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Author Topic: An Angel's Desires  (Read 2472 times)

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An Angel's Desires
« on: January 26, 2013, 06:21:59 am »

(Please PM me for questions/ideas)


The ideas that strike me the most, as you know are stories of romance, passion, a struggle of wills, denial of attraction, perhaps more on her part than his, mystery, suspense, danger, yes even GASP horror, could be slightly non-consensual, but definitely all of the above to some degree... Those are some of the elements I was playing around with in my thoughts.

If interested in any of these ideas, please send me a PM and I would be happy to discuss them. Please do not respond in this thread.
Please be sure you have read through my Harmony and Discord Page prior to contacting me to be sure we are on the same page.
(Please note: I only write my posts in 3rd person/past tense)


You - A lonely, sparkly, broody vampire with an obsessive, stalker mentality, Me - A dark-haired, klutzy, angsty young woman who just recently moved to a small town in Washington…

Wait! Wait! Just kidding! DON’T beat me!

All of these are romance/genre plots and any one of these can be made into a multi-genre if you have additional ideas to add. It never hurts to ask. I only play female characters involved with male characters, I do not care if the player is male or female behind the male character.  Now, on to the fun stuff… the real plot ideas.


PLOT PROMPT#1: She thought it would be easy to go back to only hating him. After all, that's how they had started; being enemies had been their natural state. Loving him after what they'd put each other through hadn't been easy. She hadn't fallen for him, as though it had been a straight drop through clear skies. Instead, she had tumbled down a mountain, hitting rocks and crags every moment. Now that she had hit the bottom, battered and bruised, she could not climb back up. Even as hatred burned within her, love rose to meet it, not as water to douse the fire, but as a twin flame.

PLOT PROMPT#2: A few weeks ago, she rescued a stray cat from a flood, deciding to adopt it permanently. A few days later, she met her significant other, the love of her life. Now, she wants him to meet her cat, the only other thing she loves as much, but they're never around at the same time.

PLOT PROMPT#3: While she was doing some cleaning in her late grandmother's attic, she finds an old, dusty flag with colorful patterns of flowers and leaves on it. Thinking it is beautiful and festive, she hangs it outside for the coming spring. What she didn't realize was that the flag was an invitation for fae creatures to shelter in for the night. But when he arrived, everything she thought she knew and understood about love was about to change forever.

PLOT PROMPT#4: (DIALOGUE PROMPT): "Open your damn eyes and look at me." He said gripping her by the shoulders. He just wanted her to look at him. If she would look at him, they could work it through, find a way to make it work.
"No!" She cried out. "I don't want to see you!" She cried, tears falling behind closed lids, her body shaking.
"Why? It's only me; it's still me, you know it's only me." He pleaded.
She shook her head, her lower lip trembling. "If I open my eyes, then all this will be real. I'm not sure I want it to be."

PLOT PROMPT#5: At the edge of a beach, she finally released all the anger and hurt inside of her, dropping to their knees as they screamed. It was in vain. She knew that none of it would bring him back. None of it would reverse any of the choices the universe had made for them.
"I hate you!!" She yelled into the abyss. She hated him. Hated him for leaving. Hated him for promising never to let her go and breaking it. Hated him for not choosing to live with her forever as promised. Hated him for sacrificing himself so she could live.
"I hate you," She whispered to the ground, her voice now barely audible as her tears dampened the sand beneath her.
"You hate me, huh?"

Sci-fi/Thriller/Romance - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Our characters were hired, separately and independently, to check out a long abandoned space station. The station was established a century ago, when that section of space held a valuable commodity. Trouble is, science marches on, and the commodity became worthless. There being no need for the item the station became effectively useless, and as a result was abandoned.

The station computer was supposed to be turned off. But some kind hearted soul decided to leave it on so it could spend its time contemplating the universe. The station’s experimental computers used organic brains for the central processor. In this case, the manufacturer used a dog brain. In terms of personality etc. the computer is a dog.

Therein lies the problem. Dogs need company. A lone dog is a sad dog. A lone dog soon becomes a neurotic dog. This dog has been all alone for a century. People show up. He’s not about to let them go. They will stay, and keep him company, and he might even try to manipulate the characters to get together. The end result… more people.

He will do anything to keep them there, and he’s had a century to work on his station. He’s even mined local gas giants for resources, and manufactured supplies so organic creatures can have a good, long life on the station. Which means that anything that could take his new friends away will be disposed of…

We will have to get to know one another, work together to find a way off the station and out of any immediate danger or away from any threat leaving would cause put us in. Leaving it open for all sorts of things to happen.

'Beauty' - Arabella Nicoli

Fantasy/Fairytale Romance - Roar
A twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. Though I do not have this one completely flushed out, the idea is one floating in my mind. I would like it not to be one where she goes to the Beast's home willingly.

Perhaps he is under a curse which is why he has the reputation he does, and only by finding true love will that curse be broken, and he believes she is the one to break that curse. But he has grown bitter that no one WILL ever love him for his heart, so that bitterness has become the source of his ruthlessness, but he wants her anyway. Perhaps he learns through magical means that the lady intends to leave the area and has her abducted and brought to him, doing whatever he has to get the girl to fall for him willingly.

This idea could also have a slight twist with the following idea:
Takes place in a fantasy realm of our own creation. Neighboring kingdoms, courts, ladies, lords... kings and queens. Her father, the King of Umbria has struck a deal with the "devil" as it were, The King of Aborney, young, but already a legend in battle.

Both ruthless in their own ways, but the King of Umbria was known for his fairness and just ruling. The lands between their two kingdoms has been left abandoned by its ruler, be it by death or assassination but both know that to prevent war from erupting, they must come to terms. The King of Aborney knows his own reputation, it matters to him little that it is false in its entirety, but it has kept others from moving against him...

It wasn't his first time to Umbria, far from it and he has watch (from afar) the Princess grow from an enchanting child to a woman of breathtaking beauty with a will and spirit all her own. Though ten years her senior and he wants a wife and sees the perfect opportunity to claim the lovely princess for himself, a young woman he has yearned for, before her father betroths her to another.

In order to keep the peace, the king strikes a bargain with the Princess' father. They will divide the land between them, and join forces as allied Kingdoms preventing war and further ensuring no one rises against them, if, he gives him his daughter's hand. The older King, agrees and gives him her hand.

When she learns of this arrangement, she runs away after declaring she will marry no one she does not love, much less someone she has never met before. The deal has been made, she is his... she just doesn't know it yet. The chase to find her, seduce her... she has never met the young king, so he can go about this however he chooses.

A Super Heroine/Villain/Romance - GROUP Television Station XLX needs something spectacular to improve their ratings: reality shows were no longer enough. Crime stories were no longer enough. Heroes were no longer enough. But all three together had potential. Quite a lot of money later, XLX was ready to debut Hero Wars. Heroes would sail confidently into hair-raising adventures and fights against fearsome foes. Fleets of concealed cameras would monitor them from every angle. The whole thing would be shown live with informative commentary. There would be voting for the wittiest heroic remark, best acrobatic move, hardest hit landed on a villain, and overall heroic performance. Selling the highlight footage would provide a valuable secondary income stream as well. And to ensure the heroes gave a good show, the whole thing would be a surprise. Pretty clever, huh? The heroes become unwitting performers in the first XLX fake super villain attack.

The Annihilator is a big black manikin with some animation and special effects devices built into him. He is accompanied by a collection of smaller manikins with rather less animation and effects devices. All the manikins are remotely controlled from a neighboring building. Actors are serving as terrified victims. Keep the following points in mind: XLX has no intention of hurting anyone and if all goes according to plan, nobody will be; this is meant to be a drama: if heroes aren’t doing something exciting, a manikin will fire blank rounds or mock laser beams at them until they do; and the heroes should, after all the dust settles, eventually realize they’ve been had.

Unfortunately this first XLX performance doesn’t go according to plan: falling glass and manikins endanger innocent bystanders and some of the blank rounds aren’t blank. The super villain who replaced the rounds also hits a quick target of opportunity concurrently with the filming.

Horror/Mystery/Romance - Montague Manor, a long time ago, was the residence of a rich noble family. Now it is largely a derelict, ruined place of tattered majesty, its past showing through like the bones on a dried-out corpse. Various stories and local legends tell of both ghosts and treasure associated with the Montague Manor, of  ghostly nobles, of gold, of demons and other strangeness. Still it has been cut off by a rock fall for the longest time and only recently has another slip made the manor accessible again. It is important archaeologically, historically and architecturally and so the characters have been dispatched, assigned or otherwise engaged to explore the ruined old house and uncover what truths they can about its past and any treasure that might be there.

Of course, there’s no such thing as ghosts, or worse… Right?

A storm rolls in while they are investigating the Manor, causing yet another rock slide and cutting off the Manor once again. They are going to be stuck here a while with whatever food they have brought with them or can scavenge from the local wildlife. Plus there are ‘things’ here with them, things that shouldn’t be here, that shouldn’t exist and yet that have made their home here in this forgotten place in the dank and the dark.

Strange things, perhaps once human…

Perhaps the "couple" were either a couple who previously were dating and no longer together but end up here together, forced to having to work together, Or, co-workers who barely know one another but realized they were the best friend of the formally dating couple and so their first impressions of each other were tainted by the impression of their friends. Each having obviously chosen their best friend's side. Now they are stuck with just the other person in this nightmare. Or some other tense beginning if you have an idea.

1920's Romance - The 1920's were an odd time. On one hand we called it the roaring 20's. America experienced a time of great wealth and new modern ideas. The role of women changed, sports and entertainment stars were celebrated and modern technology changed America's landscape. On the other hand, however, America remained fiercely conservative and religious. We feared public dissent and rural America attempted to turn back the clock of progress. The reality is that America was a divided nation.

We had criminals, mobsters (Al Capone for example) and those who stood up to men like him. Prohibition, Gun runners, bank heists ... any one of these elements could be pulled together for a plot line. For example...

Local Mobster, was a torch singer in one of his clubs at night, managed his books for him during the day. Little did he know she was the sister of a man he killed and she wanted him to pay. Maybe even stole his latest bankroll and now was on the run from him. 

Miss Marion Russell - 1920's Romance

Horror/Romance - Her house is the dark and shadowed one at the end of the street, her lawn is overgrown and a playground for cats, her curtains are perpetually drawn and she is only glimpsed occasionally, peering from behind a curtain. A high fence surrounds her house and a padlocked gate leads to the winding path that goes to her door. Neighborhood children dare each other to scale the gate and ring her doorbell before running away. Balls kicked into her garden are never retrieved and she figures largely in the pantheon of the local children. Every child can tell the story of a friend of a friend who crept into her garden and was never seen again. Nobody can ever remember the kid’s name or quite what they looked like though.

Still, she is just a scary old lady really, isn’t she? Though the woman who's seen in the window isn't old at all.

There has been a scary old lady living in that house at the end of the street for as long as any kid can remember, even the older children. Even some adults recollect there being a scary old lady living there back when they were children, though it couldn’t be the same woman. Or could it?

Who is he and how is it that he comes to the house?

Romance/Time Travel/Mixed - A period piece where two people fall in love though a series of letters. Perhaps she is writing to a man who has gone to war, except the man receiving them by mistake, is obviously not the one for whom they were intended. That man is dead, though he responds to her and they eventually meet when the war is over? Just one idea here.

Gwendolyn Valentine - Romance/Time Travel/Mixed

Period/Arthurian/Medieval/Romance/Time Travel - Modern Man and Victorian/Edwardian Female (or vice versa) both in England caught up in a temporal anomaly while visiting the Tower of London and transported back in time to the early 6th Century (Around 510 A.D.) at the height of the Legendary Camelot. They appear together, how do they both cope with being transported from their own time, to here, can they or do they want to get back?

Dragon Age/Forbidden Romance - (If you are not familiar with this game, this is not going to make sense) Example: A love affair between a Templar and an Apostate Mage, Unrequited Love...

Click link above
These are all pictures that I would love to use as an inspiration for the two of us to create something from. Or they may be pictures of someone (the male pictures that is)that I would like someone to play opposite me. Take a peek, and PM me if one of them grabs your attention as well and makes you say "I would love to write a story involving this photo with you!" Then just link me the photo in a PM.

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An Angel's Desires - Reserved
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 11:28:38 am »

These are current ideas that partners or potential partners have stated an interest in. They are currently reserved and still possibly open after a certain amount of time. Please feel free to PM me to ask, otherwise, once a story has been started, I will move it to the TAKEN area.

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An Angel's Desires - Taken
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2013, 11:29:40 am »

Sci-Fi/Mystery/Adventure/Romance - The Wolf Dance - Taken by Madame Professor
My character, A noted scientist, was forced to abandon the space station she was conducting research when a fire broke out at the facility and the station’s systems began to fail. The only place she could have headed after the station’s demise was a nearby, uninhabited moon. A reward was immediately announced to anyone who could get to the moon, rescue the scientist, and return her safely to an inhabited world.

Unfortunately, in their shortsightedness, the authorities that offered the reward didn’t count on every cutthroat scoundrel in this half of the solar system rushing off to find the scientist and eliminate their competition on the way. Normally, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing… if your character wasn’t already in route to the isolated moon when they discover the unfriendly company.

Time is also at a premium as well, as no one knows how much oxygen, food, and water the scientist managed to escape the station with. Why is this woman so important that an entire government is desperate to get her back safely, and what will happen between our characters, once he finds her, as they try to escape everyone else looking to cash in on finding her.

Fantasy/Adventurer/Romance - The Princess Caper - Taken by Tiberius (Won Auction)

In a small kingdom on the borderlands in a verdant and beautiful valley between craggy mountains the palace is in an uproar. A dragon that makes it’s home in the catacombs of the surrounding peaks has taken it upon itself to swoop down to the palace in the night and make off with Princess Isabelle, the pride and joy of King Harold and Queen Bethany.

The princess is, of course, beautiful and the dragon is, of course, terrible. A scourge that has been terrorizing the outlying villages and farmland of the kingdom for several years. It makes a big difference, however, when it attacks rich important people though.

The dragon has sent a message via the survivor of one of the outlying villages that it has attacked recently. It has the princess and it wants to trade her for the contents of the palace treasury. Gold and jewels and magical items to add to its hoard.

Rather than lose all of his wealth as well as his daughter, who the King and Queen were rather relying on the marry off to a larger, wealthier Kingdom that they could ally with, the King has offered a substantial reward for the return of his daughter and has thrown open the gates of the kingdom to admit all who might be willing to take on such a task.

Possible Twists For the Story (Share with me your ideas here too:
The dragon has actually been living in the area for many years. When the King brought his young Queen to live in the kingdom the dragon took on human form and, posing as a noble, attended the wedding ceremony, curious about human mating habits. The dragon became very much taken with the Queen and despite her marriage to the King they had an affair. The daughter is a half-dragon and the kidnapping is a front so that the dragon can have a little time to tell her of her dragon heritage and see what she wants to do.


The dragon has visited the kingdom many times in human form, walking its streets, listening to its music and enjoying the strange hustle and bustle of humanity. During his visits, he had fallen in love with the princess, wooing her in the guise of a noble. She reciprocated his love for her, but the King, thinking him to be only a minor noble, banned them from seeing each other. Desperate to be with his lady love, and seeking some revenge on the King, the dragon has liberated his love and issued this false demand. 

Thriller/Mystery/Possible Time Travel/Romance - Through the Looking Glass - Taken by Daylily (Auction Runner-Up)

Your character just recently purchased a rather impressive estate for an absolute steal. Everything within the mansion was included in the sale. The sellers didn’t want any of it. Very little is known about the estate or the objects beyond the rumors, superstitions and the fact that the estate has remained abandoned for quite some time. The last known permanent residents dated back to 1837.

But ah yes, those pesky rumors and speculations that surround the property, well nothing of course that does anything more than pique your curiosity or perhaps you are just the type to ignore legend and superstition.

Shortly after taking possession of the estate, so much like the previous buyers, strange things begin to happen. Among them, you hear the sounds of a woman crying late at night, and the occasional call for help perhaps. Your investigation leads you to a locked door, hidden behind a wall and it appears to be omitted from the blueprints of the property. Within the room you find a woman’s bed chamber, but the only thing covered and draped is the vanity mirror.

But something happens once uncovered. The mirror seems to come "to life". Within you see a woman (my character) going about what appears to be her day to day life, including sitting down and staring directly back at you (seemingly). But there is something odd about this, for she seems to affect the world around you with her activities. What is the mystery behind this mirror? How is it that she can manipulate the world around you, yet doesn't seem to see or be a part of it? Why are you drawn back again and again to watch her throughout her day, what magic or power is it she possesses? How can you reach out to the enchantress in the mirror?

Do you dare to uncover the secrets of the looking glass?

(Taken by Veluux) Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Romance/Time Travel - A group of Time Corp Agents traveling throughout time making sure that events in history are altered. Sometimes this means making sure certain events happen, others it is stop something from happening that shouldn't have because someone else has messed with time. Characters are taken from the time stream at the moment that they would have died. This will start as a one-on-one but has the potential of possibly becoming a group role-play in the future. (By invitation only).

(Taken - Chris Brady) A Super Heroine/Villain/Romance -I was trying not to come up with your standard cliché of the 'kidnap scenario'. I am not opposed to it, but I have two different options.

A. There is a mutual enemy that has wronged one (the villain) or both and they team up to bring him to justice. The Super Heroine of course wants to arrest them, the villain wants revenge.

B. The two are childhood friends and maybe even high school sweethearts. The two knew of the others abilities and kept one another's secrets. A time comes when tragedy befalls the villain, and she has since moved away leaving him alone, and feeling betrayed by her 'apparent' abandonment which leads him down his darker path. It is years later, and she is investigating leads in a series of crimes that brings her face to face with her former sweetheart.

(Taken by LunarSage) Modern/Horror/Romance - A romance novelist who has precognitive dreams, however is unaware of her ability and has chalked them up to an overactive imagination. After all, who would believe she was dreaming about creatures that really existed?

She has written several successful and popular erotic romance novels involving the supernatural. Enter the "hero", a network producer. One of his staff ( a friend of the writer), at a meeting to discuss ideas for the next season line-up, brings up the novels. Since vampires and the supernatural are so successful right now, she believes she can convince the novelist to work on adapting the books into a television series.

It is then he realizes this woman has been chronicling moments in his life, though a lot more passionately than he lived it. What does she know about him, how is it that she found out about his secret and worse, her novels threaten to expose him in ways that could get them both killed. So he kidnaps the author to learn what he can, and if he has to, he will kill her himself... he just never expected to fall for her.

(Taken by James Moriarty) Modern/Blackmail/Romance - A politician's daughter abducted for political reasons or persuasions. - Tell Me Lies - James Moriarty & Angelicant

(Taken by JohnDrake) Vampire the Masquerade/Magical/Musical/Romance - You are a male in the Daughters of Cacophony, and you somehow survived the purging with the help of your Sire. It is many, many years later and you have recently met a young beautiful female singer, (she has enchanting voice, voice of the songbird & potent blood), who could be a doppelganger for your Sire, a woman you had loved dearly but who you knew was dead. Convince her with your words, not your disciplines, to allow you to sire her and spend the rest of eternity with you. - Ghost of A Rose - JohnDrake & Angelicant
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Re: An Angel's Desires
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2013, 10:40:18 pm »
Minor update - 5/30/13 - Adding pictures to the story ideas.
Minor update - 6/1/13 - Added Story B in A Super Heroine/Villain/Romance idea, back to an open status. Plus added a series of pictures that inspire me and/or would like someone (for the male pictures) to play opposite me.
Minor update - 7/31/13 - Updated Taken List/Added Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Romance/Time Travel to the taken list and added story idea - Sci-Fi/Mystery/Adventure/Romance
Minor update - 8/1/13 - Added group story idea A Super Hero/Villain/Romance
Minor update - 8/30/13 - Updated Taken, Open & Reserved Lists - Moved Sci-Fi/Mystery/Adventure/Romance story to taken list, Removed Horror/Mystery/Romance - Montague Manor from Reserved list and added it to open status.