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Author Topic: Twisted But Fun Dystopian 'Misfits' Inspired Non-Canon RP NO LONGER RECRUITING  (Read 1555 times)

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Offline Juggtacular

My second will be up sometime later today.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Well profile number one looks good.  Thank you :)  I'm busy the next couple of days but I'm hoping to get all the IC and OOC stuff sorted by Sunday. 

Can I have a quick roll call?  Everyone who's still in at this point please just post confirmation of that for me. 

Thanks guys x

Offline johnnyboyboy

I'm in for sure! :D

Offline azzmeister89

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Still here and in.

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Offline Ron Don Volante

Anyway I can join too or is it all sealed up?

Offline Juggtacular

Name: Sherane Kenzington
Age: 23
Orientation: Bisexual
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc): None specifically, but she's open to "adventure"
Hard Limits: Scat, Gore, Blood, etc...
She's 5'8(on a good day), and weighs around 145lbs. She has a nice figure and works out to keep it that way.
Rap Sheet - if any: N/A
Power - if any: Shockwaves - Sharane generates energy pulses that manifest and function as semi-visible vibratory shockwaves; said shockwaves emanate from her body naturally, but can be channeled through her limbs to give more control and direction. By channeling the energy out, she can blast people and objects and cause things to shake themselves apart.

Bio/Backstory: Sherane was born in London, in the City of London. Her father was a Police Detective, and her mom was a teacher. Her parents weren't exactly strict, but morals and values were instilled in her from a young age; especially doing the right thing. Her life was pretty much normal coming up, aside from a passion for dancing and skating, she was a normal girl.

 As she got older, she became more and more interested in her fathers line of work, and when she was about 16 she decided she wanted to follow in his footsteps. When she graduated Upper School, she immediately enrolled in several law courses, self defense and all the other things she' need to become a fine officer. She took her exams and tests and everything and passed with flying colors.

However she wasn't quite sure she was ready for the big time yet so she talked to her father and he suggested starting off as a Probations Officer. The details stood out to her and it sounded like a great starting position where she could get her feet wet and really get some experience under her belt before moving on to the big leagues so to speak.

And after a bit of searching, she found a great program on Isle of Man. It would be her first time away from her family, but everyone needed to grow up sometime right? She packed her things and moved, and has been loving her job so far.

Strengths: Strong moral compass. Loyal to people who earn her respect through deeds and actions. She's not completely straight laced and has a soft side for people(so she might let you slide now and then if you screw up)
Weaknesses: She can be too nice at times. She's brave, but when people test her she sometimes tries too hard to prove it to them. Peer pressure has never been easy for her to avoid.
Personality: Kind. Polite. Funny. Sensual. Well Meaning. Stern(at times). Patient.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2014, 05:47:11 PM by Juggtacular »

Offline johnnyboyboy

There probably is room for one more :3

Offline Juggtacular

And a female would be wonderful as we only have two.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Yay, everybody's still on board. ;D

Two good character's Juggtacular, well done.

wisdomcube's going to put together a female character and then I think that'll do to start with.  We'll have four of each.

Offline johnnyboyboy

Awesome :D This sounds like a lot of fun!

Offline Juggtacular

Thanks. Looking forward to starting.

Offline Ron Don Volante

Name – Athena Thomas
Age - 19
Orientation – Bisexual (leaning toward heterosexual)
Kinks – Extremely dominant. She has very little masochistic tendency but enjoys mental domination and is just starting to learn the joys of physical dominance.
Hard Limits – As a borderline sociopath very few.
Appearance/pic -
Rap Sheet – Possession of a Class C substance.
Power – Prehensile/animated hair. Her hair is also extremely hard and could be used to grip others and even as a weapon (when she gets used to the power). It also has the side effect that she can comb and style it with little to no effort.
Bio/Backstory – Athena had always been perfect looking and she also always knew it. She began modeling at the age of thirteen and by the time she was sixteen she was gracing high end fashion magazines and walking big time runways.
Behind the scenes she got a nasty reputation among her fellow models but a stellar one with the agents and other adults. She’s a suck up and manipulator and is a master of the passive aggressive put down. Things came to a head six months ago when, at a London club, cops made an unrelated drug raid and discovered some Ketamine in her purse. Athena didn’t do drugs and is certain one of the little models she thoroughly bossed around planted it but she still doesn’t know who.
Her parents were furious and her reputation had taken a hit. They ordered that she take a one year “break” from modeling and forbade her from going to London, where she did all of her modeling. In the mean time, she’s enrolled in university but also needs to complete the terms of her ASBO with a group of people she’s certain to despise and look down on…until she can start manipulating them anyway.
Strengths – Athena doesn’t play chess but if she did she’d be a master player. She’s adroit at finding peoples’ mental weaknesses and exploiting them. Although she doesn't usually talk about it she's also a whiz at computers with a great interest in hacking.
Weaknesses – Athena has difficulty trusting people or having much empathy for others.
Personality – Athena is incredibly charming. She knows how to pit people against one another and just who to suck up to and by how much. She’s also quite the seductress but prefers to use other forms of social manipulation besides sexual ones.
« Last Edit: June 07, 2014, 06:33:37 AM by wisdomcube »

Offline GabrielM

Sorry I was out of town unexpectedly but I am still in!

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Never doubted you for a second. :-)

If I don't get the IC and OOC etc sorted this evening (GMT), it'll probably be tomorrow.

Offline Ron Don Volante

This game still happening? I'm extremely excited to play Athena >.<

Offline johnnyboyboy

I have been wondering also :) Really excited to play.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Wow guys, I totally didn't realise I had taken my eye of the ball for a whole week.  I'm really sorry.

I solemnly swear to finish the OC/IC and get them both up tomorrow for you.

Thanks so much for your patience.   

Offline Ron Don Volante

Woo hoo!

Offline johnnyboyboy

Its fine ^^, At least we can get it done now :D

Offline LisbethTopic starter

The IC is up!

It's Saturday night in Misfitland, the night of the storm.  I'm thinking an intro post or two, then have the storm Sat night.  Some people discovering their powers on the Sunday... maybe others still unaware.  Then community service bright and early Monday morning.

That sound ok?

Watch this space for the OOC.
« Last Edit: June 15, 2014, 06:22:49 PM by Lisbeth »

Offline Ron Don Volante

I take it they're not all together? So you just want an intro post of where they are on Sat evening?

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Yeah, I guess so.  Give you the opportunity to step into character without interacting with too many other people.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

And here's the OOC.  I've linked both in post 1 of this thread, to make things easier.

Please let me know if there's anything I've forgotten.