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Author Topic: Lugia & Me: Can It Really Be? | Male Lugia Needed! | Read All the Details | PKMN  (Read 309 times)

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Offline RainfireTopic starter

-Oviposition (for my character, not yours)
-Impregnating another
-Taking another's virginity
-Younger partner
-Innocent/Submissive Partner

*Hey, don't judge me. I've always had a killer crush on Lugia, and this is my way of assuaging my craving.  ;)

This is my character:

Age: 17
Image removed - Staff

The PLOT is this:

Helena is a great Pokemon trainer, has beaten the Elite Four, etc. She's also caught Lugia. She likes to let her Pokemon out of their balls all the time, so they pretty much roam her house or her lawn/small garden. (She lives alone, in a house on a cliff.) When she caught Lugia, she had a special room added to the house entirely made of glass. From the outside, it looks like mirrors, but from the inside, it's windows, so Lugia can see the sunset every night. He's turning out to be one of her favorite Pokemon, and she talks to him, well, all of the time, constantly.

There is this millenia-old tradition that no one knows about. Every 500 years, for the five day duration of a single full moon, Lugia will become human so that he can mate. There is a specific human that they were destined to mate with, usually the person who catches them or someone with whom they have a strong bond. After that five day period, he will become a Pokemon again, and fly away for a while. The human will lay an egg, Lugia will come back, and take the egg away with him. He will fly under the ocean into a cave, where he will die as the next Lugia hatches, who will do the same thing five hundred years later. Lugia, as soon as he meets his pre-ordained mate, begins to fall in love with her, and really does care about her, in every way.

Helena doesn't know any of this.


~He could be a totally muscular, dominant, suave, bold, charming man who looks like he walked right off the cover of a cheap romance novel. I think it'd be fun to do it that way. XD
~He could be a shy boy, a soft, tender, hopelessly devoted boy, but with loads of passion that he doesn't quite know how to use. ;)
~He is not evil, rapacious, heartless, or anything. He actually loves her. <3
~When he transforms, he is (at least) mostly human; it's up to you if he has any coloring, features, or special abilities after he transforms.


~If you have any ideas for slight alterations to the story I've set forth, I'd be happy to hear them; after all, variety is the spice of life. Only alter the minor details, though, if you can tell what those are.
~We could have a different ending, too, if you want. It just has to make sense with everything that I've laid out already.

Helena sat on the couch, watching the end of a romance/comedy/action movie, National Treasure. Her Blissey was sitting on the couch next to her, holding the popcorn, half a dozen Eevees were crouched directly in front of the TV, a Pidgey perched on her shoulder, a Purrloin lounging on her feet, and a Growlithe curled up on her lap as she stroked it. Various other Pokemon surrounded her as they watched the last few minutes of the movie, each of them giggling in their own unique way. Chuckling herself, she gently lifted Growlithe and placed him on the floor, then moved the Pidgey onto Blissey's head. "Alright guys, it's late. Time for bed," she announced. She stretched as she stood and picked up the almost empty popcorn bowl that Blissey offered to her. "Thank you Blissey, smart girl," she praised with a smile. Blissey blushed, smiling back. She carried it over to the kitchen, dumping the kernels into the trash can, then putting the bowl in the sink. She started walking towards her bedroom. She began talking to the Pokemon with a kind voice, "Everyone, I mean it, it's time fo--" She never had a chance to finish her sentence. She was knocked to the ground by what felt like a ripple in the earth, a disturbance in Space itself, almost. A deafening roar accompanied it, sounding like thunder, or a wild animal--or both. She clapped her hands over her ears for as long as it lasted. Then she heard rain begin to pound against the roof of her one-story home. What on Earth is going on? The various Pokemon that were sitting around the living room cried out, some hiding under the couch or the chairs, some, like the smaller ones, going to Blissey for comfort. She heard her Emboar roar from the other room as it came out of its ball, concerned for her and all the other Pokemon.

OOC: The rain, earthquake, and thunder were caused by Lugia's transformation. You take it from here![/color]
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