Elliquiy Software Stack 4.0

Started by Vekseid, May 13, 2014, 08:46:19 PM

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For those who are interested in this sort of thing - or are otherwise morbidly curious, I've polished the documentation for our software stack and put it on-line:


Hexwiki is going to be where I put more technical pieces from now on. People who are interested in contributing are free to do so : ) Also feel free to spread it elsewhere to those needing advice on this sort of thing. I see questions about 'how to do x' or statements like 'y isn't feasible to do' all the time.

I still need to finish AppArmor. Some of the profiles have been running away on me.

As the name implies, this is the fourth incarnation - I didn't document what I did for Etch very well, which is why I documented Lenny (as 'The Elliquiy LAMP Stack'). I documented Squeeze (what the previous server was running), but never got around to publishing it.

This has been sitting on my hard drive since August but I finally wikified it all.

Anyway, I hope people will get some use out of it.


Passed the info to the husband (Seydon) who is a network admin and delves into Linux at work and at home. He has bookmarked it for future reference ;)


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Just glanced at it and realised that I have had too much wine tonight, and its been a long day.

I will read through it at some stage, looks like some great tips although I have never dealt with Debian other than a quick consumer - different focus.
At this time I doubt I would be setting up a server like this however - most of mine are aimed at more generalist roles, and IT Staff who I need to provide how to guides for.  At this level, I would be more likely to try and find a specialist rather than stumble through myself.  I can see where segments might be useful however.

IPMI however is great - I am most familiar with Dell iDRAC and use it every so often.

From having setup OS X servers in the past - one thing many people setting up servers fail to realise.    When your setting up a server, before any configuration patch it to the latest standard unless you have a reason not to, and then make sure your DNS is setup and functioning correctly - before anything else.

The patches will fix bugs in any configuration utilities, and the DNS if it fails to work at the start, will causes no end of problems down the line.

You should have heard a comment I received from my ISP when I said I was running a local DNS Server on a home connection one time..   They couldn't believe it.   I do enough testing of systems and programs, and like to have every known device use a DHCP Reservation, and a forward/reverse lookup.

As for the XKCD..   I wonder if they are a member here....


Xserve? Oi, I'm sorry >_>

Have they fixed the borked kqueue yet?

Our previous host (Ubiquity) was a fan of HP machines, so we were using Lightsout a year ago.


A mix of XServes - but it was more the system than the hardware.

We used to ensure that we had DNS Correct, or do hacks (temporary DNS Servers with Forward/Reverse) to get it resolve correctly even if we intended to run a DNS Server on it so all the configurations were correct.