An assortment for you to flavor if you wish MxF

Started by seeker619, February 06, 2014, 11:27:55 PM

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1-His wife is a superhero and he never had a problem with it or at least not a major one.  He certainly loved the tight spandex clothing she wore which during battle kept her apponents from garbing her clothes.  She could also use her power to please him in ways most men would never now.  But now she has been captured and torture is the only motive.  He doesn't believe the cops would help so he goes to rescue himself using the knowlege she gave him over the years about fighting when your powers fail you.  He also is relying on what she told him about this woman. He finds two woman as he sneaks into their lair and kills one and discovers he now has her powers.  He uses that to surprise the other and save his wife who has a big surprise for him in the bedroom

2-I leave the mother ship to travel in a smaller vessel to investigate a planet nearby.  I get there to discover it is entirely ruled by woman who enslave the men with some kind of magic and only use them for breeding.  Needless to say I am enslaved but the queen wants to breed with me and she is so turned of by men that she lets slip some of the sources the woman use for magic.  I gain access to the magic and claim overtake her taking her as my sex toy until she is done freeing all of the men.  Many other elements can be possible but this is the core of it.

3-Personal demons-Each person is given a personal demon and a guardian angel.  They are randomly chose as they all need experience at some point but they stay with you for life and they know you personally if even as an acquaintance.  I would play this demon leading this woman to the wrong men, drugs and booze, and poor decisions all around.  At some point she is at the end of her rope and the utter dispair and hopelessness along with self hatred pierces him more than if she were on her deathbed.  He decides to tell her what she has done wrong and how he got her to do it and for that he is vanquished.  From there who knows, but the angel may have an angel also.

He was an amazing doctor for two years and made  a fortune on his patents. But by age 30 he is agoraphobic and a hermit due to the hell of seeing so many kids die tragically when he stood around helpless..  He loves people but is abrupt with them because he thinks they are all laughing at him.  Especially the young lady next door who checks on him. She is gorgeous and goes out frequently to the store but seems to have no social life.  One day she stops by while he is drinking and he asks her why she seems so conservative with her social life.  She explains that she cannot be around any people for any extended time period because of a blood disease which causes her to pick up viruses and illnesses very easily.  It is not deadly but she is embarrassed because it's main symptom is narcoleptic y from a depleted immune system.  She began to cry when she was telling of the many embarrassing dates she had when this happened and how it even happened during sex.  He is able to cure her and from there they seem to be on the way to both rejoining life together.


Jail warden/prisoner
Sons friends/son's mother the cougar
exotic slave trader dealing in rare humanoids and aliens/one female who comes back
dirty cop/criminal
Two dominant members of a couple where one needs to be contained
Bitch/shy boy
Two evil demons fighting for control of a spirit
college coach for woman/athlete injured
catburgllar/and her captor
drug dealer/prostitute hooked on it
hooker/demanding customer
born outcast/society
groupie/band menber

And that should do it.  Thanks


I am interested in your second plot-line. The inhabitants of the planet are human, or at least humanoid, correct?