Silver's Cravings: Star Wars!

Started by Silverfyre, March 28, 2014, 09:05:13 AM

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Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Silver.  Welcome to Silver's Cravings, a thread that has a few story ideas for a specific craving that I am really looking to write out with some of you fine writers out there.  First off, please PM me if interested.  It's easier for me to keep track of things that way and not clutter my thread up.  I like to keep things tidy around here. :)

I ask that you please read over My O/Os and see if we are compatible before PMing me about writing together.  All of my writing preferences can be found there.

Onto the plots!

I am really craving something written in the Star Wars universe. Favorite eras include Old Republic, the Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire and the Rebellion eras.  Everything else is negotiable, including story and plot elements and whatever kinks we might want to include. Here are some ideas I have:

"Passion and Padawans: A Star Wars Story" (M/F): Two young Padawans, readying to face their Jedi Trials together, discover that there is more than just a passing attraction between them.  Together, they discovered a passion for each other that few Jedi can fathom, a true connection through the Force.  Or is it something far more darker, something that will lead them from their training and to the dark side of the Force?

I'd like to explore a "forbidden" romantic relationship between two young Jedi-to-be or Padawans.  The era is flexible although I see the Old Republic time period or just before the start of the Clone Wars as being the most plausible.  This story is primarily designed to be a consensual romance story.  We can include whatever other elements we cared to.  Besides, just what do the Jedi wear under those robes?  Heh.

"Fugitive of the Empire" (M/F or F/F): Two years after Order 66 was carried out, one lone surviving Jedi has hidden out in the Outer Rim and avoided being captured or killed by his wiles alone.  Now cynical and disillusioned with the Force and the galaxy at large, he now searches for a new way of life amongst the backwater worlds of the Outer Rim.  What sort of life will he lead now that he has given up his lightsaber and who will he come to trust, if any? 

I am interested in writing out some sort of scenario between a former Jedi and some other character, possibly a smuggler or someone who he eventually comes to trust and love.  Think of it as a romance of sorts with the whole danger of the Empire searching around for Jedi thrown in.

"Smuggler's Run: A Star Wars Story" (M/F):  In this particular story, my character would be a down-on-his-luck smuggler who is looking for a quick way to make a lot of credits.  It's hard to make your way in the galaxy without some creds to your name... or maybe he has far too many debts to pay off.  He gets a job and then promptly lands in some trouble or something happens where he has to take on a partner (namely the character I would be writing opposite of).  Hijinks ensue.

The idea is somewhat vague but I think with a good writing partner, we can fill in the gaps.  I am flexible on era and pretty much every other element of the story.

I'm also interested in hearing whatever sort of Star Wars ideas you might have so please, PM me if interested!  Thanks!


I've found a partner for this idea.  Thanks!