The Remnant World (A final fantasy crossover)

Started by godfang, June 23, 2014, 09:06:46 AM

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Of the many worlds and many timelines where a truly deranged soul attempts to end the universe, one mad woman finally succeeded. Her name was Ultimecia, a sorceress. In her quest to be the one true ultimate being, she casted a spell to create a time compression, one that would fuse all of time and all of space into one singularity with her in the center. The result, was catastrophic. Countless worlds were destroyed as the compression forced them into becoming one, leaving a ruined abomination of a world behind.  This world, stitched together from the husks of many different world, had people surviving still, people who lost everything and came to be on this last living world out of dumb luck.

These people now struggle to survive, scraping together whatever they can from the barren landscape and fighting off monsters that survived alongside them. Throughout all this, they do not realize that hidden in the world's core, is Ultimecia, absorbing the energy of the remnant world to one day be fully awakened as the singular entity of the multiverse, a new god who will shape it to her heart's desires.

Our story begins in the ruined city of Midgar. Here, adventurers from many different world gather to buy and sell goods. Little do they know, that two person among them will go on an adventure to finally defeat Ultimecia and allow the remnant world to survive.

-What i'm looking for-
A lit player willing to play multiple characters, one main OC and multiple NPCs which consists of Antagonists, Neutral Characters and Sexual Conquests. While i prefer a female player and OC, i'm not against the idea of playing this opposite of a male player or OC (though i am not interested in MxM pairing). I will also play one main OC and multiple NPCs, so the basic idea is that we will both play and gm for one another.

-Character Sheet-

Name: the name of your character
World: which final fantasy world was s/he from?
Class: what classic FF class is s/he trained in?
likes : what does s/he like
dislike: what does s/he not like
kinks : what is s/he into
TFL: 'To Fuck List', a list of Canon FF characters you would like him/her to encounter sexually
Picture: A picture of his