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Author Topic: Twisted But Fun Dystopian 'Misfits' Inspired Non-Canon RP NO LONGER RECRUITING  (Read 1967 times)

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Offline LisbethTopic starter

Warning:  This is my first attempt at putting together a group RP   :o

OOC Thread:

IC Thread:

Misfits Wiki

It's present day Britain and a group of reprobates are doing community service in lieu of jail time.  They are young offenders and therefore aged between 16 and 24.  They wear orange jump suits and are overseen by their probation officer as they perform civic tasks like litter picking, scrubbing graffiti, cleaning the community centre and so on.  They report to their local community centre for assignment, where they each have a locker to keep their jumpsuit and any personal items.  They're not permitted cellphones or other gadgetry while repaying their debt to society.  Their probation officer may take other steps to deter the convicts from re-offending, like arranging for them to apologise to victims or access support for underlying issues like addiction or mental health problems.

List of minor offences for you to pick from, you can be convicted of more than one.  Anything reasonable that I haven't thought of is also fine.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Trespass on private property
Break & enter
Handling/fencing stolen goods
Armed/disguised or otherwise with an obvious intent to break the law
Vandalism/destruction of private or public property
Possession of any illegal/controlled drug for personal use
Possession of class B drugs (cannabis, MDMA, amphetamine, ketamine) with intent to supply
Producing or processing a class B or C drug
Drunk and disorderly
Disturbing the peace
Breach of anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) or Agreed Behaviour Contract (ABC)*
Breach of court injunction (restraining order)
Domestic violence/spousal abuse
Grievous bodily harm without intent
Failing to control a dog or training a dog to attack
Aggravated assault (hate crime motivated by race, orientation, faith or some other non-personal factor)
Inciting hatred towards a certain demographic of people
Threatening behaviour/repeated or systematic threats of harm
Possession of an unlicensed, offensive weapon
Sawing off a shotgun
Dealing in unlicensed weapons
Carrying a knife or other weapon
Outraging public decency (public sex, dogging etc)
Dangerous driving/driving under the influence
Unlawful wounding (without intent)
Resisting arrest
Perjury/perverting the course of justice/witness intimidation
Destroying or concealing evidence
Harbouring an offender or assisting an offender to resist arrest
Sexual assault/Aggravated sexual assault (not rape but assault with a sexual motive)
Rape where it's an isolated incident and there's a lack of premeditation, force/violence or blackmail
Harassment/stalking/online harassment
Small scale fraud/internet crime/financial scams
Hacking/destroying data with viruses

*ASBOs are put in place to prevent people from re-offending.  For example, noisy neighbours can be given an ASBO making them legally obliged to be quiet.  Prolific shoplifters can be barred from town centres.  Feral youngsters can be given curfews to keep them out of trouble.  More info here.

ABCs are used more with kids really, to try and get them back on the rails.  They commonly include curfews, school attendance and so on, to work with kids and disinterested or neglectful parents to make the parents carry out their responsibilities.  They can also be issued to adult offenders who have good intentions but underlying causes for their behaviour (e.g. drug or gambling addiction) to set legally binding restrictions that will motivate them to change (e.g. drug tests, NA/AA attendance etc).

Then a freak lightning storm tears through the town and it leaves people forever changed.  People develop all manner of supernatural powers.  Here is a list of powers that featured in the TV show, to give you an idea of just how random they were!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Time Travel
Rewinding time in order to do things differently
Inability to die
Gender morphing
Ability to split into three identical versions of oneself - who each personify certain aspects of your character
Making anyone who touches you violently aroused and attracted enough to rape you, irrespective of their gender
Clairvoyance - being able to pinpoint the location of others and view what they're up to through their own eyes
The ability to erase other people's powers by fucking them
Mind control
Telekinesis solely of dairy produce (lactokinesis)
The power to view everything as a video game
The power to create physical manifestations of your own imagination - including people
The power to make people sacrifice their lives in order to protect you
X ray vision
The power to swap body parts with other people
The power of satanic conversion
The power to cause accidents that endanger you, wherever you go
The power to know when someone is lying
Closet-portation, the power to be forceably teleported to the nearest closet whenever one is lying about their sexual orientation.

These are small-scale powers and that's how I want to keep things.  I don't want characters capable of doing anything on a grand/global scale.  Bonus points for amusing and/or embarrassing powers.  At least to start with, one power per person, to keep things simple. 

If you choose to have a power that allows you to transfer, erase or swap around the powers of others, you're going to have to give the wider implications to the RP some thought as things progress.

No duplicate powers please.  Use your imagination or put a new spin on a capability.

Give some thought to limitations and/or things that can negatively affect your power.

Unless someone can convince me it's a good and workable idea, I'm not too sure about allowing time-travel of any kind as a power, because it's likely to complicate things horribly.  If you are determined to have this power and you can convince me it won't bring the thread to its knees then you take full liability for any fallout it causes.

After the storm, society begins to crumble.  People are only affected on a local scale (the area that would be covered by a fair sized regular storm) and I'm going to compound that by setting this in Douglas, on the Isle of Man, to further isolate people from the rest of the country.  It will take time for the mainland to realise what has happened on the IoM.  People abuse their powers.  Freaky shit happens on a daily basis.  Religious people get fanatical and believe God has cursed the island or that Armageddon is at hand.  Too many people are winding up dead or maimed for the authorities to keep up.  Not everyone in the storm receives a power, so there's the majority of society trying to carry on as normal (with or without powers) and everyone else is running riot.  Support Groups form for people who have a power.  Gangs of malevolent people with superhuman capabilities start carving the place up.  People are clinging to normality, then realising they've got a power further down the line and going batshit.  People are committing suicide.  People are trying to escape the Island.  Other people are trying to prevent this in order to contain the appearance of supernatural traits in case it is some kind of contagion.

Isle of Man

Status:  British crown Dependency with it's own parliament.  Very little immigration aside from British and Irish nationals.

Population:  Around 80k, The whole island has a population of about 80k, scattered across 3 small towns and a smattering of tiny farming villages.  The capital town of Douglas (where this RP will be set) has a population of 30k.

Characters ~ Your character can have a power but it would also be fun to have a couple of people in the mix getting by on their wits and fists alone.

If you want to play a couple of characters then that's great.  It will however make things more complicated if you go AWOL or decide to ditch the game, so please bear that in mind.

Probation Worker
Bartender at local pub
Local gang leader
gang members
Young Offenders
Friends/partners/family of the young offenders

If you have another/better idea, let me know and I'll see what I think.

I'm thinking that this kind of RP can roll along quite happily with people leaving and/or being killed off, while new characters can be introduced as and when.  The nature of probation will generate a natural turnover of fresh blood.

Character Sheet ~ If there's anything else you feel should be added to this, please let me know.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc)
Hard Limits
Rap Sheet - if any
Power - if any

Characters/Players Acquired

Azzmeister89 playing Troy Daniels.  Young Offender.  Power:  Ability to make clothing vanish.

Lisbeth playing Myla Oleksei.  Young Offender.  Power:  Telekinesis.

GabrielM playing James Bristo.  Offender/barman.  Power:  His body hardness and strength is based on his mood i.e. stronger and harder when mad, weak and slow when sad, elastic and warm when sexually aroused. He is never stronger or faster than a decent athlete but can be as weak as a sick child when depressed. 

Johnnyboyboy playing Leah Dewitt.  Young Offender.  Power:  Telepathy/empath.

Deathnote playing Ken Wu.  Young Offender.  Power:  Ability to move at the speed of sound when hearing a rhythmic beat.

Juggtacular playing Moses Price.  Young Offender.  Power: Density manipulation.

Juggtacular playing Sherane Kenzington.  Probation Worker.  Power:  Shockwaves. 

wisdomcube playing Athena Thomas.  Young Offender.  Power:  Prehensile/animated hair.


I have this idea that things are going to be free-form until characters go up against one another fighting.  At that point I'd like to have a few coin-toss dice rolls, just to keep things interesting.  If a sub character wants to lose to a dom character then that's all fine and dandy but if there's a battle going on between groups of people or there's some other need for a fickle finger of fate, we can dice roll in the interest of fairness.  Does that sound doable to people? 


First off, this will be my first attempt at GMing a group RP.  I'd appreciate it if people could cut me some slack but equally, don't be afraid to point it out if I do something criminally stupid.  I'm going to do my best to be diplomatic and keeps things fairly democratic but ultimately, my decision is final.

As this is a UK show and I'm on a predominantly American populated site, I don't require everyone to be familiar with the TV show but I do require those people to have a flip through the links.  The basic concept is pretty straight-forward though.

I am very maso and love non-con, therefore violent sex and non-con will feature in this RP.  There will be abuses of new found powers, physical/sexual/verbal abuse, gore and general nastiness as society gets largely shot to hell.  You're not required to participate but consider this fair warning.

I'm seeking quality writers and there will also have to be a good mix of people who are going to mesh well sexually.  If you join but there isn't someone in the current mix with the right kinks or orientation, I'll try to do some more specific recruiting.

Like the TV show, this is going to be a roleplay with its tongue firmly in its cheek.  I'm seeking collaborators with a good sense of humour, who can banter their way through pretty dark and twisted plotlines in the 'vein' of Buffy, or similar.  Bonus points for Whedonophiles  ;D

If your character is fucking enjoy it, that's the whole point but keep in mind that nothing can really move forwards until you're done.  If people think it's a good idea to have a separate 'fuck thread' so that the main RP can continue, we'll do that.

Ideally I'd like players who can post a couple of times a week but if RL happens, please say so in the OOC and if need be we can take steps to shelve your character.  If a month passes without any explanation, your character will be temporarily written out.  If three months pass and no communication has been made, I reserve the right to toss your character to the others and have them torn limb from limb.   >:)
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Offline azzmeister89

Haha i loved misfits although i stopped watching after nathan left. I'll think up an interesting character for you and then post him as soon as there is a character sheet ready.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Hi and welcome.

There is a character sheet.  It's in a spoiler tag on the post above.  It's very basic though, so if you feel the need to add more categories don't let me stop you.

Offline azzmeister89


Name: Troy Daniels
Age 17
Orientation Heterosexual
Kinks none
Appearance/pic see above pic
Criminal Offence - stealing car
Power - has the ability to make cloths vanish, his power is also connected to his emotion so if he's anxious any clothing touching his skin may dissapear on him without a moments notice. Normally though its focused in his hands (on a side note he will spend alot of time trying to work out where the cloths go)
Bio/Backstory: there isnt much to know about Troy, he grew up in a good home with two parents that loved him and an older brother who joined the army. Until his brother was killed in action he had been a good kid with no criminal charges and good school grades. He went bad after news of his brother death at age fifteen.
Personality: Troy is a bit of a cheeky shit. He's more likely to make a wise crack then compliment you although he claims he never jokes about a womans hotness.
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Offline AndyZ

Fun show.  I only caught a few seasons but I can see some real interest in this.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Hi Andy,

I'm glad there are people about who have seen this.   :-)

I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Appearance as pic.  5ft tall and 7.5 stone.  Dark green eyes.
Name  Myla Oleksei
Age  21
Orientation  Bi
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc)  Hardcore maso (not that she knows it yet) but not submissive.  See K List in sig.
Hard Limits  Again, see K List
Rap Sheet - if any  Latest Convictions:  Possession of class A drug for personal use.  Carrying a pointed or bladed article in public.  Perverting the course of justice and wasting police time.  These last two are related to the brothel she worked in getting shut down.  While prostitution is not a crime, profiting from the proceeds of it is illegal.  Myla has nothing against Omar, the brothel owner, and so she refused to cooperate with the police investigation into his shady business dealings.  Past/historical convictions include:  Drunk and disorderly, outraging public decency and assault/affray.
Power - if any  Telekinesis:  Limited to moving objects of around car sized or lighter.  Requires concentration and things will fall to the ground if she gets too distracted.  The heavier something is, the less speed with which she is able to move it.
Bio/Backstory  Myla was born to Moldovian immigrant parents but was removed from their 'care' at 12 years old.  She lived at a group home until the age of 18 and now has her own small flat high up in a tower block on an infamous council estate.  Myla is rapidly blossoming into a social statistic.  She's already involved in drugs and she has also been working in a brothel and as an escort.  She's partial to the odd line of cocaine to keep her up all hours of the night and thin.  She also finds it helps her to fake enthusiasm with the older men she fucks.  Myla is largely contemptuous of men and has never had a sexual encounter that she wasn't in control of.
Strengths  Incredibly loyal.  Once you have made it past the electrified razor-wire surrounding her trust and attachment issues, you are honorary family and she will have your back or die trying.  Not afraid to fight dirty.  Because of er small size there's no point in fighting fair.  Anything she can weaponise or use to gain the upper hand is fair game as far as Myla is concerned.  Although slight, she has a sinewy strength that makes her quite a handful.
Weaknesses  Does not trust easily.  Cynical, jaded and sceptical in the extreme.  Over-partial to booze and drugs.  Too fond of oblivion.
Personality  Emotionally closed off.  Abrupt, sarcastic and combative.  Highly mistrustful.  Extremely intelligent but conventionally uneducated.
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Offline Deathnote

I used to watch this show until the end of the fourth season.  I just stopped caring about this series after the last member of the original cast was gone.

Anyways, I know nothing about Britain outside of what I've seen in a couple of British shows.  Will this be a problem?  :p

Offline LisbethTopic starter

No, it's fine.  I've never been to America and yet I manage to write in RPs set there.  I'll allow plenty of poetic licence.  One of the main reasons I've provided lots of info about minor offences and so on is so that non-Brits can be confident about their character's convictions.  ;)

Offline GabrielM

I love the show! Really made me think about superpowers and heroes lol
I am interested in playing.
Name: James Bristo
Age: 23
Orientation: Straight
Kinks: Mostly a dom that enjoys the physiological side of dominating someone. There isn't much that James isn't into.
Hard Limits: Not sure James has any wait no shit yeah that's about it!
Rap Sheet: Some Breaking and Entering, suspected thefts, and suspected assaults.
Power: His body hardness and strength is based on his mood i.e. stronger and harder when mad, weak and slow when sad, elastic and warm when sexually aroused. He is never stronger or faster than a decent athlete but can be as weak as a sick child when depressed.
Bio/Backstory: James had a run of the mill grew up in a bad home story you know angry drunk dad, mother who wasn't there much and so on. He tried to say away from home as much as possible and so he became a student of the street performers found all over the city. Three card monty, juggling, and as he met some of the more shady people pick pocketing, grifting, and other various multi use skills. James has had a few run ins with the law but those are fewer and farther in between now that he is getting better and smarter. He works at a few different local bars as a bartender as it helps him meet the kind of people he likes to know and keeps him in a steady income.
Strengths: He is a charming bar tender and decent thief and pickpocket.
Weaknesses: Has an addictive personality so he is prone to drinking and gambling too much and might have a bit of an anger issue.
« Last Edit: June 16, 2014, 12:56:07 AM by GabrielM »

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Hi Gabe and welcome to the thread.  You've chosen a fluid and interesting power, points for that.  :-)

So am I correct in thinking our thread has its bar tender now?  Or was that just a description of James' attributes?

Offline GabrielM

Yup Ill be the bartender that gets sucked into this dark and fun world lol

Offline Izaya Orihara

It's a bit patchwork, especially with the personality, but here goes:

Name: Tatsuya Heiwajma
Age: 20
Orientation: Straight
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc) Masochist, Sub (maintains a façade that suggests otherwise, though said façade can be broken)
Hard Limits: Nope.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Rap Sheet - Possession of an unlicensed, offensive weapon, Carrying a knife or other weapon, Hacking, online harassment.
Power - Making anyone who gets within 3 metres of him violently aroused and attracted enough to rape him, if female, and to regenerate from any injures during said debacle. (Unoriginal and altered only slightly I know, but still...)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Born into a fairly wealthy family owning several corporations, he was something of a model student until middle school, the vice president of the elementary student council, the star at sports meetings, and winning independent research awards, poetry awards, slogan awards, and participated in essay contests. This combined with his good looks and a respectable family- with an older brother being a famous actor, and his father being a leading biologist (including subtypes like computational biology, biochemistry, biophysics and microbiology), neuroscientist and roboticist in Japan, made him well known, especially with his girl classmates. He also has two eccentric twin younger sisters, though their opinion of him is somewhat odd. However, Tatsuya was not particularly loved or hated since he went through school life in a withdrawn state, preferring to observe everything from afar, carrying out his life philosophy to be 'neither too close nor too far' from the others. Despite the life it seemed would be laid out for him, it would not be as easy nor as peaceful as one would imagine. Being the only son, his birth had shunted his older sister, Miyuki into the sidelines in terms of inheritance. Something that irked her considerably. Accordingly, she did all she could to make him suffer, both directly and indirectly; verbally, physically and whatever else one could imagine, with Miyuki having something of a sadistic nature. Needless to say, it changed Tatsuya's perspective on things, and made him a bit more drawn in.

In school, at first he was quite popular, with his mysterious personality at the time, as well as his looks. Though things changed at a certain point, where he was seen as too "pretty" with most of the girls picking on him as a result, with the whole affair becoming something of a nightmarish ordeal, though he would later earn that it was at the behest of Miyuki. His older sister even attempted to kill him when he was little, apparently out of hatred for the trouble he was causing her by his mere existence, and generally gave him a rather difficult time. And for a considerable amount of time, he was even locked inside a dark, small room with no windows; among other places, that included the basement. Obviously, as you'd imagine, it wasn't nice when one of your siblings seemed to have it in for you, and nearly killed you several times. As one might imagine, this sort of character development affected his personality considerably, and he ended up heading down the masochistic end of the spectrum, though it was probably something that speeded up the development of an already present element of his personalty.

During afternoon breaks and such, other students would talk in the classroom or play in the courtyard, but since Tatsuya would always be in the library, he gave people the impression that he was a loner. But Tatsuya enjoyed being a step away from his surroundings. He knew he was a top student, however, he didn't think the people around him were idiots and didn't look down on them. He also took to playing various games in his spare time, also delving into technology in general. As well as that, he's also quite knowledgeable regarding music, anime and manga, with more recent times having him form a band. As well as that, he delved in his father's work, studying it to a considerable degree, and beginning to experiment. He was also adept with technology, including with programming and hacking.

At this point, his observations are not used for ill, rather a simple hobby, but slowly it was turning more and more into an obsession. At one point, he became the vice president of the biology club, and much to the surprise of the president, turned the whole club into a gambling ring with one of the other members, Nakura, serving as Tatsuya's business partner. At one point, Nakura attacked him after having lost money in a bad bet, and Tatsuya responded by stabbing him, and incapacitating him. After this, he began to develop something of a darker reputation. He got involved with gangs and yakuza, indirectly causing conflict and watching from the sidelines as they clashed, before picking out the weakened survivors.

He also manipulated and used others, discarding them when necessary, in both real life and the internet. He even went as far as to collect "followers" for his own purposes, manipulating traumatized teenage girls, mostly online, ranging from gothic lolitas to gyarus (though the majority of them simply took Tatsuya to be a fortune teller of sorts) who would do whatever he said and worshipped him in an almost cult-like fashion. Most of them were usually depressed and/or suicidal and have all been victims of pretty severe levels of violence from their families or lovers. Those girls were lost and desperate for someone to believe in, making them especially easy to use. They weren't really in love with the families or boyfriends concerned, they simply put their faith in them. All Tatsuya did was shift their faith to him. If he wanted them to die, they would probably have gone ahead and died, even if they had doubts. Then again, some were unpredictable enough, at some point causing him to abandon this strategy after a small group of them grew too obsessed, and also blamed him for their lives, nearly killing him, breaking his arms and legs and hospitalizing him for the better part of a year, though he only found his way in hospital after he'd been stumbled upon after being left to die in an abandoned garage. It went to show that luck was finite, and strengthened his belief that humans would always have an element of unpredictability, something which made him want to see all they had to offer, even more than before. Though he would learn that those who turned against him were actually shown his real intent by Miyuki, who as ever had been watching him over the years, looking for a chance to see him fall. 

Several years ago, he ended up moving to England, becoming once more involved in criminal antics, this time ending up getting in trouble for several things.

Strengths:  Very intelligent, Quick/agile. Good with technology, and adept at psychological assessments of other people, and manipulating them accordingly.
Weaknesses: Scared of girls, untrusting, not particularly strong. A lack of desire for either success or failure can mean that he can be easier to beat in certain situations. Can get drunk a bit easily.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Outwardly, he possesses both a superiority complex and an inferiority complex. He usually considers most other people weaker, and beneath him. He treats them as you might expect, yet when he believes others to be stronger- a rare thing indeed, or they have proven themselves to be stronger, Tatsuya obsesses over them, wanting to become as strong as them, yet also seeming fanatical towards them, and perhaps as scared of them. He believes honesty to be a naive trait held by the foolish, and trusts no one, accordingly. He can seem quite charming and friendly, though he usually only has his own interests at heart, not believing others to be capable of truly caring. He can be manipulative, though he's often just distant and overcautious. At times, he can seem emotionless, with his odd state perhaps being the cause of that. Whilst appearing quite manipulative- a form of psychological counter-measure to the way others have manipulated and treated him, he's also quite uncomfortable around women, and could be considered something of a tsundere.

Sometimes he can be brutal, impulsive, excessively-violent and possessing of a lethally-short temper. However, despite his aggression and obvious blood lust in times of conflict, he can possess a feral cunning and has a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. In addition, he can be blunt and sarcastic, revealing a psychotic grin or laughing maniacally whenever he becomes excited sometimes, or eerily silent, cold and disdainful at other times. He is also very rude and quite disrespectful at times, and mockingly polite, cunning and manipulative at others. Though most of these aspects are elements of a complex personality created in order to deal with his dark and not exactly pleasant past, with such an array of façades created as a result.

Tatsuya is a very pragmatic person. Extremely intelligent, he can decipher the true natures of people. However, he seldom holds regard for the feelings of others, and ends up hurting some of them due to his nature of being frank and direct, yet at the same time, cautious, wary and generally distrusting of others. As well as at times, somewhat cunning and manipulative, and not particularly normal mentally. He can seem emotionless at times. He's not too bad, though. He tends to be pretty intelligent.

He is extremely talented, and uses his skills to good use. He tends to act reserved with his feelings, making him seem like an extremely mysterious person. He is something of a hikikomori. It is said that he became one after his friends shunned him from a project because they were jealous of his intelligence, which caused him to be wary of friendship, though it's clear that several other factors also contributed in that part of his personality. He can be quite uncomfortable around girls.

Although Tatsuya enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it. Therefore he is usually seen as the one starting fights, but hiding in the shadows instead of directly taking part.  If nothing else but to see how it plays out, and to see how they react in such a situation, with his intent in witnessing all the variables of human behaviour that exist in the universe.

Though whilst he might seem like a manipulative figure with a vast array of contrasting behaviours, he is in truth scared, shy, submissive and masochistic, with a personality perhaps even more warped than that of the many apparently real elements.
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Offline LisbethTopic starter

Hi Izaya,

Thanks very much for your profile.  I can see that you've put a lot of work into it and I appreciate that.  I'm afraid that your character just isn't going to work in this setting though and I hope that the reasons for that become clear.

First off, you list your location as being in the UK but you're very much writing like an American here.  May I ask what direct personal experience you have of the UK, if any?  It may help me get across to you what kind of RP I'm trying to create here.

I'm really not happy with the idea of crowbarring a Japanese American into this roleplay.  I don't think you've really looked at what I wrote about the setting above and I find Tatsuya too much of a total departure from that.  It's like you crafting a Yakuza themed rolepay set in Tokyo and me deciding to play an Irish Catholic schoolgirl.  It just doesn't fit.  It sets the whole thing off balance and winds up detracting from the experience for everyone else who wanted to run around being Japanese gangsters.

I freely admit that I haven't drawn attention to the kind of place the IoM is but I'm going to rectify that now.  I'm also going to add this data to post 1, so please don't think I'm just moving the goalposts on you.  If you followed at the link in post 1 regarding the Isle of Man, you'll see it's not only a tiny island community but it's also a British Crown Dependency with its own parliament.  The whole island has a population of about 80k, scattered across 3 small towns and a smattering of tiny farming villages.  The capital town of Douglas (where this RP will be set) has a population of 30k.  There is very little immigration, even from British and Irish nationals.  The ethnic mix is 96% white British, 2% Indian/British Indian and 2% other. 

What I'm trying to convey here is that having Tatsuya on the Isle of Man is like trying to parachute him into an episode of Father Ted. 

Regarding your power, I'm going to veto your 'three metre radius' idea.  Having a radius like that is going to render normal interaction with female characters all but impossible and I can see it becoming a repetitive tangent that may well annoy other writers.  You also have to keep in mind that what you're essentially doing with that radius is 'forcing' other writers of female characters to portray a hetero domme/sadist/rapist and I'm not comfortable with that.  The requirement of skin to skin contact will allow your character to interact normally with other characters when plot and other characters' O/Os dictate that he should.  I would strongly recommend that you give other writers a heads up before engineering skin contact, to give them the opportunity to opt out of a rape scene.  That aside, you can keep the regeneration aspect of the idea.  It would be even more interesting if this drained the other person who had just assaulted or 'raped' your character.

I'm sorry to be so negative about Tatsuya but the character is just totally divorced from the roleplay I'm trying to write here.  I'm after characters that are appropriate to the setting and that are a little less over the top.  The thing that made Misfits work as a series is that it portrayed ordinary kids trying to handle a ridiculous situation.  I'm not after characters already so jaded that they won't even raise an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of super powers. 

I hope you can understand why I'm not accepting your profile.  If you want to craft another one please do feel free. 

Offline johnnyboyboy

Remember Misfits when it came on, i watched it for awhile but stopped partway through season 1.. May start watching it again (Glory to the English empire)

Name: Leah Dewitt

Age: 18

Orientation: Bisexual but mostly refuses men and leans towards women due to a bad past.

Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc) Exhibitionism,Voyeurism. Unexplored fully.

Hard Limits: Like above unexplored. (Though check O&O list)


Rap Sheet - if any: Possession of Class C drugs (Mostly Weed). Breaking and Entering. Outraging public decency (Public nudity). Theft/Burglary.

Power - if any: Telepathy/empath. She can read peoples minds as if she was hearing the persons voice however if the person is thinking about something intently then they come in the form of scattered images she has to try to piece them together. This can often cause her headaches as it is almost like trying to remember something.

In future she will be able to implant ideas into peoples heads, whether they act on it however is dependant on the person. This will take a lot of mental strength and will often cause her massive headaches and nosebleeds.

She can suppress her empath ability however if around too many people she can be overwhelmed with emotions, also if someone is feeling an emotion extremely strongly she will not be able to block it out and it will hit her like a stonewall causing her to feel everything that person is feeling.

In future it will be possible for her to impant thoughts and emotions into people, this will be far later however.

Bio/Backstory: Leah use to be your run of the mill orphan, Abandoned by her real parents she was dropped into the foster system, her record is long as each time she was fostered she was dropped back into the care system.

The more she grew the less and less people seemed to want her, she was adopted one final time by a couple who abused her both physical and sexually. Her personality changed, she became cold, distant and sad. Hating the world and everyone in it for not helping her, at the age of 16 the carehome was shutdown due to misconduct and abuse, she was reassigned to the isle of man with several others from the home the change in environment plus everything else that happened caused her to fail at school, dropping behind on grades and falling in with the wrong crowd, she failed her GCSE's twice and became known as a stoner.

On her 18th Birthday she received a letter from the bank letting her know that money in her name was allowed to be accessed as she came of age, it seems her parents had placed a generous amount into the account, she withdrew a small sum one would not turn an eye at on a birthday. with the money she Got high with a bunch of "Friends" and they all broke into some house, They started breaking things and pocketing what they could, When the police came Leah was drugged up and naked without really knowing whats going on. Because of this the Court forced her to become part of the young offenders and made her work off the damage she had caused and tried to teach her the correct way to act and give her counseling.

Her Outraging public decency on her rapsheet is from walking outside naked to collect the mail each morning directly from the postman, this went on for about a week or so before her neighbors called the cops, she also received an asbo to stop her from changing clothes in direct sight of the upstairs window when people walked past, however she mostly ignores this and changes still regardless.

Strengths: Wealthy, Though she has money she is only allowed to take a small sum out each week until she can prove she is responsible enough to be allowed full access. Resourceful, If there is something you need that may not be strictly legal she would be able to use her "Friends" to find a guy who knows a guy who has a brother who's wife could help you out.

Weaknesses: She is distrusting to older people and males as being abused and given back to the carehome many times mentally hurt her, She holds a grudge towards anyone with a family. As far as it goes she is "Addicted" to cannabis, she will often be found smoking it or in possesion of it.

Personality: Relaxed, Druggie, Angry, distrusting.

(There may be something you don't like or want me to change, please do not hesitate)
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Offline Deathnote

Name: Ken Wu
Age: 20
Orientation: Heterosexual
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc): Dom
Hard Limits: See my O/Os
Appearance/pic: (Jon Foo)

Youtube Vids

Rap Sheet - if any: Assaulting a police officer

Power - if any: Every time he hears a beat (usually musical in nature) he gains the ability to perceive and move at the speed of sound for the duration of that beat.

Bio/Backstory: Ken was born in London to a Chinese father and an Irish mother.  He grew up listening to Joy Division and New Order music and had wanted to follow in their footsteps since middle school.  Picking up the bass guitar, as soon as he graduated from high school, he joined a punk rock band called "Lock Down".  For the next year and a half, "Lock Down" would release two singles and one album under an obscure indie record label located in Douglas, Isle of Man.  The high point of their short-lived career was when they performed at a music festival where their excellent performance led to the audience shouting and demanding for an Encore.  As Ken played his bass guitar on stage, he looked out into the crowd and was captivated by the amazing sight of a thousand fans before him.  He wished that that moment would last forever.

Eventually, the indie record label company that signed them on was bought out and shut down.  The members of "Lock Down" eventually became discouraged to the point that they chose to disband.  The only one who would not given up was Ken, who sought to join another band.  Joining up with a local band, his first gig with them was an underground concert at a local nightclub where all sorts of shady activity happened.  At the end of the concert, Ken caught sight of a young woman getting dragged away by a much older man.  Angered by this, he jumped in with the intent of saving the young woman by punching the older man right across the jaw.

Turns out that the man he punched was a police officer trying to get his rebellious daughter home.  Whoops.

Strengths: Ken is an accomplished fighter and street brawler, having learned from his father, who coached at a Mixed-Martial Arts gym in Ireland.  He also possesses above average skills with the bass guitar.
Weaknesses: He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and his naivety makes him prone to fall for dirty tricks.  His short temper has also gotten him in trouble more than once before.
Personality: Naive and a little short-tempered.  He's usually very stoic, though.
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Hi and welcome Johnny & Deathnote,

Both of you have good and well thought out profiles, so thank you very much for that.  Interesting powers too and nothing too similar to anyone else's so far.  I think we've got enough people to kick this off very soon but I'm still after a probation officer character and would like to wait until one shows up before I start the IC. 

Any questions or suggestions at this stage in the game, do say so.  :-)

Offline johnnyboyboy

When we start the rp will we play from after the lightning storm hits or before ?

Offline Juggtacular

I'm interested in making an app. Does it have to be a PO/CO? Or can I make a criminal character?

Offline LisbethTopic starter

When we start the rp will we play from after the lightning storm hits or before ?

I think it would be simplest for everyone to make a 'scene setting' post introducing their character and then we can have the storm happen and people beginning to discover their new talents.  The backdrop of outlandish news reports and initial incredulity could also be fun.

Offline LisbethTopic starter

I'm interested in making an app. Does it have to be a PO/CO? Or can I make a criminal character?

Hi there,

I'm not that familiar with the jargon here but I'm assuming by 'app' you mean some kind of character bio?  If by PO/CO you mean a probation officer character, I'm not going to force anyone into the role but it is the most important role that's unfilled.  We're also going to need some more female characters, or mine's not going to survive much longer than the storm before she dies of exhaustion! 

Offline johnnyboyboy

Sounds good, Can't wait ^^.

Offline Juggtacular

Hi there,

I'm not that familiar with the jargon here but I'm assuming by 'app' you mean some kind of character bio?  If by PO/CO you mean a probation officer character, I'm not going to force anyone into the role but it is the most important role that's unfilled.  We're also going to need some more female characters, or mine's not going to survive much longer than the storm before she dies of exhaustion!

Yeah. Character application/Character bio. Same thing really. And I noticed you said we could have more than one character. So going by that, I'd like to make a male criminal and a female probationary officer. Is that cool?

Offline LisbethTopic starter

Sure, go nuts :)

Offline Juggtacular

Name: Moses Price
Age: 18
Orientation: Heterosexual
Kinks (dom/sub/switch/none etc): Oral, Anal, Seduction, Rough Sex, Teasing, Public Sex, etc..
Hard Limits: Violence, Watersports, Scat, Blood, BDSM(past a certain point), etc...
Moses is about 6'2, and he weighs 230lbs. He's mostly muscle as he is physically active all the time, and he has a somewhat high metabolism which helps.
Rap Sheet - if any: Possession with intent to distribute(Marijuana, but he beat the charge), Assault & Battery
Power - if any: Density Manipulation - By drawing on extra-dimensional mass from a unique subspace dimension he can access, or shunting his own current mass into said extra-dimensional subspace, he can raise or lower his density at will.

This extends to other people or objects as well, but involves a bit more focus and won't be found out until later.

With his abilities, Moses can increase his density to enhance his physical strength and durability.

He can also decrease his density which enables him to phase through most forms of matter at will.

Bio/Backstory: Moses was born in Brixton, South London to a drug pushing father and a do nothing mother. After a few years; three to be exact, his mom decided this life wasn't for her. So she grew some twisted form of a conscious and ran off, leaving Moses to be raised by his father Alexander and his aunt, Janelle. Life wasn't hard, because his dad was the biggest weed supplier in Brixton, and one of the biggest in the entirety of Lambeth.

He had pretty much all he could want growing up, lived in a nice house, and once he was old enough, got all the free weed he wanted. Because of this, he was a pretty well behaved young man. Got good grades, was damn good at football, fighting(boxing and MMA) and rugby. He even got into rap and started recording, going so far as to build a local fan base for himself. However, jealousy is an ugly thing. An ugly thing indeed.

 One day he was making a run for his dad, and getting ready for a party. He had two pounds of the finest shit money could buy in the trunk of his car, wrapped up tight so the smell didn't get out. He made his first delivery, pocketed the money and kept on about his business. On the way to the party, he picked up his friends Jerry and Kenneth. Right before they got there, a squad car pulled them over due to an "anonymous tip". He already knew the weed was in the car, and arrested all three of them with "Possession with intent to distribute".

With a pound of Mary, how could he not? Moses' dad was highly connected though, and they found out the guy who placed the call was a friend of Moses named Cameron who sold for his dad. The bag he'd had the stuff in however was Cam's. He'd left it over Moses' house last time he was there, and he'd just picked it up since he needed something to hold the bricks. It had his fingerprints all over it and his name stitched on the inside, so with a bit of palm greasing, Alexander got his boy and his friends let go with no official charges in exchange for them each doing 72 hours of community service.

And at the same time, Cameron was charged instead; he was a minor though, so he only got a 2 years in juvie along with 3 years Probation. Life moved on after that, but Cameron got out in only a year due to good behavior. And the first person he came to see was Moses. He found him at a party and blindsided him with a cricket bat to the back of the head. One of his friends tackling Cameron to the floor gave him a chance to find his feet, and after that it was a good scrap. Moses knew how to fight though, and he knew how to fight well.

He beat Cameron bloody; knocked out a few teeth, gave him a concussion and broke his arm...and when the cops got there, Cameron was arrested again. However the police judged that the beating he gave him was excessive and went beyond simple self defense. Thanks to his dads lawyer though and Cameron's past history with him, he was sentenced to more community service instead of an actual sentencing. Due to the attention brought on from his run ins with the law, his dad thought it was a good idea for him to get away for a while. So he sent him to Isle of Man where his sister was living now after getting married a few years ago. Lucky him.

Strengths: He's loyal and friendly, a good fighter, and a very smooth talker. Oh, and he can get you any type of weed you could ever think of for a price.
Weaknesses: He's got a bit of a temper and has a problem with holding back. He tends to fall for women very easily and has a habit of doing dumb shit because of a pretty smile and a nice ass.
Personality: He loves to make people laugh, so he's always joking and playing around. He's a generally happy and well mannered person, although if you set him off he can be mean as the day is long and just as vicious and savage too. He also considers himself a ladies man.
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