The Unicorn, and the Iron Cross Pick up thread request

Started by Mac84, March 15, 2014, 09:47:22 AM

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It is the Winter of the Early 1940s, and the war on the Eastern front rages as the great armies of the Wehrmacht, and the Red Armies clash on fields torn asunder in the madness of war. The world looks like it is on the brink of its own destruction. Yet, there is hope for this world. For in Forests more ancient than time, a creature steps forth. A creature that is thought of only as Myth, and belonging in children's story books. The creature is a Unicorn, a Creature of utmost Purity. She has awaken from a very long slumber, and finds the World crying in anguish at the Hatred of Man. She looks, and finds that she can't find her Kin. WHere there were once many, there was now only one. What happened to the others, What happened to the World?

Feldwebel (Sargent) Richard Lir was a commander of a German Panzerkamphwagen Mk. V "Panther" tank. While trying to escape a Russian surprise attack, his tank, and crew slides down an embankment. When they come two, They encounter the Mythical Unicorn. Normally Humans can't see Unicorn as they are corrupt creatures that seek only power. They say that only Maidens pure of heart could see one. Yet, Richard, and crew can see her. Yet, they are not alone with the Unicorn. For they are set upon by Fiery Demon in the form a great Red Bull. After fending off the Bull, giving time for the Unicorn to escape. They rejoin Their allies, and soon encounter a Japanese woman in a General's Uniform. This woman reveals herself as a Kitsune, a Japanese Fox Spirit that is in pursuit of the Unicorn. What are her plans for this fantastic creature? She says she wants to help the Unicorn, but is that the truth, or does she have other intentions?

This is a both a retelling, and a sequel to the Book: "The Last Unicorn" By Peter S. Beagle.

I'm looking for a Person to take over the part of The Unicorn, and The Female German General that is actually a Japanese Kitsune in disguise.   

We can discuss character changes that you wish to make to your characters. :D

Any interested parties please PM me.