Pluto & Persephone (seeking male/dom)

Started by Noire Lace, June 06, 2014, 04:15:48 AM

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Noire Lace

Please PM me if you show any interest at all in this post; I am willing to make changes & compromises to work with my partner.~
For the longest time, I have had an interest in the Greek myth of Hades/Pluto & Persephone, & the fine line between love & obsession.
If you need a brush-up on the story, please click the link below.


Possible Plots:

  • First up, a retelling of the story with strong themes of dom/sub & light bdsm. This roleplay will contain dubious consent, but won't get too hardcore.
  • A retelling of the story with a much more sadistic Pluto than usual. In this roleplay, Pluto will be caught between brutally claiming his queen & trying to treat her with dignity. But this proves to be difficult when he realizes that at his core, he is more or less a sadist. He can either try to deny his true nature & both suffer the repercussions, or try to lure Persephone into a dom/sub relationship so that she may enjoy the things he wants to do to her.
  • Persephone passes away due to intervening from her mother(Demeter). Initially, Hades/Pluto is grief-stricken, but he learns to accept her death & waits for his pool of souls to regurgitate her back into the world of the living. Flash forward to contemporary times. Persephone is now a straight-forward & strong woman, rather than the wilting maiden he knew in the past. Again, dom/sub elements can be included, but be prepared for a bit of a challenge in this plot.
  • Persephone & Pluto struggle to make their new marriage work. Persephone has grown to love Pluto, but her mother is grief-stricken at the loss of her daughter, & Persephone misses sunlight, flora, & fauna. Pluto will have to learn how to let his wife go for periods of time during the year in order to keep Persephone happy, but it's hard when he's so possessive of her.

Noire Lace

I just changed the name of this thread, realizing that the name wasn't really concise enough.
I also deleted some of the weaker plots, updated new ones, & made them more specific.

Please enjoy the new changes & pm me if interested.~

Noire Lace

All of the parts have been taken.
Thank you, everyone.