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Author Topic: F Maso seeking M, F & GQ co-writers for dark, twisted and violent storylines  (Read 1115 times)

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Offline LisbethTopic starter

Update 9th September 2014:  I have returned from a long hiatus due to personal reasons.  Apologies for the unplanned absence.

Hi there, welcome to my depraved little corner of Elliquiy.  I'm new to the site but not to roleplay.

Please PM me with interest.  Please do not write on this thread.

Disclaimers - let's get this out the way first.

  • I RP on threads only.  I do not RP via PM, email or YIM, so please don't ask.
  • I write multiple paragraphs with lots of detail and expect the same in return.
  • Good SPG is a must and I would prefer you to proof-read before posting.  I do the same.
  • I post 2 or 3 lengthy, quality posts per week, more if I'm inspired and/or have more time.
  • Cut me slack and I will cut you slack.  RL happens and we're not always inspired.  Just keep in touch.
  • If you do longer want to write with me, please just say so.  I promise not to burst into tears.  Feedback on why would be awesome.
  • When people respond to my plots and settings etc it's not first post, first served.  I'm going to choose writers with skill and imagination.

As a side note, I don't play well with fetishists.  By this I mean that if your enjoyment of a sexual scene is completely dependent on very specific acts, details or props, to the point where plot and character development are downgraded to inconvenient means to an end, we will not be compatible.  If there are aspects of my character's appearance that are non-negotiable that's one thing if I've agreed to it.  If you then devote the whole of your effort at descriptiveness on those attributes I'm going to be left twiddling my thumbs, while the thread gets masturbatory.  If your need for a certain act, prop, costume or aesthetic is such that it has to feature in every sex scene and the plot takes implausible twists to facilitate this, we will not be compatible.  I also include people fixated on body modification and/or dollification/bimboification in this because to me, fetishism is the opposite of imaginativeness, inventiveness and plotwork.  In a long term RP, it winds up becoming frankly monotonous and renders the whole thread largely predictable.

Writing Samples:    Resistance Is Futile ~ Fucked ~ Veritas

About Me

I'll be honest in that I identify as heteroflexible, because I'm bi but with a male preference.  I almost never go for very feminine girls - though if you want to try swaying me with an epic plot/bio, please do.  The girls I go for all well built and dominant.  I also have a weakness for aggressive and sadistic genderqueer bois.  Although I have fewer plots ideas for F and GQ characters, I'm no less committed to writing them and I will put a great deal of effort in, should the right nemesis happen by.  Also, I use male pronouns when describing co-writers, characters and plots more out of habit than anything else.  Please don't be deterred.  If you like one of my hetero plots, please do say so.  Most of them can be re-imagined without too much hassle. 

I am perfectly happy to play with co-writers who are portraying a gender other than the one on their profile, or whatever.  No hang-ups at all.

My absolute hottest button by far is verbal humiliation.  When I say verbal humiliation however, I'm not just talking about name calling or pointing out that the body can be stimulated even when the mind is repulsed.  Into that bracket also goes terribly jaded stuff like 'You're such a cocktease, how dare you look hot, dress well and go about your daily life in my vicinity.  You must be aching to get raped.'  That kind of projected chauvinism gets repetitive and clich├ęd very quickly.  In addition, I simply don't write voracious cockteases in the first place, so it annoys me when they're treated as such.  Those characters are so two dimensional to me.

What I'm after is the kind of insightful and inspired invective that truly corrodes self worth.  I love for my character's insecurities and flaws to be weaponised by a co-writer.  Tied into that is my strong kink for my characters to be made to feel worthless, useless and utterly expendable.  To me there's nothing hotter than a twisted/sociopathic character ripping open the oubliette of my character's soul and yanking out the contents with sadistic glee.  Similarly, if you want to degrade and objectify my character it must be on a deep, emotional level.  Pissing on a character, on the face of it (pun totally intended), is merely mildly distasteful.  Pissing on a character whose psyche you have just systematically pulverised into dust, who now despises herself even more than she loathes your character?  That to me is worth penning a response to.  I hope I'm not belabouring the point too much, I'll shut up about it now.  Thanks for listening.  :-*

Verbal humiliation is closely followed as a favourite kink by non/dubious con, mockery, unpredictable caprice and mindfuckery.  I also enjoy deceit and charm used to manipulate, corrupt, induce stockholm syndrome or with some other ulterior motive but never romance for its own sake.  I love for my characters to wind up totally at the mercy of your capricious whim, with absolutely no concepts or rules, fairness or quid-pro-quo.  Set rules and consequences really just hand control back to my character.

I don't play wide eyed and devoted submissives.  I'm incredibly masochistic but I'm just not a sub.  My character will go down swinging and any long term consent/loyalty will be the product of either a long process of breaking the spirit or the simple fact of having no other option.  My characters are generally motivated by a cocktail of fear, awe and basic self preservation.  Get the mix right though, and my characters will reluctantly blossom into highly motivated service subs/slaves.  Non-con slavery is something else I'm into but slaves do not fall for their owners three fucks in.  They loathe, fear and deeply resent them.  Any degree of loyalty will come along much later... if at all.

I don't want to appear demanding but it's important you understand that all the physical and sexual S&M will leave me unmoved if none of the above is in play psychologically.  I've been promised this kind of twisted dynamic before and have wound up losing interest after my character's been called a filthy whore a few times and then everything else has been purely physical.  I feel it kind of incumbent on me to let you know how I tick and what I'm after.

I'm petite in RL and I generally play petite characters - though it's not a dealbreaker for me to deviate from that.  I typically like your character to be much bigger and stronger than my own but again, you could persuade me otherwise with a good plot idea.  I'm happy to play girls of any ethnicity - though I do worry about portraying people from other cultures without stereotyping them.  My preferred age range is about 18 to 35, non-human characters may vary etc.

Favourite Kinks

K List

Please be aware that when I do non-con, it's non-con.  Even if my character discovers that she's a natural born masochist mid-fuck, it will have been a violation and there will be emotional fallout.  I want there to be emotional fallout.  It's no fun for me if you expect my character to suddenly consent three thrusts in.  Expect resistance and resentment (at least until much further down the line, if the plot's heading that way) rather than an overnight epiphany and instant conversion into a cock-starved uber-sub. 

My K List is my K List and within those parameters, I fully expect and encourage you to do whatever the fuck you like to my character.  I'd much rather wind up messaging you begging you to tone something down a little than for you rein yourself in from the outset in the one place you should be able to let it all out.  I don't like too many spoilers once things get going but if there's anything you want to ask or brainstorm or whatever, please just say so.  I know that writing the dominant character can leave you in the driving seat for extended periods of time and I know it can get lonely there.  Please do touch base via pm whenever you need to and I'll happily help with plotwork.

Other stuff I love includes:  choking/throatrape, domestic type violence/battery, being thrown around like a rag doll, objectification/degradation, non-con/dubious con, orgasm denial/control.  I get more turned on by what a character is capable of doing with his bare hands than for there to be a lot of bondage/implements/props/protocol and so on or lots of elaborate scenes that require a fully fitted dungeon and a solid hour of prep.  Forced hetero/homosexuality, forced promiscuity, blackmail/coersion/force in general etc.

Turn Offs/Hard Limits

Bad SPG (spelling/grammar/punctuation) and unedited posts.  Lack of emotional/psychological depth.  Romance.  Consensual submission, loving dominants etc.  Elaborate rules and protocols.  Anime.  Foot worship.  Furry/anthro/tentacles/WTFs, scat, vomit, vore/gore, bestiality, paedo.

Settings and Pairings and Plots... oh my!

~ with fandoms, I'm usually equally happy to play canon or non-canon, just ask.

Contemporary/twist on contemporary
Historical/alternative history
Dystopia/post apolcalypse

Dr Who
Star trek
ASOIAF/Game Of Thrones
Battlestar Galactica
Loki x Jane
Jason Bourne x abductee

Pairings and Musings
Cravings and pairings that haven't evolved into plots yet.  Your character on left.

Aristocrat x peasant/servant
Foster dad x 'daughter'
Older brother x sister
Vampire x Witch - I actually have a fabulous plot for this, something Spike & Willow-esque.
Cylon x human  - something Leoben & Starbuck-esque.
Serial killer x victim - Something Dexter-esque
Rapist x victim
Unhinged husband x abused wife
Roman soldier x druid priestess
Evil Baron x virgin heiress - I have a plot for this.
A Song of Ice & Fire - anything based on the books, ask me.
Buyer/pimp x trafficked girl
Stalker x victim
Rock star x groupie - I have a plot for this.
Womaniser x married woman


Warning; my plots tend to have meat on their bones but please don't let this deter you.  Everything can always be negotiated or even re-imagined if you have a good idea of your own.

Hetero Plots

Rogue ~ Jason Bourne inspired.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your ripped, highly skilled and brutally intelligent/calculating super-agent character has vanished off grid after an abortive mission attempt and a head injury causing amnesia.  I'll expect my co-writer here to google retrograde amnesia in order to portray it accurately.  This will also need someone happy to write NPCs as the net closes on the rogue agent.  Your rogue agent is going to turn out to be far less cute and fuzzy than Matt Damon's ever was though.  He'll use whatever means are necessary to avoid being neutralised or brought in by force.  For reasons not yet brainstormed he has erroneous cause to think that my character has something to do with his predicament or Treadstone or whatever.  He breaks into her home and conducts a hideous and fruitless interrogation/torture that finally convinces him my character is just an unfortunate bystander.  He decides against killing her and abducts her along with her car and whatever cash she can liquidise, to get him to the numbered deposit box that is one of the only clues to his identity.

After that, you're in the driving seat.  I'll toss you the odd curveball to keep things interesting but the RP will be about your character's quest to learn who he is and why he's lethal.  Rather than being horrified at his capabilities, this rogue agent will think they're fucking awesome.  Maybe he shakes off or destroys Treadstone and sets himself up as an elite assassin.  Whatever he does with himself, he's going to drag the only person on planet Earth that he knows along for the ride.  He can't risk leaving a trail of battered, raped and psychologically eviscerated women across the globe and he's not going to kill or free perfectly good cunt once he's got it on a short enough leash.

He will get into my character's head and manipulate her, making her more and more emotionally dependent on him as he finds out more about himself and his self-confidence soars.  When it suits him he will be dangerously charming and persuasive.  When it doesn't he'll take what he wants by force and use his devastating insightfulness to prise open her insecurities and despair at her predicament into open and festering emotional wounds.  It suits him to make her acutely aware of how worthless and expendable she is to him, how she slows him down and how he'll snap her neck and dump her in a gutter at the first sign of her putting him at significant risk.  He treats her like a millstone but the truth is that her mere constant presence is keeping him more grounded and sane than he would otherwise have been.

My Sister's Keeper ~ Mafioso x younger half sister.  Bro-sis incest, Mafia, domestic violence, Non-con.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Allegra Marco has grown up under the protective shadow of her significantly older half brother.  With the typical double standards employed by staunchly Catholic Mafia families, the fact her older brother is up to his eyes in shady deals involving drugs and trafficked women, he is determined that his kid sister will remain a virgin until she marries a man that he considers 'suitable' and above all, loyal to the family.

Your character was born to Don Marco's first wife - a tough cookie who accepted the risks that came with Mafia life and who ruled the family at your father's side.  You have immense respect for your mother and revere her memory.  She died when you were still a kid and within a year or so, your father had moved on to his second wife, the mother of my character.  Don Marco was tired of strong women by then and so he married Francesca, a much younger trophy wife who was too terrified to ever go against him.  Their union was not a particularly healthy one and your years of puberty were profoundly affected by witnessing your father domineering and abusing my mother.  You heard the kind of depravity through your bedroom wall that got you rock hard and insanely jealous and your teens were spent furiously masturbating over thoughts of your downtrodden stepmother - a woman nearer to your age than your father's. 

When my character was still young, Francesca tried to leave Don Marco and his revenge was terrible.  His mental, physical and sexual abuse of her lasted days before she finally died and although he tried to keep his wife's murder a secret from you, you learned the truth.  Not too long after that, there was a power struggle within the Marco clan, with your father's influence waning, while you were still too young to take up his mantle and compete with the other Marco men to rule the family.  Don Marco was killed by an ambitious relative, leaving you at only 20 years old in sole custody of your half-sister.  True to your father's wishes you've kept her close instead of giving her up to the care of a cousin or aunt and now she's turning eighteen and is the image of her late mother, a woman you have had depraved fantasies about for years.  In the years since our father's death you have clawed your way up through the ranks in the family.  My character knows hers is a Mafia family but she's kept well shielded from the dark underbelly of organised crime and has very little notion of how your character spends his days.

My character has been led to believe that her mother left the family because she couldn't handle Mafia life.  Now she's eighteen and she's going to start asking questions and demanding your character's help to contact her.

You resent the fact that being rendered a single parent at a young age has made it harder to settle down with your own wife.  The truth is that you have far too much fun sampling the family's merchandise as it suits you and can't imagine anything worse than settling down with one woman and watching her spawn brand new brats when you're only just beginning to have the prospect of getting Allegra off of your hands.  But if she's to be taken off your hands it will be on your terms and she'll be handed over to someone you trust to be a good husband to her and remain loyal to the family.  You really don't see the point of sending her to college.  The truth that you can't admit to is that you really don't want to let go of her at all.  You have very deliberately never laid a hand on her in chastisement since she first began to hit puberty, because you simply do not trust yourself to touch her now.

Despite having sent her to a very strict Catholic girls' school at no small expense, you discover that your kid sister has been dating a boy in secret.  She's still a virgin but now that she's turned eighteen, she's not planning to hold onto her cherry forever.  You also discover that she's lied to you, that she's been applying to colleges that are miles away, because she's tired of being under your constant scrutiny and wants a chance to build a life for herself out of the shadow of the Marco family.  Your character is going to suddenly start disciplining mine like never before and the lines will become blurred as he gets more and more consumed by the urge to finally play out his depraved fantasies about his step-mother. 

At her eighteenth birthday party you have a couple too many to drink.  It's not often at all that you are able to let your guard down and become intoxicated and this is one of those times.  When Allegra's duplicity comes to light, you're drunk and horny.  There she is, dressed to kill in clothes that you have risked your neck to put on her back and she's telling you that she doesn't want your interference.  She wants to move away to college and live her life as she pleases.  Something within you just snaps and what starts out as a drunken attempt at corporal punishment escalates until you're beating and raping her with a savagery born of years of pent up lust-fuelled depravity and no small amount of contempt for her worthless little cunt of a mother.

Once you've crossed that line, you know in your bones that you're not going to let her go to college or marry anybody.  She's going to become your outlet, the one person you can truly let down your guard around and take all your petty frustrations out on.  She's going to become the only person who ever sees you stressed or scared and you are going to despise her for that.  She's going to become your confidante and the moment she does, you'll kill her with your bare hands before you allow her to spill your insecurities to another living soul. 

Allegra also becomes your idea of a party and to keep her even more closely under your control, your character employs the same methods that work on any other sex slave.  He plys her with booze and drugs until she's dependent on them - and therefore on him - to feed her addictions.  While she's drunk, high and pliant - and even when she's not, depending on how savage he's feeling towards her - your character shares her with his most trusted men - who are also close members of her family, who have watched her grow up.

Here is the previous thread that my co-writer flaked on, just to whet your appetite.

Here's Looking At You ~ Jealous ex x ex gf.  Stalking, duplicity, non-con, domestic violence, eventual imprisonment & slavery, after a fashion.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character is bored with mine. You've been browsing kinky porn online and grown tired of regular sex. You try a few kinky things with your girlfriend but she's not interested. Things deteriorate and you dump her. Your character avoids her for a few weeks, because he doesn't want her whining that they can make it work or whatever, or to give her false hope. When he does get in touch, she seems over the split. You're shocked and a little pissed off. Suddenly your whiny bitch of a woman is self reliant and back on the market again. You see her out drinking and flirting, getting close to other guys and it makes your blood boil. You start stalking her and things escalate from there. At first you try to scare her, while simultaneously pretending to be a kind and friendly ex, offering her a shoulder to cry on. When that send doesn't her running back into your arms, you get more malicious with the stalking, enjoying terrifying her. 

Finally, the day comes when you reveal yourself as the stalker and simply take her by force.  Beating and raping her turns out to be the hottest thing you've ever done but now you're left with the matter of damage control.  You can't have her going to the police with her injuries and DNA evidence.  You make her a prisoner within her own flat, moving your stuff in and taking control of her life, so you can break her by force into the kind of submissive maso slut you've always wanted.  In time your control becomes absolute, until she doesn't even have access to her own bank account or mobile phone any more.  You're not taking any chances and besides, it's all way too much fun.   

In the long term, you become a Jekyll and Hyde character - capable of charming your girlfriend's family, colleagues and friends into thinking you're the perfect man but behind closed doors it's a very different story.

The Master (Dr Who) ~ Lunatic sociopath, cruel and inventive violence and psychological abuse, plans for intergalactic domination - the usual.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Unsurprisingly, I adore John Simm's Master.  I'd love to do a RP opposite his character or a non-canon approximation thereof.  I would prefer to play a non-canon character myself but I'm always open to persuasion if you have a fabulous plot idea.  As far as plot goes, I don't really have one yet.  I see my character as being influential in some capacity that the Master finds useful.  She's initially charmed and deceived by him but then what?  Perhaps she's corrupted by him, perhaps just subjugated and more likely a little of both depending on his moods and motives.  He manipulates her shamelessly and uses her as an outlet while he's forced to maintain some kind of sane outward facade.  The possibilities are endless.  Brainstorm with me.

Update ~ Recent random thought:  Remember when Dr Who met Idris - The TARDIS's Matrix?  Just imagine if The Master got hold of her and had control of the TARDIS through her... amongst other things.

Everyone Loves A Bastard ~ Womaniser x married woman, rough sex, non/dubious con, domestic violence, lots of sneaking around.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An average woman with an average life and settled relationship manages to cross the path of a real bad boy; an inveterate womaniser and practised liar who's dominant/sadistic and chauvinist to boot.  He's the kind of arsehole she should loathe the bones of but his good looks, well honed charm and charisma and incredible sexual prowess are just impossible to resist.

Of course the first time he gets his hands on her she tells herself it was a one-time thing.  She vows to make things up to her partner and never to stray again.  After that consent can be a bit dubious for a while, as she tries to tell him 'no' when she really means 'yes.'  He loves the thrill of corrupting her and of knowing she's lying with her man at home, aching for him.  As her infatuation with him spirals out of control and she takes greater risks in order to see him, it tears her apart that he's still fucking other women.  When he wants to and it suits him, he can use charm offensively but equally, it can be just as much fun to make it crystal clear to his deluded little fuck puppet just how little she truly means to him.  His treatment of her varies wildly according to his own mood and whim.

Inevitably, her husband will find out about the affair.  Perhaps you feel you're tiring of the lust-struck little bitch and expose her secret deliberately and cruelly, just for the fun of it.  Perhaps you've decided you want her at your back and call and sabotage her marriage to get what you want.  Perhaps it's the visceral thrill of being able to demonstrate to a man who's been married for years that he really doesn't know his wife or her body at all and will never satisfy her in the same way.

However you go about it, at some point down the line she's tossed out onto the street by her husband and winds up on your doorstep.  You make out that you're taking her in out of the goodness of your heart but really you just see a win-win situation here.  This woman has already accepted brutal sex, lies, domestic violence and emotional abuse from you, not to mention you catting around town fucking any pliant young thing naive enough to take the bait.  Your lifestyle can continue as it always has done but now you'll have a hot little bitch to keep house for you, cunt on hand whenever you want it.  All you have to do is turn on the charm and lie to her occasionally, rewarding her with just enough affection and false hope to keep her on the hook.

The Retrosexual ~ Kinky husband x reluctant wife.  Mostly consensual, pushing limits, chauvinism, mild domestic violence, manipulation and intimidation, elements of love and romance.  This is officially as lovey-dovey as I'm ever going to get.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A guy has pursued and married the girl of his dreams. They are equals in all things, bedroom antics included. He has been raised to embrace the ideals of gender equality. He is big on romantic love, on the frequent gestures and reaffirmations that keep a long term relationship and a new marriage fresh. He is a passionate and generous lover, who always ensures his woman is well satisfied before he seeks his own release, always holding back a little even in the final crescendo so as not to hurt her.

He is happy and everything is perfect... until his new wife announces that she wants them to have a baby. He thinks it's way too soon, the wrong economic climate, they have plenty of time etc. He finds it hard to deal with, because this is ultimately an issue he has zero control over. She could quit taking her pill at any time and claim an 'accidental' pregnancy. He doesn't think that she would... but women who want babies can get irrational. He tries to be more careful during sex but she won't swallow his cum and he hates the way she spits it out as soon as they're done. She would never let him jerk over her tits or ass and as for anal, forget it.

It starts with him pushing for what he wants sexually. One night after a few beers he gets what he wants by being a little rough with her, pinning her in the positions he wants, going a little deeper and harder than he normally would. She climaxes harder than she ever has done and he finds that her fear and discomfort are powerful turn ons. The next day she's pissed at him and with-holding all priviledges, trying to redress the balance. He begins to find the equality and balance between then frustrating. He is more powerful than her physically, he wants sex more often than she does and more than the gentler lovemaking she prefers. He earns the most money and he most emphatically does not want her pregnant right now.

So he makes little assertions of authority. For example: Instead of asking her if she minds him going out with his friends, he simply tells her he's going. He asserts his will when he knows he's in the right, which as far as he's concerned is most of the time. He enjoys mocking and infuriating her. This filters down into their sexlife too. Now that he's seen how much she can enjoy taking what he dishes out, he gets more controlling and less bothered about any transient pain she might suffer. He gets sadistic but (mostly) in a way that she can enjoy... or at least forgive.

This thread will remain pretty much consensual, so after a while of stick waving, he introduces some carrots, rewarding her when she's suffered for him in some way. It gratifies him to realise that she's learning slowly not to cross him unless she has good reason, that it's better for her if she doesn't.

Once he's ruling his home and getting his kicks he turns his mind to other things. Do they really need her shitty salary? Wouldn't she be of more use to him keeping house, cooking his favourite meals and at his beck and call?

Naturally he becomes a hero among his friends, which is no small source of embarrassment for her. She also has to deal with her girlfriends seeing her become subservient.

The Time Traveller's Strife ~ Absence makes the heart grow paranoid and jealous.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Unlike the Hollywood love story, your time traveller character is deeply affected by the total loss of control his genetic affliction causes him.  He learns at a relatively young age that emotional turmoil can make him leap through time and so his coping mechanisms for this render him nothing short of sociopathic by the time he's a full grown man.  He pursues and marries my character mainly because he wants somebody in his life who will be there for him, whatever happens.  His marital home becomes his one familiar sanctuary throughout the vagaries of his time travel and his wife becomes the sole aspect of his life that he can exercise total control over, regardless of what point in their union he may have leapt to. 

Frustration, paranoia and jealousy about what she might have been up to while he has been absent from her adult life results in physical and emotional 'abuse' as well as brutal interrogations and frequently shaking down the house for the slightest evidence that his wife has been less than utterly loyal.  Maybe he even extracts false confessions through interrogation and psychological and physical/sexual torture, maybe he finds something innocuous that his paranoid mind believes to be 'evidence' of her betrayal.  Maybe she comes to the realisation that he is never going to believe in her innocence, so she might as well have an affair while he's elsewhere for months at a time.  Maybe she tries to kick him out.  Maybe he leaps back into her present to discover that she has a court injunction against him and divorce proceedings are underway.  Maybe he leaps back and discovers she's in a women's refuge, having forgotten that he can reappear wherever she is, regardless of how well hidden she may be. 

Basically, your sadistic streak's the limit.

Lesbian & Genderqueer Boi Plots ~ Please note, I've no interest in futas/dickgirls/herms/WTFs or M to F trans characters, sorry.

GQ Boi x unsuspecting girl. ~ F transitioning to M starts drinking in 'het' bars and picks up a straight girl.  Non-con, chauvinism, dominance and control etc

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character has been in a long-term lesbian relationship that ends because of your orientation.  You have discovered that you're genderqueer and subsequently, your girlfriend has discovered that she's not attracted to the new you.  With that behind you and having endeavoured to compromise for a long time before things collapsed, you promise yourself that from here on, you're going to be true to yourself and start living as a man.  You even switch jobs so that you can enter a new work environment as a male.

You start venturing out to 'het' bars as a man, rather than sticking to LGBT friendly bars.  There you bump into my character, who accepts you as the man you want to be.  You start flirting, buying her drinks etc and get so carried away with the evening that you take my character back to your place.  Things escalate beyond kissing and inevitably my character discovers that you're physically female.  You proceed to pin down my character, put on your feeldoe and show her just what you're capable of in the bedroom, using your intimate knowledge of the female form to ensure she enjoys the experience despite herself.

The next day you toss my character out onto the street and then go straight to see your doctor to discuss hormone treatment and an eventual sex change. 

Cut forward by a few months or so and you're on hormone treatment, your voice deepening, hair thickening, muscletone increasing etc.  You run into my character again and instead of running away or screaming accusations, she's just transfixed by you.  She hasn't been able to get you out of her head but had no way of contacting you and was in too much shock to remember where you lived.  You remind her that you're still just a guy with some internal plumbing issues and take her out for dinner.

You find that you enjoy a traditional male role; opening doors, paying for things, buying flowers etc.  Your erstwhile lesbian feminist views just seem to evaporate when you're with my character.  It also gives you huge masculine kudos at your new job when the other guys see how hot your girlfriend is. 

The hormone treatment, coupled with your deep seated anger at the physiological predicament you're in makes you volatile.  You're also mistrustful of your new girl and paranoid that she'll run away with a 'real' man.  This causes you to be controlling and even violent at times.  You start taking your insecurities out on your girlfriend and corroding her self esteem, which makes you feel powerful and more confident that she'll stick around.  Perversely, when your colleagues see how you rule your relationship it gives you tremendous cachet, even when they inevitably figure out that you're physically a girl.  Finally, you're accepted as a hetero male into a hetero male circle and that's something you'll hold onto at almost any price.

All of this is a potent cocktail of circumstances that is going to keep you treating your girl mean to keep her keen, eventually moving her into your apartment and taking control of her life.

So... anyone think this is as hot as I do?

BSG Cylon x F hybrid idea ~ Sleeper agent cylon hybrid is raised by her unwitting dad.  When the mother comes to claim her child at eighteen however, she has big plans for the girl's future... and her own.

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How about a cylon mommy who's manipulated a man into falling for her for the purpose of cylon/human hybrid procreation?

The child is programmed by the mother to be a sleeper agent, believing herself human until she comes of age at eighteen. She is raised by her father, who has no clue the mother was cylon, only that she wasn't maternal and didn't stick around to rear the child. The mother wanted her daughter's upbringing to be organic, rural, away from the austere and loveless environment of a cylon base ship.

She wanted a child with the capacity to love as humans love, irrationally and unconditionally. She believes the future of cylonkind lies in creating a new model, a model with true capacity for love. The daughter is to become the blueprint for that model. There will be millions of her, millions with her face, personality, mannerisms and capacity for unconditional love.

Naturally, all this will shock and appal the unsuspecting blueprint when she comes of age, is awakened as a cylon and then reunited with her... mother. Not a child of humanity, but a true child of the cylons. The child will be brilliant, exceptional, a genius in human terms. Perfectly designed, never sick... flawless. In cylon society however, she will discover she is merely averagely talented. And there are models who will see her capacity for love as a flaw, a step backwards from the terrible beauty of cylon perfection. Her mother will have to work hard to convince the other models to accept her child as a new blueprint. She will have to brutally condition the girl into her new life as a cylon, severing all previous attachment to the human society in which she was raised.

But the mother has devious plans that she has managed to keep to herself. Her duplicates have no inkling, nor do the other models. Her daughter has not just been designed to create a cylon mantrap, a loving mate for human men that will allow them to breed successfully. Her true destiny is one of total devotion to her mother, slavish obedience, sexual and emotional dependency. She will become an army that will enable her mother to rule the whole of cylon society. And in time her mother will box the remainder of her own model, making her a unique cylon, freeing her from their dependence upon duplicates. Making her their queen.

ASOIAF/GOT ~ Asha Greyjoy (or a non-canon approximation thereof) takes a saltwife

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My idea is that Asha Greyjoy is enraged when the high priest to the drowned god announces that there's going to be a Kingsmoot to decide who takes the Seastone Chair.  She believes that it is hers by right.  She even more incensed when her uncle Euron is chosen as Balon's successor.  When she flees Old Wyke and later learns that Euron has married her off in her absence, Asha becomes determined to dispense with all traditions that limit her or set her as chattel.  In an act of defiance, Asha reveals herself to be lesbian and takes herself a saltwife.  Let her uncle and her new husband scheme as they will.  Asha will pay the iron price for her birthright and her spoils will be her own.  Erik the Ironmaker will publicly relinquish all claim to her and then along with her uncle, he will die.

Psychiatrist x patient

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Setting wise, there's a lot of scope to this.  It could be a modern clinical setting like a secure psyche unit, where attitudes towards psychiatric care are holistic and progressive.  It could be an old style asylum from the 50s or 60s, where there was a lot less clinical governance, where clinicians wielded near dictatorial power over their charges and where treatments were still often bizarre and counter-productive.  If you want to set this in a futuristic, sci-fi or alt-present setting, that's also doable.  It's the dynamic I'm seeking and so for me, the setting is largely incidental to that.

I haven't yet decided what kind of mental illness will result in my character being sectioned and placed in the facility.  It's probably better if there's some discussion about this, so that I don't wind up crafting a character that just bugs the shit out of you.  Whatever my character's complaint/s, I'll do some basic research on them and will expect likewise from you.

So, what I'm looking for here is a medical professional with her own motives for exploiting the position of power and trust she has over my character.  Maybe she's done this before and got away with it, maybe it's the first time she's crossed the line with a patient.  I'm looking for their dynamic to develop into a twisted form of Stockholm Syndrome, where your character finds herself in the position of having to manipulate mine into staying crazy enough to remain trapped in the facility, all while convincing your superiors - and at times my character - that you're doing everything you can to treat my character's disorder/s effectively and facilitate her discharge and re-integration back into society.

There will also be a criminal element to this, in that my character will have wound up under your care after having perpetrated violence towards loved ones or strangers or whatever, possibly as well as towards herself.
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