Housemates. [Experimental RP, M looking for bisexual F]

Started by Macht, April 26, 2014, 05:49:38 PM

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Best friends. Business partners. Rivals. Colleagues. Fellow artists. Conspiratorial philosophers. Lovers alight with passion’s flame.


In this game we will work together to create a story of two professionals living together in an expensive and exotic location, making ends meet and channeling their love into their ambitions and their mutual erotic pursuits. This will be a heavily romantic story, with some major erotic elements. I want to explore not only the physical end of their romance, but the psychological and emotional end. How does their romance feed into their rivalry, their friendship, and their professional lives?

I want a "soul-mates" scenario, but nothing is perfect. They should not be rich. The pressures of money should always be on them. There should be the stress of deadlines, of performance, of the creative process, and of limited time. Sex is their best outlet, but there isn’t always time for sex, so they need art, and they need romance they can work in around the edges. My character would be progressive enough to love getting flowers from his girl. Of course, we’d need to get creative and surprise one another. I want to build a convincing drama, such that when the sex comes into it, it is watershed, explosive. There can also be “quickies” with nothing much more riding on them than a quick bang. Spontaneity is key. But the emotional and psychological angle, for me, is even more important, and is a requirement above and before the physical end.

I am looking for a bisexual female to help me write this story, as one of the things they sometimes engage in is ménage à trois, and ménage à trois will be a major plot point. Essentially, once I have settled on a partner for this role, I will work with her to start considering additional partners to play roommates. This is essentially a one on one story, which may or may not also become a game with more than two players.

Please note that this story is not necessarily D/s because of my O/Os. It has been designed to be played with those who do not participate in D/s, though D/s elements can apply.

If you are interested in helping me write this story, send me a private message. Please do not respond to this thread.