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Author Topic: Character's and ideas galore! (I play men and women, for men and women.)  (Read 3418 times)

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Hello, I am Garuss Vakarian. A pleasure to meet you . And welcome to my search thread. If you have any questions please do ask me. And please do check out my O/O thread, link is in the signature. It is a quick and quaint look into what interests me. None the less, I hope you like what you see. As well, I hope that we can get along. (Post two contains pictures I like. This one contains my cravings, and my ideas/pairings.)

I play: females, and males. To females, and males. Vice verse, and everything in between. I play dom's, switches, and subs, to doms switches and subs.

Pairings: Underlined, is my preferred role. Without an underline means I can do either. * is for my level of interest.
Predator creature (an Alien or monster of some kind.) x Human ****
Vampire x Human
Succub(i/s) x Human *
Neko, Kitsune, or dog girl X Human **********
Neko, Kitsune, or Dog Boy x Dominant Female Master **********
Anthro x Human **********

Alternate history: Nazi's won. (Ie: Like in Wolfenstein: The New Order.) Nazi (f) x Rebel ***.  Nazi (m) x Rebel. Nazi (f) x prisoner ***. Nazi (M) x Prisoner. Rebel x Rebel. Nazi x Nazi.

Sword and Sorcery setting: (Ie: Like conan.) Barbarian (f) x Sorceror **** . Barbarian x Sorceror(es) . Warrior x warrior.

Fanbased: Currently I have an intense interest in these settings.


Transformers *CRAVING*: I would love to make the darker, grittier transformers we never got in the movies, or cartoons. Closest was Transformers: Prime. None the less. Sex is an option for this rp, as long as one is willing to experiment with the prospects of Virtual reality, or robotic love making. :P lol.

TMNT (Gender bent) *CRAVING* : What if the turtles, their master Splinter, Casey Jones, Shredder, and other characters were women. Instead of men?  A prospect I have been curious to explore for some time now. This one requires a partner willing to split work 50 50, and Play multiple characters. Or who can gm.

For anime: I normally do not like to do fandoms of anime. But prefer to make original stories, and write them in an anime aesthetic. None the less. I would like to role play in the Attack on Titan universe, if given the opportunity. As well as in the anime Shiki. And would like to make a story a lot like Future Diary or other such Killing game like stories.

Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Sly Cooper

Other: Marvel/Dc (I do have a few marvel rp's going though.)

Planet of The Apes *CRAVING*: With the current planet of the apes being a mind blowing film. One can only assume the next will skip ahead, and be what the original film was. With the apes in charge of the entire world, and humans being mindless animals. Since, I am sure that we wont see a continuation of Ceaser or his legendary feats leading his people. I would like to try and do a role play that continues from where the movie, left off. Going into the total War between Apes and Man. I think I will call it, War of the Planet of The Apes. Or something as cheesy. :P lol

A collection of characters I made. Be it for a one x one, or a group. So far, the list is few. And mainly canon. But I hope for it to grow. Anyone in this list, is open for one x one discussion. I simply ask that you do not reply on this thread. And, with fan based rp's. I would prefer it if you can at least npc canon characters.  As for grammar, I am not picky. As long as I can understand you, we are good. Length wise, please do try and keep it two to three paragraph's on average.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Player Name: Garuss Vakarian

Character Name/Alter Ego: John Constantine. Master of the dark arts, and Ocult Hero.

Age: 30

Orientation: Straight.

Skills: Master sorceror, exorcist, and practically a professor of the ocult. Is a decent marksman. Does not know martial art's, but growing up as a british hard ass has made him a instinctive and reactionary fighter. Musician. Yeah, once ran a punk rock band.

Personality: John Constantine is an occult detective and professional sorcerer from Liverpool, England. His gritty and brutal attitude makes him recognizable as a cynical, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking anti-hero.

Brief Bio: John Constantine was born in Liverpool, England on May 10, 1984. His mother, Mary Anne, died giving birth to John and his stillborn twin brother because an earlier abortion—forced on her by John's father, Thomas—had weakened her womb. Because he was unable to accept responsibility for his wife's death, Thomas blamed John and the pair grew up with a deep dislike for one another. Over the years, from his fathers alcoholism, to abuse. The reasons were just, for a teenage John to abandon his Father and older sister. He left for new york. Where he eventually learned to be a magician, like his ancestor's before him. Under the tutelage of Nick Necro. You see, earlier in his child hood. He learned his familly had a long line of magicians, all of which were well known and well hated. For using their knowledge and power  over synchronicity and were infamous for bluffing and tricking gods.

It took him some time to finally find Nick, he was in fact 20 at the time. But, it was worth the search. While training under Nick Necro. He met Zantana. A young Teen age beauty. Who, was at the time. The love of his life. But, like many women, he did not last long in a relationship with her. For a number of years in his early adult life. He forgone magic, and fell in love with Punk Rock. Forming a band, called Venus Of The Hardshell. But, it all soon changed as he used his knowledge to be an ocult Hero for the first time. On tour with Mucous Membrane at the Casa Nova Club in Newcastle, he found the aftermath of a magical orgy gone horribly wrong: an abused child, Astra, had conjured a hideous monster that took revenge on the adults who were tormenting her, and the monster refused to leave. With typical recklessness, John convinced some members of the band, along with several occultist friends, to try destroying the creature by summoning a demon of their own. Unfortunately, this demon was not under their control and after it had destroyed the child's monster, it tormented Constantine's friends and took the child to Hell. John suffered a nervous breakdown after this incident, and was committed to Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital, which he drifted in and out of over the years.

Now, he has moved back to america. To Gotham. He seek's to abandon his home land, in hopes he can forget his failure. How can he, when he knows the truth. He knows whats out there. It's every where. And as hard as it is, he can not ignore the cry's for help for much longer. Perhaps he can be a hero? Save those from what hides in the dark. Perhaps he can even right his own mistake Maybe save his soul after it was dammed to hell for sending the young girl to hell by mistake.

(He is an oc for a Last Of Us group rp.)
Character Picture:
Name: "Kurt" Kurtis 'James' Douglas. 
Age: 40
Gender and orientation: Male. Bisexual.
Place/Date of birth: Omaha Nebraska. 1, 17, 1974.

Items and equipment:

2 can's of pineapple, 1 can of beans. 1 gallon jug of water (3 unit's of rations = 1 card a piece.)

9mm rounds: 16 : 4 from start: 12 from cards: 15 in mag, one kept on a neckless around his neck. (= 3 cards.)

Old, slightly worn recurve bow: (= 8 cards.)
4 Arrows: Double razor edged, ball point hunting heads: Much more deadly, in turn much harder to retrieve.

9mm CZ-75-p-07 Pistol: 15 round magazine. Semi auto fire.: (= 5 cards.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Total spent: 20 cards
Total left: 0

Physical description: Kurt is a handsome man. Standing at around six foot three. With  light brown hair. and bright green eyes. He has lightly tanned skin, from once being a country bumpkin of sort's. Living in the town of Omaha, he had his fair share of city, and country exposure. He is a well built man. Not the healthiest, and this new day and age doesn't leave much for exercise. But, from his time in foot ball, and working many labor jobs. He has grown to be quite strong, despite his age. He has a flat stomach. with a small semblance of what used to be ab's. He wishes he still prominently had them, but age strikes us all. He has had a rather safe life, from real danger. But, from hunting, to working labor. A number of things can happen. Like for an example, your buddy accidentally clipping your lower right back with a shotgun spread. And this new day and age, leaves such risks as... Getting cut across the chest by a knife in hand to hand combat. Both of which, are  scars he possesses.

Personality traits: Kurt is a outgoing guy, surprisingly so. In this new world, few can be trusted. His biggest fault being to trust to easily. He is a nice guy. And, despite being a ex party animal. He is still one at heart still. Finding joy in the little things he has left. Beer, if he can find it. Playing his guitar. And fucking, if a women was at all keen on doing it. Kurt is very self reliant. Relying very little on others, and only a select few. He try's his damdest to be self sufficient, and not to expose others to danger. He has an intense fear of losing anyone else he cares for. So much so, he would go to great lengths to even save a relative stranger. He has mental scars far deeper then that of his outer scars. During it all, when it started. He lost his ma, his pa, and worse of it all. His brother. Kurt tried to save him, but couldn't. And ever since then, he always felt as though he was missing a part of his soul. After all, losing an identical twin, is like loosing a part of yourself. None the less, he swore ever since. That if he can help it, he will NOT fail to protect another person again.

Biography: "Ever have those day's... Where'ye wake up. Take in a deep breath. And think. 'Today's gonna be a good day'? Well, I dont. Cuzz' Im not stupid. Who in their right Dam mind wakes up and Think's'dat? Specially These days. Between starven, thirst, and Clicker's. How are you possibly gonna have a good day? Even then. How about the worst monster of'em all? The human monster. I've seen people do som'bad bad things. An'I've done my fair share of wrong myself. I reckon... Im not to different from the monsters. Perhaps now'a days were all a bunch of fucking monsters. Well. it did'nt always have ta be like this. There was a time. Where I can sit back, watch a game of foot ball. And drink a cold beer with my brother. No clicker's, no hunger, no monsters. I reckon I was always rowdy. Now'a day's my roughness is geared more towards survival. Back then, it was sport. And rough housing. Even when I got old. I still acted like a child. Fighting, hunting, and fucking. Never planning on settling down. I use to actually be terrified of the very idea. But now, I wish I could have settled down.... I wish I could right now. They say it's the things we take for granted that we miss most. I can say that's true. But, what hit's juss'as bad as what we wont ever have again. Is the regret of what we never had in the firs'place."

"When it started. I, like most people had no idea. It happened so fast, few can react fast'nough to get out of the rising storm. Me? Well, I had a bad hangover that day. I jus'wanted to sleep until I felt like getten up. N'sleep some more after that. I kept ignoring my cell phone. Not caring one bit for the flood of call's. One of my biggest mistakes. Had I done so. Id'of been at my parents house fast enough to... At least try and save them. The first few call's were from them. The third left a voice mail, my ... Mom sending me and Jesse her... farewell..."

"I had to go. I had to see'em for myself..... I was a wreck. I didnt know what to do, or how to feel. The city was blazen, the people die'en, and as it began to rain over the chaos the Clicker's brought. I reckoned god was shedding a great big tear for his die'en son's'anduaghters. When I got there, the house was a wreck. And, I found my twin brother Jesse ... Shooten those things as they swarmed. Ma and pa were dead on the ground. And, as far as I can gather from'em. He was protecting their bodies. "They need a propa Burial" He said. I couldn't argue. They were'my mom'n dad to. So, despite the danger, I helped him gett'em in the back of my truck. After that we juss' drove for hour's. Until we were sure we'can bury our parent's prim and propper. Like a god faring couple should be. After that, me an Jess tried to survive for a while. We protected each other. We were ready to die for each other. And, one day. I failed him..."

"You see. After a while'a living in the wilderness. We came across a familly say'en that the government was try'en to keep people safe. They were hope'n that they can find safety. That, they would be let in. Me an Jess didnt believe'em at first. So we let'em go on there merry way. But, that night, as I stood watch. I shed a prayer that they make it safe, an the government would let'em in.... I stayed up as long as I could but, I drifted off, n forgot to tell jess. The next morning. I woke up to'em screaming. Frantically going around the cabin, yellen, n'curssing something fierce. His hand... He was bit. I soon realized a clicka got in. An, my brother, was trying to vent his anger from.... Knowing he would die. He calmed down. Try'en to tell me... Assure me it wasn't my fault. But I knew better. It was. N'I reckon he knew as well. At least he didnt hate me. Perhaps he juss wanted our last moments to be something better then anger, and hate. He wanted to wait as long as he could. We had a few beer's. We talked. An, within an hour. He started acting all dopey. And not from the brewski's mind you. After a deep, sad sigh. He told me it was time. An, I..... I told'em I was sorry. Before I shot him in the head."

"With no where left to go. N'notin left to lose. I decided to take my chances on the road. N'head to that haven in Chicago. The one that family was going to.  I found my way there after a month or so of traveling. I had seen a lot of bad things. Met a lot of bad bad people. But, some good ones along the way to... At least there were some decent people left. Any way. The government weren't juss' leten people in. They in fact, were the itchy trigger type. But, I got in. I met this scrounger. A person who risked the world, in secrecy. For trade, for smugglen. And, we made'a deal. Partners. Im the muscle, the other the brains. And through that partnership, I found my own way inside. To thiss day though, I still hope that family made it.  Perhaps, my prayer din't make it to the lord. Perhaps it did. Either way, it helped to care."

Sly Cooper
"I don't know what's in my future but I won't let it be a repeat of my past."
— Sly Cooper, from his sequel: Band of Thieves.

Gender/species: A male anthromorphic racoon

5 words to describe personality: As the first game describes him. A cunning, devious, Thievius Raccoonus. Oh! Cant forget to mention he is 'SLY' ... I know that was not funny.

Back ground: Sly was born into the lineage of the Cooper Clan. A long familly line of master thieves. To them, there was no sportt, nor was it right to steal from ordinary people. In fact, in the point of view of the entire cooper line, if you can steal from a master criminal. Your a master thief. At his early years, he was under the tutelage of his father. And was Between his father and the original Cooper Gang pulling off jobs, Sly would spend time with his father's friend, Jim McSweeny (being bounced on his knee). At the age of 3, Sly was taken by his father to a place in Italy (on the Ligurian Coast) to a Museum, where they met up with McSweeny, who took the map to the Cooper Vault and hid it in the museum.

Sly's parents bought a farm where Sly grew up learning about his family's history as master thieves and was to follow in his family's footsteps; inheriting their legendary legacy, the Thievius Raccoonus, at the age of 8. The book was a culmination of all the secret's, skill's, experience, and knowledge collected by the Cooper legacy. Past down from mother/father to son/duaghter for generations. Each adding more to it. To continuously perfect their art of theivery, and to steal from the greatest criminals in the world. On the night Sly was to inherit the book, a mysterious gang of criminals known as the Fiendish Five infiltrated the Cooper Farm. Try as he might, his father failed to defend himself, his wife, and his son from the brutes, ending with Sly's parents being murdered. The Fiendish Five ransacked the house in search of the book, Sly helplessly watching while hiding inside the closet. After finding it, they tore out its pages and split it among themselves before leaving. Sly, without parents, ended up in the Happy Camper orphanage where he met his lifelong friends, Bentley and Murray. Sly was determined to grow up as an accomplished thief and live up to his namesake. Soon going on many adventures, and heists. Getting his revenge, and completing the Theviess Racooness once more. As well as making a few frienemies along the way. Such as his long time love interest, Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox.

Personality: Sly Cooper is, as the first game describes him, a "cunning, devious, Thievius Raccoonus." He uses his wit, his courage, and his skills to pull off jobs, and he usually has a sarcastic remark in hand as a very cynical laid back raccoon. Despite being slick with the comebacks, he's not so swift with the ladies, with his long time love interest Carmelita fox continuously furious with him. However, he remains loyal and dedicated to his friends; especially Bentley and Murray, his two close friends since childhood, and Carmelita. Who despite being a pain throughout the first games, was respected for being a good detective, doing her job. And always finding it incredibly entertaining to tease her. And normally enjoy's their cat and mouse relationship. Deep inside that demeanor he holds, it's possible he's a bit lonely, as he said that he misses his father at one point in the Comics. But he never dwells in the past, and stays in the present, to seek for his next adventure.... He is a good man. Despite his work, and despite his crafty trick's and manipulations. He consider's most of his antic's, petty, and innocent. He doesn't steal from the poor, innocent, or the needy. And, is always gleefully ready to take out anyone he believes is worse then him. (Crime lord's, killer's, fellow thieves with less moral ambiguity then him. IE: Clearly evil, and selfish beyond repair.) He is not the kind of guy that normally believes in redemption, or personal change. If anything, his first adventure, 'The thieveus Racoonus', shows that he is a man that would rather believe in 'Retribution', Revenge, and getting ones do.


Sly's primary weapon in the series is his family's cane, which is a brown staff ending in a golden hook. Many of his ancestors also had weapons incorporating the trademark hook, and the cane has become an infamous symbol of the Cooper Gang. Sly is also very capable with his cane and is a powerful opponent in a fight, repeatedly being shown beating opponents much larger and better equipped than himself. Years of training and natural ability passed down through the Cooper bloodline have given Sly vast agility, balance, and reflexes, allowing him to perform feats that few can equal. In addition, he has learned every ability detailed in the Thievius Raccoonus, the book past down through the cooper bloodline, throughout the history of his ancestor's. A book, that hold's unique knowledge, secret's, and experiance. Each ancestor leaving his or her mark. His or her own addition to the family legacy. These abilities are many, and broad. including balancing on the tops of sharp points, rope and pole climbing, invisibility, swinging on hooks, and running on wires. His skills include parkour, gymnastics, pickpocketing, safecracking, mastery of disguise, time manipulation, and others. He has been known to use many gadget's, and gizmo's, gifted to him by his super genius friend Bently. So enemies should expect under handed tactic's, and trick's from this master thief.

Closest Friend's: A small description of characters that may appear and be npc'd.

Inspector Carmalita 'Montoya' Fox:
Carmelita is a fourth generation Interpol agent with normally quite the bad attitude. Her outlook on crime was very black and white, firmly believing that any lawbreaker must be brought to justice, regardless of how minor or major the infraction was. Pursuing this vision with her shock pistol, Carmelita was extremely rigid in this view and pursued all criminals with equal determination, from murderers to jaywalkers to thieves, such as Sly and company. It is never thoroughly explained what influenced her interest in law enforcement, nor is her past in general, though it is hinted that she witnessed a terrible crime during some pivotal point in her life. Both she and Sly had repressed romantic feelings for each other, but their relationship was portrayed rather ambiguously throughout the series until the conclusion of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Murray is a strong, muscular but slightly round hippopotamus who serves as the getaway driver and later team tough guy and fighter for the game's title character. He met both Sly and Bentley when the three of them were growing up in the Happy Camper Orphanage. Murray's driving skill came from his job as a pizza delivery boy, during which he hot-wired cars and was eventually fired for dropping (and, possibly eating) too many pizzas.

Bentley was the first member of the gang to arrive at the Happy Camper Orphanage. Bentley walked away from the swamp he called home and was separated from his siblings. He was found by a relative of Ms.Puffin, the headmistriss of the Happy Camper Orphanage, took the turtle in. Due to his smaller stature, he chose to hide from bullies, and read books in his free time. He quickly became friends with Murray, and Sly when they arrived. They soon combined their skills; Bentley's knowledge, Sly's athleticism, and Murray's enthusiasm; Creating a bond that few other criminal's can ever hope to match. Bently act's as the brains of the group. And finds most use fullness at creating gadget's, and gizmo's in preparation to heists. As well as the softwar, and hacking specialist. And researcher.

Fox Mcloud
"Oh, no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way."
-Fox Mcloud

Gender and species: Male, anthromorphic fox.
Personality in 5 words: Cocky, Courageous, devoted, Arrogant, and sometimes foolish (Makes brash decisions.)
Skill's and weapons: Expert pilot, and charismatic leader. He is a master in military hand to hand combat. And is a crack shot with his light, lazer pistol. As well as having a force field that protects him. (Must stay still and concentrate for his forcefield to take effect. Only works in short bursts. And must be pointed towards a said direction.) He also has a remote control navigating touch screen on his guantlet. Allowing him to give simple commands to his space craft. (Such as raining bombardments on a small location. ;) )

Bio:Fox was raised by his father on Corneria, albeit he was born on Papetoon. He exhibited exceptional aerial skills even at a puerile age and joined the Cornerian Flight academy along with Slippy Toad.

Later, outlandish activity would be reported emanating from the planet, Venom, where five years antecedently General Pepper had vetoed the delusional power-mad scientist, Andross. James McCloud, member of the Star Fox team, flew to Venom to investigate, but was apostatized by his fellow pilot Pigma and he along with Peppy were captured. Peppy soon managed to escape, but James was killed by Andross.

Peppy returned from the incident as the sole survivor to apprise Fox of his father's fate. Emotionally prehended by the news, Fox dropped out of the Academy in order to avenge his father's death. Peppy took Fox under his wing, and together composed an incipient Star Fox team, recruiting Falco and Slippy to the team.

Star Fox was called upon to stop Andross and preserve the Lylat System. Fox led an incipient Star Fox team throughout the battles in the Lylat System, running into allies and enemies alike. His amity with Bill Grey was revealed during one of these missions, and he withal goes head-to-head with Wolf O'Donnell of Star Wolf and others. Once Star Fox reached Venom, they fought through its defensive lines or Star Wolf all the way to Andross's base (depending on which route the player takes). Despite the protests of his team, Fox faced Andross alone. After Fox vanquished him, Andross self destructed, inclined to take Fox with him. Fox screamed at his impending doom, thinking it was the end... but then Fox's father, James McCloud, appeared as a spirit to guide him out of the base, while in the way out he verbalized the famous quote "Never give up, trust your instincts" and mentioned how vigorous Fox has become, determinately evanescent when prosperously exiting the base. Fox then left victorious as Andross' base exploded abaft him. They headed back to Corneria, where General Pepper offered to officially integrate Star Fox into the Cornerian army. Fox denied the offer, stating that they preferred to do things their own way.

Cybernetic's: Every one in team Fox are dedicated pilots. You see, in the aerodynamics of space, their blood flows through their body slower. Causing potentially lethal health issues and a risk of heart attack. As to keep this from acuring, they all had their legs amputated. And replaced with bionic ones. As to make the distance their blood has to travel shorter. Lowering the risk. So wait... What! they amputated their legs? I call that DEDICATION!

Affiliations: Ally's that appear as npc's. The current team fox is,
Rob 64
And Slippy (Dam you slippy, help yourself for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STOP LETTING THEM GET ON YOUR TAIL!) *Pops blood vessel.* lol.

"Somebody say.... Chimichanges?"
-DeadPool, marvel comics
  "Hi, im Deadpool. And I aprove this message, of chimichanges."

Real name: Wade "Not Slade" Wilson .... "No seriously. Any one calls me slade, they get a hot poker through the eye. Slades a different comic book character. We are drawn quite the same though!"

Age: ?

Weight: 211 IBS "I guess! How the hell do I know! Fuck scales!"

Affiliations: "I first appeared in the New xmen. In one of the issues of a series called the New Mutants. I Occasionally help the avengers, Worked alongside cable for a number of occasions. He is after all my bestest buddy!.... Who was I talking about again?... Oh, never mind. The guy is probably not important. Any way, I am the leader of team pool (Otherwise affiliated as: Team dead pool, deadpool familly, The deadpool core, or otherwise the Dead pool corps.... Get it, corps.... Corpse! Ha ha ha... Ha.. Eh... One of us is a floating zombie head...Uhem.... Ok.... Well, let's move on then!)"

"Hey, dude. Dont forget to mention Taco's." "Of coarse random voice in my head! I aprove of this message. For tacos."

History: "Hey you! Ya, you writing this. Why dont you tellem all my origin!" Uh... Sure thing Wade!

 Wade Wilson's early life is mostly unknown. His mother died of cancer while he was young and his father (who was in the military) was physically abusive. Wade was a delinquent in his teenage years, possibly to spite his father. Following a brief stint of military service, Wade began his mercenary career while still in his late teens. Accepting assassination jobs only against those whom he felt deserved death, he made a habit of using plastic surgery and technology to take on a new identity whenever he failed an assignment.

He lead a good career for a time. But soon began to succumb to a tragic illness. ... Cancer. A cruel twist of fate... The same thing that killed his mother. Fighting said fate, he joined a sub set of the Weapon x program. That was seeking to give humans mutant powers. for the promise it would cure him of his deathly disease. He was put into severe scientific procedures, This particular case, was to give the subject wolverine's healing factor. But an undesirable result occurred. His cancer accelerated. Leaving his body scarred, and deformed. And the severe pain, and agony of the procedure. On top of his discovery of being severely deformed. resulted in his mind shattering. Leaving him insane, and mentally unstable. Given these exact word's. "None of this is actually happening!...There is a man... At a typewriter...This is all his twisted imagination!" Hence the beginning of his tendency to break the forth wall. "Youd think these comic book writers will lend me some super strength. Ah well, hopefully when I get my own game they remedy that! Wait I have one.... They did not! THOSE BASTARDS! Ah well. I can always try for super speed."

With His now deformed body, on top of his new found mental state. Gave the doctors no choice but to dub him a failure and was there by placed in a hospice to die along side fellow failed experiments. While there, he made a few friends, and enemies. And, was placed in a small betting pool around the hospice referred to as a Dead pool.  A pool as to how long each subject would live. He is sentenced to death, after killing one of his friends, Worm. He did so only out of mercy, after Worm was lobotomized. He soon escaped, and ever since. Adorned his now iconic costume. Taking the name 'Deadpool.' As an ironic joke to the pool made to discern how quickly he would die. "And as good old forest gump said!... Uhum... *Prepares simple voice.* That's the end of that."

"Hey, I am having a load of fun here! Who knew making a character sheet of yourself is this much fun!"

Power's: "Wolvering's healing factor. A teleportation device on my belt. And a holographic thingy ma...gigur.... Uh... It helps me look like other people. ^^ . Lastly I am immortal! Uh... Long story. But simply, I had a thing with lady death. Back at the hospice, I had hallucinations... Seeing her. A lady, with a skull for a face! Oh... But don't worry, she has a 100% super model bod! So put a paper bag over her head and I! am! Good! To! Go! Ha ha!.... Anywhoooo~. She tried getting me to die, time and time again. Each time failing though. It was actually kind of funny. And depressing... But mostly funny! She eventually got board and stopped visiting me. But Many times I was in near death, every time. Seeing her once more... Talking to her... Lady death. The gal of my dreams! She actually liked me. Found me charming. And most of all didnt find me disgusting! Dam was she a hotty! But, sadly. The day I died... The day I could finally find peace and be with her. That dam Thanus cursed me. You see, he has this... Uh ... Crazy stalker obsession with her. Like... The kind that gets you to kill whole galaxy's just to get her to turn your way. Ya, CRAAAAZY~. I know right? Dude needs to get a hobby. Any way, long story short.  He brought me back to life out of jealousy, and cursed me to immortality. In his mind only he can have her.... Guy is such a dick!"

Abilities: Trained soldier. Extremely athletic. Insane.

Weakness: Easy to distract, highly unreliable, insane.

Outside of costume: "Are you nut's! My body and face is eaten away by cancer! You and I both dont wanna see that. Here, how about a photo of a kitty playing in a field instead!"

"Pssst... *Whisper's* My cock looks normal though ladies. ;) awink! " "Not to mention you can make your self appear as any one you wish." "Oh yeah! Wow. Thanks morgan freeman! Wow. What a smart guy. Kind of good to have an actually inteligent voice in my head for once. Or, at least he sounds smart."

Equipment: "Normally I keep a lot of guns on me. More recently. I take with me my two kitanna's, two Tec-9 submachine pistol's. Two desert eagles. two sawn off tacted out Well'sfargo coach guns. A Tacted out M4a1  with a pump action grenade launcher! and... Well... Anything else I have on me. I dont know. I just find the weirdest thin- Oh my god a bounce house!"

Known enemies: "Simply put. Everyone....."
Known Friends: "EVERYONE!" "That my friend, is a lie." "Shut up morgan Freeman!.... I thought you were my friend.... Now, I will take you off my friends list! Dont talk to me... Not ever!.... Ah well. Who cares. There is always Chuck fucking Norris!"

"Ok, now time for me to send this to the internet's!"

"Oh! And one more thing. I am the greatest!"

"When are you morons finally going to realize...some people are meant to be alone. "
-Betty Ross, Red She Hulk.
Player name: Garuss Vakarian

Name: Elizabeth Ross 'Betty'

Hero name: The Red She Hulk / Savage She Hulk.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bi

Affiliation's: Former agent of the Intellegencia

History: The only daughter of General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, Betty spent her formative years firmly under her father's strict supervision. After her mother died during Betty's teenage years, she was sent away to boarding school. After graduating, the introverted young woman returned to her father's side while he was in charge of a top-secret project to create a new type of weapon involving gamma radiation known as the Gamma Bomb. The head scientist on the project was Dr. Robert Bruce Banner.

Bruce to her, was a weak willed mommas boy. At first... But, he had a charm. That soon took her off her feet. She had a quickly heated relationship with Bruce. She enjoyed his company. And found him charming, in his own nerdy way. Her father hated Banner because he felt the young scientist was both a physical and emotional weakling. But the General's hatred of Banner only intensified over time when he learned that Betty was falling in love with him. This only made Betty want Banner more. In spite of her over protective father. But Banner and Betty's budding relationship was forever changed when Banner was caught in the detonation of the Gamma Bomb and became the Incredible Hulk.

After Bruces transformation. Betty was left broken hearted. With her lover now a fugitive. She fell into the arms of Major Glen Talbot. She did not truly love him. But, her father insisted upon their relationship. She did find Glen to be a good man. And, went with it. For a short time. . . But, even when Bruce would come back. The Hulk would ruin their relationship. Even at the alter, when she was to marry Bruce. He was forcefully transformed, ruining all his progress in self control. And making him temporarily a fugitive once more. Frustrated, and felt betrayed once more. She married Glen.

Complications always comes into her life. More specifically, her love life. M.O.D.O.K turned her into the Harpy for a time. Which, had put a lot of stress on her mind and body, after the mind control. As well as Her relationship being strained with Glen. She ended it after an incident with The Gremlin. When Glen went missing for a number of years. Only to return, his mind transferred by the gremlin with Gregory Komski. In an attempt to kill the president. Then, put into a husk like state. Only to be saved by the Hulk, and Dr.Samson.

she tried a number of times to be with Bruce once more. At one point even thinking he was dead. At which point, she lived as a nun. Only leaving, to discover Bruce was alive. But, her bull headed attempts to be with Bruce. Would soon be her downfall. despite all that had happened. Despite all the complications. She wanted to be with him. Living years as a fugitive. But, it came to an end when She died. Poisoned by Bruces enemy, The Abomination. Who used his own blood. Afterwards, in secret. Betty's father put her into a cryogenic stasis. Hoping to one day bring her back.

Betty Ross was revealed to have been resurrected by the Leader and MODOK at the urgings of their new ally, her father Thunderbolt Ross, who had previously kept her body in cryonic stasis. She also underwent the same process that had turned her father into the Red Hulk, which granted her superhuman physical power. The now villainous Doc Samson also helped Leader brainwash Betty into an extremely confused and aggressive state. She became a savage shell of her former self. It took her some time to be herself once more. And even then. The manipulation.... The control.... It changed her. Currently. She is indifferent with her once lover. Bruce. She is open to the idea of being with him once more. But, for the time being. Perseus a more open and free life. To do, be, come and go as she pleases. To be what she wants to be. To do what she wants to do. Without her fathers control.

Power's: As Red She-Hulk, she possesses superhuman strength, endurance and durability. She also has a healing factor enabling her to recover from virtually any injury – even when her more vulnerable human form is on the brink of death – as long as she transforms before her body expires.

Weakness: None as of yet. But it is to be assumed, that she can die. As long as she sustains enough damage to pass her healing factor. Also, she may be suffocated like any other person. Sleep, and mind altering effects do effect her.

Equipment: Two sub compact machine gun's. Her mit's. Oh, and her baby. Her one and only.... Her Big Ass Sword.

Without Costume:

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Picture collection
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Some may be NSFW. But this is a collection of images that may be female characters I would love for my partner to use. Or for possible stories. Craving the first Pic.

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I am Also Craving:
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I recently came across a drawing of the Ninja Turttles as females. As well, I found a series of hentei pictures by the artist Flick. Which inspires me to do an AU TMNT where characters have their gender's switched.


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Alternatively, April instead of being changed into a boy. Can still be a girl, and I can play a OC male character instead.
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