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Author Topic: Skynet's Collection of Story Ideas (M Seeking Anyone)  (Read 3588 times)

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Skynet's Collection of Story Ideas (M Seeking Anyone)
« on: November 05, 2014, 12:11:29 AM »
Welcome, and come on in to my little slice of heaven. O:)  I am a long-time writer and member of E, interested in both freeform and system games and writers of all genders. I love a good mixture of plot, smut, and character development in my tales, and love stories set in larger-than-life worlds of science fiction and fantasy.  Send me a PM if any story idea particularly grabs you.

  • Here are my Ons & Offs.
  • I enjoy forum-based role-play, but am not averse to trying a game on Roll20 for system-based plots.  I am not comfortable with Instant Messenger services except Skype, and I generally prefer to have a moment where I have some free time to come up with responses so as to get the story "just right" without the pressure of someone else waiting right there.
  • I am a frequent PMer, often sharing my thoughts after I make a post or when you make one. Typically these are ideas on where to go in the story, or status updates in case of delays.  I won't be sending you things every day or every few days, but I do prefer to keep lines of communication open so as to get a sense of how things are doing.
  • I am uncomfortable with longer posts for new stories as of now, and I won't be able to post every day due to existing plots and real life stuff.
  • I'm not averse to pics of real characters, but I do have a fondness for anime and like using them for a lot of stories.

Older Tales

Here are some links to stories I've worked on in the past or am currently doing, in case you want to get a sense of my writing style:

Valley of Torita

1,001 Erotic Nights

Redhurst Academy of Magic

Forgotten Crown

Beautiful Prisoner of Lust

Soft Wings Ranch

Planescape Femslash (as player)

My Story Ideas

On Systems: Gaming systems I'd be interested in include Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and old-school retroclones (Labyrinth Lord, etc), Numenera, FATE, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Apocalypse World Engine, and World of Darkness (Old or New).  These plots may be freeform RP, although I enjoy the dimension of randomness that the risk of failure can bring from the dice, and the satisfaction of making a cool character.

Slave Elf
Slave Elf

Knights in shining armor. Mountaintops with dragons and their hoards. Cyclopean ruins of prior eras rip with treasure and adventure. And lithe elven beauties at the mercy of lustful men.

In this fantasy world, elves were on the losing side of a war and humans now subjugate them. The women in particular are the quintessential pleasure slaves. Some serve in portside brothels, liquoring up sailors to get them to spend their coin and their seed behind closed doors. Some entertain nobles with dances and act as hangers-on and decoration. And some even fall in love with their masters, unable to marry or be freed yet living a good life in a gilded cage.

This is more of a setting backdrop than plot proper, although we can build around that. Perhaps an elven adventurer/thief/etc has some valuable information and is on the run, but got coerced into prostitution and convinces an adventurer patronizing the brothel to free her. Perhaps our elven slave is purchased by a seemingly-decadent lord, only to be hired on for initiation into a magical cult but a 'relationship' must be kept up so that rumors of the truth don't start circulating...

Alternatively, our elven captive might be taken by a group of orcs who intend to use her for pleasure and/or breeding purposes. Can she escape in time, or will she succumb to the cravings of hot, beastly orc cock?

Inspirational Pics

The Sinlands: The Dungeons of Laishera
The Sinlands: The Dungeons of Laishera

 A sexy dungeon crawl for D&D/Pathfinder/etc.

A thousand years ago the Infernal Conjunction saw the mortal world invaded and subjugated by demons and devils.  The known realms are governed by one of the seven Sin Lords, and Laishera the City of Lust is one of the most powerful and prominent trade hubs of the known world. Beneath the crooked, run-down streets and scented red light district are the ruins of the old world, said to contain the richest treasures, the last remaining Light of Hope against the Sin Lords, and other grandiose tales.

The Dungeons of Laishera are a sprawling, unmapped complex of many factions and ecologies. One level contains an orc clan which abducts women to bear the next generation of warriors, another ruled by a lamia bard whose harem of turned heroes are as deadly as any monster, a third might contain a hidden order of catgirl disciples of the Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Sexual Healing, and a renegade faction of drow worshiping the Tentacled Darkness is said to lair in the deepest depths.

In the brutish lands of Norterr ruled by Wrath, one might expect death and violence to be a regular consequence of dungeon-delving.  This is not so in Laishera, but you have far more to lose in its perfumed rooms than just one's life...

Dragonstar: Mezzenbone's Secret Service
Dragonstar: Mezzenbone's Secret Service

Set in the campaign setting of Dragonstar yet inspired by Drowtales Space Age.

To keep stability and order, the ten races of true dragon which rule the galactic empire appoint one of their own as ruler each cycle, and now it is the Red's turn.  Life under the great wyrm Mezzenbone is marked with an increase in military expansion, civil disorder, and turmoil as the drow, orcs, and other "savage species" gain increased recognition as they colonize the Outlands, a region of space unexplored yet rife with new civilizations and planetary resources.

You are a drow, part of the ISPD,  Imperial Special Police Directorate.  With a black budget and far-reaching influence in law enforcement, you're tasked with preserving law and order in the Empire, to defend it from threats foreign and domestic. Your form-fitting armorsuit strikes both fear and lust into the subjects you protect and arrest. Even then, you have a lot of freedom to pursue your own goals as long as you don't become too much of a liability in the dragons' eyes.

Our first adventure might involve visiting the pleasure planet Athrilos, where it's rumored that women are being enchanted into holo-porn shows.  As a drow you are particularly resistant to spells, but what's concerning is that several of your peers went missing shortly after investigating this very mission.  Keep a keen eye, your laser pistol set to stun, and a buff spell ready, or you may end up a holo-star yourself...

I filled up a gallery full of great inspirational pictures for this campaign idea.


Star-struck groupies, revealing magical armor, perverted paparazzi. Celebrities and noblemen hiring the magically-talented to make them beautiful. Lustful Greek gods channeling their desires into mortal Clerics, and fetish clubs for elves, harpies, and other “exotic” races. Modern day Americana in an eternal Roman Empire. Fantasy and modernity combine to make for interesting combinations for erotic games.

Xcrawl is a Pathfinder setting set in an alternate modern Earth where dragons, magic, classic fantasy tropes are real. The concept of "dungeon-crawling" is the world's most popular pay-per-view sport, and every city and country worth its salt has a multi-layered Colosseum full of deadly obstacle courses and challenges for the viewing pleasure of countless fans. Your PC will be a rising star within the Crawling circuit. When you're not sweating as you duel a dragon for its treasure, you're sweating in the bedroom as your celebrity status opens doors and legs alike.

There's even rumors among the Crawling community speak of a secret “Crawl of Venus” in Rome, run by a DJ (Dungeon Judge) said to the original Lilith. Here points are not scored via violence and loot, but by ‘conquering’ the adversaries arrayed around the dungeon before they do the same to you.

Tropical Adventures!

Ideally set in a fantasy world, but perhaps with Renaissance/Age of Exploration-era technology and culture.

A powerful storm blows a sailor's ship off-course, causing it to crash amid the teeth-like rocks of an isolated archipelago. When the sailor comes to, he finds himself the only visible survivor; it is unknown when, or if, he'll be rescued.

The good news is that the island is far from uninhabited; the sailor comes into contact with a tribe of women, who take him to their village and treat him well. It soon turns out that the men of the village mysteriously died last year, dooming their clan to oblivion. Other tribes of the archipelago seemed to have suffered a similar fate, leaving the sailor the last, best hope of re-population.

And what of the mysterious, storm-shrouded peaks of the central island, and the horrific monsters which spill forth from them to menace the surrounding villages? What of the mysterious Water Oracles, whose prophecies once gave good omens and nice weather, but have now fallen silent? And what of the former shipwrecks caught in the "Stone Teeth" of the coasts, which might have valuable artifacts and the ghosts of dead crewmembers?

The islands are besieged with many troubles; our sailor might be the hero the people need, in more ways than one...

Inspirational Image Gallery Link.


Nothing right now

PM me if you're interested, or if any ideas particularly grab you!
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Re: Skynet's Collection of Story Ideas (M Seeking Anyone)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2016, 07:35:12 PM »
My Character Ideas

These are less full stories so much as character ideas for both freeform and system-based role-plays.

Maribelle, Traveling Nudist Monk

Maribelle is a member of a monastic order who seeks to further the light the sun god in the world through good deeds. Taking a vow to let her lord's light touch her body at all times, she walks the lands unclad save in a hair ribbon. Thankfully her martial training and grace more than makes up for her lack of protection, and her supernatural endurance weathers the worst elements. Maribelle is still naive and inexperienced in the ways of the world, and her goals simple. To travel the world and help people out with their local problems, be it finding a lost pet or saving a community from rampaging monsters.

Her nudism also has an unintended side-effect: towns and villages she passes through experience a dramatic uptick in healthy births shortly after her departure. More than a few caught on to this and believe that the skyclad monk holds supernatural powers, dubbing her Lifemaker. The truth is far simpler: her young body inspires lust in many men, who become agitated during extended interactions with her, from shopping to talking. They relieve their stress by making passionate love to their wives, girlfriends, and mistresses as a result.

NSFW Picture

Servant of the Sea

A mermaid, likely a warrior-priestess of an ocean goddess. Imagine her as unusually kind and gentle for her role, but when true evil rears its ugly head, she can strike with the fury of the storm, the swiftness of the current, and the strength of a tsunami!



Zhandi's a catgirl from the southern nations, blessed by the deities/spirits of the storm. She used to be a concubine/pleasure slave for a decadent noble, although their relationship was a good one in that she wanted for nothing and had access to herbs to prevent unwanted children. Sometime later she received an epiphany and became a true Cleric, which may or may not have contributed to buying her freedom. She enjoyed her master's company, but felt a calling to travel the world.


NSFW Serving her Master

Scion of the Wolf

A werewolf bard who provides morale for her clan in the form of good song and cheer, as well as the erotic arts. Although owned by the alpha male, she is lent out to the others who earned the right through service and valorous deeds. Perhaps her master is cruel and she seeks escape or is rescued.

NSFW Imgur Album


Hailing from a glorious mountain city, Yonalia grew up the slave of a lustful noble.  Although her official duties were to tend to house and home, her owner used her in other ways.  She more or less was brought up to accept the treatment as the way of the world, but deep in the back of her mind she desired to live life as a free woman.  In recent years she stumbled upon a book of a traveling mage, and learned much of the worlds beyond worlds and other majestic artifacts of the past.  She knew the stories of sorcerers, scholars and priests possessed of supernatural power who accessed the secrets of old eras, and that her master kept such a device in the private cellar.

One fateful night she sneaked into this hidden room, taking her master's artifact.  It was a metal spider-like device which burrowed inside her arm.  From the pain came insight, and with insight power.  Fearing for her safety and her master's wrath, she stole into the night, down the mountain and into the Steadfast, where she now lives as a traveling wonder-worker.  Even then she is not safe; in addition to her master's retainers, the lands beyond the posh manor is a dangerous place, and even other wealthy people are not above snagging an escaped slave of sufficient talent, especially one as beautiful as Yonalia...

SFW Pics

NSFW Serving Her Master


Tamrithra is a catfolk adventurer.  Born into a merchant caravansary, she is no stranger to life on the road.  Over the years she's had the opportunity to hone her skills and finally set out on her own path as an adventurer.  From the ruins of ancient empires to the thriving bazaars of the land of silk and spices, she can blend into just about any social situation.  She does not care for most personal possessions, long ago learning the value of impermanence in a nomadic life, but there is one treasure she truly prizes.  On her 14th birthday she was given an ancestral curved blade by her father, passed down by the clan's greatest warriors.  It is said that it will unlock its true potential at a time of greatest need, but little is known more than that.


NSFW Tamrithra captured as sex slave

Spunky Elf Girl (Name TBD)

Elf girl who I can imagine being a high-spirited unarmed fighter or athlete. Can also imagine her getting charmed into working at a brothel owned by a succubus.


Slave Training NSFW


Avuldri is a brash and hotheaded drow girl.  Raised from a young age in the arts of stealth and assassination, she is a competent fighter whose arrogance is her greatest weakness.  Her home city's a series of Underdark metropolises connected by a network of portals.  In recent years a catastrophe swept across the land, disrupting the magic and destroying the portals.  This left her cut off from what few allies she had, and an outsider force over the city.

The below picture could serve as an inspiration for the onset of the story, with Avuldri enslaved by a decadent lord, or sometime to happen later on.  Perhaps she served as a pleasure slave in the past, but recently broke free.

NSFW 2nd from left


A succubus from the infernal planes, Basmat currently resides in the mortal world to search for skilled and powerful mortals to lure into her diabolic lord's service.  It is a hard job, as the reputations of demons and their ilk is both ancient and widely feared.  But there are places in this world, born of desperation, greed, and other lowly emotions where even normally righteous folk will stoop to dealing with her kind, if only to put things right.

Basmat is a contract demon, a professional diplomat and troubleshooter who performs services and aid to mortals who enter into an agreement with her or her lord.  As most mortals ask for great prices in exchange, her job is one of frequent danger and high risks, from killing the hated leaders of an enemy nation, to stealing the wealth of merchant princes to tempt others with great wealth.  And she's not above using her feminine wiles to sweeten the deal...


NSFW Basmat being punished by tentacle monster


Beautiful, graceful, skilled in magic and swordplay, Alliaris is the iconic elven adventurer.  Unlike other elves, she grew up among the human Church of the Celestial Choir, and tends to be reserved and anxious when meeting others of her kind.  Even though she has many suitors, Alliaris feels that it would be wrong to bind herself to a person while she remains an adventurer; what would happen if she were to die away from home, leaving no recourse for her lover to find her?

An explorer of dungeons deep and caverns old, she has a knack for running into all sorts of trouble, not the least of which includes monsters and wicked humans who desire her for her body. >:)

Picture, Girl on Right

Captured by Orcs

Afflicted with an enchantment spell

Soulswapped with a mirror entity
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Re: Skynet's Collection of Story Ideas (M Seeking Anyone)
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2016, 11:12:06 PM »
Bump. Added new system-based plot, XXXCrawl.