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Author Topic: Dark Elves in Trouble [System-centric]  (Read 631 times)

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Dark Elves in Trouble [System-centric]
« on: May 03, 2014, 02:13:13 am »
Good afternoon, you lovely residents of E!  I'm looking for a 1-on-1 classical fantasy adventure using everyone's favorite matriarchal BDSM-loving elves!  Recently I've gained a big interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons games online, from Pathfinder to old-school retroclones.  Previous attempts at such a game here on E has exceeded my expectations, role-playing and rules-wise.  It's something that I can really get used to!

The kind of game I'm interested in right now involves drow.  I have a couple of campaign ideas, but overall I was thinking of being the DM and you the player, with your own very sexy dark elf adventurer!  I'm up for either Pathfinder or Labyrinth Lord (or a similar enough old school retroclone) ruleset-wise.  Sexual themes include dominance/submission, slavery (being enslaved and enslaving others), monster and tentacle sex (both consensual and non-consensual), and lesbian relationships.  The setting can be either homebrew or an existing one, depending on how we feel.  Of course, the advantages of homebrew is the making up of stuff as we go along without concern as to the lore.

If you're interested, feel free to PM me!

Campaign Ideas

Beautiful Prisoner of Lust: You were a skilled and ruthless dark elf, venturing boldly into dangerous reaches of the Underdark for gold and glory.  But one tiny slip-up was all it took for your enemies to get the jump on you and knock you out.  As you come to, you find yourself stripped of clothes and clad in chains alongside equally nude beauties.  You've been sold to the flesh markets of Shendrilavri, an Abyssal layer ruled over by the Queen of the Succubi.  After being bid on in a public square, your new master assigns you to work in a brothel to serve the needs and desires of extraplanar travelers.  Your slave collar prevents you from leaving the premises, although you've found a clear crystal statue which can circumvent this.  For a limited time, it can transport you into a monster-filled dungeon stocked with treasure and weapons.  Travelling through the dungeon might be your only escape, and as every jaunt with the statue gets shorter and shorter, your window of opportunity closes ever so slightly.  Will you brave the dungeon and earn your freedom, or fall victim to the erotic passions of demonic temptations?

Priestess of the Tentacled One: Ghaunadaur, or That Which Lurks, is a primordial entity of abominations, oozes, and other slimy, slithering creatures of the deep.  His priesthood is small and scattered, yet popular among drow who are outcasts and rebels in the Spider Queen's society.  As one of its priestesses, it is your mission to fulfill your deity's plans.  Bring other drow into the tentacled grasps of its holy creations, and give yourself to them for power and divine insight.  Avoid the watchful eyes of the Spider Queen's clergy and work to subvert their plans.  Venture beyond the walls of dark elf cities and into the wild reaches of the Underdark to discover and establish more holy sites for The Elder Eye.

Praise Ghaunadaur!  One day all might revel in the throes of its orgiastic, tentacled grasp!

Inspirational Images

Drow traveler w/ sketchbook

"Don't fight it, you're mine now..."

"Come here, I don't bite...that much."

Elven slaves for sale

Getting handled roughly by a werewolf

What happens when you go into the dungeon unprepared ;)

Lost to a tentacle monster

And another tentacle monster pic
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Re: Dark Elves in Trouble [System-centric]
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2014, 01:43:33 am »
Bumping, still interesting in running this game.