Alias a lover of the loving (FxM, and FxF pairings)

Started by Alias, May 12, 2014, 12:05:49 AM

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Hello. I'll take a small second to note how much I adore this site and everyone who works on it, all of the members who make it awesome, I'm brand new, and I am LOVING the sense of community around here! so, here we go!

Firstly, I'd like to direct you here:
That's my On's and Off's page. Now that all of that's out of the way. Let's talk about some stories that I want to write. It should also be noted that I don't want any one else to post in this, this is my page, PM me if you have interest, please. Thank you!

I repeat! It should also be noted that I don't want any one else to post in this, this is my page, PM me if you have interest, please. Thank you!

The Good Stuff:
This is a collection of ideas that I would like to write as soon as possible

-ONE- FxM(xM)
This one is simple, two(three) lovers, one(two) male(s) in love with one girl, me, go out on a camping expedition that's little more than a drive out to the foothills, and a one mile hike to a creek with a tent and an electric stove. However, on that small hike, the lovers get lost in the woods after my character falls down a rather steep hill and breaks her arm. The three of them stumble upon an abandoned mining town in the middle of nowhere after a long search for civilization. The lovers are forced to take refuge in the abandoned town for the night. However, they don't escape for a long time, and the sun never seems to rise.
-Kind of a horror, ghost town, haunted love story here. I like some creep factor.

-TWO- FxM (possible third character - M/F)
Student, Professor. I know, It's played out often, but I think it would be a lot of fun. There's a sexy young girl anxious to learn about English literature, her college professor falls in love with her. One of her friends finds out, the friend turns rival, the rival turns snitch, Snitch turns blackmailer. I just like the intrigue that comes along with unattainable sex. There would be a significant age difference too, perhaps, 19 years old, and 42 years old. I'm willing to budge on that a little bit, but I won't go much older than 21, I want my character to be fairly naive.
-Classic forbidden love/non-con blackmail reactions of any kind

-THREE- FxM / FxF ( OR I could play two girls here)
This is actually three scenarios of the same nature slammed together into one idea. All of them involve me playing as a juvenile young highschool girl breaking and entering into a house.

In the first scenario, the more desirable scenario, I play as two lesbian lovers (still in highschool), who break into an innocent man's house one summer night to cure boredom and be rebellious. I'll play as both of them. They steal from him, load their bags up with his personal belongings and plan to drive away in his car. It never occurs to them that he might be home. So, he comes downstairs and teaches them a lesson for breaking into his house. The girls could enjoy his lesson so much that they come back for more often, breaking into his house again and again to pleasure him.

The second scenario removes the man from the equation and the two girls are never discovered in their escapade, stealing a car and making a lot of money in one night of intense deliquency. I would of course, open up the second young girl to another player, and I would no longer require her to be a highschooler, however my character would still remain a particularly ripe age.

The least desirable scenario is thus: I play a girl, you play a boy, and we break into some one's house, they're not home, and we fuck all over the place. The reason I like this less is because of the age of the male, I think.

-FOUR- FxM /FxMxM/ FxF / FxMxMxMxMxMxMxetc.
Drug Dealer and unassuming girlfriend. It starts with a good few first dates, and a few good parties with the appropriate amount of drug use. She finds out that he deals weed and some hallucinogenics. Everything seems safe, and harmless. Then she tries coke. She starts to smoke more cigarettes, and party on four or five nights of the week. She's experimenting with other women in the bedroom with her boyfriend. Life is crazy, but its fun. One day, the boyfriend starts to sell something new: her. He's changed from boyfriend to pimp, and she can't even tell whats going on anymore.

The Rest:
This is just a selection of pairings that are intriuging that don't require a lot of explanation, just genuine interest should be enough to spark a good conversation for a RP. Consider all of the pairings to be either FxM or Fxf interchangeably, all the way down.

Demon-young girl
Drug dealer -Raver girl (similar to above, but no previous relationship)
Wolverine-Jean grey
Wolverine-regular girl
Step-father- step-daughter (exciting)

Don't be surprised if I decide to play as a girl who likes tennis at any given time. For some reason, one of my dreams has been to be a really good tennis player, please, let me have that if I decide to want it.