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June 20, 2018, 01:02:54 AM

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Author Topic: Step into my parlor, looking for a splash of decadence? (M seeking F)  (Read 327 times)

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Offline SilenceTopic starter

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread! Below are some stories I have been tossing around and looking for someone to explore them with. If your not interested in playing multiple characters and exploring different relationships and dynamics within the stories then please don't message me. It helps keep a story fresh for me if multiple characters are involved in the story.

I left the plot & character details VERY VAGUE on purpose. This way if your interested, we can discuss and carve the story out together. So please, if your interested in any of these stories please PM me. You will find I reply quicker to a private message then just replying to this thread.


The story takes place around a tattoo shop known as The Last Thorn Piercing & Tattoo. I'm looking for someone who is willing to play multiple characters and willing to explore different storylines with different characters. That includes the shop dynamic, the relationships within the shop and things that happen behind closed doors. I'm looking at a more extreme, dark & gritty role play. Not everyone in the shop is a perfect person, this is the kind of place that doesn't cater to upscale clients. CURRENTLY CRAVING this story!

Looking for someone to play - The woman who owns the shop (Pictures above) & other female staff members/characters.

I will play - Various staff members and other characters.

Below is an example of what I am looking for.

'The last thorn tattoo was her brainchild. She loved the tattoos that adorned her body and wanted to share that sort of love and expression with others. While she didn't exactly open the tattoo shop of her dreams, she still loved it with all her heart. Her dreams of tattooing celebrities and making big pay days never came to pass. But she wouldn't trade her band of misfits for anything in the world. Still getting by with her apartment above the shop, she deals with the personalities and ego's of her staff for the pure love of what she is doing.'


I'm looking for a roleplay along the lines of Tomb Raider & Someone who is willing to play multiple characters. The story would tell of the adventures the crew has gone on. Your character would be the Lara Croft sort of character, I would like to keep this original characters. I would play an old flame who is brought onto the crew since many have left due to her attitude and how dangerous the missions have become. This roleplay would explore there dynamic along with various crew members on the adventures taking place.

Looking for someone to play - The Tomb Raider, various female characters.

I will play - Her old flame & various crew members/other characters.

'There are not many people left on the crew anymore. People have left for there own reasons, tired of dealing with her cold and distant demeanor and each trek seemed to get more dangerous. Now there were four, until he walked in to make it five. They called him because they knew he could be trusted, they knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Yes, she would throw a fit when they found out they brought him onto the team.. But they didn't have many options right now.'


Two siblings have there parents summer house to themselves. These can be kids who are in high school or college, we can discuss that. This will follow there summer adventures and there deviant behavior. Maybe a cruel intentions sort of story? I'm looking for the sister to do anything to get her brothers sexual attention. Maybe he already knows of her interests or maybe she can be shy about her scandalous fantasies. Also, we could always have two sister and one brother to make things interesting. Since one sister is craving her brother, would the other sister go along with it? Looking for this to be a very deviant story, also looking for friends of the siblings to be involved some how even if they don't sleep with either of them.

Looking for someone to play - The sister/s & her friends.

I will play - The brother & his friends.

The summer was in full swing, it was beautiful outside and a great time to be young. A brother and sister have the summer house all themselves. There parents trust them enough and plan a vacation for the summer, neither of them argue about the parents not taking them along. They have the house all to themselves and have already planned a summer of fun. The little sister finds herself insanely attracted to her brother, it drives her crazy just being in his presence sometimes. Her goal is to sleep with him, she needs it and can't stand not having it. The thoughts of her brother controlling her is something that has fueled her fantasies for a long time now... How will this hot summer play out?