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Bride's one on one RPs. (F for M and 1 idea for F/F)

Started by Lustful Bride, July 03, 2014, 09:47:02 AM

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Lustful Bride

Just a girl looking for some fun with some ideas I have wanted to do.

This will be updated whenever necessary.

My Ons and Offs.

PM me if you're interested.

1) Batarian pet/raid: Set in the Mass Effect universe this one could follow Either Commander Shepard captured by Batarian pirates and made into their obedient slave, or a female Alliance soldier suffering the same fate.

It could also be of a raid on a Human colony by very lustful Batarians wanting to have their fun with the colonie's many females when they destroy its comm relay, giving them more than enough time to have as much fun as they want.

2) All's fair in Love and War: Just the standard female POW being taken advantage of scenario, details can be worked out via PM.

3)Wedding Party:   XX  TAKEN XX A lovely couples wedding seems to be normal and the standard wedding for any couple, except when the bride and groom go on their honey moon they swap places and consummate their marriage with their spouses parents in a secret family tradition.'

The bride goes with her husband's father and her husband goes to sleep with his new mother in law.

Or engage in an orgy with the many guests.

4) Gratitude: Again set in the ME universe, post Reaper War, aid workers go out in small, but fast, ships to go and bring supplies to various colonies ravaged by the war. This Rp would follow one aid worker as she goes to other colonies and is thanked by the various species for her help and selflessness. (would eventually have F/F if you want to include Asari.)

5) Conjugal visit: A female prison guard is saved from being stabbed by an inmate who later finds out that the same guard has signed herself up secretly for a conjugal visit with him. (Short and to the point.)

6) Planet of The Apes style roleplay, only with a female Astronaut. Or perhaps alternate versions of the other movies. Would have to talk it out with the other roleplayer first.

7) Time traveler: I still haven't fully though this one out but I was thinking of something like a time traveler gets stuck somewhere and is confused for being a spirit by the local or locals who find her.

8)  Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. (F/F) XXTAKENXX
Looking for anyone willing/wanting to play Bloody Mary from 'The Wolf Among Us'

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I was thinking that Mary gets bound to Detective Brannigan from episode 2 who interrogated Bigby, she could have suspicions of Fabletown and just happens to be at the right place to find Mary. She investigates a disturbance at the spot where Sheriff Bigby kills Bloody Mary and ends up cutting herself on a piece of Mary's glass/mirror, accidentally binding them together. So Mary is now a spirit trying to lay low for a while, but enjoys messing with the Mundy she is bound to, for shits and giggles.

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But after being stuck with someone for a while you grow to like them. And while Mary wouldn't go too far, she does like her mundy, even if the cop needs to be reminded she is Mary's mundy.

needs some work still but if youre interested let me know.

It could be BM getting bound to some proper and business minded woman who is nearly opposite of what Bloody Mary is. Perhaps dominating her in a relationship?  still things to work out but if anyone is interested, let me know and we shall see what can be done.

9) M.E. : Street Cleaners*.

*(Not the sanitation worker kind, more like the kind involving body bags.  >:))

Inspired by this pic from an issue of the Fan-made Fornax comic.


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-A Human and Turian (or Krogan or maybe even asari.*) Team work together on Omega keeping order in one of the blocks run by their gang and in general keep order on the streets, sometimes they need to apply some force or kill some unruly citizens on their level of Omega or do police like work in order to keep things working and people paying their protection.

Could be a mix of a slice of life roleplay but I do have some dramatic ideas mixed in depending on what the other roleplayer thinks.

*any other race besides those mentioned and you would have to convince me to choose it, sorry.  :-(

10) My Little Pony: These I will only share with other Pegasisters or Bronies. Just let me know you are into the show and we can discuss ideas.

Lustful Bride

Edits made: Added # 5 and 6 and 7.

Lustful Bride

Added in scenario #8

Lustful Bride

Lustful Bride

8/6/14 Updated the status of Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

and changed scenario 9 to one involving Mass Effect.