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Started by Noire Lace, October 13, 2014, 05:21:23 AM

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Noire Lace

    Claire's Desired Plots~
    This thread is currently CLOSED.
    When thread is open, please PM me what you would like to explore.
    Please check my "ons & offs," or PM me about special kinks.
    I love new ideas & collaboration, so don't be afraid to speak up!

    • Faerie Tales

      Red Riding Hood:
      ~When Red Riding Hood was a young girl, her grandmother made a deal with a wolf to spare their lives. In return, Red was promised to the wolf on her 17th birthday, the day she became a "woman." Now the wolf as come to reclaim his bride, whether she likes it or not.(Light or NC)
      ~Since her entire family was slaughtered by werewolves, Red has made it her mission to track down every were she can & take him down. In her travels, Red has always been unable to capture one particularly tricky wolf, but she seems to be finally closing in on him... or has he been closing in on her? (NC)

      Beauty & the Beast:
      ~Belle is sent to work for a "beast" who lives in recluse & works alone in his mansion tucked deep into a forest. While he is physically attractive, he seems to have a vendetta against Belle, constantly telling her cruel things & attacking her very approach to life. Does he truly dislike her, or does having her around bring out parts of him that make him uncomfortable? (Light or NC)

      ~Cinderella is now engaged to her Prince Charming from the magical ball. To her surprise, he isn't the perfect, charming gentleman that the kingdom has been led to believe. He's dangerous & has a sadistic streak about him, & now he's made it his goal to turn Cinderella into the perfect, submissive wife. (Light or NC)
    • Betrothal
      (dragons/elves, wolves/vampires, Unseelie Faeries/Seelie Faeries, etc.)

      ~After generations of warring between two prominent factions, higher officials have finally stepped in & demanded an end to all of the fighting & senseless bloodshed. A pureblooded heir has been selected from each side, & are betrothed for the sake of peace, against their own will. The bride & groom have been trained to hate & kill one another since birth, but now they must set aside their differences & marry. (Light or NC)
    • Mages

      ~After his wife & unborn child were prematurely taken away from him, a king has taken it upon himself to hunt down every mage in his kingdom & have them put in prison or executed. When a curse has been inflicted on his kingdom, the king is forced to enlist the help of a mage, despite his hatred for them. he keeps a close eye on the woman & plans to kill her at the first mistake, but she may have a few tricks up her sleeve as well. (NC)

      ~Mages are hunted down as soon as they show any signs of magical talent. A man devoutly hates witches to the point of becoming a witch-hunter; however, he has been found to have a talent for magic & is sentenced to burn at the stake. Now he has to rely on a ghost from his past, a mage who he believes seduced him with her magic, to free himself & clear his name. (Light or NC)
    • Spoils of War

      ~Shortly after his victory, the new king of a county takes the previous king's daughter as a concubine for his harem, knowing that he can use the princess for legitimate royal heirs, as well as eventually marry her & cement his place as royalty. Before he can make the princess his wife, however, he intends to win her affections & loyalty with the help of the rest of his harem & strict training. (NC)

    Mystery/ Horror:
    • Jack the Ripper

      Jack x Woman:
      ~A young woman has begun to receive love letters from a man named "Jack," just as the murders of Whitechapel began. Although she is terrified of the possibility that her admirer is really the infamous murderer, she is drawn in to him & his charms. Jack the Ripper, unknown to the woman, is her admirer, & the women he kills receive their judgement on nights that he is pining over his love, wanting her attention desperately. Will the killing cease when "Jack" finally gathers the attention he wants, or will he seek to taint her & lure her into his dark world? (NC)

      Detective x Woman:
      A young woman has begun to receive love letters from a man named "Jack," just as the murders of Whitechapel began. Instead of openly seeking the police, she has been nervously keeping this to herself, at least until one of her father's newer friends, a rookie detective at the station coaxes the information out of her & begins to privately look into her possible admirer. As he searches, the two grow closer, & then the murders grow frequent, showing that "Jack" is probably jealous of their developing relationship. (Light)


    • Harry Potter

      The Order of the Phoenix has been shoved into the shadows & outlawed by the Death Eaters in the Ministry. Without the rebels, purebloods are first class citizens, & anyone else in the magical world is little more than a servant to be used & discarded by the richest of society. Voldemort has finally reclaimed his original body & power, & is steadily growing stronger. Among the hidden rebels emerges a young woman who tries to assassinate him herself. He originally intends to kill her, but something about her pulls him in... no one has dared to defy him in so long. (NC)
    • Game of Thrones

      The attempted assassination of Khal Drogo fails. Instead, the Khal & Khaleesi realize the girls who betrayed them were liars, deal with them accordingly, & then continue on with capturing the iron throne. (Light)
    • Skyrim

      ~Vilkas x Dragonborn:
      This roleplay will follow the Companion storyline & a bit of the main storyline, starting with the meeting of a pitiful new recruit & Vilkas, & then following their building relationship. (Light)

    One Shots:
    • Sexual Experimentation

      ~Two women become roommates. One (presumed straight) fed up with a long list of crappy boyfriends, & the other only wants one chance to prove that she could be the one to make her roommate happy. However, she has no clue if the other girl is attracted to women, & she is nervous of rejection if she decides to speak up. (Light)
    • Paranormal Seduction

      ~A vampire seduces his/her victim & feeds. Killing the victim is optional. (NC)

      ~A succubus/incubus seduces his/her victim & feeds. (NC)

      ~A human unwittingly begins to work in a hotel that caters to paranormal beings, & catches the eye of one of the customers. (NC or Light)
    • Pet/Breeding Nekos

      ~A neko is literally delivered to her master in a crate by an unknown sender, & he takes her in as his new pet. (Light; compilation of random adventures)

      ~Wanting a bit of help around his home, a human takes in a stray neko often seen around his home & gives her a place to stay. In return, she must keep herself healthy & pay him back with her body. (Light)

      ~A human man is selected to be the breeding partner of a neko in a company that farms the  more exclusive species of neko to be pets/slaves for wealthy buyers. When the neko he breeds with imprints on him, the breeding company offers him a probational salary while they try to reverse the imprint. But the more the human spends with the neko, the closer he actually becomes with her. (Light or NC)
    • Other

      ~After years of being trapped in a loveless arranged marriage that neither of them wanted, a couple finally comes face to face & work out their differences, in hopes that they can become a normal couple. The first step is finally sharing their first night together. (Light)

      ~A man takes a drunken woman home after a party. Instead of having a one night stand, he stays with her & makes his move the morning after. (Light or NC)


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    This thread is currently CLOSED.

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    Noire Lace

    This thread is currently CLOSED.