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Author Topic: A Journey To The Past - "Angelicant - Getting to Know You"  (Read 682 times)

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A Journey To The Past - "Angelicant - Getting to Know You"
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:31:35 PM »
Just about a year and a half ago, I joined this amazing site. During which time, I had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people. Many of whom I count as my really good friends. While I was going through my interview process, I had been asked a number of writing prompts, and these are short stories that I had enjoyed writing, and had the personal pleasure of recently re-reading as I was updating my various other pages.

So that I can keep these personal jewels all in one convenient, readable place, without having to filter through the pages of my questionnaire, I am condensing them here in one thread. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I had writing them.


A young woman believes she has truly lost everything she has ever loved and deserves nothing, now make her see that it's not what it seems. Make her feel like she deserves everything in the world, by one conversation with a random stranger in a Coffee shop.

I hope it's interesting! This is actually the first writing prompt I've given anyone.

Writing Prompt #1 - Wake Me Up Inside

The day was gray and cloudy, such was the mood of the woman who stepped inside the corner café. It was a place she had come to every morning during the past several years. A place she had come to start her day with a hot cup of coffee, a friendly smile exchanged with the little old lady on the other side of the counter who had been there every morning, rain or shine with a smile as bright as the sun itself from the day she first came in.

Not today, as she stepped through those doors, Elizabeth was on nothing more than auto pilot. Over the past few months, her apartment just around the corner had begun to feel like she was suffocating within it and she desperately needed to breath, though even now she wondered if that was a crueler fate. For everything that she had once dared to believe in, her husband, her sister... everything that had once made her life have joy and meaning... in a single day, had been ripped away from her and her life had come crashing down around her and sucking the air right out of her lungs.

But now that she was standing here, after ordering and receiving her beverage of choice, Elizabeth had no idea why she was here. She wasn't hungry, she certainly wasn't thirsty and even the little old lady, who  was normally there, was nowhere to be seen . It was is if the world was trying to tell her she had no right to smile. Reminding her that happiness was not hers to hold.

As tears stung at her eyes as she turned around, ready to flee back to the safety and security of her apartment, she found herself face to chest with a wall of muscle.  Stepping back as two arms reached out to steady her as she stumbled, the coffee in her hand crashing to the ground at their feet,  as her eyes traveled upward, she found herself looking up into the kindest eyes she had ever seen.

"I... I'm sorry," she said trying to regain her balance and composure in front of this stranger. "I didn't realize anyone was behind me."

Warm eyes radiated into a warmer smile as he spoke. "No apologies necessary, it was my own fault. I admit I was distracted myself." He pulled out a chair for her as if they were two friends meeting up  for a coffee date and waited expectantly for her to sit while a café employee rushed out to clean up the spill. "Please, allow me to buy you a new one. I insist."

Elizabeth was about to protest, she didn't want the damn coffee anyway. She really just wanted to escape back to her apartment, back to the pain that she knew would be waiting for her like a welcoming friend. But somehow she couldn't bring herself to move beyond the chair as she slowly let herself sink down into almost obediently.

A few moments later, he had returned with two cups and set hers down in front of her as he took the seat across from her. Elizabeth couldn't recall ever seeing him in here before, he was tall, dark haired, clean shaven with a finely sculpted body. But it was his eyes that drew her to look up. Deep blue, the color of the ocean that pulled her into their depths. No she had never seen him before, she would have remembered eyes like those before... at least she believed she would have in spite of being wrapped up in her own little world.

He studied her face over the rim of his coffee cup and watched her changes of expression. Lowering his cup to the table he asked, "You look like you are a million miles away or at the very least a woman with a lot on her mind, want to talk about it? Sometimes it is easier to tell a perfect stranger things you wouldn't tell another soul."

No, she didn't want to talk about it, she didn't even want to think about it, the pain hurt too much when she did. But even as she picked up the coffee cup in front of her and played with the lid, she found herself uttering the words out loud, words that ripped to the very core of her soul. "I lost my husband and sister in a car accident six months ago, I was the only one who survived..." her voice dropped to barely a whisper. "Now I wish I hadn't."

The words sounded like someone else had said them, but when she saw the look on the man's face, she knew they had come from her. 

"What happened if I may ask? Where you driving?" he asked her quietly, the look of anguish on her face touching him deeply.

Elizabeth shook her head, tears filling her eyes threatening to spill on to her cheeks as she spoke. She hadn't talked about the accident or any other part of that night since it happened. She found herself amazed that she was now.

"No, my husband was driving. It was the night before Christmas Eve and we were coming back from picking out a Christmas tree. It was the first holiday my sister and I were able to share together since we were kids and so we had waited until she had arrived before picking out a tree. Something we used to do when we were kids. So we stopped to get one on the way back from the airport and it started to rain."

" The roads were already covered in snow and were getting really icy. I don't even remember when I fell asleep, I never saw exactly what happened. They told me that my husband must have hit a patch of black ice and the car spun out of control and crashed. I remember the feeling of spinning and opened my eyes right before we hit another vehicle. I was knocked unconscious but woke up in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. They told me even the other driver hadn't survived."

What that other family must be going through, she had heard that the other driver had been an off duty fireman. He had been working a double shift in order to cover for those in his company who had children so they could be at home with their families. How in the blink of an eye, three good, selfless and innocent people had lost their lives.

"And you feel guilty now because you lived..." It was a statement more than a question but held no form of judgment only sympathetic understanding. He continued to watch her, letting her speak or not speak if she wished. But he also got the feeling that this was just the tip of the iceberg and she had obviously needed to work it out in her own mind, even before she gave it a voice.

"Yes..." she managed to get out between breaths. "And no. It wasn't just because I lived and they didn't but it's like fate was trying to remind me that I am not meant to be happy. That the moment I was and that I had everything I ever wanted, believed that there was such things as happily ever after... it was ripped away from me and that because I dared to be happy, someone else had to pay the price."

He leaned forward in his seat placing his elbows on the table and looked right at her. "You don't really believe that do you? That they died because you were happy? That accident was no one's fault, it was an accident. You need forgive yourself for surviving and start living again, you owe that to yourself as well as to those who left you behind. Perhaps they were brought into your life to make you believe that happiness was possible, to teach you that love, true and unselfish in its beauty were real. I can't take away the pain you are feeling right now, but I do believe that people come into our lives when we need them the most, to teach us, guide us or show us something we would have never have believed until we lived it. Sometimes that may be for a day, a year or even a lifetime and sometimes things just fall apart so that better things can fall together."

Elizabeth lifted her eyes and watched his as he spoke. He looked as though he believed everything he was telling her was the gospel truth but could she herself believe it, could she embrace the faith and hope this man had?

But even before she could say another word, the man stood. "I am afraid I need to get going but, remember, the joy you felt, that was real just as the sorrow and pain you are feeling now is, and giving up might be the easiest thing in the world to do, but that pain, it won't last forever, I promise." He touched her arm, smiled down at her those blue eyes twinkling from the sun reflecting through the window as it fought to break through the clouds, and she felt the warmth of his hand radiating through her body.  "Look at that..." he said. "Looks like it might be a nice day after all." And with a wink he was out the door.

Elizabeth sat there for a few moment longer watching him walk away just as the clouds seemed to push back and soon the little coffee shop was brighter almost blinding her for a moment. That was when she lost sight of him.

Though she knew she had a lot of things to sort through, he had given her a better way of looking at it, but it wasn't going to be easy. Maybe, just maybe she could find a way to move on, to learn to live and love again. It was then she realized she hadn't even thanked him for the coffee, much less had gotten his name.

Standing, she headed towards the counter when she spotted the friendly little old lady coming in from the back. She was wearing an apron and was carrying a fresh tray of muffins but looked up at her with a smile.  "Hello dear, she said. Would you like a muffin, they are just fresh out of the oven."

Elizabeth couldn't hold back the smile even if she wanted to as the old lady stood there expectantly with a touch of flour on her elfin nose. "Sure, thank you... uh could you tell me. The gentleman that I was just talking to, I wanted to thank him for the coffee and such but I am afraid I didn't get his name, and I am not sure if he has even been in here before." She described him to the older woman, his face, his hair, those eyes.

The older woman's eyes took on a softer, more solemn look as she nodded. "Well that sounds an awful lot like Matthew, the dear lad. But it couldn't have been him, he was killed in a car accident with another family ... oh about six months ago now. Sad, sad story. Must have been back just before Christmas... yes, I think it was..." But as the woman continued to tell her the tale, Elizabeth didn't hear anything else she was saying as her eyes drifted towards the door where the man had just disappeared through. No, it couldn't have been. She thought to herself. She had known the name of the other driver, but that was impossible... or was it?

*offers snuggles and squeezes to Angelicant* I'm so happy you applied! I shall endeavor not to hoard you all to myself if you are accepted *grin*

Since I have poked my head into your thread, I suppose I ought to leave behind a silly question for you to answer. Here is my offering:

Describe for me the perfect cape! Keep in mind that you would have to wear the cape 24/7 for the rest of your life. The cape can have magical properties or merely be pretty (or not) up to you! :)

Writing Prompt #2 - Just A Little Touch Of Magic
(Snuggles back and kisses her cheek. Thank you for showing me the way... Capes... And this woman calls me her friend... evil, evil woman. See now here is the thing, if I am wearing this dang cape 24/7 for the rest of my life, you bet your belly button, you are wearing one too!)

Lynn had waited a lifetime for this moment. After weeks, months and years of training, she had finally graduated from the Breathless Super Heroine Academy. Rushing in to her room that shared with her dearest friend in the world, Stephanie, there they were... the exquisitely wrapped packages of gold paper tied carefully with soft blue ribbons and lace.

A few steps behind her, Stephanie came crashing into the room almost out of breath. "No fair, you still fly faster than I r..." But the complaint died on her lips as she too saw the packages on the table. With an almost reverent whisper, she looked to Lynn. "They're here."

Both girls dropped their bags and moved towards the table and looked down at the boxes that had their names, well their hero names 'Fae Enchantress' and 'Firestorm' , written out in elegant penmanship. But with a smile a bright as the sun-kissed sky, Lynn reached for her box first and opened it.

The contents inside had her catching her breath, even as she trailed a delicate manicured finger over the soft material. Touching it had felt like a soft caress and it shimmered as the light from the afternoon window poured in to illuminate the gossamer winged cape. Lynn's smile faded to a look of awe as she gingerly pulled it from the box as if to do anything else might damage the beauty of it.

Stephanie let out an audible gasp as the cape unfolded to fall about waist high to her petite friend and the ever changing iridescence cast an almost pastel rainbow on Lynn's beautifully tanned face and arms. "It's beautiful..." she exclaimed as she reached out to touch it and felt a light shock from it, as if she had built up too much electricity on her run. "Ouuh." she said pulling her hand back.

Lynn's ability to control the elements, the very essence of nature, along with her elfin appearance had earned her the identity of Fae Enchantress in a matter of days upon her arrival at the school. But never in a million years would she have imagined earning her "cape", or in this case shimmery gossamer wings in the form of a cape, to be such a moving experience.

With a smile she moved over to the mirror and slipped off her school jacket and slipped the caped wings around her shoulder and settled the clasp at her throat. Suddenly, Lynn's form was bathed in a soft glow as the clasp at her throat disappeared and the wings behind her fluttered slowly in a non-existent breeze.

While the appearance of the cape hadn't really altered, Lynn was trying to figure out what had just happened when her eyes met those of her friend's in the mirror. In Stephanie's hand was a card. It must have slipped out when Lynn had removed the cape. "What is it?" She said moving over towards Stephanie who handed her the card. 'Permanent magically enchanted fairy winged cape. One attached, cannot be removed.'

Suddenly soft laughter filled the room as Lynn placed the card back into the box. "Guess you're stuck with them now your Fairy Highness..." Stephanie teased with a mock royal curtsey.

Hello Angelicant,

Her fingernails drummed against the desk with a look of complete _________ in her eyes… (fill in the blank with an emotion and continue with the writing prompt)

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Writing Prompt #3 - I Melt

Sara sighed. Her fingernails drummed against the desk with a look of complete frustration in her eyes. How had she gotten herself into this mess? She had only been trying to help a friend out, and it was supposed to be quick and painless process. Walk in, write a check to support the charity event, go home and be done with it. Never in a million years did she think she would find herself in a predicament like this.

Dropping the pen from her other hand down on to the desk, she turned her head to look out the window of her high rise penthouse towards the ocean. Her long blonde curls caressing across her bare shoulders from where her satin robe had slid down slightly before she leaned back against the rich mahogany colored executive chair.

Sara had never been one to allow herself to be goaded or manipulated into anything and yet here she was, cursing herself for letting it happen. But if she backed out now, she would only be proving him he thought he was right. That women like her, were never really invested, that while they need the donations, it was a very cold and detached way of supporting the organization. Like it was just another business transaction. That if she really wanted to help, she should drop her walls of ice and get personally involved.

Him... she thought. Why should she even care what he thought of her? Why because on one hand he had been right. She had just planned on writing a check and being done with it. But one look into that sexy pair of bedroom eyes the color of liquid chocolate, which happened to be attached to the most sensually sculpted male body that Sara had ever bore witness too, had lowered her defenses and found herself rising to meet a challenge she would have otherwise refused.  But passion in what he believed in had made her want to prove him wrong.

She groaned at the thought of what was in store for her, as she leaned forward and picked up the pen once again to fill out the information needed for the Bachelorette Charity Auction. Her only hope was the dreamy guy who had goaded her into this in the first place, would be the one to bid and win her date. She could find her own way of proving to him she was anything but ice cold.

Good evening, Angelicant,

I am James Moriarty -- how do you do?  I hope that you are enjoying these introductions -- it certainly looks as though you are having a splendid time, which always warms the heart.  Now, if I may, I'd like to offer you a little writing prompt.

You are a lamp post at the end of a quiet, suburban street.  It is a calm, breezy late Summer evening.  The sun is orange and low in the sky, and the green leaves on tall maples and oaks flutter in the breeze.  Describe what happens on your street as night falls and the people in your neighborhood engage in their Friday evening plans.

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to write.  Take care,

-James Moriarty

Writing Prompt #4 - Beyond The Sunset

You are a lamp post at the end of a quiet, suburban street.  It is a calm, breezy late Summer evening.  The sun is orange and low in the sky, and the green leaves on tall maples and oaks flutter in the breeze.  Describe what happens on your street as night falls and the people in your neighborhood engage in their Friday evening plans.

"Throw the ball higher!" Came a voice from behind the tall, sleek, black street lamp, followed by the sounds of children's laughter only to be replaced by a mutual sound of disappointment as their mother called them inside, it was time for their dinner. It was a familiar sound and one that usually meant the start of her day.

As the light began to fade from the sky above, the light from with the smoky glass fixture began to awaken from its slumber and she cast a soft glow on the ground beneath as people were returning home from work, their neighbors or were still standing at the ends of their driveways chatting about their busy weeks but all of them ready to enjoy the start of the weekend.

But little were any of them aware of the silent soul that stood ever watchful of their comings and goings in this small, little part of the world. This was Fenella's world now, though no one even knew she was there and a world far smaller than the one she used to live in. But that was a tale for another time. But as dusk began to spread, and people moved within the confines of their homes, Fenella was a captive audience as she watched inside their windows.

The soft glow seemed to almost shift directions as she let her gaze shift through the parlor window of the home of the two small brunette young girls who had been called in for dinner. Fenella remembered the day Mr. & Mrs. Monroe brought home the twins.

That had been a very exciting day in the neighborhood. She remembered how they had decorated her up with pretty satin, pink ribbons and balloons. It was the day she had adopted them as 'hers'. She had watched them grow from babies to adorable little girls with bright smiles. She loved watching them grow and discover the world around them. It was here, Fenella's light shined the brightest.

But the joy and wonderment found here was in direct opposition to those that lived just across the street. The curtains were drawn on this home as Fenella shifted her focus once again. Inside this home she had seen a darkness she just couldn't comprehend. She heard whispers between neighbors when they thought no one was listening. But who would stop to think about a lamp in the middle of a street as a witness to any gossip. 

But no, even as she thought about the violence beyond soft white lace curtains, her glow flickered with sadness. One by one, from where she stood, Fenella observed each home, each family where her light could reach.

A family gathered around a television set, a newly married couple ignorant to the world beyond the one they were creating, slow dancing to a melody only they could hear, the elderly couple who every night took a stroll down the street hand in hand with two tiny dogs playing around them and home that still lay vacant after the family who had lived there had moved after falling on hard times.

It had started as a curse, but yes, it was Fenella's world now, and some would still call it a curse, to exist without really being... but she took pride in her new role. Illuminating, guiding the occupants of this street home when darkness fell. For there were worse fates she realized... after all, she could be dead.

I had received my acceptance before I could respond to the next prompt, so instead of just letting it sit, I decided to write the prompt to reflect back to the approval.

Hello Angelicant, and welcome to E!  I hope you're enjoying your time here so far, and I know I'm enjoying reading over your answers.  I especially liked the unexpected twist at the end of your first writing prompt, and I'm not embarrassed to admit along with the person who gave it to you that I cried a bit myself.  I know you already have one writing prompt to answer, but I hope you won't mind indulging me in answering another one, when you have the time.  I like to use the same prompt, because I like looking over the various directions people choose to take it.

Write a story involving a letter, a key, and a ribbon of whatever color you choose.  Be as elaborate or short as you want, remembering to keep details PG-13 rated, of course!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and good luck on the rest of your approval.

Writing Prompt #5 - Waiting Just For You

Angel stepped inside the building that she had recently begun to call home lately. She found she enjoyed walking the halls, watching people as they came and went. But today, there was a special feeling in the air, today Angelicant felt that something special was going to happen.

As she approached the small row of boxes where she would retrieve her messages each day, she noticed a beautifully wrapped box, tied with a white ribbon. Curiously, she lifted the package to notice there was a letter just below. With slightly trembling hands, she placed the box back as she took the envelope in her hand.

A smile teased at the corners of her pouty pink lips when she turned it over and traced her fingers over the wax seal. She had seen the impression once before in a message she had just recently read. "I wonder what Mr. Moriarty is going to ask me now..." As she slid a manicured nail beneath the seal and opened it.

There was a soft gasp as she read the words again and again. 'Congratulations on your approval into Elliquiy!' Angel could not contain the smile and joy from lighting up her face if she wanted to. Though she would refrain from breaking out into a celebratory dance in the middle of the hall. Reaching up she picked up the gift box again, and opened it, gingerly wrapping the white ribbon around her wrist before opening the small black box. There before her laid a key, ornate and almost breath-taking and a small note card tucked into the lid.

She read, "This is the key to your new home Angelicant, welcome." and it was signed "A secret admirer." Glancing around she didn't seem to notice anyone in particular who was paying attention to her, but now... now she was off to explore her new surroundings and perhaps she would find just who this admirer might be.