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Author Topic: Asian Fantasy [and More] (No Modern!) {Romance}  (Read 895 times)

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Asian Fantasy [and More] (No Modern!) {Romance}
« on: November 03, 2013, 07:50:00 AM »

I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp. - Please Think before messaging me; Thank you.

Greetings! I figured I would take a new approach to trying to find some new 1x1 Rp buddies. As such I have made a list of a few general ideas I have floating in my brain for some plots; but keep in mind these are not set in stone nor none adjustable. So don't be shy if you have an idea or adjustment to the plot you want to share. Although before we get started I would first and formost like to point out the fact that ALL of my RPs MUST have a PLOT. So if you are here looking for cheap, one-liner smutty thrills; please leave NOW. Also to quickly cover that I currently have no interest in "slice of life" and/or "Modern" RPs; please for the love of reading; no thank you... However on the bonus side all of these plots are opened for Roman-ace, as well as a wide mix of Dark and battle-filled stories.

Quick Overview Of Me:
  • I'm not a Grammar-Nazi
  • Romance  = ♥
  • Darker Plots = ♥
  • ♥ = Action, Drama, Horror, Thrillers, Mind Twisters, Mysteries
  • ♥♥♥ = Original Ideas.
  • I type my replies to match what is typed (but generally 3-10+ Paragraphs depending how much I have to work with)
  • I avoid modern themes (they bored me to death, rarely I play them but only if they are good)
  • Fandoms are not my cup of tea.
  • Fantasy, originality, Mythical, and Cultural themes are my weaknesses
  • I Don't Do Character Sheets, as I am a freelancer styled RP'er (I make all my characters from scratch/on the spot)
  • I play Both Male, Female Characters and everything in between. (genderless, futa, ect)
  • I play all Characters types; anything from outright evil to slapstick crazy, sub to dom... So Be careful what you request...
What will be required of you:
  • An Open Mind
  • Having general ideas and details when contacting me.
  • Over a paragraph when replying (I'm tired of tiny replies)
  • Attributing to the plot
  • Common scene
Asian Fantasy Ideas:

Faceless Demon:
A spirit-like demon makes it's self known within a small village; when a strange mask is found washed on the river shore. The sightings would begin when an unfortunate soul puts the mask on and dies shortly after with the face quite literally removed; only to have sightings of that person found just a few days later... Oddly however the main human character would discover that for some reason he/she is immune to the Demons' attacks... Or so it seems.... As others see this the said charater's life becomes threatened by the fellow villagers, they soon realized the demon would come to their aid; but also killing said people. The story would take off with the demon agreeing to leave the character be; but only if they would help the demon remember it's past. (Along the way a romance would spark; as well as many other demons/people attacking) [Key notes about this too would be that the Demon for the most part is a shape shifter, able to take on any shape of anyone it had killed; including various demons.)

Water Demon (Merfolk):
Taking place in a tiny village  along side a swampy river near the ocean. The main human character has a close friend, or possibly family member dieing/sick and with the local doctor/medicine man helpless to do anything the human character is forced to make a terrible choice. Stories of a Water-demon deep within the Bayou who has incredible magic and healing powers lead her to travel and seek the demon out. Basics of the story would build as they discovers the water-demon is actually a merman, to he himself (for lack of a better term) is a crazy medicine man. He agrees to help them, but only if they agree to become his servant (slave) to do his bidding. (and then some)
[I picture this being a MxF; but I am willing to make adjustments for all pairings]

Reborn Samurai:
Shortly after his village is attacked by a young man/woman discovers that they are the reincarnation of what could have been the most powerful samurai/demon slayer of all time. But with this discovery they would quickly discover many humans and demons alike are suddenly after their head for both revenge and glory. Plot could take place in the form of a demon who originally plans on killing them, but ends up having an emotional attachment to them. To something as simple as said character falling in love with a son/daughter of one of the persons/beings that is trying to kill them.

Kitsune Ideas:
Most of these ideas have the same general idea in common; however have their own strong variants that build up the story. An old Asian / edo Japan sort of setup the Over all plot would seem innocent enough, a kitsune with it's shape shifting powers comes to a small village to live out it's life and project the village while starting a family. While having the tiny village projected from the countless demons of the land seems like a blessing. The kitsune's intentions are actually far more sinister as (depending on gender of the kitsune) people start to vanish and the kitsune starts to breed; it's true goal to whip out the small village of all it's human inhabitants and turn the village into an all kitsune village, perfectly hidden from both human and demons alike. (Plot would stagger as the kitsune would actually start to bond with character "x" ; and darkness and drama would unfold as demon attacks became worse and if the kitsune got caught killing the villagers themselves)
[Also to note: I see most of these plots taken from a female kitsune's standpoint; but that doesn't mean she can't shape-shift into another gender; or rather I can't be swayed to change my mind otherwise.]
Stopping the Demon
A fairly generic; but none the less solid plot as a Demon vs Priest/Monk Standpoint; however this option too would come with a double coin. One being the Kitsune is for the most part harmless, but the monk would be pressured to remove it from the village; the other being the kitsune has little love for humans, and as such aims to gain the monk's trust and later betray them outright.
Kitsune's Puppet
Similar idea to the above; however removing the demon slaying element. A kitsune moving into the small sleepy village sets her sight on a man/woman of power (ether a someone of wealth or status, such as a warrior, or a noble) and proceeds to abuse their position not only to remain hidden within the village; but also to slowly weed out the human population within the village. Replacing it her own kin. (Most of which would probably be her offspring)
Gathering Followers
Rather then sneeking around and lurking in the darkness this plot would involve the kitsune acting almost as a false protector of a village. (as if it where somekind of holy spirit warding off demons) In return the Kitsune wants something far more valuable then jade, gold and rice at her alter of offerings, and as such she starts to lurk around the village. (As Kitsunes are well known shape shifters; assuming they have enough tails to do so) The general idea would be the kitsune desires to have as many cubs as possible, but if she where to carry the cubs on her own she would leave herself vulnerable to attack from other demons (and even priests who realize she has no interest in actually protecting the humans) so as an alternative she would gather a group of women to become surrogate mothers. (By planting the cubs into their wombs) The story would naturally focus on one human particular; whether it would be one of the women, or some man who discovered what she is really upto.
Demon vs Demon
Now whether it would be another Kitsune or a different demon entirely this would generally be a plot for two evils working together to reach a certain goal. Ether killing off other demons, perhaps a certain demon slayer... Perhaps nether one of them realizing they are both kitsune or on the same side until they are literally trying to kill each other.

Other General Ideas:
Not nessasarily Asian, but some general ideas floating around in my brain.

Dryads could have a number of different plots.... and when I mean dryad I don't mean some fairy-girl living in a tree I actually mean a full out exotic plant-person. Aspects I enjoy about dryads is the fact they are technically genderless, However they may mimic any one gender as they grow to better adapt to their surroundings. (Which means they are very likely to turn into MxM and FxF plots if the dryad starts out young before meeting their matching partner)
Valuable Herb,
Basically would be a hunting of one's kind style rp, where the dryad is valued as a herb for something or perhaps it's used for magical purposes. One character finds ether a seed or one hiding. and a bond builds to protect it.
Slave run.
similar to the idea above; but without the idea of killing the dryad. The seed or dryad would be stolen from a more powerful figure to which quiet literally starts a war.
Capture and release.
Unlike the other two ideas this focuses more on a dryad that is already fully mature, character gets lost in the woods, and ends up running into one, but rather then being eaten a bond builds as they work together to help the lost character return home. (to which could lead into ether plot above)

Sphinxs in myths vs what  I would see them as a magical creature with mild shape shifting abilities (as being able to turn into anything between a cat and a person, common appearances probably be a centaur-cat to and anthro cat, to the classic style of spinx.) Plots I would see would be a mix of more fighting and epic battle like. [I would also see them more as a stronger dominate characters as well]
Underworld gate
The sphinx holds the key to the underworld, and not only does the underworld want the sphinx, but several other demons and beings want it as well. But the sphinx would hardly go down easily as it would spend most of it's time fighting these foes off.
Demon wars
Similar to the idea of above, but rather then being a gate to the underworld, the Sphinx is the key to somekind of great power, to which they are working quite hard not only to project said power, but looking for a suitable host to actually give the power to.
Fools guardian
As Sphinx already have the stereotype of having to protect something; this plays more on the idea of some kind of ritual gone wrong, as some temple followers attempt to summon and bond a Sphinx to their temple to protect it's treasures, they end up bonding the Sphinx to the sacrificial person. The sphinx being forced to protect x character, while the temple would seek out to correct this error by trying to kill said character so they could attempt to rebond the sphinx again.

Madrilenial butterfly [Capture,Anthro,Insect,Vampire]
This idea comes from the idea of mixing a anthro-Insect race with vampires; taking place in a tribal setting (a jungle most likely) a rare tribe of Antrho butterflies not only capture, but strike fear into the hearts of the weaker tribes (mainly human tribes) around them. And not do their demon-like appearance and flying abilities but rather their taste for blood.... Story would take place as an unfortunate soul finds themselves captured by these insect people, but while the stories of their blood lust prove to be true; the Madrilenial that captured them has better use for them in mind; as human hosts often made the best carriers for their unborn young... [I hate to admit it; but this story is a bit on the smutty side; However I do feel a good plot can be made out of it if laid out properly]

Mysterious Castaway Island [Not Modern]
A hand full of people (probably around the early Victorian/pirate age) awaken scattered around a small chain of islands in the middle of nowhere. Having no idea how they got there and no ships in sight it seems they would have to make the most of it... At lest until nightfall comes and they come to the horrible realization that the islands are infested with monsters and demons causing many, if not most to die [or worse] within the first night. Come the next few days they would learn these monsters only came out at night, or rather only appeared in dark places. The story would unfold as the few remaining alive (if any) make thier way across the islands to try and discover why they are there, or if there is any way off the islands... [Basic romance 1x1]

Wizard Academy by the sea
A few days after a body of merfolk was brought to a magic academy for study many students, masters, and even people from the town start to vanish. On later discovery it would seem that anyone who came in contact or seen the body was vanishing, more so that the parts that where removed from the merfolk corpse where coming up missing as well. - Having only heard of the vanishings "x character" would become concern as one of his/her closest friends suddenly vanishes as well.

Rise of Cthulhu:
Cthulhu had once ruled the Earth, and it is said that one day he would do so again... A warning that mankind would take as a joke, while in reality the other thing that kept the demon form bringing the world into chaos where the few remaining descendants of the original Atlantians... A near-human aquatic race (merfolk) who closely guarded the sunken city that Cthulhu was sealed inside of.... Until mankind grew too curious for their own good... Taking place in ether a Victorian or steampunk timeline, long story short humans looking for lost treasures discover the city and set Cthulhu and his minions free who start to rebuild their armies on the closest shoreline (where the rp would begin, perhaps the human character gets stuck in the cross fire of a battle, ether being saved, or saving a atlantain)

New Moon (Vampire/werewolf style Mer Rp)
Taking place in a tiny village in a bayou near the ocean. (Can ether be tribal, or something closer to medieval terms) Attacks had been going on for centuries by sirens (merfolk) blood thirsty man-eaters who not only physically eat the bodies of their prey but also steal their souls. - Having the ability to take human form on the nights of the full moon they would often seek out prey by pretending to be helpless travelers, or simply walking into a village and picking out the first man foolish enough to approach them. - Plot builds when a group of sirens (during a full moon) enter a village pretending to be travelers, however the Inn keeper is wise to it and manages to not only scare the demons off, but also capture one of them! Proof of the fact it was a siren/merfolk would come with a simple bucket or water, or the rising of the sun.
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Re: Asian Fantasy [and More] (No Modern!) {Romance}
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Many plots still available. Please Pm me.

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Re: Asian Fantasy [and More] (No Modern!) {Romance}
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It's been a few months... Time to kick this again!

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Re: Asian Fantasy [and More] (No Modern!) {Romance}
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