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May 27, 2018, 03:03:22 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a Medieval Fantasy rp or Elder Scrolls rp partner. (F preferred)  (Read 301 times)

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Offline Gladiator0161Topic starter

Hello there, and thank you for checking this rp request out.

I've tried to get a Elder Scrolls rp going on here a couple of times in the past.
My latest one that died within a couple months of starting for some reason was Elder Scrolls: Stormfront. (Check it out if you're interested. I'd love to pick it back up again: ) Stormfront had a bit of a mystery going on in it, as there were attacks being made in the Province of Cyrodiil that could quickly escalate into affecting all of Tamriel, and our heroes were charged with finding out what, or who, was responsible for the attacks, and then stop them ofcourse.

I thought it had a good and compelling story but, it might have failed because I might have had a few too many rules come to think of it, lol.
(Check here if you want an in depth version of the storyline: )

I thought I had good reasons for the rules that I had though but, whatever.

This time I'm looking for something simpler. I'm looking to rp with one person, and to discuss a possible rp if one of my ideas that I will list below doesn't do anything to spark interest. I'm primarily looking for an Elder Scrolls rp, or a Medieval Fantasy rp. For me, the Elder Scrolls setting is preferred because I don't have to make up the names of the towns, cities, and countries, and I can just add in whatever I/we want.

Please note that these ideas are not finalized and I may add things to them over time.

Story 1: Rescue Mission: (Adventure and Romance/Sex)

Our hero/heroine is sent to rescue a damsel (or some unlucky bastard xD) from the clutches of bandits/monsters/Witches/Rogue Mages/Necromancers or some other kind of villainy. However, somehow, during their escape things get complicated and they are forced into hiding. I have no qualms about any of my characters being the one rescued or being put into a bad situation either btw.

Story 2: Assassination (Adventure/Romance/Sex)

A contract is put out on our hero/heroine for some trouble that happened in their past, or maybe they interfered with a group's operations but, upon arriving at the target's location, the assassin finds him/herself unable to complete the contract for some reason.

Story 3: An Adventurer's Love (Survival/Adventure/Sex/Romance)

Our hero/heroine is simply out enjoying a walk in the wilderness, and exploring the world when he/she stumbles upon (your character). They quickly form a friendship and things get intimate.
(Story taken by DJ Pon3)

Story 4: Stormfront

Lastly, a list of characters that I would like to use :)

Name: Illindale Folvyn Race: Dark Elf (Dunmer). Class: Ranger/Scout/Former Assassin

Name: Zurik Theldyn Race: Dark Elf (Dunmer) Class: Mage

Name: Orok Logarl Race: Orc. Class: Berserker Warrior

Name: Galamar the Wanderer Race: Nord (Werewolf). Class: Warrior

And just in case there is a guy out there that wants to rp with me, lol.

Name: Denna Talondale Race: Half breed (half Nord half High Elf (Altmer)). Class: Warrior
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Offline Gladiator0161Topic starter

Just giving this a bump since it's been awhile. If anyone is interested in any of the proposed rp's (or would like to rp with me in one of their own stories), let me know either on here, or via PM. Thanks!