Started by Garuss Vakarian, July 20, 2014, 03:19:55 AM

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Garuss Vakarian

The sky glow's in a dark, and foreboding orange. As one of Cybertron's sun's began to set into Dusk. The fire, and smoke in the air riddle's across the blue, and white sky. The air is nothing more then A dusty smoke cloud, evident of the destruction brought upon this planet, and it's denizens. Painting a picture of war, and senseless violence. A large hand reaches up, alone, grasping for anything. Flashes began to plague the sky, while rays of light fly by view. But the hand pays no heed. The battle ushers on, but the being doesn't hear anything. Nothing, but the static of circuit's, echoing from the wound through his left shoulder. Partially piercing into his slim, metallic chest, and narrowly missing his spark...  He did not speak. As the figure in the distance drew closer. The autobot in fact, slowly lowered his hand. As he knew this figure knew not the meaning of mercy. Slowly, he places his hand on his wound. Watching as the figure drew near. And, as The lights began to extinguish, the battle had been decided. With a heavy spark, and peaceful mind. The bot closes his eyes. His bright, glowing blue orbs shutting down. Preventing himself from seeing his own fate. But, in his mind he can still see as His now, executioner drew his gun. Metal shifting, and folding, to reveal the rifle inside the Decepticons hand.  It is slowly pointed to the autobots head. And, the bot, accepts his fate with out fear. But, with refusal to watch this go on.... He forces the image of the man from his mind, but continues to keep his eyes closed.  And as he heard the bolt fire out into the air. As the blue light pierced through his skull with remorseless precision. He had a instance of clarity. The bot had seen one last thing in his mind, the one thing he can only hope and pray for. A peaceful Cybertron. Without war, without brother killing brother... And most of all, without Megatron's tyranny.

The Decepticon turns to face the coming armada. Ignoring the body of his new found victim, and watching As drop ship's come into position. Leaving more of their vast army out onto the field. While war ship's press forward, accompanied by flyer's, ready to give the ground support as well as engage in Dog Fights. The Decepticon smiles, as he allows his face plate to sheath. Revealing a slender face, with red eyes. Filled with ambition. "Another day. Another victory. And another auto bot kill of my own." He said with a pleased voice. One that sounded raspy, cold, and ultimately selfish. With just a hint, of ambitious ego showing through. The bot then slowly walk's forward, allowing his body to fall into the air as it twist's and shift's. A conundrum of moving parts swiftly transforming into his jet form. Flying off, the Commander assumes control. Meeting with the rest of his troops up into the air. He takes point, but is still ready to retreat if things became to problematic. After all, Commander Stars-cream is always out for himself.

Recently I had watched the movie, Age Of Extinction. And it became painfully obvious, that if I want a good transformers story. That is Dark, Bleak, and is actually about the transformers. Well... I would have to role play Transformers. And do it myself. This requires a partner willing to split the work 50 50, and play multiple characters. Or, if we get enough interest here, I can make it a group. This is mainly an experiment to see if Transformers can actually be role played and if it can be played enjoyably. For now I want to find a like minded role player, willing to try this with me.  This plot will start us off on Cybertron. In my opinion, either before the war started. When a simple Archivist Orion Pax became Optimus Prime. And the feud with Megatron began, ultimately resulting in all out war. Or, alternatively during the war on cybertron. Years after it started, and around the time Optimus decides Cybertron is lost, and must be abandoned. (IE: The construction of the Ark.) Either way, eventually the rp. Or group if we decide that route is possible. Will make it's way to earth, via time skip's.

Characters: I will allow you to play a Original character, and if I make a group Original characters are allowed. I am however expecting a good number of canonical characters to appear.

Action: The action is going to inevitably be PG 13, despite how dark the plot is going to be. And how gritty we will make it. Unless you count blue energon and metal parts flying every where as blood and gore. None the less, later on when the rp makes it on earth. Things may take a darker turn, since realistically there would be people caught in the way of the conflict between Autobot's and Decepticons. As well as the risk of human extinction.

Romance: I cant help but feel romance is possible. They can care for each other, and possibly more then just friends and brothers. Especially when some obviously take on gender roll's, Arcee quite obviously has a feminine voice and a sleek thin body. One can simply say She is a She. Perhaps they do have Gender?

Sex: Possible. It could be in the rp if one wants, but it requires a creative and comfortable mind set. We can try and use Virtual Reality. Or, we can be (NSFW) literal. Or Literal. Or ... Literal. ^_^; lol. If you know what I mean? ;)

50 50: I am hoping we can work together 50 50. Each playing other characters, and trying to help each other make a gritty story. With possibly multiple story lines. Alternatively I can GM for a group game. If this gets that kind of interest.

(To best explain the tone I am looking for. Think of the level of detail provided in Fall of Cybertron, but a bit more bleak, and a bit more dark. Here is a song to give an idea of the tone, it is called Humble River. And it is the theme to the game Fall Of Cybertron.)


Hot damn, it's been a while since I've seen a Transformers,,or amy kind of 'mech' RP given so much thought.

I'll bite :3

That said, I have a chsr concept I already thought of, basically a quadrapedal Beast type Transformer that were originally Decepticon, he/she wpuld be part of a 'pack' of three others who are of similar types, all linked together by un-jamable datalinks which have them acting like quadruplets at birth than completely different entities