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Author Topic: StingWolf's Idea Place of Ideas for Ideas... yes.  (Read 1456 times)

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StingWolf's Idea Place of Ideas for Ideas... yes.
« on: December 26, 2013, 07:23:30 am »
Greetings and salutations. I’m StingWolf and this is my idea page.  I am looking for female partners to play opposite of me in my stories.  I have many ideas that I wish to bring to life.  If any of my ideas are of a particular interest please send me a PM and we’ll start bringing these story ideas to life.  Anyway, that’s enough talk on my part, please read my ideas now.

Fallen - Taken
“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” - 1887 A.D., John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton.

The world of Helios is a bright place, somewhere between the fantastic and the futuristic.  The world is stuck in a timeline unlike anything that has ever been experienced on Earth.  Castles and landscapes from the middle ages and warriors from the time of the Romans.  With technology such as Televisions and Telephones, this land was indeed odd.  It was more olden than modern if put onto a scale the old ways greatly outweighed the new.  The kingdom of Hyperion is the setting for our story.  Hyperion is a superpower in Helios with an army of over a hundred million and a general population of over six hundred million.

The Hyperions are a powerful people that serve under their king.  They wage war across Helios and are unbelievably strong.  However, all of that changed the day the king was assassinated.  A young man with insane ambitions killed the king in cold blood and was promptly arrested.  now the biggest problem facing Hyperion was choosing the next heir to the throne.  The late king left behind two children, twins in a son and a daughter.  The son was the commander of the Hyperion Army and the daughter was the leader of the Council of Domestic Affairs.  With the military backing the king’s son and the council backing the king’s daughter, the nation of Hyperion was in upheaval.

What the country didn’t know was that the prince and princess of Hyperion shared a secret.  They had been seeing each other in secret now for years as lovers.  They would meet once a month to every two months depending on the situation and would spend an evening together.  It was their secret to keep from their father and the nation.  But now with their father dead, the nation of Hyperion was getting closer and closer to a civil war.  Neither brother or sister made an attempt to claim the throne for themselves, they didn’t exactly know what to do in this situation.  That too changed rather quickly with one foolish action.

The council, without consulting the princess, released the assassin that had killed their father and ordered him to kill the prince.  That plan failed as the assassin wasn’t equipped to kill someone with as much military experience as the prince.  The assassin was put to death on the spot by the order of the prince.  He would bring this event up to his sister during their next meeting.  It was late in the fall season that they met in a castle in the woods that they used as their getaway place.  The prince was about to tell his sister about the assassin before they would engage in their love making, but before that a loud explosion could be heard from outside.  Something had fallen from the sky and the prince told his sister, the princess, to wait inside as he went to investigate.

It was like a fallen star had crashed down.  The prince wasn’t exactly sure what it was but the hole it created in their ground was large and deep.  He recklessly entered and in the darkness of the cave that had been created from the object, felt something bite him.  He wasn’t sure what it was but something inside him changed in that moment.  He wasn’t sure what was different but something was.  Then the cave began to shake, an earthquake that was only felt underground.  He quickly escaped as ground collapsed upon itself.  He moved back towards the castle, looking ar his arm where he had felt the bite, but seeing no wound.  This is where our story begins, a fallen star, a caved-in crash site, and a brother that had changed somehow, taking his sister into his arms.


So this is an interesting story that I would like to do.  It is based in a made up world with a sense of realism that degrades and becomes something much more unnatural and fantastic.  This is an incest RP if that wasn't readily apparent.  It will start off as a consensual relationship but as my character becomes more powerful and corrupted it will contain scenes of non-consensual or at the very least pseudo non-consensual.  This is an idea I've been interested in doing for a while now so if you want to do this just be known that it is long term and I am looking for a dedicated partner.

The Contract - Taken
“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” - Abraham Lincoln 1859

“Welcome to earth, a humble battleground for the humans.  That is what they call it.  Those dirty winged beasts.  Earth has always been the setting for battle, but it was ours, not theirs.  The humans don’t deserve it.  It was the home of my demon brethren and our pets.  The werewolves were the pets of demons.  The vampires soon came about, lesser demons born of the dark.  They had hoped to kill us, so we sent our pets to deal with them, we cut the wolves lose.  That was how the rivalry began between the vampires and werewolves.  However, then the deities arrived.”

“Our humble planet filled with life, slowly being taken from us.  In truth, the demons were the creators of the earth as it were, however, the deities held power similar and far stronger than our own.  They were capable of such amazing feats, if only they hadn’t been driven by their arrogance and lust for power, then perhaps things could have been different.  The deities created a portal, and sent us to rot in their prison while we were forced to watch our world taken from us.  our pets and the vampires were nearly wiped out.  However they survived.”

“The deities left the rest of the life on the planet alone.  We believe it was to keep a power balance in effect.  The lesser animals were nothing to werewolves, vampires, and especially us.  Then the angels were born.  Winged warriors, to serve the deities.  And the humans soon followed.  Each was meant to support the deities, the humans on our home, and the angels where the deities resided.  It would be thousands of years before our chance to take back our world.”

“The year was 2025 CE.  The humans were on a blood path and we were ready.  The rumors of the deities seemed to be correct.  The humans have stopped serving them.  The violent little apes, they were destroying our world.  While we watched in agony.  The rumors of the deities had to be true, that they fell into a comatose state.  They were sleeping and have been for the last thousand years.  Our way home was opening, and with it a new era.  The blood of the humans was like the blood of the deities to us.  The prison they created for us was falling apart.”

“Near the end of summer, the first bomb was dropped.  Human blood began to spill.  And soon enough the prison came down and we entered our home for the first time since being sealed up all those thousands upon thousands of years ago.  The first thing we did was decimate the humans, destroying all their weapons and bringing out the surviving vampires and werewolves from hiding.  We were at home, and after all the human weapons were gone did we being to execute any humans we found.  However, this gave us some unwanted attention.”

“The angels came down from the sky and issued an edict.  The demons, werewolves, and vampires would have to throw down their arms or risk war with the angels.  And so the Great War began.  We teamed up with the vampires and werewolves to fight the angels.  It was hard enough for the Kings of our races to come together and work towards slaying the angels.  And that’s where I come in.  I knew that the war would be won by the angels, and it was.  So I took some precautions.  I met with the three kings.”

“Abaddon, the king of the demons.  He was a frightening man, very large with a big scruffy beard.  He was prideful, but even he would submit to my offer.  Then there was Lucien, the king of the lycans.  I was confused at first, but it appeared that our pets have had a lot of time to change with their freedom during the demon imprisonment.  They had taken to calling themselves lycans and to be called a werewolf was rather insulting to them.  However, Lucien was surprisingly wise considering he was so young.  He was only about 20 years of age, but he was wise and exceptionally powerful, and in fact very agreeable.”

“Then there was Ciro, the current vampire king.  Ciro was very hotheaded and extremely dangerous.  It was known that within the time of the demon release, Ciro had overthrown the previous king Clemente with sheer power and brutality.  It was quite a shame as Clemente had been a peaceful and well mannered vampire.  But it mattered not for my plan.  In fact for my plan Ciro was by far the better choice.  And so they all made a blood pact with me.  Something that would bring about a change.”

“The war actually lasted a while, at least far longer than I had anticipated.  It had appeared that Ciro wasn’t just a hotheaded and violent psychopath, but he was actually a brilliant tactician.  He led a battalion of vampires and werewolves right into the middle of an angel circle and had another battalion strike them from the outside.  An Angel circle is a group of five or more angelic sorcerers that can work fluently together to destroy a battlefield from a distance.  At least that was what we called them.”

“In the end however, I was right.  The angels power overwhelmed and destroyed us.  The kings were captured alive and the demons, werewolves, and vampires that were alive surrendered and became slaves to the angels.  It might seemed like we as losers of the war deserved to be disgraced after being defeated, however the angels were cruel.  They were the ones that declared war, and they were the ones that enslaved us.  So my plan would come to fruition years after the great war.  Years after being enslaved.  It was during execution day.  Five years after the Great War ended, the Kings were going to be sentenced to death.  And so it began, my foolish endeavor.”

Samael is the demon contractor.  He is a master tactician and during the Great War between the Angel Society and the Demon Alliance he had used his mind to deal out death in large numbers to the angels.  However, despite his genius the Angel Society still won the war and enslaved all of his kind.  Samael was taken prisoner, he wasn’t forced to work like the rest of his kind.  He was a prize of sort to the Angel Society for his knowledge on all things was deep.  They wanted to force him to talk about the plans he had during the war, to ensure that there would be no way for the demons to strike back.  He knew a great deal about magic as well and wanted him to show them how demon magic worked so that the angels could figure out a countermeasure for it.

The fact of the matter was that Samael did have a plan.  It was a devious plan.  And it was one that was scheduled to be acted upon right after his allies were to be executed. And that was where the chaos of Samael’s plan would begin.  He wanted the world to be his and he saw a way of making it happen.  Using the power of his contract he would work to break the angels’ rule and take his beloved earth back the way only that darkest and most power obsessed demon could.  However, his plans that were set in motion may not be so easy to enact on when he noticed something odd on the day of the executions.


So this one is one I’ve worked on for a while and have also been trying to make work.  It is a non-consensual story but it uses more of a psychological form of non-consent.  Such as threats, fear, compromises, and rewards for good deeds.  I am looking for someone to play the role of the female angel that is brought to his cell on the day when the kings are to be executed.  The presence of the female angel is what seemed odd to Samael.  The reason being is that in the Angel Society the males were the soldiers and guards for the most part.  Female angels were used either as magic users or as intelligence workers.  The role of the female angel will be one of those, although if she is a magic user I would before her to be a healer rather than a combat magic user, but either way it will still work.  I am looking for a creative partner to add to the story with me and create something magical. Please PM me with any questions about this one.

Mystic - Taken
Earth in the fortieth century is a desert of a planet.  Water and food is scarce outside of the grand city of Oasis.  Human rights have taken a backseat in this world now.  Slavery has been born again and is a common trade in these times.  However, unlike the slavery of the past, this form holds no discrimination.  Only the poor, unable to afford weapons or papers of freedom are turned slaves.  Sex-trafficking is legal and anyone outside of the protected cities could be captured and enslaved.  The worst part is, it attracts criminals to wander outside of cities, ransacking caravans and assaulting travelers.  Even worse is a group of criminals known as the Desert Demons, but we’ll get to that in just a little bit.

The earth is in a dark place and if it continues upon this path all humanity will be dead before the forty-second century.  Despite all the doom and gloom, people still live on, some living happy and content lives.  And in fact many people still venture outside the city in the forms of the caravans, delivering food and water to those in need.  Of course many of these caravans are paid by the Oasis Government or by the cities they supply.  Some caravans smuggle weapons, guns and ammo to villages and cities to sell for a high premium.  The gun trade is very popular as it is the best form of defense.  There aren’t many original guns left in the world, almost every weapon is a replica from the guns of the twentieth and twenty-first century.  Replica or not they are still lethal weapons.

Over the last fifty years or so, the Oasis Government has seen a drastic increase in odd anomalies involving human genetics.  However, upon testing the anomalies there have been little to no results.  It is believed by the scientists of Oasis that the anomalies are cause in a slight genetic mutation that can’t be detected by their equipment.  People on the outside have adopted to calling people that have the anomalies the Mystics.  They are people with a special power or ability, some are far stronger than others and others contain many powers, but they all classified the same.  The interesting thing is that the leader of the Desert Demons is rumored to be a Mystic.

Now I suppose I will have to explain what the criminal group called the Desert Demons are all about.  The Desert Demons started off as a small group of bandits about fifty years ago.  They followed a man known as the Desert Sage.  The sage was commonly believed to be a powerful mystic.  They did the common things of raiding caravans, buying and selling slaves, and operating in the gun trade.  However, they had never did anything that the Oasis Government could see as a threat.  In fact, if anything the Oasis government thrived because of the business that the Desert Demons were conducting.  That all changed ten years ago.

Ten years ago is the commonly believed time of the Desert Sage’s passing.  A new leader for the Demons rose to take his place.  Someone that is now also thought to by a mystic.  The leader is referred to as the Desert Devil.  He became enemies with the Oasis Government when he began attacking and raiding their supply caravans and executing their field soldiers.  It was ten years ago that a bounty system was created by the Oasis Government to generate more revenue and to hopefully dispose of the Desert Demons.  The bounty for the Desert Devil is approximately the value of what 100,000,000 USD was worth back in the 21st century.

The Desert Devil was known for his cruelty and ambition.  He brought with him a new era of fear, far beyond what any other bandit group could have hoped for.  He was a genius in battle and he created a system of dealing in his illegal activities inside the city of Oasis without the government finding out.  The name and appearance of the Desert Devil are unknown, and due to this it has made the bounty on him almost impossible to obtain as he is needed alive to confirm his identity.  Only the bravest and most foolish bounty hunters pursue him.  For the rest of them don’t want to test the waters with him.  After all, no bounty hunter as ever lived after meeting him.

Our particular story starts outside of a city made from the wreckage of a cargo plane and fighter jet that had collided many years ago.  The city was named after the fighter jet and dubbed City F-22.  This was the city that was destined to be destroyed by the Desert Demons.  It happened on the day a convoy from the Oasis was bringing food and water to to the people of F-22.  What Oasis didn’t know was how far the devil’s treachery had seeped.  One of the drivers was working for the demons, and this is where we begin.  A town about to be destroyed from a trap set by the Desert Devil.  The only thing that wasn’t taken into account was that this town had a visitor that would be of particular interest to the Desert Devil, the visitor was a Mystic.


Okay so for this idea I need a female partner to play the role of the Mystic in the town.  My character (The Desert Devil) will destroy the town and take anyone that will make a good slave and kill the rest.  However, the Mystic will be sparred this fate as soon as the Desert Devil learns that they are indeed a Mystic.  A journey will begin with the Mystic joining the Desert Devil, either willingly or unwillingly.  And from there the story begins to develop as there is much more to this madman besides his cruelty.  This is a long term NC story or more preferred a Pseudo-NC story with the two main characters inevitably working together towards the common goal of saving the world.  Please PM me with any questions relating to this story idea.

“A performance, that is what this is.  I am but a performer on the grand stage of life.  From the time I was but a child, to the time when a glass of poisoned wine would turn my life from that of a boy to that of a man at the tender age of fourteen.  And now, I draw my last breath, for it is the curtain call that beckons.  I must play my role in this scheme.  Good bye.”  - A final letter from the king to his kin the night before his assassination.

“Dead, the king is dead!” The empire of his late majesty erupted in outrage upon hearing the news of an assassination.  The late king was a wonderful man, one that helped the commoners and was less concerned with rank than he was with helping his fellow countrymen.  The nobles on the other hand had nothing but disdain for the king as he would employ those of the lower classes.  The nobles work tirelessly to disband the king’s work and create an empire that holds the nobility up above the rest of the country.  And they succeed, to a degree.

A young man soon arrives in the empire.  The kingdom is on the verge of a full scale rebellion, and the young man sees a chance to change his life.  However, in order to accomplish this he must put in a bit of effort to generate the rebellion and get access to the castle.  Inside the castle his target is the late king’s daughter, who has until this point been nothing but a figurehead to the nobles.  The young man wields a weapon far more deadly than the money of the nobles and armor and weapons of the knights.  He wields the people of the country after he has worked to obtain their favor.

The young man is very charismatic and impressionable.  Almost everyone that has talked to him ends up serving him.  But is it out of respect or fear?  Some of the nobles even have fallen under the man’s spell as he enters the castle to obtain his target.  The throne of the empire is what he seeks.  However, he has many motives for seeking the throne.  In his eyes the throne is a stepping stone.  The daughter of the late king currently sits on the throne of her father and this is something that needs to change in order for the mysterious man to achieve his goal.


This is an idea that involves the usurping of the throne of an empire that is on the verge of collapse.  My character (The mysterious man) makes his way into the castle and attempts to negotiate the surrender of the throne from your character (the princess made queen) in order to achieve his true goals.  Of course the throne is a seat of power and is not expected to be easily taken, at least not without the use of methods of blackmail or threats of violence.  This will be a NC plot with more of the psychological side of control being exploited.  This is a master/slave plot so I am looking for a submissive female to play the lead role of the princess.  There may be some factors in the plot that need to be discussed beforehand and nothing is set in stone so please PM me with any interest in this story.

The Darkness War - Taken
New York City 1999, the dawn of the New Year and the start of a new Millennium.  Back then, nobody knew what was coming.  Science began to take off, high power computers, new advanced weaponry, and of course there was always acts of terrorism. years would pass and the world would be engaged in war soon enough.  But this isn’t the story of a war, this is the story of THE war.  It all started with the mass hysteria brought on from the Y2K panic.  That was what began to wake him from his slumber.  Seth, best described by some as a god of darkness, although his exact origin is unknown.

Slowly did his power seep from the depths of the earth, and it began to infect people.  One by one did the will of man change to suit Seth’s darkness.  People murdering and slandering one another.  Dragging each other through the dirt on a pathway to the darkness that Seth called home.  The world was changing, becoming a cold and desolate place.  His corruption began to spread, but it was slow moving and wasn’t known as something supernatural, at least not until 2020.  Exactly two decades after the Y2K problem.  It all happened on the first of January of 2020.  The first nuclear strike since WW2, over a million lives were claimed in a single blast.

The world was out of control and nuclear war was breaking out, every day people prayed to not be the next to die from a nuclear strike.  That’s when he arrived.  Seth brought about something to the world.  Something that would ironically stop the third World War.  He brought darkness and death.  He was searching the world for something, someone.  That someone was his queen, he looked for his queen to guide him, for he could only see darkness he desired the queen he once had.  The wise queen, that would guide him to his victory and perhaps lead him from the darkness that engulfed his very existence.

And it so happened that he found one.  A human that resembled a likeness to his queen.  And so he pursued in the hopes of claiming his queen.  In his mind, she was the torch that could light up the night, and she was exactly what he needed to stay alive.  In a way it made sense, for without light, there was no darkness.  But things would not be so easy, because much more was arisen from the nuclear war than just Seth.  Ancient beings, ones that would desire to conquer the world, make it their new home and kill anyone in their way, even Seth and his would be queen.


So this is a pretty simple ye complicated story.  In it’s most simple form it is about an anti-hero and a heroine joining together to save the earth form total annihilation.  However there are many layers to the characters that can complicate things.  For example my character, Seth, is kind and compassionate when dealing with his queen and outside of that he his ruthless.  But it is enviably his ruthless behavior that is saving the world as humans are focusing their fire more on him and his forces instead of on one another.  In his mind, his role is to infest the entire world with darkness and his queen is supposed to be the light that keeps him going, that can keep him alive and even save him.

Aside from that the other forces seem to want nothing more an to take over, manipulate, and otherwise destroy the world.  Some of these forces also want nothing more than to use the earth as a battleground to show off their skills or kill one another and settle grudges from the past.  It’s only when they begin to target not just Seth, but his queen as well that he begins to truly change.  Going from a force of darkness to something more.  So I’m looking for a female to play the role of his queen, who will start off as a normal human and then gain supernatural abilities.  This will be a pseudo non-consensual solo RP and will then move to consensual.  The genre for this RP is a bit hard to determine in one word, so here are many words that could be used to describe parts of this story: sci-fi/fantasy/modern fantasy/romance/action/adventure/thriller/drama/tragedy.  anyway, PM me if you are interested in this RP.

The Monsters - Taken
Question: What if monsters ruled the world?  Answer: They already do, they’re called humans.

The world of Earth, a world in which the monsters rule.  And these monsters are called humans.  The earth is home to many different species, tigers, lions, people, elves, centaurs, werewolves, etcetera.  This world in which they all live in is primarily dominated by the humans.  Despite what many may have you believe, the humans are the master race here.  The major races that live under their rule are the elves, werecreatures, vampires, and hybrids.  Each one lived out in the wilds, away from human settlements out of fear of death.

Elves, while they have a natural ability to use magic, they neither have the quickness nor then strength to use it effectively like the humans.  Elves are the bottom of the food chain, well them and the hybrids.  They are easily conquered and forced to do slave work for the humans.  Their magic powers are used to help humans and nothing more.  They are healers or builders and that’s it, any of them that fight back are quickly killed.  They couldn’t hope for a free and peaceful world in which the live with the humans.  There are groups of elves that live in seclusion and hiding in the forests away from the humans, those are the only elves that are free in this world.

The werecreatures are rarer in numbers than the elves as many humans just hunt them down without mercy.  The most famous were the werewolves, whom at one point attempted to fight the humans, but the magic and weapons of the humans were too much and the biggest weakness of all these werecreatures was found early on.  The sliver that the men had used to make their weapons, cut and burned any form of the werecreatures.  And it was these weapons that force the remainder of them into hiding and forced them to run from the humans.  They hunt smaller creatures now, and rarely are scene in packs greater than ten.

The vampires were at one point the more powerful race.  But the ingenuity of the humans proofed too much for them.  They would be seen biting people and feeding on their blod, but when burned by a torch the vampires seemed to stop from moving.  They face far greater pain from fire than the humans did, and this weakness was noticed.  While the vampires could infect the humans, the hmans could burn the vampires with arrows doused in flames.  This forced the vampires to run, like many of the others.  They live in the caves because the sun has the same effect as the fire and they no longer feed on humans but rather on smaller weaker animals, much like the werecreatures.

They hybrids were a rarer breed, perhaps the only one able to find any sort of peace with the humans, if you could call living as pets peace.  The hybrids were part human, part animal.  They didn’t transform like the werecreatures, they were always like that so they were more easily identified.  The hybrids included many different races, the avian creatures, centaurs, etcetera.  Because of their uniqueness many of them were enslaved and kept as pets.  Some like the centaurs though had been forced to work, such as being drawing a carriage.  Although some of them earned their freedom by fighting for the humans, like the avian men that would be used to scout areas ahead.  Although they were never given good weapons or armor.

But what happens when the world gets too boring, and a new monster is born.  A monster who hunts and kills all in its path.  A human from another world,  born and raised here on earth.  He was among the best of the human warriors, as well as one of their best magic users.  But he is something much more than that.  The legends of another world filled with darkness was true as this one man will grow bored working with the rest of the humans and decide to switch sides.  Instead he’ll play a new game of hunting the hunters.  However, he doesn’t do this alone.  Instead he enlist the help of his female slave, one of the lower creatures, to help him connect with them and to help him counter the cruelty of man with his own cruelty.  The only thing that is known is that there will be chaos, bloodshed, and war.  But will it be enough to satisfy this new monster or will he taint the whole world with his hell?


Okay, so this is an odd story to me at least in a sense as there doesn’t appear to be a set goal or order of events yet.  The story is sort of in development based on which directions the RP goes.  The general idea I have would be a pseudo non-consensual RP in which your character (while she is a slave)  has a similar mind set as my character, as in the desire to see humans die.  Which is why it would be pseudo non-con, because she would actually like this monster before her.  However, as the story goes in and my character becomes more and more enthralled with the bloodshed he brings it would start to take its toll, becoming rather sickening and even seem like a bit too much for your character.  Although I would like to focus writing on more of the psychological effects, and the actual war and violence won’t escalate until later, but I need a partner who isn’t opposed to this kind of stuff later in the story.  That’s basically it as far as the story nature, this is an idea that should be talked about a little bit before it is started so please PM if any of this sounds like it might be appealing.

The Werewolf Kingdom - Taken

Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess.  Their father was a great king, ridding the world of the evil creatures that plagued it.  Those evil creatures were of course the two warring tribes of werewolves and vampires.  However, the king wouldn’t stand to have them warring in his kingdom as humans always ended up in the crossfire.  So as the King of England, he outlawed all werewolves and vampires from his Kingdom and sentenced them all to death.  He formed alliances with the French and the Spanish as well getting them to join him in his fight against the supernatural creatures that plagued his lands.

The prince was a trained soldier and a captain in the Royal English Army.  He had trained since his youth to fight and kill his enemies on the battlefield.  He was an excellent swordsman and an honorable man.  His father was more than happy with the progress his son has shown and he would be able to die a happy man knowing that his kingdom was being left in the hands of someone he truly trusts will do what’s right for all of England.  The princess also brought great honor to her father, being deeply involved in the troubles of the people and helping them overcome hardships such as disease and hunger.  She was also just as involved in the political side of the country as was her brother.  Both the prince and princess were herald as heroes in their country and this brought great joy to the king.

Everything would change soon enough as the prince went out hunting one day and came back with the head of a werewolf and a hand that had been bandaged up.  The werewolf had bitten him, something he kept hidden from his father.  After the wound healed in the next few weeks the prince began to feel strange, a new force was within him as he was changing into the very thing his father had been working to eliminate.  At this time it was unknown to anyone how werewolves were made, many of them were born, but a few of them were made from the humans that were bitten and survived.  And as the prince began to change into this beast so too did his personality, and that was something that would soon affect all of England and possibly even the world.

The prince had a deep love for his sister, a love that was deemed unnatural and impure, but that mattered not to him.  Not as he snuck into her room one night.  And that’s where we begin our story, the prince entering his sister’s room as she slept.  The beast inside his mind calling to him as he did so, and soon his plans would come to fruition.  It all started with the princess that he so loved.


So this is clearly an incest story as well as a possibly furry story.  I would like it to start in the opening scenes as non-consensual and quickly move toward consensual and then perhaps later in the story move back again to non-consensual.  This story is a tragedy about an usurper and the corruption and evil that he brings as he rules, undoing everything his father had worked for to recreate the country in his vision.  How this story ends will be entirely up to us, while I create this story with a tragic ending in mind it could very well blossom into a deep romance.  Either way this is a long term RP so I need someone that will enjoy this idea and see it through to the end.  This idea itself will play out with a lot of smut, the first scene in itself is a sex scene, but there is plenty of plot here and that will always be the driving point.

The Mad World - Taken
Memories saved in time
“Welcome to the Mad World.  Imagine if you would a grand arena, one filled with not hundreds, not thousands, not even hundreds of thousands, but millions of people, all screaming and cheering.  But do you know what it is they cheer for?  Men, much like themselves, to be torn to shreds by the beasts.  They are such a foolish people, like everyone else here, they are hypocrites.  They detest violence, war, and bloodshed, and yet every week they go t the arena to watch the next porr sap try his luck against the beasts.  I wonder, how would they fair against the beasts themselves.  I doubt they’d survive very long.”
~ Brutus, the Gladiator King.

“I am blinded, the light is so bright, with feathered wings do they guide me.  My angels of course, they bring me hope of a better life, a better world.  So, I fight always with them by my side.  I use my sword to slay evil, and my shield to defend the innocent.”
“But what if your sword spills enough blood where you become the very evil you fight against?  What will you do then?”
“I shall be force to turn the blade upon myself.  Rid the world of the evil that I have become.”
“It is a noble gesture, but if you did that, what will happen to your shield?  It will be left behind with your corpse, unable to defend anyone.”
“There will always be someone to pick up my shield, we’ll do just fine.”
~ A conversation between Aaron the leader of the White Knights and Brutus the Gladiator King

“This world of watchers, it deserves the worst kind of fate.  They cheer for death, for blood, for OUR blood!  I will not let them take it.  I will NOT let them have their way!  Brutus is a fool, he was once like us and now that he’s free he turns his back on us!  He’s even the king now.  I will NOT bow to him or ANY of those ungrateful fools!  Tonight that all changes, tonight we’re the kings and queens of this world.  What we do here will be remembered throughout all of history.  Tonight Brutus dies, and those people will understand that we will not be killed so easily.  Tonight we write our own legacy with their blood!  Whose with me?!”
~ The last words of Geoffrey, the leader of the Warriors' Union and a major cause in the Great Rebellion.

“This is it, once I open this, the seal will be broken and the world will end.  This Mad World will die, and the monsters and beast kept prisoner here shall end the world.  The Grand Coliseum, the home of the Warriors Union, the place that gave glory to the current king.  All of this will be decimated by the Grand Etherium that is sealed away here.  And so will I become one with the Grand Etherium in doing this great service.  Goodbye and good riddance.”
~ Unknown source.

This place was once known as Earth.  However, that all changed many years ago, upon the greatest construction ever known to mankind.  The place was known as the Grand Coliseum.  It was similar to the one build in Rome many years ago.  It was designed to be almost an exact replica, only far more massive, in order to hold both a great crowd as well as the beasts that were sealed away under that sacred ground.  The beasts came in many forms, some as small as a child, others bigger than a castle.  But with the ancient magic seals everyone was protected from the beasts, everyone except the unlucky warriors that had to fight in the arena.  They were known as the Warriors’ Union.

Despite the name, the Warriors’ Union, was actually very disorganized.  They were formed of prisoners, the poor who would otherwise starve, and those foolish enough to seek the glory of fighting in the arena.  The glory seekers were few and far between, but nearly everyone that had fought in the Grand Coliseum had admired one man, the ruler of this arena and possibly the entire world, Brutus the Gladiator King.  He was once a simple man that had survived and conquered his way through the beasts of the Grand Coliseum, he brought himself from rags to riches and was named the Gladiator King for all his conquests in that arena.

However, this wasn’t enough for some people.  And soon enough a Great Rebellion broke out inside the Grand Coliseum, the Warriors’ Union wanted to escape, to destroy the arena, to have a better life than having to risk their lives.  It was easy enough boost morale of the Warriors’ Union forces, seeing as the majority of them were prisoners.  The Great Rebellion lasted a total of two hours, and that when the Mad World went to hell and the beasts were released from the Grand Coliseum.  For underneath the arena was the place where the beasts had lived, a place known as the Grand Etherium, and someone had used the chaos created by the rebellion to unlock the magic seals that kept the Grand Etherium at bay.

With the seals broken the people had to run, hide, and fear for their lives as the beasts killed them and hunted them down without mercy.  Small villages began to form across the Mad World, many of which were hidden n the woods or fortified with strong stone walls.  Knights all across the land did what they could to protect the people.  But even the Knights were no match for the beasts, they could take maybe one or two at a time, but many beasts hunted in groups.  And so our story begins here, in a small village over half a world away from the ruins of the Grand Coliseum.  The village of Draxion, founded by the late Lord Draxion, is the starting point to this story.

Whose story is it exactly?  It’s the story of a young, handsome man.  However he is much more than he seems, he is clever and has discovered an interesting little thing about himself, and that would be that he has some sort of magical power.  The truth about him is that he has the powers that lie within the Grand Etherium, mysterious and extremely powerful when used correctly.  although all this man had seemed to learn was how to dodge a sword or a rock, well sort of, if you can call what he does as dodging.  For he can let objects pass through him, but only momentarily, there had been a few incidents where he returned to his normal state too quickly and ended up getting cut or hurt in some way.

However, everything ends up changing for him when a young woman shows up in the village.  From what everyone could tell was that she was a wandering warrior, probably skilled with a sword or knife.  Her clothing also had the symbol of the fallen order of the White Knights.  Meeting her, it changes something inside of the Etherium man, and soon enough he finds himself gaining more power, more insight on the state of things, and even a quest of some kind.  As the woman was on her way to the ruins of the Grand Coliseum in search of a way to fight the beasts.  The man joins her on her journey, at first simply our of curiosity but it soon becomes much more than that.


So, for this I’m looking for someone to play the role of the submissive female warrior.  I’m not sure yet if I want it to be Con or Non-Con, perhaps even a bit of both.  Obviously there will need to be some details in the plot worked out, but that can be fore us both to decide.  This is a long term RP and I really don’t like it when people vanish on me so please don’t do that if you plan on doing this with me, I don’t care if it takes a long time to get a reply, so long as it remains an active RP.  Not sure if I’m missing anything, if I am please PM me with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Highway Killer - Taken
“Hello, my name is...” A static noise blocks out the name.  “I have a confession to...”  More static, the voice is extremely muffled and hard to make out.  “I have...” Static again.  “I will come for,,,”  Once more static and then the tape ends.  The police are baffled by the evidence found near the body of a young teen shot in the head and left on the side of the road.  The victim was a 19 year old boy, and the only evidence was the caliber bullet in his head, the tire tracks left behind and that tape.  The police couldn’t figure out what the killer’s motive was, nor why the killer would have left such a useless tape at the scene.

“I never understood why people were so hesitant to give hitchhikers a ride.  Maybe it’s because they are afraid of the unknown, afraid their passenger will kill them.  I don’t see it that way...”  The psychotic killer is dressed in faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt, looking down at his next victim.  A woman tied up with tape over her mouth.  “The hitchhiker is the one that should be afraid, after all they’re the ones entering someone else’s car, someone else’s property.  They should be scared that they’re in for a ride that they’re not prepared for.”  The killer points a loaded revolver at the young woman.  “As I see it, the hitchhiker should be afraid that I’ll kill them, not that they’ll kill me.  They enter my car, my world, they relieve me of boredom. So I must repay the favor, one good deed with another.”  At that point he shoots the woman in the head, leaving her body on the side of the road and a tape for the cops before driving off.


Okay so this is a more screwed up story, those two paragraphs are more of a sampler than anything else.  This plot is more of a horror/psychological thriller/crime drama type deal.  I would like it to actually run two stroy lines side by side, so I’ll be looking for a partner that can run two different characters.  One of a potential victim for the killer and a female agent that is working with the man trying to catch the killer.  I still have to lay out some ground work and any input is greatly appreciated.  Please PM if this looks like something you would want to write with me.

“Do you believe in myths and legends?  Do you think, that with a little hard work you can actually save the world?  Do you want an adventure that will save people from suffering and agony?  I hate to break it to you, but you’re in the wrong line of work.  Kill them all!”  The captain’s words rang out as his men stormed into the cabins of the other boat, slaughtering everyone hiding down there with steal blades.  “This is reality.  A world like this can’t be saved.  Because it’s men like me, no, men worse than me that rule it.”  The captain of the most notorious pirates on all the seas, his words stuck with an individual that day, a young boy from a noble family, a hostage.

Fifteen years later...

“Rogue wave!!”  A crew member called out, his screams could be heard even below deck.  The Sea Lady, a merchant ship, transporting goods from around the world back home to England.  Among those goods being transported were a few people, one of which was James Hall, an Englishman with brown hair and blue eyes.  He was fit, muscular but not big.  He was quick on his feet but he sat there in the darkness that was under the deck of the Sea Lady.  He was with a few other travelers, none of which he had any acquaintance.  But that didn’t stop some of them from staring at the man, for he sat with his legs parted, leaning almost.  His left elbow was on his left knee with his hand raise in front holding the handle of a strange sword.

The sword was in it’s sheathe but it was unlike any sword and Englishman would have forged.  His right hand was on his right knee and his head was draped forward, as if he were sleeping.  The sword was positioned in such a way that the tip of the sheathe was pressing against the ground in front of his left boot.  More scream’s could be heard outside and the boat was shaking dangerously.  “Neat sword, where’d ya get it?”  A man spoke to James as he lit up the darkness with a lantern.  However the Englishman didn’t answer.  The man in the darkness took it as an insult and grabbed James by the collar of his plain white linen shirt and pulled him off the chair he was in.

At that moment James opened up his eyes and what he saw in that moment was everyone moving through the air.  The Sea Lady was capsizing.  In an instant James pushed past the man, trying to stay with the ship, but was unable to do so as it flipped completely over, anything not nailed to the ground was flying through the inside of the hold.  Screams from the other passengers could be heard, but the Englishman was not going to die, not here, not like this.  He drew his sword, a blade that was sharper than any blade that was being transported in the Sea Lady.  James quickly moved to a nearby support beam, climbing it and slicing through the floor above them.  Creating a hole.  “If you want to live, follow me!”  He called out to the other survivors.

They had a small window here, to escape before the ship would sink.  And James led the way, cutting through floor boards until daylight could be seen.  He climbed out and stood on top of what used to be the underbelly of the Sea Lady.  He returned his sword to its sheathe and helped all the other survivors up.  The storm was bad, but they weren’t too far from the shores of England.  However luck was not on their side on that day as another survivor called out what would be most of their doom.  “Water Spout!”  The Englishman barely had enough time to turn and look at it before being swept away by it and pulled along by the rough ocean waves, along with everyone else.


This is a story of pirates, murder, assassins, politics, sex, violence, and will encompass a cast of unique and even over-the-top individuals.  So I’m looking for a partner that is willing to play multiple female characters as I will be playing multiple male characters, many of which will be introduced later in the story.  There is still work to be done with the story, but if it looks interesting and you want to play it, please PM and be prepared for this is a long term story.
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