A female killer's story (looking for talented co-writer)

Started by Beorning, June 28, 2014, 07:02:57 PM

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Warning: the story idea below is pure fiction, an effect of watching Hannibal and Criminal Minds. All similarities to real events are coincidential.

Also, I hope not to offend anyone. If that happens, I'm genuinely sorry.

Two years ago...

One of American cities is shocked by a gruesome crime. A handsome male club-goer is discovered dead in an alley... his body bearing multiple stab wounds and partially eviscerated. The murder makes to the news, with the public wondering: what exactly happened?

Four months later, another dead man is discovered, his body mutilated in the same way. The police denies comments. Media begin speculating...

Three months pass. Another murdered and eviscerated man is found. It's official: there's a serial killer stalking the city.

The media nickname the killer "The Ripper". The police start their manhunt. It brings no results.

By the end of the year, one more body is found...

One year ago...

A 22 years old Heather Bellows enters the city's police station and declares herself to be the Ripper. The police have trouble believing her... until she presents them with the exact knife the Ripper used to kill his victims.

Ms. Bellows gets arrested. Investigation follows and it leads to a speed trial.

Ms. Bellows pleads guilty of all charges.


Heather Bellows arrives to prison to start serving her sentence of life without parole...

So, uhm... this is going to be a bit of experimental story. As I mentioned in the opening, it's a result of me watching too much of Hannibal and Criminal Minds...

Basically, I'm looking to try telling the story of Heather Bellows, a female serial killer who decides to turn herself in. I'd be interested in exploring what happens to her after she makes that decision: RPing through her arrest, possibly the trial... then, I'd like to explore her life in prison.

I know it's a heavy story... and it has no happy end, I'm afraid. Heather is going to end up in prison forever, after all... The question is, how she deals with it? And how will other people deal with her?

In this story, I'd be writing Heather's side of things. I'm looking for a writing partner to write for other characters she encounters: the cops, the media, the judge... then, the correctional officers and other prison inmates.

I'd like this to be a serious story, delving realistically into people's minds. It's definitely not going to be smut. As I said... heavy subject.

Would anyone interested in writing this? If so, please PM me...


Hi there. would you be interested in playing a female version of Dexter? I think I could pull that off.