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Author Topic: DC Comics: Angel of vengeance (looking for F)  (Read 631 times)

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DC Comics: Angel of vengeance (looking for F)
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:01:58 PM »
The Batman side of the DC Comics'fence has traditionally been dominated by allies that are a distinct shade of grey... some are even flirting with downright villainy. Gotham and the foes Batman traditionally faces require vigilantes more often than not.

The Azrael's have always been my favourite members of the Batman sidecast.
Enforcers and assassins throughout history for the Order of St Dumas, these indoctrinated 'modern knights' wield exotic weapons and when putting on their mask become 'Azrael, Angel of Death', almost metahuman killers that kill the enemies of their Order and remove 'sinners'.

The first Azrael to make his appearance as a major player in the Batman comics was Jean Paul Valley who's shattered mind and enhanced physique made him a tragic figure that was first enemy, than ally, than Batman's replacement, then a psychotic Batman to eventually redeem himself as a kindhearted ally of Batman who sacrificed himself.

Valley's body was never recovered but he did have a came recently implying he may truly be dead... A Black Lantern Azrael:

More recently a highly trained Afro-American police officer became the Azrael of another branch of the Order and where Valley wielded one or more fiery blades of some kind and relied on an altered physique, Michael Lane was merely highly trained yet armed with the mystical armor of Sorrows.
Almost lost to the curse of the armor and his mystic swords, Batman would save this vigilant and return him to the path of righteousness.

More info can be found here:

The possible concepts:

- Jean Paul Valley's death was never 100% confirmed although he did pop up as a 'Black Lantern' 'supposedly'. His body was never recovered and an easter egg was once hidden in a comic: graffiti on a wall declaring 'Jean Paul Valley lives!'. So it is always possible that the original Angel of Vengeance survived his gallant last battle with his archnemesis.

- A new Azrael from the European continent pops up in Gotham to impose his version of 'divine justice' which brings him in conflict with a heroine, villainess or vigilante. Tensions lead to an unexpected alliance when facing a common foe.

- The newest Azrael is contacted to join or assist a DC superhero team. Much like Batman's methods make many of the more paladinesque DC heroes frown, so does the zealotry and agression of the newest Azrael.

- Feel free to suggest other team-ups or 'larger plotlines'. I know the basics of a lot of DC heroines/villainesses but not all by a longshot.
On the female side my favourite characters tend to be Catwoman, Huntress, Harley, Wonder Woman (if played right) but i'm open to other chars as long as the reason they'd cooperate (or fight each other) is believable.

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Re: DC Comics: Angel of vengeance (looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 11:22:56 AM »