Leave a candle in the window - Love, Heartbreak, Romance, Kink - (M for F)

Started by Silence, March 05, 2016, 06:26:17 AM

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*Waves* Hi! Thanks for taking time to read/stumble upon my thread. I'll give a brief TL;DR summary because I know I can get long winded with plots, click on spoilers for a more in depth look at the plot I have in mind. Warning, NSFW pics included in plot details. Everything is up for discussing and I always love hearing peoples ideas on the story. If you are interested in one of the plots below, please PM me and don't reply to this thread. Thanks!

| 'You will always have a soft spot in my cardiac arrest..' |

Listening to the songs “Sweet Morphine” & “Break Your Heart” by The Gaslight Anthem inspired this plot and my characters view on the situation.

TL;DR – A fractured friendship/romance. She was/is a vain bitch who broke her best friends heart years prior, now after years of putting up with just being some toy when she is single.. He has decided he doesn't need to take it anymore. Do her eyes open to what she is losing? I'm looking for someone who can play multiple characters. | Key words - Love, Heartbreak, romance, bitter feelings.

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She ended their relationship five years ago. One of those girls who always finds a reason to end a relationship once it starts getting into the deep end and moves on to the next relationship like a girl upgrading to the next Iphone. Except he happened to be her best friend, and she broke his fucking heart when she abruptly ended things. Of course whenever she was single she would get flirty with him, sext with him, send him dirty pics, the occasional hookup until she found her next flavor of the month boyfriend.. You know the girl who is always like 'This is the one this time, he loves me and understands me' and then makes some excuse to end it or leaves them for someone else. Would put her best friend/old flame on the back burner once she was no longer single. Kind of a bitch move by her to be honest, but in her mind she always found a way to justify it. Also, slightly jealous whenever he is in a relationship and always makes it a point to make her disapproval with whoever he is dating perfectly clear.

Then she realized that her best friend was slowly drifting away from her. It went from texting everyday, to a few times a week, to a couple times a month. She saw him less and less around the usual hangout spots. And after the latest breakup with this months 'Prince Charming' she tried to start her flirty ways only to find that her best friend is shooting down her advances. He has NEVER done that before.

All of their mutual friends have seen they way she has treated him, how much damage she has done to him. She was just blind or in denial when it came to how much she has hurt him and how much he love/loved her. But no one would dare tell her, they are all kind of ass kissers. Maybe he has a new girlfriend and has finally just let her go.. And that is something she cannot handle, she cant deal with losing him.

Does she see the errors of her ways? Does she attempt to win him back? How will she handle it when he tells her how he really feels about everything? - Looking for a slow build, repairing the fractures that run so deep. They won't be fucking/back together quickly. If she wants him, she will have to work for it.

| Love can be weird, but it can still burn bright |

TL;DR – Big sister moves back to her small town to take care of her 18 year old sister. Rekindles a relationship with one of her old boyfriends. Little sister doesn't want to be a third wheel and wants to be apart of their relationship. This is very much a love and romance between the three of them, kinks and bondage can definetly be thrown in. If you aren't comfortable with sisters it can be the girl and her best friend. I'm looking for someone who can play multiple characters. | Keywords – Romance, Love, Incest, theesome, Kinky

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This is one of those smaller towns that you just cant seem to escape. The plans of going off to college and making something of herself backfired. When her deadbeat mother passed away suddenly, Your character finds herself back in the town she swore she was going to escape. She was also now in charge of her 18 year old sister who was preparing for her senior year of high school. Those dreams of escaping this town up in flames, but she kept a close relationship with her sister even when she was away at college. Her little sister was a spitting image of her beautiful sister and could almost pass as her twin.

Other than being back with her sister whom she loved and adored, the only other bright spot was running into one of her old boyfriends and rekindling that flame. It seemed as though the three of them made a nice little family.. Except little sister didn't want to just be the third wheel. It drove little sister wild when she would hear her big sister moaning and clearly sexually satisfied. It made little sister curious what the fuss was about. Not only was the little sister sexually attracted to her big sisters boyfriend but her big sister as well. And the boyfriend would be lying if he wasn't attracted to the little sister and the feelings that had grown between them. but she had feelings for him the same way her sister did. The way he took care of them both, the best he could anyway. It was more then anyone in their family had done for them. But how does little sister convince her big sister to let her join in on the fun? Or maybe big sister had ideas of her own that little sister didn't realize?

I'm not looking for any blackmail or things like that in this story. I want these three to be happy and in love. If you are not comfortable with sisters, it can be the girl and her best friend.

| You are my kind of crazy |

TL;DR – Woman living mundane life while keeping her deep dark kinks and desires under wraps until she finally finds the man who fits what she fucking needs. | Keywords – BDSM, Bondage, Kink, Love, Romance, extreme

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- NSFW Large images -
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Your character is the kind of attractive woman who leads a pretty mundane life. Maybe she words in some office or a school teacher or as a nurse. Her friends try to set her up with some guy every weekend because they want her to 'be happy'. What she doesn't tell them is that she has a laptop full of BDSM porn and a laundry list of fetishes she would love to explore in real life. She is also afraid to tell any man these things because she doesn't want people thinking she is a  whacko slut. Which, really she wouldn't mind being for someone. Then she meets 'Him' and she finds herself attracted to him. Charming, funny, normal. Maybe she needs to give this 'normal' life and relationship a shot. Except, when she puts out for him the first time.. She finds herself tied to the bed and fucked senseless. She is utterly delighted to have found someone who she feels she can FINALLY trust and explore her fantasies with.

The story follows these two as they meet and develop their relationship. Kind of like a cute and funny couple who happens to have crazy wild sex and fetishes.