out the old stereotypes and see what can be done with them, as I see it.

1.  War for the West [M/M or M\F or F/F, BDSM, Mind Games, Branding, Hostage, Defeat, Humiliation, etc]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two kingdoms have been locked in a burtal war for years, and now they're taking anyone-and-everyone; mercenaries, vagabonds, would-be looters, and peasants are conscripted and sent to the front.  The land has been devastated, the psyche of the people scarred, and vile forces may be at work behind the bloodshed--but what is their purpose?

Players will likely begin on opposite sides of the conflict, possibly as camp followers or mercenaries or nobility/commanders if you prefer.

2.  Escape the Inquisition [Player/GM, Capture, Chastity, Corruption, Non-Con, Gang-Bang, Lactating]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are something undesirable to the Inquisition--Succubus, Necrodancer, Soldier, Sex Magician?  Who knows.  But your life is as good as forfeit if they catch you again!  Navigate horny monsters, dangerous zealots, and frisky spirits as you attempt to survive and run for the border.


I'm looking to play a cuckolded husband\boyfriend who is denigrated to the level of slave over the course of the relationship's development.  I'm envisioning an M\F/M but it could also be M\F/F.  If you're down for this, I'm game for whatever setting or backdrop you'd like created\to propose for it!

Plausible Inspiration
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8/16\2014, updated with plots for The Great Black Void: Space--

Moist and Tight: Garden World,

and Spacer

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Spacer/Programmer's L'iL Whore hybrid started, still open to playing both;

Extreme Smothering taken, same goes for it;

3Fers section added; currently seeking a 3Player "SoLo" game centering around cuckoldry//please PM me if you're interested!

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Well outside of a once-a-month bump limit, here she goes.

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Added new story under Cyberpunk: #2, Corporate Punishment

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Using my monthly bump.

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Bump la bump.

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Update, added Fantasy/trope-y Romps and both the plot ideas under it.

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Dungeon Rush Challenge!  How will you fare in this persistent dungeon where winners become immortals and losers become monsterboy/girls?

Un-incorporated Ideas: (will add to OP later)

Kingdom's Fate (any gender\sexuality/)
Giant armies descend upon the capital, castle and city falling left and right.  The final hope is a desperate last-ditch defense of the capital against the encroaching Daemon's forces, his mercenaries, bandits, blackguards, and demonlings fighting for the promise of a land to call their own and ownership of all whom dwell within it.  The native population (humans or elves most likely) will be universally enslaved and the ruling classes made to serve in the most degrading way possible to break the spirit of the people.
This is a set up for an epic confrontation which potentially ends up an archetypal hentai plot where the princess is made to serve the dark lord, etc; there's room to fight back and resist as well but the threat persists.

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inspo image bump

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inspo image bump

Fallout pic for the win!!!

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Bump with a notice:

I'm really getting into games where I'm sort of "the narrator," my tabletop rpg experience has been largely as the DM and I've grown to enjoy that role.  I'd never god mod your character or try to exert unfair "control" over a scene, but I do enjoy system sin part because they let us progress fast with clear outcomes.  Freeform is great for this as well though!  Really just letting you know because my OG stuff never mentions this style of player but I'm super into it, be it on messengers, pbp, or roll20.

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Re: Jezabelle's Plot Bazaar [No Gender or Sexuality Restrictions, DM\GM Pref]
« Reply #12 on: October 10, 2018, 12:55:11 AM »
DM'd Game Ideas

I enjoy both being player and DM, especially looking for the player experience as I've been the DM quite a bit.

Most of these are scant on setting details because I'd rather work them out with you\spitball some ideas that I think would work best with you, individually.  So don't be shy, ask away!  PMs are always open.

D&D 5e


Roles: GM\Player
Fetishes: Fall from Grace, Cuckolding, Rape, Incest, Bondage, Enslavement, Romance?

The player is an important noble in a kingdom at war, and faces their greatest challenge yet: saving their realm from destruction as their conflict loses the war.  Who exactly the character is (Prince(ess), King\Queen, Duke\Dutchess, Lord, et ketera) is going to be important, their relationships well defined.  Everything will be very powerful and painful for them to experience.

Jungle Dungeon of the Scorpion God

Roles: GM\Player
Fetishes: Enslavement, Humiliation, general Extreme, etc.

Jungle Drow rule the land, and all in this domain fear the sting of their raptor's teeth and their poison-drenched blades.  They have a cruel way of deciding which in a lot of troublesome slaves is allowed to live:

It's called "Dungeoning," and it's a simple process--a group of "adventurers" they've captured is sent in, and only one comes out.  If any more do, they kill them all.  How/why their numbers get whittled down is a matter of semantics.  Only one, if any of them, is getting out of there alive. 

Will it be you?

Sci Fi (Dark Heresy 2e, reskinned for setting)

I'm kind of flexible on the system here actually, could also use the new Stars Without Number.

In Service to/Against the Empire

Roles: GM\Player
Fetishes: BDSM, Mind Control, Bondage, Enslavement, War?

The Empire utilizes seriously "invasive" devices to ensure the utterly loyalty of their servants.  Those who prove too valuable to execute but too wily to keep in line are implanted with devices that, sometimes in a crudely analogue way, control their pleasure\pain centers to ensure compliance.  This is openly obvious to show the price of disobedience.

Do you serve the Empire, fight against it as a rebel, or find yourselves conflicted in loyalty?  Will you even be able to choose for yourself?  Or will the Empire's cruel ways enslave you to their cause?

Fates of the Galactic Heroes

Roles: GM\Player
Fetishes: Fall from Grace, Humiliation, Rape, Enslavement

Similar to Kingmaker but in space, I'm looking for a grand space opera conflict with massive battles but also lots of down time.  Politics, strategy, and more will be considered in-RP.  Who your character is and what the entities involved are is probably something best drawn up between us.