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Author Topic: Petals and Thorns, a revival  (Read 341 times)

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Offline blue roseTopic starter

Petals and Thorns, a revival
« on: August 04, 2014, 06:05:26 PM »
I'm back ! And my idea's aren't all shiny and new....but I'd still love to see if I can play them with anyone.

Scourge of the Vale
He had fought battles and won. But here, he was still seen as a butcher, the enemy. Yes, he did kill their rebelling Lord but in a fair fight. The King had given The Vale to him, and also the grieving orphaned daughter of the house's hand in marriage. Who wouldn't speak the Kings tongue to him or even give the time of day.  He was lonely and had a hard time creating himself a home. The only thing remotely distracting was chasing one of the notorious highwaymen at night. A worthy adversary in duels, he had learned. And more recently he found out 'he' was female, one with rather attractive curves in the moonlight. He enjoyed his nightly chases, if he only knew who he was chasing....

Far from home
The village was burning, all men were off to war and soon though not without resistance she found herself chained to other women of her village on foot on a journey that lasted for weeks. She was bathed, painted and dressed oddly, like a prize animal. No one spoke her language but a lot of people were telling her things she didn't understand. She was confused and afraid. A man told her in her home tongue "You dance, you live" and then she was rolled up in a carpet and lifted up. She cried and whimpered as she was dragged to a noisy room that smelled of food and drink. There she was rolled out into the open. Blinded by the light and desoriented she stumbled to her feet as the people cheered. One man on a chair in front of her looked at her with interest and surprize in her eyes. Music started and she stood frozen until she heared a whip crack and the voice that spoke her language repeating "Dance!"

Too close for comfort
She's a young aspiring journalist, stuck in a paperazzi job. But if she brings her boss the right kind of pictures of a certain bad boy rockstar/actor, she might get a break. The problem is, they have a history (high school sweethearts, one night stand, the girl that ignored him when he was nobody). She managers to sneak into his house, his bathroom even and isn't even noticed as she takes pictures of him in the shower. It's leaving the bathroom that is harder, with him on her heels and eventually catching her. Now she's in his home and no one knows where she is. And he is completely naked and seething.

She was a modern woman of the 1920's with a husband, an education and a career of her own. She was also a pale skinned, emerald eyed, copper curled beauty. She should never have gone to the middle east.

The Bond Girl
In the spy games, when you win, you win big. When you lose you can lose it all. Catsuits, explosions, high speed pursuits and an occasional hostile interrogation...

The Rebel and the Rose
Brought up rather protective and upperclass she lands in the hands of a ruffian that goes against anything she and her family stand for. To him, she's just a bargaining chip, triffle and of no consequenses. Yet they seem to get under eachothers skin.

Pirates, Musketeers and Highway men ! Oh my.....
Anything you'd like to play, put in in a swash buckle era and I will gobble it up. Puffy shirts, tight breeches, swords, corsets, petticoats and fans are the recipe to make me swallow anything. Swooning alert !
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